Tub ‘N Toy

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It had been a long, stressful day at work. The 12 hour shift had been all I could take. I was tired, hungry and as always, slightly horny. I took care of the hunger part on the way home, grabbing a quick bite to eat. Once home, I sorted through the normal junk mail and bills, listened to the messages on my answering machine, then headed straight upstairs. I was absolutely beat and had every intention of taking a long, hot bath to relax and then head straight for bed.

After entering the spacious bathroom, I ran the water into the Roman style tub, adding several beads of bath oil to the water. I stripped out of my work clothes, relishing the feeling of each inch of skin that was exposed as each garment was dropped to the floor. Finally totally nude, I stood in front of the full length mirror as the tub continued to fill. At 31 yrs old, my body was not as taunt and fresh as when I was a teenager, but I still thought it was pretty damn good. My breast were still full and firm, topped with light brown nipples that when erect could cut glass. My stomach was still fairly flat. My hips flared out just perfect for my 5’5″ frame. My legs were lean and smooth, and turning around, I glanced at what I thought was a killer ass. Still looking over my should I saw a slightly freckled face that was accented by my flaming red hair and hazel eyes. Not bad I thought.

I lit a dozen candles throughout the bathroom, then turned out the lights, bathing the whole room in a delicate glow. I turned on soft music on the stereo and then walked to the tub. I pulled out several I knew I would need from a cabinet and placed them on the ledge of the tub. I climbed the three steps leading up to the tub and then slowly entered the almost scalding hot water. I eased myself slowly into the huge tub. I placed a small inflatable pillow on the back of the tub and leaned back, my whole body below my neck now submerged. I flipped a switch and the powerful jets came to life, churning the water wildly and massaging my tired body.

This was Heaven. My muscles were being massaged by the strong jets, the hot, oily water slashing against my body, the smell of the scented candles and the soft music were carrying away the worries of the day. With my eyes closed and completely relaxed, my hands started Eskort Bayan moving over my body. They rubbed my flat stomach, feeling the heated, wet skin. Without even thinking, they moved on their own downwards, sliding across my inner thighs. Without even realizing it, I was slowly starting to turn myself on. I felt the familiar stirrings as my passion started to rise. I opened my eyes and looking down, saw my large breasts sitting on top of the water like two mountains. My nipples were already rock hard. I raised one hand to them, gently tweaking first one fat nipple, then the other. My other hand was now moving across the baby smooth skin of my totally bald pussy. My juices were rising quickly.

It had been several days since my last orgasm, and I was in desperate need of release. My fingers found my already erect and extended clit, poking out slightly from its folds. I traced small circles around it with my finger tip as my other hand started kneading my breasts. My breathing was shallow and I could feel my passion rising quickly. This was not going to take long at all. I reached over to my supply on the ledge and took a small bullet vibrator in my hand. Quickly turning it on, I placed the buzzing object directly on my hard clit. There was no room for pretense at this point. I need to cum, and cum now! As I pinched and rolled a nipple as hard as I could, I moved the bullet across my clit, sending shock waves throughout my body. After only a moment, I felt my orgasm start. Just as the first wave hit, I pulled the vib off my clit and released my nipple. The sensations of my sweet release still swept through me, but but stopping all stimulus, it lessened the intensity of the orgasm. There was yet more to cum.

After my orgasm started to subside, I again placed the small vib back on my now hyper sensitive clit. I almost jumped out of the tub when it first touched. I had to grit my teeth and hang on for dear life for the first moment until the sensitivity wore off, replaced once again with growing passion. I knew by having a smaller cum first, a much more powerful one would be possible. I started to squirm in the water as the buzzing effect on my clit starting reburning the flames of desire. I reached down with my second hand and dipped a finger deep into my steaming hot pussy. I swirled the finger inside me as I continued to attack my clit. I raised both legs and put a foot on each side of the tub, spreading my legs wide open giving me better access. A second finger joined the first and I started to slowly fuck my pussy. I pulled the wet fingers all the way out, then slammed them back in. After several moments, I brought the pussy soaked fingers to my lips and tasted my own juice, mixed with the oily water. I then reached down and under my ass, bringing my fingers up until the tips were touching my tight asshole.

The combination of the oil in the water and my own juices flowing downward already had the tight hole well lubed. I placed the end of a finger against the hole and slowly pushed its way in. I love the feel of a finger, or anything else for that matter, entering my tight ass. As my clit was being pummeled by the vibrator, my finger sank up to the last knuckle into my hot ass. I then started to slowly move the digit in and out of my ass. I could feel my passion rising as I fucked my ass more quickly now with my finger. I turned sideways in the tub and lifted the top leg. I started pounding my finger as deep and as hard as I could into my ass. I was moaning out loud and trying desperately to hold off my the rising orgasm. Just when I thought I could not hold off another second, I removed the vib from my clit and with a smack, pulled my finger from my ass.

Still breathing very hard, I raised up on my knees. I loved the feel of the oily water running down my nude body. I grabbed the second toy I had with me, a brand new one I had just bought the day before, one made specifically for the tub. A huge, 8″ thick realistic looking black dildo, complete with veins and balls. At the end of the shaft was a large suction cup. I wet the suction cup in the water, then turning so my ass was facing the back of the tub, I backed up, measuring the best spot to put my new friend. I placed the suction cup against the tub and pressed hard. It held tight. I slapped the obscene looking cock a couple of times to make sure it would hold. Satisfied, I got on all fours and then slowly backed up.

I reached between my legs and found the hard monster. When I as close enough, I rubbed the fake cock head along my soaking wet pussy. When I thought it was lubbed enough, I placed it against the opening of my tight hole and moved backwards. I reached back and spread my asscheeks wide open, giving the cock more room to enter me. When it first entered, I squealed in slight pain, as this was slightly larger then anything I was used to. After getting used to its size for a moment, I eased backwards. I then started a slight rocking motion, pulling the cock out then back in. Each time it sank a little deeper into me. By the time I got the majority of it in me, I was very comfortable with the size, feeling completely full and massively turned on.

I released my ass and took ahold of either side of the tub. I then started rocking back and forth on the black toy harder and harder. Within a few moments I was fucking it in earnest, slamming back onto it with all the force I could. With each stroke I felt stretched to the limit. I had never felt anything, or anyone, this huge in me before. I reached over and again grabbed the bullet vib. It found its way onto my rock hard clit. As I rocked back and forth on the hard cock my large breasts were splashing in the water, my hard nipples delighting in the feel of the hot water against them.

I could feel the tingling in my toes as my orgasm began. I knew this was going to be huge. Just as it reached my pussy, I slammed back hard on the cock, burying as deep as I could. I also placed the vib hard against my clit. I screamed loudly as wave after wave of delicious pleasure crashed over me. My clit was screaming for me to release it, but I held the vib tightly against it. I came, and came and came, each wave harder then the first. I became dizzy and lost track of all feeling other then the throbbing pleasure in my pussy and clit. I actually saw white lights flashing behind my tightly closed eyes. I must have passed out, because then next thing I knew, I woke up when I fell face first into the bath water.

I rolled over on my back and laid there silently for several moments, trying to get my senses back. My breathing finally eased. I turned off the vib that was still in my hand and threw it out of the tub. I looked back and saw this huge, black monster of a cock hanging in midair at the back of the tub. I laughed out loud and rubbed the length up and down with my bare feet. This was the start of a beautiful friendship 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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