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Times change, but some things should go on forever. In its day Uncle Al and Screw Magazine were the best source of information for the city. There were other underground papers but none got to the nitty gritty like that little tabloid. At a cost of two bucks it was a wealth of information on the sub-rosa life of the city.

Some time in the past I discovered and became fascinated by Transexuals and Shemales. Looked at the few 8MM loops that were available, bought some of the color XXX rated books in the adult book stores. Then one day I discovered the TV Guide in Screw Magazine, there were two pages of Shemales advertising themselves and their services. At first all I did was read the ads. Then one day read in article on a new bar in midtown that catered to this clientele. As I recall it was on 44th off 8th Ave.

One evening with nothing better to do dropped into this establishment for a drink. It was patterned after the Grapevine in San Francisco. Actually got there too early at 9 PM. Things don’t start to roll in the city until after ll. The place was about empty, barmaid and two waitresses were the total occupants. Ordered a drink and felt conspicuous. Three drinks later it was 11 and the place began to hop. By that time there were about 25 or 30 TS and Shemales in the place. I learned later that many of them were hustlers giving $15 blowjobs to unsuspecting johns. It the john wanted to fuck they would plead they were in the middle of their period.

Being the only unabashedly male in the place I attracted some attention. Hooked up with a young TS. She was presentable, appeared clean and spoke English. Lots of the girls were not familiar with English as their first language. She was 19 and had been in the city for 10 months. Was already taking hormones to increase her secondary female characteristics.

After some talk it came out that the TS hustled also, no big deal. So sometime after midnight we headed to a hot mattress hotel around the corner. The room was a little larger than a broom closet with a single bed. It wasn’t the best place I have ever been in, but wasn’t planning on making it my home away from home.

When the finances were settled she gave me a credible blow job. After that was done she let me suck her off. While she did cum, she didn’t get hard even at the critical moment. Those hormones must have taken the starch out of her.

Gave this interlude an okay. Tried the place two more times then, ol Mayor Ed decided the place was a blight on the city and had it closed and the liquor license revoked as a public nuisance. Hardly fair, there were and are much worse places in the city.

So back to reliable Screw Magazine. Finally got up the nerve to visit one of the TS’s that advertised in the TV Guide section. The way it is done you call their number, they don’t answer if they have a client. If they are taking gentlemen callers they give you a cross street. Say 48th and 9th Ave. When you get there you call again and they give you and address and invite you up.

First time was pretty good, so I kept going back. You didn’t always find the best of them available. I would sit in a bar or coffee shop and go through the TV Guide pick out two or three that were interesting and call down the list until one answered.

Over a period of a few years worked my way through the list. There was one in particular that I wanted to visit with but never could get an answer on her number.

One Saturday afternoon went to the city for express purpose of getting some stick pussy.
Got a copy of Screw and outlined my call list. As luck would have it took till number four on the list to get an answer. Went through the regular rigmarole and wound up on the upper east side.

The TS had an apartment of above a Bodega, in a decent area. The apartment was clean and well escort organized. She asked me sit on the couch, apparently she never took anyone into the bedroom to conduct business We concluded the financial arrangements, at the time the cost was $100.

She disappeared into the bedroom with the money and in am minute was back dressed only in a wrap and high heels. She was black, slender and reminded me of a panther the way she moved, all sinewy muscles. She asked me to undress, which I did, being careful to keep my wallet handy. Pays to be careful.

Opening the robe she displayer herself, it was long and slender. Leaning over I commenced to blow her. She let me suck her for a couple of minutes, then she pushed me flat on the couch, spread my check and entered me full tilt. I have never been fucked like that before or since. She literally nailed me to that couch, and didn’t let up until she had shot her load deep in my bowels.

When she finally was through I sat up in a sort of daze. She quickly jerked me off and that was the end. I hobbled out went over to 42nd bought a couple vids and went home to nurse my sore rear end. In other words I had a good time.

Some time after that was again in the city during the day. Went to a wholesaler down in the village to pick up a load of supplies. Stopped back up at 42nd St and said what the hell, I’m here, lets give it a shot. So bought a copy of Screw and circled my first four choices.

Wouldn’t you know luck was with me, the little TS that had me fascinated from her ad was in, and available. Her apartment was down around 28th so back downtown I went. Her apartment was located on the second floor of an old frame building. She let me in and we concluded the financial arrangements.

Turned out I wasn’t disappointed she was cute, small and extremely feminine. I burned up most of my allotted time trying to suck her off. But she wouldn’t cum. Finally she rolled onto her back, spread her legs and said: “Put it right in there.” I slid in very easily and when it was well seated she clamped down on my dick and it was: “Open the gate and let her buck.” She was wild, her ass had a death grip on my cock, and she moved like she was on springs. She was an unbelievable good fuck. It all ended much to soon with my dropping my load in her. But what a ride.

It wasn’t hard to see why she never answered the phone, too many clients wanted that same experience I had.. Her apartment was extremely nice, don’t know if it was rent controlled or not. Being in that nice clean, neat, well decorated apartment added to the experience. All the times after that when I was in the city, never got another answer on her phone.

Well that’s the yin and yang of the TV Guide, I do miss Screw Magazine. Can’t see that anything has replaced it, last I heard ol Uncle Al is bankrupt and working in a deli.

So shed a tear for the demise of a useful publication, a lot more useful than Time Magazine is these day.


The boy lying in my arms was pale, blond and skinny. By now we were both naked on his couch, making out, kissing fondling one another.

I was trying desperately to remember his name, ‘Dean, Billy, Brian what the fuck was it.’ Actually didn’t matter what his name was, after all we wouldn’t be picking out furniture tomorrow, just a quick one-night stand. We had met earlier in the evening in a bar called ‘The David’. Its outside decoration was a neon replica of Michelangelo’s David. It’s a fair to middling sure bed the clientele being gay. We hit it off, he was small fair and obviously interested in men. After a couple of drinks and a dance or two he invited me back to his apartment near the bar.

He had a second floor walk-up over a corner store. It was a studio apartment with a couch, chair, small TV. Everything in one escort bayan room except the small bathroom.

After a few awkward preliminaries, we got into a clinch on the sofa. He was a good kisser and we necked for a few minutes, fumbling with each other crotch. Clothes started to come off. I sucked and bit his little tits, which made him shiver, then the trousers and shorts went. Now he was in my arms both naked, he was playing with my cock and I was playing with his. My hand slid down below his balls and I inserted a finger. He rolled a little bit spread his legs wide and moaned in his throat. Finding his prostate was easy and massaging it made him even more excited. A second finger went in as easily as the first, he had done this before I am quite sure.

He leaned back on the sofa opened his arms and said: “Fuck me.” How could I refuse. Earlier had bought a package of ribbed lubricated condoms, slipped one on. His ass was in the air his legs spread wide and I entered him easily. He pulled me down on top of him, we lock mouths and commenced to fuck. He worked his little ass against my cock as hard as he could. I thrust and he thrust back, definitely no virgin. He had done this before and liked it a lot. We kind of worked it on out, real slow both trying to get it deeper. My breath escaped me and I came letting out a sigh.

I collapsed on top of him, needing a moment to get my breath, then I pushed off and pulled out.

“That was nice, I enjoyed it.” He said with a little grin.

“You like that don’t you.”

“Could you tell?”

“Aside from the fingernails digging into my ass, your moaning and your ass trying to get my cock buried deeper you mean. I’d say it was your cock getting hard when I was fucking you. A hard cock while your being fucked is a sure sign you like that thing in you.”

“It always does that when someone is making love to me like you just did”

“That’s a really good sign that you aren’t faking it for the folks in the home audience.”

His cock was still hard, and had leaked a little during the fucking. Reaching down I caressed it. Getting down on my knees between his legs I took him in my mouth and began to suck him.

“Oh yes, suck me, eat me, make me cum.” He cried out. Reaching down he held my head to his cock and thrust his hips trying to get his cock deeper into my mouth. It was a wild two or three minutes then he pushed his hips as high as he could, held my head tightly in place and filled my mouth with his cum. “Oh god, that feels so good.”

“Most boys don’t suck me like you just did.” He said.

“What do they do?”

“Well you know, they fuck me then leave, it was really sexy what you did to me. I like to be more than just a good piece of ass.” He sat up and reached over and removed the used condom from my dick. He leaned into my lap and began to lick me. Looking up he asked: “Like that.”

“Yeah, you know I do.” Going back to work he commenced to gave me a through sucking. Ending with his getting a mouthful. Being a good little guy he didn’t pull off as my cum hit his mouth but kept sucking until my cock went soft.

After we both got our breaths back it was sort of quiet. You know how it is, you meet someone you fuck and suck, then you don’t know what to say to one another.

That sorted ended things; I dressed and left his apartment. He was a good piece of ass, and enjoyed sucking him off. But you know how it is, he was so obviously out there you would try to avoid being seen with him in public. Unless of course you were at The David horny and wanting a good piece of ass.


Like the old TV commercial for the candy bars, ‘Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.’ Was back in town and decided to visit the David and see if the little guy was there. You escort bayan gaziantep know how it is the inverse square law. The further you are from home the hornier you are. Drove downtown found a place to park, not hard the streets were deserted and went inside the bar.

Whatever I was expecting wasn’t there. Even though it was late and the place should have been hopping it was empty. Oh, there was one old drunk at a table about three sheets to the wind, but no one else except the bartender. I ordered up a beer, and said: “Kinda quiet in here tonight.”

“Yeah it is, but you should have been here last night place was packed.” He replied as he gave me the beer.

Doesn’t it always seem as if you are one day late, should have been here last night, should have been here last week. Never seem to make the connection on the right night.

I drank my beer had another one and decided to go back to the motel and jerk off.
No sense having a hang over for nothing. I walked out front stopped to light a cigarette and started for my car. Got to the alley beside the bar and a guy walked out zipping his cutoffs.. “Hey, anything going on in there?” He asked.

“Nope, dead as can be, quiet night.” He was oddly dressed, had on a white dress shirt, not tucked in and a pair of cutoffs which were cut very high. Bare legs and dress shoes and socks.

“Well no sense wasting my time, hey do you want a beer I got some in my car.”

“Sure I could drink one more.” I replied. Followed him up the alley where he had parked behind the bar in the dark. His car turned out to be a mini van. Fairly new, and well appointed, nice big bucket seats inside. We got in and the interior lights slowly faded and we were in the dark. He fumbled around and found a small six pack cooler drew out two cans and handed me one.

“Guess it’s too early in the week for there to be much action, everyone’s either working or recovering.”

“Too, true, but you don’t need a lot of people to party, unless you want a gangbang.”

“As you said, true. Want some music?”

“Sure, that would be nice, but nothing that will jangle the nerves.”

“Know what you mean, can’t stand that loud crap myself.”

He tuned the radio to an FM station. It was quiet in the van for a minute then his right hand gave my thigh a squeeze. Not wanting to be left out I gave his thigh a return squeeze. Now it was established we both wanted the same thing, had to figure out the details. I reached into his lap to give his cock a feel, he moved his cutoffs and I found my self holding his cock, he had no underwear. This was a very serious individual.

“That’s convenient.” I said.

“Yeah, don’t want to waste a lot of time.” He moved them even further aside.

There was plenty of room in the front seat so I kneeled on the floor held his cock up and proceed to suck him.

“Are we feeling a little feminine tonight, does she want to get laid?”

I nodded as I sucked him.

“Lets go in the back then I want to fuck you.”

Squeezing between the seats into the back, he followed. The rear seats had been removed and the van’s floor covered in a mattress. He came up behind me as I was taking down my trousers. As I slipped them down around my knees he rubbed my cock and balls with his hand. Now with my ass exposed I leaned forward so that I was on all fours. He ran his hand down my crack gave my balls a squeeze then started to jerk me off as he probed me with his cock. Pushing back he entered me and commenced to fuck. He kept one hand on my hip and the other on my cock encouraging me on as he drove it in. We did good and stayed after it for a good fifteen minutes until his hand caused me to cum, and he tossed his cookies in me.

There was the usual silence as we recovered. Afterwards always wondered how he explained the lack of seats in the back of the van and the mattress to his wife.

Well as I said earlier “sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.” On that particular evening playing the part of the fuckee, as opposed to the fucker, seemed the most interesting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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