Twelve Hours Pt. 19

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9:00 — 10:00

There was one chief reason why I fell for Lily so quickly and found it so easy to warm up to the idea of dumping Kate. (Calling her Katie was a thing of the past now.) Kate never got one thing about men — okay, so perhaps not all men, but about me for sure. It was this. Try as she might, she didn’t seem to be able to figure out that for people like the chase was the name of the game. Chasing the girls — and more importantly getting them — was what I wanted and desired. Anything past that was flat and disappointing.

The more time passes after a woman is got, the less interested I am in her. A year ago, Kate was chased and got. By got, I mean getting inside her pussy, of course. That was satisfying. She had some disappointing inhibitions — didn’t swallow (a huge let-down) and didn’t like deep-throating. She did not really like to swear or be sworn at while we fucked. She almost freaked one day when I slapped her ass. Slowly but surely, I was living a life convinced she would never be my bitch in bed, able to submit entirely. I wanted to own her. She didn’t. And — worst of all — she really hated the idea of widening her experience to anything group, even threesome.

She knew it was going worse. I suspect she was desperate arranging this evening in secret from me. She should’ve been a part of it, though. Not participating was exactly what we wrong with her. She was ridiculous.

Lily was her precise opposite. It wasn’t just that she hot as hell, with those suckable tits and delicious pussy. It wasn’t even that she had no inhibitions around sex, would deep-throat hard and enjoy being broken in like a young mare. It was quite simply this: she knew that once I’ve chased her down and fucked her, however sexy she was, I would lose interest even in her if she tried to isolate my life to just her. The best way to hope to stay with me, she knew was to let me and encourage me to have sex with other women, ideally through group work. Hard rough sex — ideally with young bitches much younger than myself. The more I had — and the more submissive and adventurous they were — the greater the chances of us sticking together.

Neither me nor her have actually said anything about this yet, of course, there wasn’t time. At this point, it was just pure guesswork, but I was to be proven right just about an hour later.

* * *

I lied down on my front, turning me head sideways. I could hear her heavy panting just behind me. She took the gel bottles out of the container and began pouring it on me. The gel’s cool was pleasant if somewhat unnerving on my heated-up body. She poured generous amounts on my back, creating an oily stream from there down to my ass and then down my left leg and then down the right leg.

She put the bottle down and proceeded to rubbing the gel over my legs first. I was too aroused to register any kind of tickling sensations. “How does that feel?” she asked.

“It feels amazing,” I responded truthfully.

She continued spreading the gel. “I am going to spread it with my hands,” she said slowly, enjoying her words, “all over your body, and then I am going to climb on top of you.” She paused for a moment, measuring the reaction — I was smiling with delight. “And then I am gonna put the gel on my body.”

“Yeah.” My cock was grinding, stiffening, trying to get to freedom. She finished spreading the gel all over me — back, arms, ass, legs. My skin was on fire. Then she straddled me, her ass pressing down on my own. It was like silence before the storm. She rubbed her tits, then bent down kissing my earlobes allowing her ripe tits slide against my slippery back.

She reached for the second gel bottle now. She rose back to the sitting position and unscrewed it to pour an ample amount down her tits. The cool gel flowed down her hot jugs. She gasped and then tilted the bottle enough to pour streams of gel onto her face, some into her mouth, letting it cascade in streams down her entire body — tits and ass, lots drifting down to my body. When she leaned over me again, ribbons of gel were dripping down her body everywhere.

“You ready?” It was clear from her panting and gasping, she was horny, barely able to contain herself.

She kept drenching me in more gel, and added some more onto her face (tasting some on her lips again), neck, arms and tits. When she pressed her tits against me again, gliding past me, it was harder, closer and stickier. The greasy strings of gel were everywhere and my entire skin felt like ablaze, reacting to the tiniest touch, particularly her luscious knockers and now distended pussy.

“Yes,” I finally mumbled in response. She pressed her tits against my neck and slid down my body. It was smooth, slippery, like a river of pleasant hot lava on my back. I felt her hard nipples against my skin everywhere. Her tender, voluptuous tits slid back up, their jugs pressing against me. Fuck! She kissed and licked my ear and slid down to the wet sounds of the gel we were now drenched bedava bahis in. I almost blacked out when she focused on my ass sliding her slick tits around them. My dick trapped under my was really demanding some action now, she slid back up to kiss me again gliding in weightless-like fashion. With her full tongue out she licked me all the way down to my ass and back up. Her long hair was getting greasy now, making her look even hotter. She glided back towards my ass, straddling it, pressing her wet greasy pussy against it.

“More, more, MORE!” I begged.

She reached for more gel. Put more on her hands and dropped copious amounts down on my back, dripping through her fingers, one gel ribbon after another.

“How does that feel?” she kept seducing me, although she definitely had me long before.

“So good.”



“You want more? Okay. Whatever you want.” She let out a hoarse, satisfied smile. “I need you to turn around. Lie on your back.”

I did, very gladly. My dick enjoyed the new-found freedom, immediately springing up. Now I had a really good view of her and she looked fucking hot! Her entire body was shining, glistening with grease (mine, too), making her tits look heavier and more alluring, and her face was drenched with the same, including a lot of her hair clumped together. Never before had she looked dirtier and sexier. The intensity in her eyes and the entire face was that of somebody who is about to win a million in a lottery.

She went in for a quick intense kiss, leaving spaghetti strings of gel behind. Her wet and gel-drenching pussy was massaging my cock; she wrapped her hand around my throat, immobilising me, and let a pearl of spit-and-gel drip from tongue into my mouth, while flicking that hot moist tongue against my own. I moaned into her mouth; she was pure sex again, but the slick was taken to levels previously unknown to me. I wanted to grab her, suck her, fuck her, but now wanted to do all of these things at the same time.

She glided down — most disgracefully, I have to say — down my body, now beginning to focus with her tits and pussy on my dick. Another hot slick kiss while her tits and pussy drive me insane. Both of us now panting and gasping into each other’s mouth like a pair of athletes doing a marathon.

“Just do that dick, woman!” I almost shouted out, but great minds seem to think alike. She leaned and put those voluptuous tits around it, sliding past it, doing a tit-fuck. Now pressing those goddess-like nipples against it. “Oh GOOODD!!” I groaned loudly. She reached towards my face again, cupping it, then French-kissing me. Her snatch against my straining, aching manhood, her tongue forces its way into my mouth again. Panting into her mouth, I stopped being able to just lie there and receive — I grabbed her tits; the sensation of her jugs, slithery, particularly her dripping nipples defies any description in any language I know. I quickly found her fantastic fuckable ass. She whimpered, instantly deliciously arching her body, grunting “Fuck!” to my face and pushing her mammary into my mouth. I opened wide and sucked them hard, filling my mouth deep with that greasy flesh. Fuck, this is hot! She moaned loud and found my dick with her hand, giving it a rough handjob. For that, the bitch needs to have that tit squeezed harder, doesn’t she? — I wrapped two of my hands around it, difficult job around the slippery skin and sucked it in harder, aggressively. Her hot breath wafting over my head, she begged, “Fuck! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” She pushed her tit deeper, turning my sucking to chewing now. She responded in kind, working that dick faster and harder. Instinctually, I removed one hand from her tit to find her pussy and pushed two fingers in! She groaned loudly. “OH FUCK YEAH!!” she screamed, and I could feel her whole body shaking.

She kissed me hard and immediately slid down to be on her fours between my legs and grab my cock. “Suck my dick, yes—” I watched down my chest at her, now her tongue running up and down that slimy undershaft. A second later, she opened her mouth wide and took it in, her sticky lips bobbing over it. The filth of this was incredible. “Oh YES!” I moaned and tossed my head back, gasping. As if on drugs, the next second, she started sliding down on it while simultaneously turning her head around like on some kinda fucking axis, producing slurping sounds. I was now attacked by a series of jolts to my head watching this as through some kind of haze. Muttering oh-my-Gods, I kept watching and experiencing; after a few times, she let it out, licking some cum off her lips, then traced a way up all the way from my balls to the dick’s head, then licking that clean; I whimpered weakly while her tongue and mouth treated me like a vanilla ice-cream.

But she had even more. She wasn’t done. She was already putting more gel on it — as it hit the head, the cool of it sent a wave through my body so strong that for a moment I couldn’t casino siteleri control my thighs.

“You want more?” she said holding my dick touching her lips. Every word was a torture.


“Say please.” More torment.

“Yyesss, please,” I gasped out.

More gel dripping down on it. “How’s that?” she asked, now smearing it against with slow vertical movements of her hand.

“Oh my GOOODDD—” I managed to rise up on my elbows, watching her add to the erotic agony. My balls were tight and felt like there was some kind of tempest raging inside them. She was looking at me intently; her lips parted, her hot breath against my cock, her eyes squinting, consumed by unstoppable desire. Adding to the picture was her head adorned by her blond clumped-up greasy what-used-to-be hair. She kept moving her hand giving me absolutely no respite, particularly when she sucked in one of my balls into her wanton mouth. All I could find in me was, “Yes, suck those balls, just like that—” and keep giving to this hedonist experience. Keeping that hand going up and down my dick, she sucked those balls hard, ruthlessly. I screamed overcome with waves of cold and hot arriving seemingly simultaneously.

Then she wrapped her small filthy hands, now covered in cum-and-gel froth, around the dick, pushing the freshly tongue-squeezed balls up, and went back to the same sucking of it hard with those circular movements of her head around it like before. When she let it out, she was breathing heavily and staring at me with a self-satisfied look. She had me right where she wanted me. She knew I would be eating out of her hand now (and, ideally, out of her pussy, too).

There was still more. She poured more gel into her hand and arched back, tossing her head back, too. She opened her mouth letting the gel pour into her mouth. She did this twice with me watching this luscious show. A stream of the greasy substance was flowing down her lips, chin and face. It looked exactly like I’d just cum all over her face. Then she bent down again and opened her mouth letting it drip down on my cock. I whimpered. The next second, I screamed when her lips assaulted my dick with a ferocity of a rabid dog, slurping all over me. She stopped for a moment, just to catch her breath, spat the rest of the gel from her mouth on my cock and went back: rough, brutal deep-throating, her head spinning around it and her sticky, slimy hair lashing my thighs and stomach.

I just lied down, my body writhing, tormented, panting, gasping, wailing in pleasure. It wasn’t just hard rough blowjob — she was ramming the dick hard into the back of her mouth, greedily guzzling the mix of my cum and the gel off it with loud slushy cock-thirsty continual sounds while at it. For breath, she would pull it out, stick her tongue out and slap the cock against it before resuming.

Then she took it all the way in, it hitting the back of her throat where she kept it for several seconds, gagging and choking. Like a animal that gets their prey and doesn’t let go until they are bled dry. “Oh! — FUCK!!” My last shout tore through the room echoing back against it, and made me choke and cough. She eventually let me go with a long and loud slurp.

Her eyes were the deepest pools of desire and want I’ve ever seen.

“Now, screw your bitch,” she hissed at me.

* * *

We weren’t the only one moaning in the room. Alyssa and Sofia watched us for one minute or so, but — on the poster bed themselves — were soon playing with each other. They used some gel too, which they spread on each other in the first place.

They started with Alyssa kneeling behind Sofia, who was kneeling herself. Alyssa arms and hands wrapped around Sofia, roaming around her tits and belly. She turned her head to her to kiss her passionately when Alyssa’s hands began squeezing her tits.

Then, both of their hands slipped down to Sofia’s pussy, rubbing and teasing. Sofia was panting more and more heavily, responding to the touch. Slowly but surely, Alyssa was taking over her, controlling her, Sofia letting Alyssa’s hand now rub her clit, removing hers, and her nipples hardening quickly under Alyssa’s open palm over it. Sofia looked down her body, parting her lips, heaving, moaning more and more loudly. Alyssa watched her face intently, satisfied with the quick results she was getting.

Soon, Sofia’s hips started attempting to lift and circling. Alyssa’s hands was pressing harder, pushing, circling and moulding. “More,” Sofia asked her already and lied down on her side.

First, her ass needed more gel, which was trickling down her cheeks already. In slow, seductive and sensuous motions, Alyssa spread it all over, kneading her butt as she went along. Sofia was whimpering softly in anticipation, smiling to herself.

The recess wouldn’t last long. Bending over her back and over her ass, Alyssa spread her cheeks, finding her glistening, glossy twat, and ran her fingers across bahis siteleri it. Sofia, panting in delight, lifted her hips. Alyssa moved over to her asshole first, burying her nose among her buttocks, curling her tongue and flicking it against the entrance. She was rewarded with deeper moans. Her small hands tightened into fists on the sheets as Alyssa’s tongue just kept on giving. Now, Alyssa’s gentle, soft licks were morphing into more passionate and insistent laps; she helped herself by stretching Sofia’s cheeks further, exposing her hole to her hungry gaze.

She spat on her and spread it around. When satisfied, she slipped an index finger into her ass. Sofia’s thighs shook. “Oh my gosh—” she mouthed as Alyssa’s finger was gradually burying itself inside her ass. Sofia’s gasps were getting louder and less controlled. When Alyssa’s finger began moving more boldly inside her, she began alternating between gasping and purring.

It was time to stretch her further. Two fingers now slipped and Alyssa was feeling how tight she was against her fingers. When the thrusting began, she was content to hear Sofia start to moan. Constantly. It was clearly getting to her — her pussy was getting heavier and more swollen, fast, and Sofia’s eyes were shut tight and she was drooling and wetting the bedsheets under her lips. Relentlessly, she kept working that asshole, pushing that ass around a bit, enjoying the sound of those moans, wilder and more fiery with every passing second.

She focused on her taint for a while, spreading her ass cheeks and lapping her tongue at it, before returning just one finger back into her ass; by now, Sofia’s moans were turning into louder and louder wails. Since Alyssa wouldn’t take care of it, she reached down in between her legs and started rubbing her own clit — firmly with strong fleshy circular movements. Almost instantly, she felt fever-hot waves coursing through her body — and she starting whimpering out short, frequent shouts, her arousal shooting up.

She needed to kiss Alyssa now, getting real horny, wanting more. She turned over, supporting herself on her elbow, feeling the cool air hit her rock-hard nipples, pulling Alyssa into a passionate kiss. Only now did they register the moans, screams and obscenities uttered down below on the mattress on the floor.

* * *

She straddled me and reached for my cock, putting it inside her. The amount of lube on the both of us was so great that she wasn’t just dripping wet. It was a stream of heat and wet that made it, within a split second, all about cock and her fuckhole. Her head was right on top of mine, her nose pressed against mine while she was bringing that ass down against my groin. I have never before felt a cunt that wet and that tight. “Yes!” The slushy sounds that the gel produced were electrifying on top of everything else, too.

I let her take over when she wrapped her hand around my throat, wanting to be fuck — landing her twat against like the slut that she was. But it could only last so long — and, quite out of control already, I slapped her curvy ass a few times. The bitch needed some punishing. The whacks were fierce, but only spurred her on. She put her ass in a jiggling motion, adding even more friction to that dick.

The slut was insane. She licked my face in complete and utter abandon, and put her ass in vertical movement down, taking my cock deep inside, using it mechanically to screw herself. “Yeah!” she yelled; I wrapped two hands around her throat, holding her neck tight. My hips couldn’t wait any longer and I began thrusting upwards to meet hers. Ripping through her brutally, with my hands around her neck, I was clearly hitting her G-spot repeatedly. She was howling, “Make me cum! Make me cum!”, her mouth gaping, the gel dripping off her hair and face down on me. My thrusts sped up on their own — she stopped, and let me ram my rod inside her. My balls were banging against her and her face — every time I crashed into her — was contorting in spasms of sexual torment. Faced with getting savagely and viciously screwed, her orifice a receptacle for my dick and my rampant lust, she clung to my body, pushing her tits against my face as the pumping continued. She could only just scream, “Yes, yes, yes!”. She grabbed her ass as if that could make the agony go away. I was now panting like a man after 6 hours of shovelling dirt.

“OH MY GODDD!!” she was groaning through gritted teeth.

“You fucking slut!” I screeched at her and slapped her ass again. And then some more.

She was loving it. Drenched in sweat and grease, shoving her tits into my face, and stretching her cunt, she was being thrashed around in complete and total obedience and submission to me. Losing ability to even shout now, the slave was now just howling. She needed to be put out of her misery — and fast!

Speeding up, feeling her insides beginning to crash around me, I mounted the final assault on her pushing one of her tits inside me as deep as it would go at the same time; sucking hard and biting her nipple. She screamed something guttural — I pushed her tit out of my mouth, and shouted in her face, “Shut up, bitch!”, then wrapped my hands around her throat first, then stuck my hand inside her mouth.

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