Twins Ch. 1

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When I was a freshman in college, I was in love with the girl back home, a petite, blonde-haired, brown-eyed girl named Jean. Jean was just a little younger than I, and just finishing high school. We had been dating for some time, and had some pretty strong feelings about each other. Strong enough to use the word “love” and mean it, strong enough to discuss marriage. But not strong enough to sleep together, or so I thought.

Jean and I had done our share of petting, but not more, nothing more than me fondling and kissing her perfect 36C breasts and running my hands over her soft, firm rear while we were making out in the car. She wouldn’t go down on me, nor allow me to touch her pussy (or even see it for that matter), not because she was prudish, but she was afraid that we would get carried away and “go all the way”. She was right – we would have.

Jean also had a twin sister by the name of Sandy. While they were identical twins in appearance (except Sandy bleached her hair when she was a junior), in some things they were total opposites. Sandy drank like a sailor, Jean would sip an occasional beer. Jean was an A Porno 64

and B student, Sandy could give a damn. Jean was a virgin, Sandy … , well, Sandy had really been around.

One weekend, I was back from college in the old home town for the twins eighteenth birthday. It was pretty special. Their folks threw a big party, then I took Jean out to dinner at a nice restaurant. At dinner, I gave her a ring, not an engagement ring, but what they called a “promise” ring, just a chip really, but it symbolized something.

Later, while we were parked in our usual spot, steaming up the windows pretty good, Jean said, “Thank you for the ring, it’s beautiful.” “Not as beautiful as you,” I replied, “I love you.” “I love you too.” With that, she abruptly broke away from me, and with out a word, stripped to her panties, and climbed into the back seat.

“Strip to your shorts, and come here,” she commanded. Shocked, but horny for my sweetheart, I complied, with an erection under my shorts that felt like a steel flagpole. She pulled me on top of her, grabbed my ass, and began to dry-fuck me through my Konulu Porno shorts. Her panties were soaked. “Oh God, honey, I’m so hot for you, I can’t stand it!” she cried. I bent down and took her nipple between my lips in reply. She gasped, grabbed my ass, and ground her pussy into my covered dick as hard as she could. Suddenly, she screamed and began thrashing about in the largest orgasm I had ever witnessed. She pulled my mouth to hers, stuck her tongue in my mouth, and screamed her orgasm into me like she was dying. It was too much, and I came as well, soaking my underpants as well as hers.

Afterwards, I had to take off my shorts to clean up the mess. Jean stared at me wide-eyed. “What’s the matter?” I asked. She blushed. “I’ve never actually seen one before. But it is cute all shriveled up like that,” she giggled.

Aware of the attention, my cock began to stir again, and quickly reached its full height. “I didn’t realize they got so big!” she exclaimed. “Yes they do, and unless you plan on going even further, we better get dressed.”

With that, Jean looked solemn for a moment. Porno İndir “Do you really love me?” “Of course I do! Do you think I buy promise rings for all the girls?” “No, of course not.”

Suddenly, she leaned over and kissed me fiercely, despite our near-naked condition. I groaned, but contained myself, and tried not to look at Jean’s erect nipples, and her pussy, which was pretty visible through her soaked panties. “What are you doing next weekend, can you come home again?”

“I suppose so, but I might have to get my Mom to come pick me up.”

“No, that won’t work, can’t you hitch a ride or something?” She asked mysteriously while dressing.

“I suppose I could. Why?”

“Come straight to my house as early as you can Friday evening. My folks are going away for the weekend, and I want you all to myself for the whole weekend.”

The implications of this statement stunned me for a moment. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes. “You’re sure?”

“Yes, I am. I just can’t stand it anymore. I am an adult now, and a want you the way a real woman wants the man she loves, but I want it to be right.”

Without another word, I took her in my arms, and held her tight, her breasts pressing tight against my chest, and kissed her deeply.

“Now take me home before I rape you and ruin everything,” she grinned. Stuffing my stiff boner into my pants, I did as she asked.

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