Two Minute Warning

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Erica was in a sexy mood, had been since she woke up on that Sunday morning, but whenever she dropped a few subtle hints to her husband Joe, he had been either too distracted by the sports pages in the morning paper or the sales on football jerseys. Later it was the pre-game shows and the pizza guy at the door blocking her attempts to make a pass at her husband. As the game finally started, she held out some hope for halftime and actually removed all her clothes and sprinted into the living room as the clock ticked down to zero and halftime started.

It looked like her play might work as her husband’s hands ran up the open field of her body, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them. Unfortunately, as she was about to fade back to the bedroom with him, the highlights of other games came on and suddenly he was back sitting at the couch munching on the pizza, shouting at as the amazing plays were replayed in slow motion detail. After waiting in the bedroom for a good ten minutes, she realized the game would be starting again and her husband wouldn’t be sneaking back into the bedroom for some time.

Sitting on the bed she made a plan, of course it would all depend ataköy escort upon the two teams playing. Fortunately the game showed every sign of being a blowout and as she listened it looked like it would continue. She grabbed a sexy book and read a bit here and there between listening to the game. By about midway in the forth quarter, there was no question on who would win, she put her book away and stood over by the doorway until she heard a commercial begin.

Suddenly she blitzed into the room, throwing herself at him, kissing hid mouth and face, while reaching down and kneading his cock. Finally he began to respond to her, kissing her while moving his hand down between her legs. She opened them wide, giving him a nice hole to head for. He moved his fingers down and filled the whole, sliding them in and out, turning Erica on even more.

Unzipping his pants, she took him in her mouth, sucking him hard, her tongue moving round and round over the head of his cock. He leaned back on the couch and closed his eyes as she continued sucking him. Things were looking good for Erica when suddenly she heard a voice on the TV shouting, “He may avcılar escort go all the way.”

Joe opened his eyes and then stood up, nearly knocking Erica to the ground. By the time he sat back down, his cock was tucked back into his pants and his zipper was zipped up. All she could do was sit naked on the couch as her husband witnessed one of the most incredible come-backs in football history.

Finally, at the two minute warning Joe finally looked up and said, “Two minute warning babe, just a few more minutes and I’ll be ready. Now the next game will be starting in a little while, so we’ll need to hurry.”

“Hurry?” she asked, but he wasn’t listening. “I’ll show you hurry,” she said, moving quickly into the bedroom. Grabbing her favorite vibrator, she turned it on and held it up to her nipples, teasing them a bit in preparation to the last two minutes of the game. Listening in on the game, she heard the action start with the snap of the ball and she snapped her vibrator down to her clit.

The first play was to the right side of the field, so she moved the vibrator to the right of her clit, moving it to her nub from that side. beylikdüzü escort When they ran up the middle she ran the vibrator up her slit and onto her clit. The next play, the man stepped out of bounds, so she pushed it into her pussy, feeling the dull vibrations deep inside her.

She snapped the vibrator back to her clit, this time from the left as a pass to the left gained a few yards. Finally, there was a quarterback sneak right up the middle and the team scored taking the lead. Erica, moved the vibrator up her slit and held it onto her clit as the pleasure built up and she scored, her pussy pulsating again and again from her orgasm.

She then took a wash cloth and cleaned off her vibrator, carefully putting it away. Getting dressed, she sat on the bed waiting for her husband. Sure enough, in just a moment he rushed in without his pants, his cock hard and ready to go. “Come on babe, we don’t have much time.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

Grabbing his cock he said, “Babe, it’s fourth and one and I want my quarterback,” he paused, shaking his cock, “to sneak into your end zone. But we need to hurry.”

She looked at his cock and then back to his face and asked, “It’s fourth and one?”

“Yeah babe,” he replied, stroking his “quarterback.”

“Well, I’ve decided to punt,” she said, grabbing her purse and heading out of the room. She walked out the front door, climbed into her car and drove to the mall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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