Two Nights with My Daddy Ch. 05

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Abella Danger

All characters depicted are eighteen or above.

It seemed ironic to Carla, that she, as a high end prostitute, had paid for sex with her hairdresser. However, it was a one off. She would visit Paula once a week. The salon door would be locked, and the blinds down. They both agreed that it was better if they had sex straight away. Paula couldn’t concentrate on doing a good job of Carla’s hair, while they were both wet, knowing that it was inevitable, their tongues, and fingers, would be in each others pussy’s. No more money for the sex was ever paid by Carla.

Paula would wash and dry the panties Carla would leave, on her previous visit. In exchange, Carla would remove the ones she was wearing, and hand them to her. Paula would put them in her wall safe. During quiet periods, she would hold them to her face, and masturbate.

This made their hairdressing experience, something to look forward to, almost every week.

So, things were going very well for Carla, and her mother, Lydia.

Lydia was close to arranging her “gathering.” This was to be the evening when Carla would be introduced to the elite, of their clientele.

Carla had other plans, prior to this.

“Mummy, I’m going to visit Daddy.”

“Why, Darling?”

“It didn’t go very well the last time he visited. I think it’s only fair, to put things right.”

Lydia and her husband had divorced three years before Carla was eighteen. The divorce was acrimonious, though eventually, Lydia did well out of it. Little contact was made until Carla’s eighteenth birthday.

He’d asked if he could come and stop for the night. Her mother had agreed, but she wasn’t going to make it easy for him.

He turned up and kissed them both on the cheeks. He apologised for not being in contact. As far as her mother was concerned, this fell on stony ground. He knew he was in for a tough time.

He’d given Carla her birthday presents, they’d chatted politely, eaten a small buffet, and drank wine.

Both Carla and her mother had gone out of their way to look extremely hot. They had dressed like a pair of whores, which of course, her mother already was, and Carla soon would be.

Short skirts, blouses, heels, and plenty of makeup.

If her father thought for a minute, he was in for a treat, he would soon be, sadly disappointed.

About nine o’clock Lydia spoke.

“You’re eighteen Carla. Would you like to watch some porn?”

Carla laughed.

“Yes please!”

Her father looked a little stunned, but followed them both into the lounge.

Carla and her mother sat together on the sofa. Her father sat on a single chair, close by.

Lydia had put on a DVD.

It was obviously homemade, it was also, obviously filmed in the house they were sat in.

“Oh Mummy, that’s you!”

“Yes, Darling. That’s Mummy being really naughty.”

She certainly was.

Three men and a woman, were taking it in turns, fucking her, licking her, coming on her, and eventually, after about half an hour, pissing on her.

The closing shot was of Lydia’s face and hair, covered in sperm, and urine.

Carla’s father had said nothing, but he noticeably, had a hard on.

Her mother was a specialist in sexual torture. She was loving his miserable, and dejected face.

“I’m going to bed,” he muttered.

“Oh don’t go yet Darling. I’ve got another treat!”

She poured them all a glass of Champagne. Her father’s face was sullen, as he sipped miserably, not enjoying the evening, at all.

At nine forty five, as previously arranged, the doorbell rang.

Her mother walked into the lounge with two of the sexiest women Carla had ever seen. They were both Eastern European, and were pure filth. They too, had the heels, short skirts and blouses. Lydia introduced them.

“Carla, this is Alina, and this, is Anna. They’re both for you Darling. Happy birthday.”

Carla stood up, the girls took her hand.

“You’re in for a very nice time, Darling. When they’ve finished with you, send one through to me. I don’t mind which one.”

“Oh, thank you Mummy. That’s so lovely!”

“Don’t forget you’ve got school tomorrow, Darling.”

“Of course not Mummy, and thank you, so much!”

The three of them went to Carla’s bedroom.

Lydia karataş escort looked at her husband, with complete disdain.

“You’re in the guest room. I hope we don’t keep you awake.”

She left him. His room was between his ex wife’s, and his daughters, and no, he didn’t get much sleep. He planned to leave early in the morning, but his suffering was far, from over.

Despite being very wealthy, he had fought tooth and nail, during the divorce, to hang on to his cash. Lydia had told Carla that he didn’t seem too worried about their financial situation. This is why she despised him. Carla didn’t feel as strongly, but thought he deserved a lesson.

Both she and her mother, had enjoyed filthy sex with Alina, and Anna. They had also made an awful lot of noise. The girls had left early that morning.

It was about eight o’clock, Carla was in the kitchen making coffee.

Her father entered the room looking extremely tired.

“Morning Daddy. Did you sleep well?”

“Not really,” he muttered.

“Oh, I’m sorry Daddy. They were a pair of noisy sluts, Weren’t they?”

Her father glared at her. He looked her up and down. She was in her green school uniform. Green skirt, white blouse, tie, and heels.

She deliberately hadn’t showered, and even from where he stood, she stank of Eastern European pussy. He had a hard on, and Carla knew it.

“Coffee Daddy?”

“Yes please.”

Carla poured him a flat white, and passed it to him, then sipped hers thoughtfully.

She looked him in the eye.

“They were so dirty, Daddy. One of them licked my bottom, for about five minutes. Isn’t that naughty? It made me very excited, though.”

He didn’t speak, after all, what could he possibly say? His bitch daughter knew exactly, what she was doing.

“They didn’t speak much English, but they used lots of dirty words. One of them kept shouting “lick my cunt!” So of course, I felt I had to.”

She moved closer to him, and put her empty cup, on the table.

“Well. I’d better be going now, Daddy. Lovely to see you. Big hug please.”

She put her arms round him. He did the same, trying to keep his groin area, away from her. Carla wasn’t having that. She pushed her pussy against his hard cock, and slowly, moved against him. He closed his eyes.

“I didn’t have time to shower, Daddy. I bet I smell of those ladies, don’t I? Do I smell of pussy, Daddy? I came so many times. I’m getting wet again, thinking about it. I think I’m going to make one of my girlfriends lick it all up, at break time, in the girls toilets.”

Her father gasped. He couldn’t hold back. He grasped both her buttocks.

“What the fuck, do you think you’re doing?” snapped, Carla.

She pulled his hands off her, and stepped back.

“I’m your daughter, for fuck sake!”

“I’m sorry, Baby.”

“Don’t fucking Baby, me!”

Just then, her mother walked in.

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing Mummy. Daddy’s just leaving.”

He grabbed his overnight bag, and muttered,

“Fucking bitches.”

That was it. He left.

Her mother smiled at her. Carla shrugged her shoulders.

“See you later Mummy.”

She pecked her on the cheek.

“Have a good day, Darling.”

Having made the decision to visit her father, Carla rang him. He seemed surprised to hear from her. She apologised for her behaviour, and promised she would be nice to him, if he allowed her to stay, for one night. He was happy with that. He said he would cook a nice meal, and get plenty of Champagne in.

“Sounds lovely, Daddy! See you, on Saturday.”

He lived about an hours drive from them. She reached his house at six thirty, that Saturday evening. He greeted her, and helped her in with her suitcase. He laughed.

“I thought you were only staying for one night!”

“A girl has to be prepared, Daddy.”

He was well off. His house reflected that. He showed her to her room.

She showered, washed her long red hair, and dried it.

She put on her second favorite outfit. Black skirt, red blouse, heels, and red pull ups. For once, she wasn’t wearing her mothers soiled underwear. Even she, thought that would be inappropriate, also, she wanted to smell of herself, karataş escort bayan not, her mother.

She put on some makeup, also, for a change, some expensive perfume.

She looked in the mirror.

“Perfect.” she whispered.

She slowly, walked downstairs, into her father’s kitchen diner. Her father was preparing the food. He turned, and gasped.

“Wow. Look at you!”

“Do you like it, Daddy?”

“You look like a million dollars, Baby.”

“Thank you, Daddy. Shall I open the Champagne?”

“Yes please! It’s in the fridge.”

Carla took the Champagne out of the fridge. Her father passed her two glasses.

She opened the wine, and filled them.

She held up her glass and made a toast.

“To our new relationship, Daddy.”

They clinked their glasses.

He had prepared beef in red wine. It would be ready in half an hour.

“Have a look round the house, Darling.”

She did. Very thoroughly. It was in his office, that she spotted the safe.

Carla wandered around a bit. Apart from his legitimate business, her father definitely, had some dodgy sidelines. She knew there would be plenty of cash in the house. She went back to the kitchen diner.

“About twenty minutes, Darling. More Champagne?”

“Are you trying to get me tipsy, Daddy?”

“Would I do that?” he laughed.

They chatted for a while. He served the beef, and opened an excellent red wine, to go with it. They ate quietly. Carla finally spoke.

“This is delicious, Daddy. Well done.”

She slowed down on her drinking. It was going to be a long evening.

They finished the meal, her father took their plates and cutlery, and put them in the dishwasher.

“I’m sorry there’s no dessert, Darling.”

He didn’t realise Carla was stood behind him.

She whispered in his ear.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got a lovely idea for dessert.”

He turned round. She pulled him to her, and kissed him, forcefully pushing her tongue, into his mouth. She pulled his hand up her skirt, and took his cock out.

“Stick your fingers in me, Daddy.”

Her father’s fingers slid into her. She began to stroke his cock.

“That’s it Daddy, finger fuck me.”

He moved them deep into her, and increased the rhythm. She was wanking him.

“Go on, Daddy! I fucking love it!”

She actually was, loving it.

“Harder, Daddy! Finger my tight cunt. Just think how you’d feel, putting your cock in there. I’d love you to come on my tits, Daddy. Would you like to come, all over your daughter’s tits?”

Carla came. She gritted her teeth, and gasped.

“On the sofa. Now!”

She took his hand, and led him into the lounge. She pushed him down, and pulled his trousers and boxer shorts off. He laid back and shut his eyes, as she began to slide her tongue, slowly, up and down the shaft. Between licks, she began to talk.

“You know you weren’t very nice to us, don’t you Daddy?”

She licked the tip for a few seconds, licked his shaft again, then quietly, continued talking. She knew she had to hold back a little.

“You know, Mummy,and I, could always use a little more cash, Daddy.”

She gave him a little lick.

“What do you want, Baby?”

She licked him for a few seconds.

“I want us all to be friends, Daddy. I’ve got a little business proposition for you.”

She engulfed his cock in her mouth, and sucked for a while. He gasped. She pulled away, but kept her mouth close to him, so he could feel her breath all over his, now throbbing, erection.

“This is how it can be, if you meet my demands. Look at me, Daddy.”

He looked down on his daughter, as she rolled her tongue, right on the tip.

“We can do this, over and over, again, and much more, too.”

He was getting very near to coming. She had to close the deal.

“I’m only an hour away, from you. I can easily drop by, pretty much, at short notice.

I can make sure Mummy is nice to you too, but there’s a price. It’s five grand each time, and I mean, each time.”

She risked giving him two more licks.

“You can agree right now, or I can stop this, go to my room, and you wont see either of us again. What do you think? You wont find a escort karataş better fuck than me, Daddy.”

She began to wank him hard.

“Oh God! You little bitch!”

“What’s it going to be, Daddy?”

Carla wanked, and licked him harder. He gave in.

“Yes! Please, finish me off!”

She did. She put her face over his spurting cock. He covered her hair, and cheeks. He slumped back as his cum dripped slowly, onto her red blouse.

She licked the cum off his cock, then kissed him. She sat next to him.

“Money well spent, don’t you think, Daddy?”

He wasn’t short of money. The idea of fucking his gorgeous daughter, at almost anytime, was more than appealing.

“So. That’s five grand Daddy, and soon, you’re going to pay me another five.”

She went into the kitchen, poured two glasses of Champagne, and took a blue tablet, out of her purse. She passed him his glass, and said,

“Take this Daddy.”

Of course he knew what it was. He swallowed it.

“I’ll be down in half an hour, Daddy. You’ll be ready, by then.”

Carla went upstairs. She wiped the cum off her face, but left some in her hair.

She looked at her watch, and relaxed. After about twenty minutes, she changed into her school uniform. She gave her father an extra five minutes, then went downstairs.

He was naked, apart from his boxer shorts.

“Do you remember that time in the kitchen, Daddy? We can enact it again, but this time you can do whatever you want with me.”

She walked into his kitchen.

“How about that hug, Daddy?”

They put their arms round each other. This time, it was totally different. Carla rubbed her cunt against his rock hard, erection. They kissed. He clenched her buttocks. Then she started to do, what she did so well, talk.

“Just think, Daddy. You can put your cock in there, if you want to. You can fuck all my three holes, whenever, you want. I’ll dress up for you. You can come on me, or even piss on me. I’ll piss on you, Daddy, if you want me to. Would you like that Daddy?”


“Do you want to fuck me now, Daddy? My cunt’s lovely and wet!”

He ripped down her panties. She stepped out of them. He dragged her to the sofa.

She opened her blouse, showing off her white lacy bra, and beautiful tits.

She opened her legs.

“Go on Daddy! Fuck your slut daughter!”

He rammed his cock in her soaking, hot pussy.

“Fuck me hard, Daddy! Stick your finger up my arse!”

She arched up. He slid his finger in. She pushed down on it. It went right into her, as he slammed his cock in her, by now, dripping cunt.

“That’s it, Daddy. Fucking use me! Just think, you’re fucking your schoolgirl daughter! Aren’t you lucky? You can come wherever you want, Daddy.”

Carla opened her legs as wide as she could.

“You’re a bad man! You’re going to spunk in your own daughter’s cunt!”

They both came together. Carla screamed.

“Go on Daddy, fill my dirty cunt with your cream!”

He did. He pulled his cock out of her, and stood over her. Once again, she sucked him clean. When she’d finished, she licked her lips.

“Mmmm. Delicious, Daddy.”

Her father sat next to her. She pulled up her skirt, and opened her legs.

“Oh, look, Daddy.”

Her father watched as his cum, dripped out of his daughter’s pussy, onto the leather sofa.

“What a mess, Daddy. Don’t worry, I’ll clean it up.”

Carla knelt in front of the sofa, and slowly, cleaned it, with her tongue.

She gave him a dirty, sperm flavored kiss, then sat next to him.

“So. Are you happy with our arrangement, Daddy? You can have that, and more, whenever you want. You can do absolutely, anything you want with me. I’ll be your whore, and daughter too.”

“You’ve got a deal, Baby.”

To prove the point, he went to his safe, and gave her ten grand in cash.

“Thank you Daddy. I’m going to bed now. You know where to find me, if you need me.”

Her father couldn’t resist. He came to her room, and fucked her again. He left another five thousand in cash, on her bedside.

The next morning, Carla drove home. Her mother, pecked her on the cheek.

“How was it, Darling?”

“We had a lovely time, Mummy.”

Carla had split the money, and put it in an envelope.

“Daddy said, he was really sorry, and there would be lots more to follow.”

She handed her mother the envelope.

Lydia flicked through the cash. She looked at her daughter.

“How the Hell, did that happen?”

Carla smiled at her.

“Oh, sometimes, it just pays to be nice, Mummy.”

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