Two Times Two Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

The sun poured into my window as my phone’s alarm clock went off, playing “Another One Bites the Dust”. Yawning loudly, I stretched my arms and rubbed my eyes before noticing the slight stain on my bedsheets. When you and your friend are living with a Hooters waitress and a nude model, can you blame yourself for masturbating to those two?

My name is Dante Erickson, I work as a coffee barista at a local Starbucks a few blocks away. I am 23 years old with blonde crew cut hair, green eyes and a stubble. I live with three other people in an apartment building in Florida on the fifth floor. The four of us have been friends for as long as we could remember, probably since freshman year of high school, and were all around the same age.

Raymond Franklin, or Ramone as he preferred to be called, was the star receiver of the football team and around my age at 24, currently working as a gardener. He was tall & muscular with long black hair and hazel eyes. Although he can be very rowdy, he was overall a good friend.

26 year-old Anna James was the most popular girl in school for her looks and personality. Her large C-cup boobs were all natural and perfectly complimented her hourglass figure, long legs and godlike ass. Naturally she became a Hooters waitress after college. But regardless, she still was a sweet, kind lady.

Brianna Maxwell, age 22, was once the typical shy nerd who usually got high grades but didn’t have that much friends aside from us three. But surprisingly enough upon becoming a nude model she became leagues more confident in both herself and her body. She was originally completely flat but as she grew older, her breasts grew with her into a B-cup and she dyed her red hair with black ends.

She also dropped the loose clothes in favor of more formfitting sports bras & shorts, but it didn’t really matter since most of the time before going to work she would get naked and work on her tan on the balcony, pretty much a home nudist.

As I slowly got out of bed, I heard humming from Anna’s room. She must be getting ready for work, I thought. Stepping into her room, she was already in the midst of putting on that infamous Hooters uniform of a tight white tank-top with orange shorts and pantyhose.

“Morning Anna.” I greeted her. At first she didn’t notice me but after a few seconds she finally turned around with a smile. “Oh, good morning Dante.” she said. “How did you sleep last night? Well, aside from your jacking off?”

“Oh can you just not?!” I shouted embarrassingly.

“You know, you’re quite cute when you get embarrassed.” Anna stated poking me in the cheek. “See you when I get home!” With that, she left her room while swinging her hips in those damn shorts.

A few minutes later, I was now in our living room eating breakfast with Ramone & Brianna, who was now wearing a T-shirt that went down to her thighs and nothing else. “So, how hard did you fap Dante?” Brianna asked smugly. “I can only assume by how loud you moaned, a lot.”

“Sorry for keeping you all up last night guys, I just needed to…” I said. “relieve some tension.”

“I mean who can blame you Dante? Anna is an absolute bombshell and Bri has a very cute bod, especially her boobs & ass!” Ramone exclaimed, indirectly making Brianna blush. “Hey speaking of which, I’m gonna go work on my tan and head off to work after that.” she announced throwing off her shirt, revealing her naked body as she stretched. “Now which one wants to lotion me today boys?”

Us men gazed at each other silently before we engaged in rock-paper-scissors, a tradition of bonus veren siteler ours whenever the offer would arise. I won a lot of games and I did so today too, much to Ramone’s chagrin. “Oh you can brag all you want, but next time I’m gonna be the one!” he declared as I fetched the lotion, came back and got to work.

I started with her smooth, tanned legs, which she had toned to perfection in all her years of track-and-field. Next came her firm muscular ass and her beautiful medium-sized hips, followed by her flat tummy, her perfectly sized tits and finally down to her graceful arms & shoulders.

I could feel myself getting hard from putting sunscreen on her, and it didn’t take long for her to notice. “Like what you see Dante?” she asked flirtatiously smacking her booty. “I know you do. Now could you fetch me something to wear on my way to work?”

“Gladly.” I replied with a horny grin walking off. When I came back with a teal sports bra and jean shorts for Brianna to wear, neither she or Ramone were anywhere to be found. Instead, they were on the balcony making out. I simply rolled my eyes and left the clothes on the coffee table in front of the couch before leaving to get ready for work myself.

When I arrived at Starbucks, it was all business as usual. Workers were eager to get their caffeine fix, hipsters were hanging out and the fresh smell of coffee wafted through the air.

“Hey Erickson, over here!” a woman standing behind the counter called to me. She was Julie Lang, my co-worker here. Julie had fair skin & black hair in a ponytail and was usually pretty quiet, unless she would sneak into the supply room during break and allow moaning to be faintly heard.

“Morning Julie. How’s it been for you?” I asked my coworker while taking my place beside her.

“Pretty lame. My boyfriend was too sleepy to have morning sex with me, I ran out of cereal and got stuck in traffic.” Julie groaned burying her face in her hands. “I think I might need some time to myself. Can you cover for me?”

“But I literally just got here!” I exclaimed.

“Listen Dante, you’re quick enough to handle the morning rush! Just promise me, okay?” Julie pretty much begged me. Sure enough I finally gave in and let her go on break.

I worked quickly as the stream of customers grew by the minute. I was nearly on the verge of exhaustion by 10:45 while I could hear moaning coming from the supply room again. After giving myself a cup of joe to perk me up, another guy took over for me as I stepped toward the supply room.

Opening the door, it was then I learned the true origins of the moans. There was Julie, sans anything covering her bottom half, with a vibrator shoved up her pussy and her shirt pulled up for her to play with her tits.

“Oh yes, harder! Harder!” Julie moaned in ecstasy. However she would soon notice that I was still standing there and freaked out. “Oh my God, Dante!” she shrieked hastily pulling her pants up. “Haven’t you-“

“Ever heard of knocking?” I finished for her. “So uh, this is how you relieve yourself? Kind of expected to see something like this?”

“Yeah, pretty much.” Julie awkwardly replied. “Barney and I love each other, but he’s not a great fuck at all.”

“Are you implying you want to fuck me?” I said awkwardly stepping backwards to the door before Julie locked me into a passionate kiss. Our makeout session lasted for what seemed like ages, but in actuality was only fifteen minutes. When we finally broke, she offered her pussy for me to stick my length into.

“Come on, I bahis need this!” Julie moaned gyrating her bottom. I was initially reluctant at first but after some thinking, I only decided to tease her by rubbing my cock outside her opening.

“Oh, you’re such a tease.” my coworker purred beginning to climax again. When the last of her fluids spilled, we got to work on cleaning it up before returning to our posts. But not before Julie gave me her number and a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay Ramone, you got this covered.” Ramone muttered to himself on his way to work. He was currently assigned to tend to the garden of a high-class couple. The wife was a porn star & her producer husband and they wanted their backyard to look nice for a party.

When he arrived at their gorgeous villa overlooking the ocean, Ramone parked his car near the cobblestone walkway that was lined with what seemed to be imitation palm trees. “Wow, someone must’ve made a lot of money.” he commented reaching the front door and ringing the doorbell.

“Just a minute!” a contralto female voice chimed. Its owner opened the door for Ramone and unveiled herself as an utter goddess. Beautifully tanned skin partially covered by a simple white bathrobe tied at the waist leaving her DD-cup tits exposed, wide hips connecting to gorgeous athletic legs & a shaved pussy and thick blonde hair that made her look like an early 20s starlet.

“You must be the landscaper we found online. I am Martha Quincy, though most know me by my stage name Milkmaid Martha.” the woman politely introduced herself. “And you are?”

“My name’s Raymond Franklin, but my friends like to call me Ramone.” Raymond responded. “This is a pretty damn fine looking bod-I mean house you got here.”

“I sensed your slip there Mr. Franklin. I get comments about my body a lot, and I don’t really mind.” Martha giggled cutely. “I am definitely prideful in what I’ve got here, especially in the pornography business. Now then, anything to drink?”

“No thank you miss, I had some iced tea on the way here.” Ray replied stepping inside Martha’s lavish house. “With a place this swanky, you must be a sexy superstar!”

“Well, I do star in films directed by quite well-off directors.” Martha explained. “Oh Lucas, our gardener is here!”

A man who could potentially be her husband came downstairs upon Martha’s request. He shared her blonde hair and was just as athletic with a lean torso and five o’clock shadow. “Nice to meet you sport. I suppose you’ve already met my gorgeous wife here.” Lucas introduced himself before switching from shaking Raymond’s hand to squeezing his wife’s very shapely ass. It was indeed a sight to see, and Ramone was taken by its perfectly circular form, the slight bubble & a good amount of tightness.

“Oh, that was quite a workout for this bad boy.” Martha quipped licking her lips. “Now to work on the rest of my body.” She untied her robe, tossed it in Lucas’s hands and walked to the backdoor completely nude and nonchalant. “You’re welcome to come with, the backyard needs some sprucing up.”

Walking outside, Ray was treated to four beautiful sights. First off, the very well-groomed yard only had a few patches of overly tall grass and some empty spaces in the flower garden, but was overall pretty nice. The early mid-morning sun turned the very large swimming pool in a beautiful daytime lightshow. There was also a gorgeous view of Bradenton Beach in front of it.

But what really caught Raymond’s eye was Martha exercising in the nude with her back to him, giving the gardener deneme bonusu both a perfect view of her expertly sculpted form and a pretty big hard-on. As the pornstar did a front stretch, her butt was on full display for the young man to grope. He felt a primal urge to do so, but worried that there might be consequences. Then Martha spoke up.

“Oh, is something the matter my boy?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m so sorry for interrupting you Mrs. Quincy!” Raymond squeaked quickly shuffling backwards. “It’s just that you’re naked right in front of me and bending do-“

“Oh don’t be so nervous Ray, I pretty much don’t see the point in wearing clothes when it comes to my line of work.” Martha assured him, confirming that she was pretty much a nudist. “And besides, Lucas and I are swingers so it’s okay if you want to grab a little bit of me.”

“So basically, you’re not only a nudist,” Ramone reiterated. “those parties you mentioned are also-“

“Orgies, yes.” Martha finished before crouching down to a running start, showing off her ass again, before breaking into a sprint and diving gracefully into the pool. “Come on in, the water’s great!”

“Maybe when I’m done ma’am.” Raymond declined getting to work on the yard while his client stroked along the poolwater.

An hour later, Ray wiped his sweat-covered brow and turned his head to spy on Martha climbing out of the pool and walking over to a beach chair with a sidetable holding sunscreen and sunglasses. “Need anything else?”

“Well, why don’t you get my back for me?” Martha offered handing me the sunscreen before lying on her front. “Be sure to cover everything up dear!”

Raymond squeezed a dollop into his hands and began rubbing Martha down, making sure to get every last centimeter of the back of her beautiful form.

However when he finished covering up her ass, Ray just kept staring at it. It just seemed so alluring and succulent to him, to the point where he came close to sticking his hand in his pants. But there was another part of him that just wanted to stop doing this and say goodbye. But then Martha finally noticed and said “Go on, hotdog me. I love it when boys do so.”

Ramone bowed his head in defeat and fully ripped off the garments covering his bottom half to shove his thick cock between her pillowy cheeks. However just then, the door opened and Lucas came out with lemonade. “You feeling parched?”

“No honey, I’m feeling awfully refreshed now.” Martha answered in between her panting & grunting. “Would you like to join us?”

Without even a word, Lucas set down the tray and undid his belt to set his cock free. Soon enough, Martha was sandwiched between two cocks and loving it. Her aroused shrieking was muffled by her husband’s length deep down her throat while the two men groaned harshly as they spit-roasted her.

Martha’s curvy body began turning red from both the combined pressure the two men put on her and her incoming orgasm. With whatever strength she had left, she raised up an arm from the armrest to give a thumbs up, signaling she was close.

“Here it comes, here it comes!” she squealed, continuing to be muffled by her husband’s dick and then, she finally came. All three of them were left completely exhausted by their coitus, but also excited at the same time.

“Oh God Ray, you’re so good.” Martha gasped while licking up some spare cum on the ground. “You’d fight right in with all the friends I’m inviting.”

“I’ll make a note of it.” Raymond declared pulling his underwear and pants back up after cleaning himself off. “Goodbye you two!”

“See ya Ray!” Lucas called back before cuddling with his wife in their own liquids.

TO BE CONTIUNED (I’ve been saving this for ages, but I’ve now decided to split it in two. The second half involves the girls, Anna & Brianna, and should be coming soon.)

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