Two’s Better Than One

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I set it up for a Saturday. I called two of the guys in the group that I trusted and enjoyed the most. Jay was about my age and in good shape and besides he and I had been lovers the longest. Tom was the other one, he was always fun and always a good fuck.

I didn’t tell them what I had in mind, just that it would be a threesome night, with us getting naked and enjoying each others hard cocks. Jay and I had been taking care of each other in between other relationships, and many times during. We had a comfort with each other that had come with time. He had a cock that stayed hard long and we had found that it fit perfectly in both my mouth and ass. He had shot many loads in both of my orifices. He had also let me do the same.

We enjoyed our bisexuality with each other and had moved to sharing it with a select group of other men. We had formed a fuck club and met once or twice a month with four other guys. We would meet at my apartment as I lived alone at the time. The guys would gather and talk for a while, then we would strip and begin having fun. Most of the guys were versatile and horny. There were some nights when I was in a mood for all five cocks and would let all of them fuck me at least once and sometimes more. I was considered the best ass fuck in the group, so there were never any complaints, as a cock never left my ass unsatisfied. Some nights we just sucked each other off or had some round robin suck offs. It would depend on the mood. We always had a good time.

Tom was the one in the group that Jay and I enjoyed the most. He was versatile and never rude or greedy. He had a ready cock, gave an awe inspiring blow job and was not averse to taking cocks up his nice tight ass. This was the first time that I had invited him to join Jay and myself.

I had prepared a pizza and both arrived on schedule. I gave both a kiss and thanked them for coming over. We ate and talked about a variety of things including sex. Tom mentioned that he really enjoyed being a part of the group as it gave him a chance to enjoy the shear pleasure of sex. Jay and I told him of the some of our get togethers. We we’re getting nice and horny.

Jay said. “So what’s on the agenda for tonight?”

I smiled. “Well, I’ve been fantasizing about getting double fucked and was wondering if you guys were up to it?”

Jay smiled and laughed. “Sure, I’m willing.”

Tom said. “Sure!”

“Ok, let’s adjourn to the living room.

We moved to the living room. I had already brought some lube and towels. As we entered the area, each of us had already begun to strip off our clothing. There is a open space near my couch that we moved to. The three of us moved in close and began fondling and kissing each other. Hands were moving over asses and the three erections. Soon the three of us were moaning nicely. I stopped the play for a moment and took their cocks in my hands.

“Ok, these will do just fine. First I will lube up and have Jay slide in and open up my ass for a bit, then Tom you can do the same. I think a little preliminary fucking will help get me open. Then for the second orgasm of the night, you guys can fuck my ass at the same time.”

I took the lube and worked some into my asshole. I then kneeled in front of Jay and first took his hard cock into my mouth. I gave him some good mouth action. I licked on the tip and siirt escort ran my tongue around his cock head, giving the hole the a tip a little tongue action. I then took more of the shaft into my mouth, taking it as deep as I could. I released his cock and moved over to Tom’s. Tom’s cock was larger and a bit thicker than Jay’s. Tom’s cock was cut like Jay’s and mine. I did much of the same to Tom’s cock as I had to Jay’s. It was always nice to suck on a hard cock.

“Umm, he sure gives good head, eh Tom” Jay moaned.

“That he does.”

I took Tom’s cock out of my mouth and moved my head below, licking my way down the shaft and stopping at his balls. I gently took each one in my mouth, then gave the cock head and shaft another suck and went back to Jay’s cock. I worked it for a while and gave his balls a nice lightly mouthing and tonguing.

“Well, i think that your cocks are hard enough. Jay, get between my legs. Tom, why don’t you sit on the couch and I’ll just suck on the delicious cock some more.”

Tom sat down and spread his legs, I kneeled down between them and spread my legs further for Jay. I took Tom’s cock back into my mouth and started sucking it slow and easy. I felt Jay run his hand between my ass cheeks. He ran his fingers up and down, stopping to gently tease my asshole. I moaned on Tom’s cock as I felt the touch of Jay’s fingers on my hole. Jay worked a finger in slowly, gently sliding it in and out. I moaned a little as I sucked more on Tom’s cock. Jay reached for the lube and applied it to his hard dick. He also worked a second finger in. Jay fingered fucked my ass for a little, then pulled his fingers out and moved his cock up to my asshole.

“You ready?” he asked as he rubbed his cock up between ass cheeks.

I took my mouth off Tom’s cock. “Oh yeah.”

I felt Jay move his cock to my waiting hole. He lined the cock head up and applied pressure. I felt the head at my asshole. Jay applied more pressure and felt his cock head slide in. Jay slowly inched his whole cock in and I felt his pubic hairs on my ass cheeks.

I took Tom’s cock into my mouth and relished the slutty feeling of having a hard cock in my mouth and ass at the same time. I worked Tom’s cock with my mouth while Jay slowly slide his cock in and out of my ass. It was delightful doing both at the same time.

Jay put his hands on my hips and began pumping his cock into my ass with a nice steady pace. He gave my ass nice long in strokes and out strokes, pulling back so that just the head was in my ass and then thrusting his hard cock in all the way to hilt. I continued to give Tom’s 7 incher a nice bit of attention, taking it as deep as I could into my throat. I wasn’t one who could deep throat a cock, but I was able to suck it deep enough that my partner enjoyed the attention.

Jay was starting to pump my ass with faster thrusts. Both men were good for more than one orgasm per night, so the plan was for both of them to cum once then we would move on to the double penetration. Jay kept at his gradual speeding up, but he was still giving my ass full deep strokes. I could feel his balls as he thrust his cock in all the way.

Tom was relaxing and enjoying the blow job. He was also watch Jay fuck my ass. It made for a nice moment. Soon Jay gave indications that he was close to sinop escort orgasm. He kept his strokes up and soon took one last deep thrust and groaned loud as his balls unloaded into my nicely fucked asshole. Jay moaned and I stopped sucking on Tom’s cock to look back at him.

“Oh yeah!” Jay said. “It is always a delight to fuck your ass.” He leaned down and kissed the back of my neck. Then he moved back and I felt his cock slide from my ass.

Tom got up and moved back between my legs, he added a little lube to his cock and then lined his cock head up with my asshole.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Yes, go ahead and slide that hard cock into my ass.”

Tom put his hands on my hips and thrust his cock in. As Jay had already primed it, he slid in all the way. Tom moaned. “Oh yeah, that does feel good.” He moved his cock around while it was buried in all the way and then began slowly moving it in and out. He took his time, taking long slow strokes at first.

Jay sat on the couch, relaxing and enjoying the show. He took the wash cloth I had put out earlier and cleaned his cock off.

Tom placed his hands on my hips like Jay had and was taking nice steady strokes with his cock, pumping his penis all the way into my ass. With Jay recharging, I could concentrate on the fuck that Tom was giving me. I really enjoyed the feeling of a cock fucking my ass and was just delighting in the sensations that having a hard penis thrusting in and out could provide.

We remained that way for a while, Jay watching as Tom fucked my ass, the only sounds being that of our breathing, Tom’s banging into my ass cheeks with his in strokes and the squishy sound that a lubed cock makes as it slides in and out of a lubed asshole.

Tom began to speed up his thrusts, his breathing sounding like he was getting ready to cum. I gave my sphincter a squeeze as Tom thrust in and he began thrusting harder and faster. Soon he was banging away and at last thrust his cock in all the way a moaned loud as he ejaculated his semen into my warm asshole. Tom leaned into my back and caught his breath. Then let his deflating cock slide out of my well lubed ass.

Tom got up and moved to sit next to Jay on the couch. He grabbed the wash cloth and cleaned his cock and leaned back and relaxed.

“Wow, that is always a good thing.” Tom said with a sigh. “It is a just a joy to fuck another guy in the ass.”

“That it is.” Jay seconded.

I grinned at both of them. “Well there is some delight in giving those cocks a good time, too.”

“You’re just a cock slut.” Jay said.

“And you love it too.”

“Damn right, a guy needs to be able to get his nuts off.”

I relaxed on the floor as we talked about sex some more. Jay told of some of his group experiences with mixed gender groups and I talked about some of my trips to gay bath houses.

The talk did what it was supposed to, soon both Jay’s and Tom’s cocks had awakened from their rest and were hard.

I grinned up at both of them. “Ok boys, let’s go for round two.” They both smiled.

“Ok, let’s do it this way. Tom you’ll be on your back on the floor. I’ll mount you and then Jay will slid his in from the back. Let’s keep talking to each other and say if anything gets uncomfortable. Sound good?”

They both said sure. Tom şırnak escort stood up and applied more lube to his cock before laying on the floor on his back.

“Let’s try this before we slide any cocks in.” Jay said.

“Ok.” I said. I moved to straddle Tom. I got down on my knees and reached back and placed his hard cock head so that it touched my asshole. Jay got down and moved Tom’s and my legs so that he could get between them. He also moved his cock up to my asshole so that I could feel them both.

“Ok, I think this is going to work.” Jay said. “You ready?”

I nodded my affirmative.

“Ok, I’m going to slide Tom’s cock in.” I felt Tom’s cock head slide into my ass. It was a good feeling. I moved my ass down to take it in all the way and gave it a few strokes. Tom smiled up at me with joy.

“Ok, I’m going to work a finger or two in first.” Jay said.

I felt my asshole spread wider as Jay worked a finger in. He moved it in and around Tom’s cock. Tom and I both moaned as he did that. It was a fascinating experience to have a hard cock in my ass as well as a nicely lubed finger. Jay then worked a second finger in and did the same thing.

After a few minutes of that, Jay pulled his fingers out. “Ok, I’m going to try with my cock.”

Jay moved his cock up over the top of Tom’s penis and pushed. I felt the pressure and worked to relax my asshole more. I felt my hole stretching.

“Ok, I’ve got my cock head in. How does it feel?” Jay asked.

“Good!” I said. “Go ahead and slide it in all the way.”

Jay slowly slid the rest of his erect penis in and soon I could feel his pubic hair on my ass.

“Oh yeah, this is quite a feeling.” Jay moaned. “I like the tightness and the feeling of another hard cock next to mine.”

Tom moaned a similar feeling from the bottom. I moaned that I was feeling delightfully filled. “Ok guys, go ahead and start fucking. I’ll tell you if I’m in pain and want you to stop, other than that don’t stop until you cum.”

It took a bet before we got a good rhythm going, but I was soon overtaken by the warm fire that was coming from my filled ass. Tom and Jay developed a nice way of thrusting and I was soon moaning with delight as my was fucked by two hard penis’s at the same time.

I was groaning for them to just fuck me. As they thrust their cocks in I felt something building in my groin area. I felt an incredible pleasure building. The two cocks thrusting in my ass were doing a number on my prostate. It was incredible. The two cocks were fucking me in alternating rhythm which was giving my ass the most amazing feeling. My moans got louder and soon I felt my cock erupt as I came. My penis ejaculated between Tom and myself as I squirted my semen. I felt my asshole trying to squeeze hard and soon heard Tom moan as he came. Jay soon followed suit. We all three moaned loud as Tom and Jay’s cocks unloaded their sperm in my ass.

I felt them stop thrusting and the three of us collapsed together, enjoying the warm, wetness and mess that we had just created.

After we had relaxed a bit, Jay moved and I got up and used the wash cloth to clean myself up. I motioned for both Tom and Jay to stand up. I pulled them in for a tight hug, “That was absolutely amazing. Thank you both for trying that.”

We relaxed after that. Tom got dressed and headed home. Jay spent the night, so he and I stayed naked and fucked and sucked several times more.

We now make this a regular threesome. So far Tom has joined me in trying the double fuck, but Jay is still reluctant. Tom and I don’t mind and the three of us are having great sex anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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