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Road Trip Journal VIII

Escaping the blistering heat of a sunny California day, Savannah thankfully entered Frederick’s of Hollywood. She strolled leisurely through the store, her mind occupied with the success of the series of meetings over the last few days. An ad agency in Beverly Hills had just signed on exclusively with her design firm, a contract that would last for five years with the added benefit of receiving free advertising.

She came across a discreet rack of hosiery and stockings towards the back of the store. One in particular caught and held her attention. Eyeing the full bodied, crotchless black stocking, Savannah grinned to herself as she imagined how convenient it could be for an unexpected encounter. The tag on the package said for sizes 4-8, and without another thought she went to the cashier and paid the exorbitant price required. After asking and being given permission to change in one of the dressing rooms, Savannah quickly made her way to them. She quickly entered a cubicle and stripped down, and just as quickly put the stocking on.

She ran her hands over the sheer material and watched in amusement as her nipples responded to her own touch. They pebbled and hardened, and with a little moan allowed one of her hands to trail downward until it reached the apex of her thighs. With a slow gliding motion a finger rubbed her already engorged clit through the stocking. She let her head fall back as she rubbed faster. Her other hand was braced against the wall of the cubicle. She imagined how she would look to a lover; the sheer body stocking molding her curves, her pussy revealed by the hole at the crotch; she still stood in her red spikes, her legs spread wide to accommodate her busy hand. Just as she was feeling the orgasm hit, strong male hands grabbed her from behind and bent her forcefully at the waist.

Caught totally unawares she couldn’t even manage a startled gasp. She thought to look up and get a look at her abductor in the mirror but he was one step ahead of her and quickly blindfolded her. Hot breath floated on her neck as he growled in her ear. “Keep quiet, bitch, and this will go easy for you. We’re just going to play a little; hell, you might even like it.”

She began to feel the first traces of fear and she began to pant with the strain of doing as he said and remain quiet. Her legs shook in the position he’d forced her into; legs still spread but now almost completely bent forward, her chin nearly at level with her knees. He chuckled behind her.

“Panting for it already, bitch? Don’t worry; my cock is ready for you.”

Hands roughly pulled her ass into him; he was hard at her backside, and he began rubbing it along the crease of her ass. She heard some material tear as he enlarged the hole at her crotch. “Spread your legs some more, bitch; let’s see that pretty pussy open wide for me.” Doing as she was told Savannah shakily eased her legs apart.

“You’re a hot little thing; and look here, all ready for me”, he said as he observed the trace evidence of her orgasm trailing down her thighs. Two blunt fingers shoved up into her twat and roughly probed.

“Tight little piece; yeah fucking wet, too”, he commented. And a murmured, “He said you would be.”

At first the words didn’t register due to her fear and uncertainty, but when they did Savannah reassessed her situation. The only person who would dare to have her accosted in such a fashion was her mystery lover, he of the mysterious origins. Briefly she considered her options. Although not happy with her current predicament she theorized that soon enough she would be encountering him very soon.

This may be the opportunity she’d been looking for; an opportunity to discover his identity and gain some of the control she’d lost in this tug-of-war of theirs. Truth be known this latest stunt pissed her off, yet she knew somehow that she was not in any serious danger. As crude as this…man appeared to be, her mystery lover would never put her in any real jeopardy…she hoped.

Forcing the trapped air in her lungs out, she allowed herself to relax and enjoy this touch strange man’s touch. Focusing on those fingers Savannah carefully moved her legs farther apart, indicating her willingness. “Shit”, he muttered, “you’re really hot for it.” Two more fingers entered her and she gasped as she was painfully stretched further. He was not gentle yet soon she felt the liquid gather and smooth the way for his marauding fingers. His fingers left her pussy and were replaced with the blunt probe of his cock head. He surged into her fully with one hard thrust. She could not help the moan that escaped her then. His “fuck yeah” echoed in her ears. Her orgasm took her by surprise. She felt his seed rush to fill her body and second, yet slightly smaller one hit. A second voice startled her out of her sexual haze.

“Hold up, man; the plan is we were supposed to take her outside to the van. The others are waiting for us.” Others?

The anal yapan gaziantep escort next thing she knew she was being lifted over a shoulder. Dizzily she grabbed his torso. “Grab her clothes and purse, Mick.”

“Shit, Riley, you were supposed to wait. Oh fuck, look at that fine ass.”

Cool air alerted her to the fact that she had been taken outside, probably through a back exit. She was given over to another pair of strong hands and then deposited on the hard floor of what could be a large vehicle; perhaps a van.

Heavy doors closed and the vehicle began moving. Another set of hands positioned her on a blanket, laying her on her back and spreading her limbs. Her glistening pussy, dripping with Mick’s juice, was exposed to unseen eyes. A hand rubbed her inner thigh, squeezing roughly and yet soothingly.

“Shit, Mick, you sure this is the right bitch? Seems a bit more than your usual.” Male laughter echoed in the enclosed space.

“Fuck you, ass wipe…just for that you’ll be the last to have a go at her.” More snickers and then for a time all was quiet, except for her own heavy breathing.

What if she was wrong? What if her mystery lover hadn’t arranged this? She could be in deep shit here and there would be nothing she could do about it. Still, as of yet no one had really hurt her and they seemed for the most part to be controlling themselves. Her imagination ran amuck as the van made its way over rougher terrain. The hand on her thigh moved with every little bounce, until it was resting at the juncture of her thighs. The edge of the hand rubbed teasingly on her clit. Involuntarily a moan escaped as the road became rougher. The hand seemed to mash more forcefully on her with every jostle and bounce. After one particularly large pothole the hand seemed to spank her clit. Her body convulsed with pleasure and she moaned loudly.

Male laughter resounded all around her. Restlessly her legs moved in a scissoring fashion; her thighs clenched and tried to trap that hand. She raised her hips encouragingly to the unknown owner of the hand, but it remained neutral and unhelpful. She thought to grab it with her own but other hands restrained the movement, forcing her arms above her head. The action jutted her breasts upward, her erratic breath making them quiver. “Please”, she begged to no one in particular.

Hot breath flowed across her ear and a voice whispered, “Soon enough you’ll be begging for us to stop.” Moaning in frustration and partly in trepidation Savannah tried to still her shaking body but she was too excited. In her mind’s eyes she saw a group of men hovering over her form; some were rubbing their erections, others fondling her roughly; and cock after cock sliding into her hungry snatch, filling her, fucking her. Her hips jerked as her pussy pulsed with another small orgasm.

The van came to a screeching halt; doors were opened and closed and she was lifted over another shoulder and carried a short distance before being tossed onto a padded surface. The room was warm but not overly so. Her legs were once again spread, but then she felt ankle cuffs being applied. Similarly her hands were restrained out and above her head. A wet drizzle of something warm flowed over her aching quim, a hand spread it over her heated mound and fingers dipped all too briefly into her snatch.

Panting with expectation she raised her hips, unashamed now in her urgent need. “That’s it, bitch,” said Mick, “Show us how you want it.” Whimpering Savannah did as she was told, fucking empty air but unable to stop herself. Whatever oil had been applied was causing excessive heat and a frantic urge to be banged.

“Fuck meeeeeeeeeee”, she screamed.

Male laughter echoed around her but she was far too gone to care. A pair of strong hands spread her legs further and she felt a blunt pressure at her opening.

“Yes, yessssssss fuck me hard”, she moaned. The broad cock forged roughly into her tight cunt, causing her to scream as an unexpected orgasm ripped through her. Her pussy pulsed around the intrusion. Greedily sucking it deeper and deeper inside her, she slammed her hips up against her unseen debaucher.

“Fuck yeah, bitch…..fuck, you’re so….” the unseen man trailed off incoherently. Fingers twisted her nipples, forcing her mouth open in a silent scream. A broad cock head forged past her lips. Without hesitation Savannah opened her mouth wider to accommodate the width. Her tongue wrapped around the head as it pumped in and out. She let her teeth graze ever so slightly along the shaft before sucking it even deeper.

“Shit, she’s almost got all of you man.” More voices crowded in on her awareness; she could distinguish at least five separate voices. But all of that faded away as her cunt was pounded more forcefully; the first man was almost done. She squeezed down on him with her pussy muscles, encouraging, needy.

“Aaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan he moaned. He pulled out just as he erupted, his cum landing on her belly and breasts. Before she could catch her breath another cock, slightly thicker, rammed into her. Hands grasped her hips, pulling her into every stroke. She moaned around the dick stuffed in her mouth; it vibrated along his shaft causing him to grunt.

“Fuck yeah, baby, suck my dick….oh shit, I’m gonna cum. Here it comes, just for you, baby.” A hot rush of thick cum slid down her throat; she was unable to take all of it but it didn’t matter. She was certain there would be more to follow.

She heard and felt her bonds being removed but had little time to recuperate as she was flipped over onto her belly. Hands scooted her up onto her knees so that her ass rose into the air in invitation. Still blind-folded Savannah wished she could look upon the men banging her; see their cocks waving about her body. A hard male body slid under her; a tongue probed at her mouth as his hands guided her pussy onto his dick. It was not very thick but seemed to be longer than she was used to. There were a few moments of being stretched uncomfortably before the pleasure took over. The hands guided her in a slow, undulating rhythm that soothed her frazzled senses.

Soon she was panting and moaning in unison with the man she was riding; her ass twitched as pulses of energy ran from her pussy to her back hole. It was then she felt thick male fingers probe her tight bung hole, pushing deeper and deeper, stretching her anus wide open. More of the hot oil was applied; Savannah nearly screamed with the intense heat. She was still trying to catch her breath when the thickest dick she’d ever had plunged inside her ass. She couldn’t prevent a tiny yelp of pain from escaping her lips. Mercilessly the dick plowed, grinding deeper and deeper.

Savannah forced herself to relax around the intrusion, allowing her natural love of being fucked in the ass to override her momentary discomfort. She pushed back at the marauding cock, encouraging an even harder fucking from her unknown plunderer.

“Oh, fuck,” she heard Mick say on an appreciative moan. “The bitch is lovin’ it; damn, fuck her harder Tony, bang that ass hard.”

In response the cock banged harder. The man under her made some grunting noises as he erupted inside her. Savannah’s attention, however, was entirely focused on the cock plunging in and out of her ass. Never in a million years could she have believed she could take so much up the ass. It seemed that it would never end; alternately slowing and speeding up; first grinding side to side, then pounding in short, rapid bursts. Eventually it had to end. Her ass was on fire but she didn’t want it to stop. With a “pop” he pulled out, shooting a rope of pearly sticky cum on her ass and lower back.

The next few hours passed in a daze for Savannah. She was repeatedly fucked in her ass and pussy, and sucked everyone’s cock at least twice. Rough hands squeezed her tits and twisted the nipples. They took turns spanking her ass and pussy; sometimes one would lick her pussy clean before it all started over again and her pussy was once more filled and covered in spunk. By the time it was over Savannah was a mass of jumping nerves. She couldn’t stop shaking and seemed to have her needle stuck on one long orgasm. They left her lying there, still blind folded, writhing on the bed, whimpering her need to be fucked one more time; just one more time.

When all was silent and she knew that they’d gone she tried to calm herself by taking slow deep breaths. It was a futile attempt as her hips continued to fuck empty air and her hands played at her clit. Gentle hands startled her into immobility. The blindfold was removed as those same hands soothed the lines it had made. She blinked at the glare of light assaulting her eyes. She could only smile wryly when she recognized her mystery lover.

“I knew you were behind this,” she stated.

“Uhm, my dear, they were behind you; I was merely an observer.”

Savannah laughed at that but it trailed off into a moan as his hands rested warmly on her still sensitized breasts. With a small tweak he moved away from her, offering his hand in assistance.

On trembling legs she stood up but he had to hold her firmly to his side so she would not fall over. He guided her through what seemed to be an empty warehouse, up a set of metal stairs, down a corridor and into a plush office. The incongruity of such luxury in a warehouse took her off guard. He led her into an equally luxuriously appointed bathroom, and her sore muscles sighed in relief as they approached a running shower. Very carefully she eased her body under the warm spray and closed her eyes on a deep exhale of relief.

His hands began a deep massage, starting at her neck and escort gaziantep anal yapan slowly making their way down her body and finally to her calf muscles. Once her muscle spasms had eased he began to lather her body. He carefully attended to her still tender spots yet even the softest of touches had Savannah moaning in release. “Please,” she gasped, and rubbed herself against his wet body. His dick jumped on her thigh, and on a relenting groan he eased her thighs apart. Lifting her, he pushed her against the tile wall, and with one long stroke pushed full into her.

“Yesssss, oh God, yes baby fuck me,” she exulted.

“Damn, sweet, you surprise me,” he gasped; “I was sure…mmmmm…….fuck, yes baby, feels good….I was sure you’d had enough.”

His hips pistoned furiously as he crowded closer against her wet body. Very quickly Savannah was convulsing around his cock and in his arms. Her scream echoed off the tiles as his release hit him. With a muffled “shit” he unloaded. He eased her feet to the bottom of the tub, rinsed her one final time, and led her near limp body into the adjoining office wrapped in a warm towel.

She sat wearily on a couch as he poured them some drinks from the wet bar. Gratefully Savannah knocked back a powerful concoction of rum & coke. It barely registered that she was actually drinking alcohol. “Thank you”, she murmured as he took the empty glass from her hand.

Fresh clothing appeared in her line of sight and with a smile accepted them. She efficiently dressed in a pair of jeans and t-shirt, sans panties and bra. Sandals were placed on her feet.

“Well, lover, you’ve outdone yourself this time. You’ve somehow managed to once again push me in a direction I never thought I would ever go; the whole abduction & forced-sex fantasy thing has never really been something I’d like to try. And until now I haven’t really minded.” She paused for a moment, then taking a deep breath stared him in the eye and said, “But unless you disclose some personal information about yourself, you know like, your name etc., I’m afraid our…..understanding will have to come to an end.”

She maintained eye contact as he stared back; she had no idea what would happen next, but knew something had to give. Fun and games were all well and good but it was time she took charge of the situation. One way or the other, she would discover the identity of this man she called lover. And, with any luck, would turn the tables on him. She waited expectantly to see his response to her ultimatum.

They continued to stare at each other, neither one willing to break the connection; or to concede in the battle of wills. Savannah felt confident that he didn’t know her so well that he knew what she was thinking at that moment. Under no circumstances must she allow herself to be ‘handled’. She had gone along with more than what most could reasonably expect in these circumstances. And it was time for answers.

She watched with a small inner-smile of triumph as he was the first to look away. One sign of weakness and he’d have her baring it all in Time Square, spread and willing for any cock that happened to pass by. She was horrified upon recognizing the deep sexual ache the vision produced. It definitely had to stop.

“All right,” he finally said. Eagerly she waited for the revelations. “But,” and here she groaned inwardly, “first I have something to show you.”

Gingerly she placed her hand in his proffered one. He led her to the opposite wall, placed his hand upon the panel and watched with amazement as it slowly turned inward. A well lit corridor was before them and they carefully made their way down it, turned right, left, and then left again. A doorway opened into what appeared to be a viewing room, a mini theater. He seated her midway down the rows, picked up a remote on the table in front of them and sat next to her.

With a click of a button her whole world tilted on its axis. Images of her in various sexual positions, from many different encounters, flashed on the screen before her. With mounting horror she saw herself approaching Brent, her very first lover; screaming first in pain, then in great pleasure as Brent drilled her. Flash and she’s riding an elevator on her way up to get fucked by a total stranger, the same one she’d encountered in that alley way the first time she’d gotten a look at her mystery lover’s face; flash again and she’s being screwed on the hood of her car. One after the other of her more daring sexcapades rolled across her vision until she was moaning; partly from dismay and partly because she was so turned on. The final image of her most recent episode, being gang-banged by a motley crew of men, was burned forever into her mind.

As the screen went black she felt urgent hands upon her, tearing the clothes off as her lover positioned her bent over the table. He slammed his cock full hilt into her; she was so juiced, so turned on, she could only moan and moan and moan. She heard a “click”, and helplessly her gaze was drawn back to the screen, and she watched once again the thrills and chills of her adult lifetime wag its tail. Her “fuck yesssssssssssssss, I’m cummingggggggggg” echoed in the large room as the screen once again faded to black. She hung her head wearily, realizing she had no recourse but to continue this game as he saw fit, until such a time as she had the ammunition she needed.

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