Ultra Class

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Dan knew he was a lucky bastard.

It had been an idle whim that had made him pick up a Twak bar at the newsagents when he was buying his customary pack of twenty cigarettes one rainy Tuesday morning. He wasn’t a great chocolate eater but he just happened to have a craving for some.

And when he’d opened the wrapper to see he’d won a prize, he’d almost thrown it away because, frankly, every on-packet competition offer always said you’d won a prize. But as the top prize was supposed to be a luxury weekend in New York, staying at the Waldorf with ultra-class flights, he’d made an idle enquiry on the online competition site.

And even when the garish website had informed him that he’d won the main prize, he hadn’t really believed it, although he had left his contact details just in case.

It was only when a bubbly PR woman from the Twack confectionery company had rung him on his mobile to congratulate him that he’d really started to believe he that maybe luck had finally been kind to him.

He’d been secretly elated for a few days while he considered whom he would take with him but then he’d got a call from his wife, Mary, about a letter from the stupid PR woman at Twack. She’d also been excited at the prospect of going to New York which really pissed Dan off as he hadn’t been planning on taking her.

Dan was a long distance lorry driver. He was happy driving his wagon for several reasons but the main one was that he didn’t spend much time at home. He didn’t know when he had begun to feel like this, vaguely remembering that when he’d married Mary he’d actually wanted to spend time with her and she with him. But gradually this feeling had disappeared so that when he was home he wasn’t particularly happy and neither was she.

So, although he’d have loved to have taken a young or indeed any woman with him if he’d known any, he’d actually planned to take one of his mates to New York and just pretend he was making a haul to Scotland or something.

So he’d been feeling a bit miserable about things until his wife’s mother had broken her leg the week before they were due to go. Now, he actually got on reasonably well with his mother-in-law so this wouldn’t normally have been an occasion for celebration, but when Mary said that she now couldn’t go to New York because she had to look after her mum, he’d been secretly ecstatic although of course he’d made a lot of sympathetic noises.

She’d even suggested he take one of his friends instead but, at such a late date, no-one had been available; nor were the tickets transferable so he couldn’t sell them and so Dan had bravely agreed that he’d just have to go himself.

And here he was, on flight TGA6969 from London Heathrow to JFK New York, the sole occupant of the ultra class cabin lounge, normally only affordable by millionaires and then only the richest ones.

The plane was a Bobus 666, the brand new quadruple-decked superjumbo and the whole top deck was composed of the secure ultra class cabin, which only had four seats in it anyway. Although seats was probably the wrong word as they were more like huge leather armchairs.

There was a full size bar from which Dan had already received a bottle of ice-cold beer, separate sleeping cabins with king size beds, a Michelin-starred á la carte in-flight meal service and giant individual plasma screens with complete home entertainment systems to name just a few of the luxuries.

And then of course there were the cabin crew.

Obviously when TGA had decided to create a separate ultra class they had picked the very best and most photogenic cabin crew available.

Now in his mid-forties, Dan had never been very popular with the ladies. His brow was low and heavy, his eyes too close together and he was naturally short and unalterably chubby. Nor was he a fashion photographer, a lap-dancing magnate or a high-class pimp so he had never spent any time in the company of seriously beautiful women.

Which was he was even more glad he wasn’t with his wife because right now he was surrounded by the most lovely, the most stunning, the most perfect women he had ever seen outside of the pages of the most glossy of the top-shelf gentlemen’s magazines.

There were four stewardesses in the cabin, despite the fact he was the only customer, and if he had been asked to pick four fantasy women he couldn’t have come up with any better than he could see in front of him right now.

They were no doubt used to the most demanding and prosperous passengers as no-one else could afford ultra class and so they probably thought he was some sort of eccentric nouveau riche scruff. He certainly wasn’t going to tell them that actually he was in fact a chronically poor working class scruff because right now they were treating him like royalty.

He’d bedava bahis read everything he could about ultra class when he’d found out he’d won the prize. The usual passenger was likely to be a Russian oil billionaire or a Saudi prince and the tips that were rumoured to be given to the air crew were legendary, often supposedly running to many thousands of pounds. Dan had $500 of spending money given to him by Twack and there was no way he was giving any of it to anyone no matter how well he was cared for. But, of course, they didn’t know that so he was happy to take advantage of the service while he could.

Wherever he looked there was a beautiful smiling young woman in an elegant blue blouse, a short navy skirt and a classic dainty air-hostess hat wearing tights or, Dan dared to hope, stockings with surprisingly high heels.

After they had taken off, Dan studied them in turn trying to decide who was the most gorgeous.

Ellie was in charge of the cabin crew, a tall Scottish statuesque blonde with blue eyes and enormous breasts. Lin was a petite oriental American woman with a sinuous figure and gorgeous delicate features. Helena was also American, black with a long straight pony tail, generous curves and liquid golden-brown eyes. And finally Wendy was an English willowy redhead with startling green eyes and a perfect shapely bottom.

As he sipped his beer and studied them, they asked him every few minutes if there were anything they could do for him, each with a wide fixed smile. He wondered if their faces hurt or if they’d had special smiling training to allow such an unchanging expression.

Not that he was in anyway unhappy. He was just enjoying being in their company. The hint of cleavage when they bent down, the sway of their hips as they walked past, the faint whiff of sophisticated perfume as they leant over him all made for a heady and invigorating combination. In fact, Dan found himself becoming somewhat physically aroused and he therefore crossed his legs so as not to embarrass himself.

Dan realised that something was wrong half an hour into the journey. He hadn’t been able to get the entertainment system to work and had asked Wendy to sort it out for him.

He could see the four stewardesses conferring and then taking turns to try things on his screen and then the others without any apparent success. When Wendy came over to talk to him, her smile, although still there, was apologetic.

“Mr. Flan, I’m really sorry, I have to apologise most sincerely on behalf of Trans-Global Airlines as well as the entire ultra class cabin crew. I’m afraid that the whole ultra class entertainment system is out of order. I would offer you a, um, downgrade to First Class but I can’t even do that as the flight is entirely full apart from this cabin. Please accept my apologies and rest assured all of us will do our absolute utmost to make your journey as comfortable as we possibly can.”

Dan was a little distracted and so didn’t really take in what Wendy was saying at first. He couldn’t help but look down her blouse as she leant over him. She was wearing a scarlet bra which nicely held her reasonably sized breasts and her bosom looked creamy and freckly. He looked up into her deep green eyes to realise that he’d been staring and that she knew exactly at what he’d been looking. However her red-lipsticked smile didn’t falter and she maintained eye contact as she waited for his response.

It took a second to take in what she’d said. No entertainment? On an eight hour journey?

“What! I don’t believe this,” he complained. “This is supposed to be the ultimate in luxury travel. What the hell am I supposed to do for eight hours?” Dan wasn’t much of a reader and so hadn’t bought a book or anything else to occupy his time.

Wendy’s eyes flared in what looked like real concern. He realised that it was really important to her that he was happy with his journey. He decided not conceal his displeasure.

“I’m going to complain about this as soon as I get to JFK. We’re only thirty minutes into the flight and I’m already really disappointed with TGA,” he grumbled.

For the first time he saw hesitation in her smile. “Oh, Mr. Flan, I promise we will all do absolutely anything we can to make your journey really enjoyable. Please allow us the opportunity to impress you with our very best personal service before you decide on making an official complaint.”

Dan was still irritated but Wendy was just so beautiful with her rich auburn hair and gorgeous leggy figure that he found it difficult to remain truly annoyed with her.

He huffed, “Well, we’ll see. I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do for so long.”

“Perhaps I could get you another drink?” Wendy said in her cultured accent.

“Yes, thanks,” he replied. As she walked away towards the bar at the front of the cabin to consult her colleagues, he watched her bum sway from side to side in her tight short navy skirt.

“Oh, fuck, she’s so hot,” he thought casino siteleri to himself as imagined what it would be like to feel such an amazing butt. He adjusted his erection in his trousers uncomfortably and tried to distract himself by looking out of the window at the sea of fluffy white cloud but he couldn’t help but think of Wendy.

“Mr. Flan?”

He looked up startled to find Ella standing over him with a bottle of beer and glass on a tray. He realised two things simultaneously. One was that she had been standing there for a while trying to attract his attention while he’d been fantasising about taking Wendy roughly from behind. And the other was that he was sporting an obvious erection.

He crossed his legs in a vain attempt to hide it but as Ella lifted her lovely blue eyes to meet his, he could clearly see she was aware of his awkward state.

“Oh, yes, I mean, er, yes?” he stuttered, discomfited by her presence, her height and her magnificent chest.

“Mr. Flan, I know Wendy has already said sorry to you,” she said in her delightful Highland accent, “but, as head of the cabin crew, I really wanted to add my own heartfelt apologies. Is there anything I or any of the rest of us can do to make up for this terrible situation?”

It took a little while for Dan to untie his tongue. If Wendy had been slender and elegant, Ella was curvaceous and sensual. Her mouth was parted slightly as she smiled and her light pink lips looked moist. Her blonde hair was tied back in a short pony tail and her considerable breasts strained at her blue blouse as if they were trying to escape. Once more Dan couldn’t help but look down her top at her black bra and into her magnificent cleavage. He squirmed in his chair as his erection flexed involuntarily.

“Are you sure you’re feeling OK, Mr. Flan?” Ella said, noticing his wriggling. “If you’re in any discomfort at all, I, or any of my colleagues, would be more than happy to ease it for you.”

For a few seconds, Dan was breathless. What was she saying? He looked down at his obviously bulging crotch and back up at her.

“Oh, Mr.Flan, that does look uncomfortable,” Ella said looking down too. “I’m particularly concerned that one of the ultra class cabin crew might have caused your, um, distress? Was it Wendy?”

Dan didn’t know what to say. He felt a strange mixture of extreme arousal and complete terror. He settled for nodding uncertainly.

Ella looked back over her shoulder. “Wendy? I need you to come and help Mr. Flan,” she called.

Dan let out a deep animal groan as Wendy swayed back towards him.

“Wendy,” Ella instructed pointing to his lap, “look at what you’ve done to Mr. Flan. I’m afraid it’s your responsibility to make it better for him.”

Wendy made an exaggerated show of licking her lips. “My pleasure,” she said as she knelt down in front of him, still smiling.

Dan held his breath in astonishment as Ella, leaning seductively over him, reached down and slowly tugged his fly down. She slid one of her perfectly manicured hands inside his trousers and pulled his cock out firmly.

“Oh, fuck,” he swore in disbelief at the coolness of her hand on his aching erection.

“There you go Wendy, kiss it better,” Ella said. Wendy bent her head down and pecked her hot red lips slowly onto the very tip of his knob, causing him to moan in anticipation. Her lips felt warm and wet, and left a sticky red mark which was then washed away as she swirled her tongue around his glans.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” Dan swore at the remarkable feeling of her tight mouth slowly sliding down his throbbing dick. He couldn’t believe this was happening but he was determined to enjoy every second of his good fortune.

As Wendy slowly bobbed her head up and down the length of his shaft, pausing occasionally to flick her tongue over his knob or suck on his heavy balls, Dan looked up at Ella.

He knew he shouldn’t have done it without asking, but he couldn’t help himself as he reached up to squeeze her big firm boobs through her blouse.

Instead of complaining, Ella inclined her head slightly to the left and beamed at him. “Would you like me to get my breasts out for you, Mr. Flan? I can guarantee that they’re most satisfactory.”

“Oh, yes,” he grunted in reply.

Ella unbuttoned her blouse unhurriedly to expose her magnificent bosom, encase in a pretty lacy bra, before reaching behind her to unclasp it.

Her knockers were as big as he’d imagined although even firmer and more upstanding than he’d have thought possible. Her nipples were light brown and hardened almost instantly at his touch.

“Oh, wow, you’re tits are amazing,” he said to her as he groped both firmly. She just smiled back.

He could feel himself getting closer to orgasm and, although he desperately wanted to make the experience last as long as possible, he couldn’t stop himself racing towards climax. He looked down into Wendy’s big green eyes peeping out from under her sweet blue bahis siteleri hat as she smiled up at him around her mouthful of cock, her tight pursed pink lips gliding up and down his shaft deliciously, before reaching out once more for Ella.

He buried his face between Ella’s boobs and licked and sucked her nipples for a few more seconds before barking out in pleasure as he began to spurt repeatedly in Wendy’s willing mouth.

“Oh, yes,” he shouted, bucking his hips to squeeze every last drop of jism onto her agile tongue before collapsing back into his seat.

As Wendy stood up she wiped a few stray drops of cum into her mouth with her slender fingers, before noisily swallowing and then giving him another big smile.

“Was that OK, Mr. Flan?” she asked pertly.

He nodded in contentment. “Oh, yes, that was more than OK. Thanks, Wendy.”

“My pleasure, Mr Flan,” she said turning to walk to the front of the cabin.

“I hope you’re finding our ultra class service more satisfactory, Mr. Flan. I’m sure we can continue in the same vein all the way to New York so that you’ll feel no need to complain about your treatment,” Ella said smoothly, still topless.

“No, really, that was amazing,” Dan replied. “It would be great to do that again but I’m not sure I’ll be able to,” he said honestly, not having tried for years to come more than once in a day.

“Oh. Well, I think we might be able to help you out with that as well, Mr. Flan. Let me go and ask Lin to come and sort you out with a little something,” she said. “Before I go and find her though, I assume you’re happy for me to keep my blouse off, Mr. Flan?”

“Oh, yeah,” Dan approved. “That would be great.”

“And the rest of the girls?

“Oh, yes. Them too,” he said. “I’d love to see their tits as well.”

When Lin came to see him a few minutes later she was also naked from the waist up. Her skin was a lovely golden olive colour and her breasts pert with hard dark nipples.

“Hello, Mr. Flan. I’ve got this for you she said passing him a small blue diamond-shaped pill and a glass of sparkling water.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Oh, it’s just something that will help you recover. We have a range of, um, pharmaceuticals available on the flight for the exclusive and discreet use of our ultra class passengers. Ella mentioned you might like this so you could maximise your in-flight experience. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe.”

Dan took and swallowed the pill, finding it difficult to tear his eyes away from Lin’s lovely boobs.

“Please feel free to touch as much as you want, Mr. Flan,” she said noticing his gaze. “After all we’re here to serve you,” Lin added generously.

“I don’t mind if I do,” he replied taking her nipples between forefinger and thumb and rolling them gently as he appreciatively squeezed her tits, causing her to moan momentarily. Her nipples, which were long for the size of her breasts, popped up nicely in response to his tweaking.

“Oh, Lin, you’re so beautiful,” Dan said before pulling her down onto his lap to nibble on her cute boobs.

“Ooh, Mr. Flan, you’re so naughty,” Lin replied cheekily but she held his head to her bosom and wriggled her tight bottom on his crotch as he licked and sucked.

After a few minutes Dan could feel some response to Lin’s delightful wiggling as his cock began to show signs of life.

“Would you like me to suck it for you, Mr. Flan?” Lin asked mischievously.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” he replied lustfully causing her to giggle but she slid down his body and within a few seconds was lovingly sucking and licking him.

Dan looked up to see Ella striding up to him her big chest thrust proudly out in front of her.

“Hello, Mr. Flan. I trust Lin is providing you with an acceptable level of service?” she asked with her habitual smile.

“Oh, god, yes. She’s amazing,” he replied, reaching out for another feel of her big tanned breasts.

Ella allowed him a decent grope before asking, “Do you like my breasts, Mr. Flan?”

“Oh, wow, yes I really do,” he said enthusiastically. “They’re the best I’ve ever seen, let alone touched,” he added sincerely.

“Thank you, Mr. Flan. But you really must have a look at Helena’s bosom. I think you’ll find it even more agreeable than mine. Please can you ask Helena to come up,” she asked the passing Wendy whose exposed breasts had red nipples with a light scattering of freckles on her porcelain skin.

Wendy was back thirty seconds later with Helena in tow. The contrast between Wendy’s paleness and Helena’s smooth dark brown skin was charming. Helena, although still tall and relatively slim, had a more rounded, hourglass figure and her boobs were spectacular.

“Hello, Mr. Flan,” she breathed in a delightful drawl, leaning over him from his left. Dan couldn’t believe his luck as with one hand he fondled Ella’s lovely bottom and with the other squeezed Helena’s full, firm and formidable tits with their big dark hard nipples.

He glanced down at Lin’s gently bobbing mouth and up to Wendy’s sparkling eyes as she watched him being serviced by her three colleagues

At that moment he knew, that whatever bad luck he’d had in his life, the cosmic balance was now being restored spectacularly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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