Uncle Ed

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Reader alert… This story contains sexual situations between an uncle and a nephew…


July 14, 1970 was the greatest day of my life, which at that point consisted of 18 years and two months. Even now, more than 40 years later, it still ranks as one of the handful of days that I remember most of all, and to think it almost didn’t happen.

I was supposed to go on a camping trip with a friend of mine, and back in those days people weren’t as accepting as they are today, so we used the word “friend” instead of “lover”, which would have been an invitation for crude comments at the very best. His folks had figured out what my Mom hadn’t about me, and while his parents couldn’t stop us being together completely they made it clear that I was not going to join them for their vacation and do all those nasty things with their son.

Stuck alone on a great summer weekend before college started, my oblivious mother, bless her heart, told me that I was welcome to join her in visiting relatives for the weekend. Having experienced a couple of these nightmare trips, the thought of hanging around my Mom and her sister-in-law Connie was not appealing at all, and feeling bold at turning 18 a little while ago, I told her so.

“Ma, I like Aunt Connie and all, but there’s nothing for me to do,” I said, reminding her that hanging around a couple of middle aged women was not my idea of fun, not to mention their two bratty little pre-teen twin girls.

“It wouldn’t be so bad,” Mom said. “The girls are away at camp this summer. Besides, I think your Uncle Ed will be there.”

I tried to act nonchalant about hearing that bit of news, and then proceeded to try and nail Mom down for sure about that. After all, she might just be saying that to get me to go with her.

Uncle Ed, you see, was a long haul trucker who was usually not around when my Mom visited, and I guess Mom would go so Aunt Connie wouldn’t be so lonely. Uncle Ed also happened to be the spitting image of my Dad, who had passed away several years ago, and also happened to be the first guy I had a crush on, even before I knew what that meant.

Uncle Ed was a lot like John Wayne to me, a big strong guy who was built like a bear and was a real manly kind of man. Knowing that, if he even knew about the way I felt toward him, I figured he would break me in two, but since I rarely saw him, he stayed my little secret fantasy.

Apparently it was true. Uncle Ed had just started a vacation, a rarity for him, and was going to be around for once. Further more, Mom said he told her he was really hoping I was going to go up with her to visit.

That was enough for me, so off we went.


It was what I had dreamed of happening. After being warmly greeted by Uncle Ed and Aunt Connie and having lunch, they suggested we take advantage of the warm day by taking a dip in their new pool. Neither Mom or I had brought bathing suits but Aunt Connie said she had something Mom could wear, and as for me, “You must have something Jeff can use, don’t you Ed?”

That was how I found myself upstairs with Uncle Ed, getting undressed, and I couldn’t take my eyes off Uncle Ed as we disrobed. Pushy fifty, he didn’t show it. His body wasn’t fat but fleshy and still pretty muscular. His shoulders were broad as was his chest, which was covered with a generous pelt of coal black hair, with only a sprinkling of silver mixed in.

When he dropped his trousers and briefs, I tried not to look but failed. He was beautiful. No matter how many times I had imagined what Uncle Ed would look like naked, the reality was even better than my fantasy, and as my eyes took in the sight of his penis, a meaty uncut tube surrounded by a jungle of hair with the outline of his plump gland clearly visible through the long dusky foreskin, I realized that Uncle Ed had noticed me staring at his manhood.

“Here Jeff,” Uncle Ed said as he handed me a pair of trunks, unconcerned with his nudity as he stepped toward me.

I was a bit behind in the undressing, and had to fight to keep from getting a full-blown erection as I stepped out of my shorts, hoping that Uncle Ed would be curious enough ağrı escort to look at me, even if he wouldn’t be as brazen as I had been.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to get undressed in front of many people, and while things like that don’t really matter, I confess to getting turned on my the reaction I get when people see me for the first time.

You see, while I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, and am certainly not incredibly handsome, I have been blessed with what is considered to be an exceptional endowment. That, along with the fact that I was also aroused when I lowered my boxer shorts, meant that when Uncle Ed saw his nephew naked for the first time, let’s just say that he was seeing me at my best.

And Uncle Ed looked. He looked long and hard, and as I intentionally fumbled around with the swim trunks, chills raced up and down my spine as Uncle Ed checked me out.

“Oh my!”

The voice of Aunt Connie coming from the doorway of the bedroom, broke the magic of the moment. I thought that Uncle Ed was going to say something just before his wife came in, and I silently cursed the poor woman for inadvertently ruining the experience.

“We’ll be right out,” Uncle Ed said as a flustered Aunt Connie spun around.

An eventful few minutes, I thought to myself, having shown both my Aunt and Uncle that I was no kid anymore.

“Gotta go to the can,” I said as I pulled up the baggy trunks.

I had to go to the bathroom alright, but not for what the room was usually used for. Safely behind the locked door, I dropped the trunks and let my now erect cock spring free while peeking out the curtains. There was no way I could have joined the family with my boner making a tent of the swim trunks, so I looked out at the pool area, watching and waiting.

I wasn’t watching Mom, although I confess to have popped a few loads in my time, and not at Aunt Connie either. It was Uncle Ed I wanted to get off to, and when he came into view I began stroking my cock, imaging what it would feel like to have those bear-like arms around me, to rub into that hairy chest of his and bury my face into the wild jungles of hair that filed his armpits.

I came while fantasizing about dropping to my knees in front of Uncle Ed and taking his cock deep into my throat. I had never had an uncircumcised guy before, and the thought of Uncle Ed’s being my first made my orgasm all the better.

As I cleaned up the copious mess I had caused, I felt ashamed. Uncle Ed wasn’t homosexual, and had just been curious and surprised when he saw me like that, and if he ever knew that I had just jerked off while dreaming about sucking his cock, he would be disgusted.

Having gotten rid of my erection, I went out and hung around the pool with the family, going in to swim whenever I started to get aroused at being around Uncle Ed. Being in the pool, at least I was hidden, which was a good thing when he joined me and began horsing around. Every time he touched me I got hard, and one time he playfully put me in a headlock and I think I might have cum if he kept it on me, such was the way he aroused me.

I managed to get through the day without embarrassing myself, and had to admit that I was happy that the camping trip had fallen through. I had gotten to see my Uncle Ed naked, and with that image of his body permanently embedded in my brain, I was certain to have many pleasant moments for years to come.


He had said something, but I hadn’t made it out. Uncle Ed had said something in passing, but it seemed like he was trying not to be overheard when he said it. It worked, because I didn’t make it out either, although I nodded in response.

Something about company, I thought Uncle Ed had said as we all headed our separate ways to go to sleep, but the more I thought about it the more I discounted it as just something like being happy for the company.

It gave me something to think about as I rested on the bed that had been set up in the family room of the cellar. In previous visits I had shared the guest room with Mom, but with me being older now that just wouldn’t do, so I had been aksaray escort set up down there. It was better than sleeping in the girls bedroom in one of those little beds surrounded by dolls.

The shadows danced on the ceiling as I thought about the day, and in my mind I dreamed about Uncle Ed coming down the stairs and joining me, saying, “Jeff, are you awake?”

Except it wasn’t a dream.

The shape that hovered by the side of the bed wasn’t a hallucination, it was my Uncle Ed, and the voice was real.

“Hi,” I managed to say as I lay on my back like a corpse, frozen in shock, and the Uncle Ed was sliding down to the bed next to me, reclining on his elbow.

“I’m so glad you decided to come up with your Mom,” Uncle Ed said, so close that I could almost taste the mint toothpaste that scented his breath, and his prickly leg hairs grazed my calf as he moved next to me.

“Me too,” I managed to say, my voice all choppy like I was out of breath.

“Upstairs before,” Uncle Ed said. “When we were changing, I noticed you looking at me.”

“Sorry,” I said, cringing at how obvious I must have been while realizing that the secret of my sexual orientation was no longer.

“Don’t be,” Uncle Ed said. “Made me feel good to have have somebody look at me like that at my age. Does your mother know that you’re…?”

“No. I don’t think so,” I whispered, confessing that not only was I gay, in addition I had a bit of a crush on him. “Guess I’m not as subtle as I think I am.”

“When your father and I were your age – we – let’s just say we were very close,” Uncle Ed said softly, and then I felt the sheet slowly sliding down my bare chest and down to my thighs. “Do you know what I mean?”

“You two?” I asked, stunned at the though of my uncle and my father being intimate.

“I hope you aren’t upset hearing that,” Uncle Ed said. “We knew it was wrong but we couldn’t help ourselves. Even after we got older and married we would occasionally get together. I love your aunt and your father loved your Mom, but what we had – the bond we had went far beyond the usual brotherly love.”

“It’s a shock,” I admitted, because although I had suspected that my father might not have been as straight as the world seemed to think, hearing my Uncle Ed was bisexual was the real stunner.

“Seeing you today brought back a lot of memories. Nice memories,” Uncle Ed said, and the hand that had brought down the sheet was now on my smooth chest, rubbing the little nub of my nipple before sliding downward. “You remind me of him in many ways. Mannerisms mostly. Not so much physically.”

The tiny click of the clasp of my pajama bottoms opening sounding like thunder in the deathly silence of the cellar, and then I felt cool air as the pajamas were parted and Uncle Ed’s hand reached in there.

“Incredible,” Uncle Ed sighed as he pulled up cock up and out of confinement, and then he was leaning over me, running his tongue along the underside of my cock as it arched back onto my stomach.

Uncle Ed turned and looked at me for my reaction, looking back at me as if he feared this wasn’t the greatest moment of my life, and then he raised my cock upright and slid his mouth down as far as he could, while his hands worked on what his mouth couldn’t reach.

I was clawing at him, trying to reach for his boxer shorts, but he brushed my hands aside and started devouring my cock, his lips going down farther than any others had before.

I knew I couldn’t last long, no matter how hard I tried to fight it. The combination of Uncle Ed’s mouth, along with his hands churning my balls roughly, had me cumming way too fast. He swallowed my seed without blinking, and kept trying to milk more out of me until I went limp in his mouth.

“You don’t have to,” Uncle Ed started to say as I climbed out from under him, but there was no way he was going to keep me from living out the rest of my fantasy as I got his boxer shorts off.

“I know,” was all I said as I knelt beside my uncle and licked the tip of his cock, running my tongue underneath his foreskin before sliding it back to expose the plump bell-shaped amasya escort head of his manhood to my eager mouth.

Uncle Ed’s cock was fully engorged after only a couple of trips down and back, and while his member may not have been exceptional, the thickness of his cock certainly was, and my jaws were stretched to the limit in order to accommodate the remarkable girth.

I felt Uncle’s head’s hand reaching around between my legs, and I shifted a bit to allow him to reach what he was looking for. While Uncle Ed pulled and stretched my flaccid tube I kept sucking, pausing a couple of time to lick his furry balls to give my aching jaws a rest before resuming.

Along with very pleasurably milking me like a cow, Uncle Ed’s hand also kneaded my balls and even stuck a digit into my anus, and as he casually fingered my hole I looked down at what my mouth was working over and shuddered, hoping that my uncle was not expecting me to accommodate him in that manner, because while I was open for anything, I simply wouldn’t be able to take what wasn’t far from being a beer-can thickness there.

As it turned out, Uncle Ed was quite happy with what I was doing, and after my mouth and tongue worked over his muscled manhood he soon was coating my throat with an abundance of his seed, a rather tasty nectar that I savored long after he was spent.

“You’re hard again,” Uncle Ed said as we held each other, and when he asked me if I would be interested in taking him in a way my father used to, I eagerly agreed.

Kneeling behind my uncle, with my cock stiff and lubed, I lubricated his anus, pushing two fingers into the hairy orifice while Uncle Ed moaned and asked for my cock.

Uncle Ed was like a bear on all fours, his plump but solid rear end raised upward for the taking, and as I mounted him and pushed my cock through his anal ring he groaned loud.

“Oh, you’re so big,” he grunted. “No – don’t stop. Give it to me. I want it all.”

I continued, coaxing a little bit more with each gentle push while Uncle Ed kept telling me he wanted more, until he had all of me inside of him. I then retracted all the way out of him before plunging back in while Uncle Ed grabbed the bedding.

I began to get into a rhythm, the tightness of his rectum easing a bit as my thrusts became faster. At times I wasn’t touching the mattress, having mounted my uncle and embraced him with all of my limbs like a preying mantis of sorts. The hair on his back caressed my smooth chest as I hugged him while continuing to impale him with my throbbing cock.

My hands were busy as well, as my arms were wrapped around my uncle, my fingers raked through the mat of hair on his chest, my fists clenching the damp fur before I found his nipples and twisted them, which had him telling me to twist them harder.

We both sounded like animals, our stifled grunts resonating in the cellar as we mated like beasts, and when I couldn’t hold back any more I told Uncle Ed I was cumming just before filling his bowels with what felt like an ungodly mount of my seed while Uncle Ed’s anus spasmed with every twitch of my tool.

Both of us spent, Uncle Ed fell over on his side and then onto his back, arms and legs akimbo, and I rolled in next to him, using his elbow as a pillow while I savored the manly aroma that rose as I toyed with the damp jungle of hair that filled his armpit.

“I miss that so much,” Uncle Ed sighed. “I miss your Dad.”

“Me too.”

“He’s living on through you though,” Uncle ed said. “Some of the things you do – it’s spooky. He used to do that to me too,” he added, nodded toward me playing under his arm.

“Really?” I said, chuckling myself at that thought of my father perhaps having a bit of a hair fetish like I did. “Guess I like the hair because I don’t have much. I think I must take after my mother’s side of the family there.”

“You’re beautiful just as you are,” Uncle Ed said. “Thank you for the best night I’ve had in years.”

“There’s always tomorrow night,” I said as we hugged, and as I savored the feeling of being embraced by my furry teddy bear of an uncle, I heard him sob a little, and I joined him, overcome by the sheer emotion of everything that had just occurred.

The revelations discovered and the culmination of a fantasy coming true made that weekend one that I have never forgotten, and one that we repeated occasionally until he passed on too young in 1978.

Thank you for reading

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