Unexpected Discoveries

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The birds were singing in the trees and the bees were buzzing around the flowers on the bright and sunny spring day. All around there were flowers blooming and the weather had finally turned to comfortable 80 degrees. Marina was outside in her jeans and t-shirt, working on her garden in the backyard. She was around 5’11” with large 32DD tits which her curly brown hair fell down over. She was currently kneeling in the dirt, planting some new vegetable seeds that she had just purchased, dirt streaking up and down her arms and on her face where she brushed away the occasional bug.

Marina leaned back surveying her work, admiring the turned over dirt and plants starting to pop up out of the ground. Standing up, she reached for the hose next to her and started spraying the ground, getting it all muddy as she watered her vegetables. As she was spraying the ground, Jiro walked around the edge of the garage where he had been working on some project he was really excited about.

Jiro is about 6’2″ with blonde hair and large hands that whenever they touched Marina, she started to get really wet in remembering what they could do. He walks up towards her and puts his arms around her waist, watching her water the plants, his hands meeting over her stomach. She glances down and notices how dirty his hands are from whatever he has been doing.

“You’re filthy, what have you been doing?” Marina asks.

“Just working on my project but I can’t tell you about it yet, at least not until I’m finished.” Jiro replies “besides you aren’t much cleaner than I am.”

“Well I was planning on taking a shower after I finished watering anyway.”

“We might as well save some water and take one together,” Jiro replies with a twinkle in his eyes.

“I guess so. I’ll be inside right after I finish so if you wanted to get started, I can meet you in there.”

Jiro gives her a quick peck on the cheek and heads towards the house. Marina finishes a minute after he leaves, turns off the water and heads inside as well. Pulling off her shoes, she heads towards the bathroom where she can hear the shower water running. Stepping inside she see Jiro starting to remove his clothes.

He takes his shirt and pulls it over his head, providing her with an ample view of his chest and long arms as he does that. She starts to feel her pussy get wet in anticipation of him touching her but she gets interrupted in her thoughts.

“Well are you just going to stand there or are you going to start getting naked as well?” Jiro asks with a laugh.

“I like the view more than getting undressed.” Marina replies with her own laugh as she leans back against the door, waiting for him to continue.

With a shrug, Jiro tosses his shirt into the corner and moves his hands over his chest and down his stomach. Sliding over his pants he slowly pops the top button of his jeans as Marina licks her lips. She can very clearly see the bulge in his pants as he moves his hands down to the zipper and slowly starts to slide it lower. Marina’s stares at his pants as he reaches the bottom of the zipper and she can see the outline of his cock through his red boxers. Moving his hands to the side of his pants, he turns around and bends over as he slides out of his jeans, affording Marina a full view of his ass as he does that. Stepping out of his pants, he turns around and tosses them to the corner. She stares down at his hard cock and licks her lips in anticipation, her pussy starts leaking even more in its own anticipation of what is coming. Jiro slides his hands along his waist, getting to the sides and starts sliding his boxers to the ground as slow as he can. She starts to see the top of his pubic hair and can see his cock straining at the thin material. When his cock could not be contained anymore, it sprung free from his boxers and stood there in all of its nearly 7″ glory. He quickly pulled off his boxers and tossed them into the same corner as the rest of his clothes and leaned back against the shower door.

“Well since you got a show, now it’s your turn to give me a show.” Jiro said.

Marina started by slowly lifting her shirt up. Starting from the bottom, she started lifting over her stomach and up to her tits. Letting the shirt catch for a bit at the Kadıköy Fetiş Escort bottom of her breasts, she pulled it up and over her head and then tossed it into the same corner as Jiro’s clothes. Running her hands over her chest and down her stomach, she reached the top of her jeans and popped the first button. As she was watching Jiro’s reaction, she saw him move a hand do his dick and slowly start stroking it. Moving lower she started sliding the zipper of her pants down, showing off her black panties with leopard print trim. She moved her hands back up to her waist and slowly started to slide her pants down, remembering how he did it, she turned around and bent over as she slid them over her ass. The groan from Jiro told her everything that she needed to know about how much he liked it and she could feel her pussy get even wetter in anticipation. Turning around, she dropped her pants and stepped out of them, kicking them to the corner as she moved her hands up towards her tits, dragging them across her body as she did so, staring at his cock while she was doing this.

Reaching her bra, she slid her hands behind her and quickly unhooked the grey bra. Moving her hands to the front, she let the straps fall down her shoulders and started sliding the bra up. Her tits started raising with the movement until they couldn’t lift anymore and popped out, her long nipples betraying her arousal. She quickly tossed the bra to the same pile and moved her hands down her body, pausing to pinch her nipples in the process which caused Jiro to groan even more, his rock hard cock still in his hand. She moved her hands lower and hooked her thumbs around her panties and slowly started to slide them down her waist. As she stared to slide them down her waist, they started to stick to her pussy. Pulling them lower, she pulled them far enough to where they became unstuck. As she glanced down she was shocked at how much of her juices had leaked onto her panties but when she glanced back up, she noticed that Jiro had also noticed as his cock started to leak a little precum and his eyes were fixated on her pussy. Pulling them all the way off, she tossed them to the corner and stood up.

“Well do you like what you see” Marina asked.

Without a word, Jiro moved towards her and quickly wrapped her in his arms and started kissing her with as much passion as he ever had, his cock pushing against her pubic hair. Marina’s hands started to slide over his back and down to his ass as she returned his kisses, their tongues intertwining between their mouths.

Reluctantly, Marina pulled her head back. “We should probably get into the shower before all of the hot water runs out” Marina said with a disappointed tone.

Marina stepped into the shower first followed by Jiro squeezing into the smaller shower space. The water quickly started to rinse the dirt and grime off of each of them as they moved around under the water. In the small space, it was difficult to not bump into each other and that was further helped by the fact that neither one of them could keep their hands off of the other. Jiro’s hands kept alternating between Marina’s nipples, tits and her ass, while Marina’s hands moved between his chest, back and dick.

Jiro moved in for another kiss, his left hand on her right nipple, squeezing and twisting it while his right hand squeezed her ass and pulled her into him. Marina’s hand were on his back and moved up and down his back as they kissed, their tongues twisting around each other. Jiro’s cock was nestled between the folds of her pussy, getting slick with her juices.

Between how relaxed Marina was and the hot water cascading down her shoulders, she suddenly had this urge to pee. Normally when she’s by herself in the shower, she would just let it go but she’s never peed in front of anyone before. She moved her hips back away from his cock as she tried to cross her legs to hold it back.

Leaning back, Jiro looked down and asked, “is there a problem honey?”

Embarrassed, Marina replied, “I really have to pee but I don’t want to get out.”

“Well I don’t mind if you need to pee. You can just go” Jiro replied.

“I couldn’t, it’s too embarrassing” Marina replied while crossing her legs harder and Kadıköy Gecelik Escort trying really hard not to pee.

“Here, I need to pee also and so I’ll just start going. If I’m not too embarrassed, you shouldn’t be.”

Jiro turned around and faced the drain. Grabbing his dick he angled it toward the drain and shortly a stream flowed out of him and down the drain. Marina leaned over Jiro’s back and watched as he peed in front of her, something she had never seen before. Watching him do something as private as peeing in front of her strangely started to turn her on more. She had never been interested in water sports but the act of just watching him pee somehow turned her on more.

Shortly he finished up and the last few drops got lost in the shower water. Turning around, Jiro said “see, there’s nothing to it.”

Nervously, Marina uncrossed her legs and spread them slightly. She started to hide her face in shame when Jiro grabbed her arms and pulled her to him. Kissing Jiro relaxed her enough and she started to pee without realizing it. The urine started to dribble out of her pussy and down her legs at first before it started coming out faster. Without realizing it, the angle of her stream started running down both of their legs but between their tongues darting in and out of each others mouth and his hands running up and down her back and ass, she just didn’t seem to care anymore.

As they were making out, Jiro took one of his hands and moved it to the front of her stomach. He started sliding it lower over her pubic hair and his fingers slipped in front of her stream. His other hand was still running up and down her back and he never broke their kiss. She was so shocked that he was running his hand through her pee but also turned on that he wasn’t disgusted by her peeing in front of him. She finished peeing and Jiro moved his fingers onto her slit more, spreading her lips and started rubbing up and down her pussy. His fingers quickly got drenched in her juices and he slid his middle finger into her pussy slowly, letting it get engulfed by her wet pussy.

Marina let out a sharp gasp as his finger slid into her and she realized how wet she actually was. Jiro broke their kiss and started kissing down her neck, his right hand sliding to her front and grabbing her tit, starting to squeeze and twist her nipple. He kissed lower until he got to her collarbone and started licking and sucking along the length of it. Marina threw her head back in ecstasy and let out a squeal of pure pleasure. Jiro licked all along her collarbone sending jolts of pleasure shooting through her body as she started grinding her pussy against his hand.

With a final scream, Marina started cumming. Wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her body as she collapses against the shower wall, Jiro’s finger still buried inside of her. Marina looks down at Jiro licking her collarbone and playing with her nipple and suddenly has this urge to make him cum as hard has he made her cum. Reaching down she grasped his dick and started rubbing it up and down while taking her other hand and running it along his chest.

Jiro looks up and Marina bends her head down to start kissing him. Their tongues play back and forth as Marina rubs his cock and moves down to his balls. She massages them in her hands, feeling them roll around and then runs her hand back up his shaft to the head.

“What do you think about taking a shower later” Marina breathes into Jiro’s ear, the entire while she is grasping his cock. Reaching behind Jiro, Marina turns off the water and slides open the shower door. Stepping out and never letting go of his cock, Marina leads him to the bedroom.

Dripping wet they collapse on the bed, Jiro on top of Marina, his hands holding him up by her shoulders. He leans down and starts kissing her with all the passion he has, their wet bodies sliding together. Marina still has not let go of his rock hard dick and continues to stroke it up and down, guiding it to her dripping wet pussy. Jiro feels her warmth at the head of his cock and not able to hold himself back any, he pushes himself deep into her.

Marina squeals out in pleasure as his engorged member penetrates her depths, her pussy walls grip his throbbing Kadıköy Genç Escort cock. He starts moving in and out of her pussy, every thrust sending pleasure through both of them. Jiro moves slowly at first, enjoying the feeling but he knows that he won’t last long, at least the first time. As he is moving in and out, he leans down and starts kissing Marina’s neck, around her neck and down to her collarbone. Once his tongue touches her collarbone, she starts moaning with pleasure.

Faster and faster his cock goes slamming into her pussy, his balls smacking against her ass and his pubic hair rubbing against hers. He licks and sucks along her collarbone from shoulder to shoulder, feeling the bone rub under his tongue as both of their orgasms rapidly approach. His hands move to her tits, each one grabbing a nipple and he squeezes them hard. Between playing with her nipples, licking her collarbone and pounding her pussy, Jiro starts to feel the orgasm hit the point of no return.

He starts to let out a grunt as he starts to cum which sets Marina over the edge for the second time. She starts screaming out as she can feel his cock start to squirt into her, her juices mixing with his cum. Jiro slams into her one final time as he shoots a jet of cum deep into her pussy as she clenches around his cock, cumming with him. With a final gasp, Jiro collapses on Marina as she starts to slip into a euphoric state of mind. Sweat, water, juices and cum all mixing together on the bed.

After a few minutes, Jiro rolls over off of her, his cock popping out of her pussy dripping sperm and juices down her slit and onto her ass. They lay next to each other for a few minutes, catching their breath and recharging for a bit. Marina moves her hand to his soft cock and grasps it. His cock is slick with both of their juices and her hand starts playing with it softly. As Jiro closes his eyes, enjoying the sensation of Marina play with his cock, it starts to grow again. Seeing the growth, Marina decides that it’s her turn to give Jiro as much pleasure as she has received.

She rolls over onto her side and continues to stroke his dick. Bending her head down, she starts lightly licking one of his nipples. Jiro starts to groan out in pleasure as she licks and then sucks on his nipples. She replaces her mouth with her other free hand which continues pinching and playing with his nipples as she moves down over his stomach. She gets lower and lower until she can smell her scent on his dick.

She looks down at her left hand that is stroking his cock and can see it glisten from their juices. She sticks out her tongue and licks the head of his cock. She tastes all of their juices combined as she runs her tongue over his head before wrapping her lips around his cock. She starts sliding down, enjoying the taste and she wraps her tongue around his cock with the movement. Up and down she goes, each time trying to take more of his cock in her mouth. Finally she hits the back of her throat and releases her gag reflex to take his entire size into her mouth, as she does that Jiro lets out a loud groan of pleasure. Her left hand has moved from his shaft down to play with his balls. She squeezes and moves them around as she sucks down on his member.

Marina backs her head up and sucks on the upper half of his cock, taking her right hand and moving it from his nipples down to grasp his shaft. Her left hand continues playing with his balls as she moves a finger lower. Her mouth is sucking the top of his head while her right hand is below it, grabbing the shaft. Her left hand moves lower and her index finger rests against his asshole. She slowly starts to push her finger in and gets it up to her first knuckle and Jiro starts to groan more and more in pleasure.

Marina starts to take his entire cock in her mouth again, this time sticking her tongue out and licking his balls as she does it, this starts to set him over the edge as he can feel his orgasm building. With a final suck, Marina pulls her head back and grabs his cock, directing it toward her tits as he starts to squirt on her. Jet after jet of sperm land on her as she milks the last of his sperm on to her.

She lets go of his cock as it leaks out one last time onto his stomach and she pulls her finger out of his ass. Sliding up his next to him she collapses next to him as they are both too exhausted to go finish the shower they started. As they drift off into sleep, Marina and Jiro’s minds each wandered off onto the new sexual kinks they each discovered about each other and themselves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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