Unintentional Desires

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Double Penetration

My sister Shadow Lynn Parker died just six months ago today. I coped with the fact that she is gone and now reading her work once again. I hope you enjoy this one. Dont forget look for her new book released just before her untimely death. “The Unleashing of Sara Miller” Thanks.

My husband is a good man. I love him so much. We have been married for ten years now. He was thirty when we met and I was just eighteen. Now I am twenty eight and he is forty and we still get each others blood boiling. This is why I don’t understand what happened and why.

Life was going on as usual. My hubby had just left for work and I was doing my morning exercise with tapes I had bought. I was in my tights you know the black one piece number. I was working up a good sweat when the doorbell rang.

I walked over to it very much out of breath and opened the door. It was a man looking for the neighbor’s house to deliver something. He took off his hat and laid it on the counter and said he was there to fix the disposal in the kitchen. After explaining himself we figured out he wanted the house next door. I directed him to the right house but couldn’t help notice him staring me down or looking me over. I thought it was both rude and flattering as I closed the door.

I walked towards the kitchen to get a bottle of water and as I passed the mirror in the hall I noticed that my body sweat made the tights I was wearing sort of see through. My breasts looked as if I was wearing nothing. You could also see my thong. Now I knew what the man was staring at. This sent a chill up my spine thinking that I was almost nude in front of a stranger. I went back to my workout and forgot about the whole thing.

Well when hubby came home from work it was the usual routine. We ate dinner and watched some television, then went off to bed. I lay there naked as he climbed on top of me, had his fifteen minutes of fame and fell asleep. I usually then got up and went back downstairs and made myself a cup of tea.

Sitting at the kitchen table sipping my green tea I thought about what happened this morning. I opened my robe, got up and looked at myself in the mirror. I probably look better now then when I was eighteen. I just stood their looking at myself.

I was a petite five foot three with straight blonde hair just past my shoulders. I had a tight body from all the working out and was a 36 c. Something, I don’t know what made me go back upstairs and get another pair of my tights. I slipped into my bedroom and got a pair from my dresser making sure I didn’t wake up my husband. I went back to the mirror and slipped on the tights. I felt sexy in them. Now gaziantep escort tanıtımları thinking about the man from the morning I needed to get the look like I had this morning. I ran over to the refrigerator and got a bottle of water out. I walked back to the mirror and poured some of the water over my breasts, and my panty area. Now I was looking as I did this morning and imagined he was looking at me again. If I were a man I know I wouldn’t mind seeing erect nipples poking through a see through black body suit. This time I had no panties and could only imagine what he would have done if I wasn’t wearing any this morning. I started feeling very sexual seeing myself all wet I started rubbing my pussy making myself wet and ready for my nightly fantasy.

Faster and faster my hand rubbed over my well lubed machine as I fell to the floor lying on my back. “Oh, mew, mmm” I moaned softly as I worked my fingers as far as they could go wearing the tights. Thinking that the man taking me in my arms made me so high with desire that I ripped a hole in my tights and I even let out a slight scream when my fingers found the spot that drove me nuts.

I woke up in bed around three in the morning dreaming of the guy for god sakes. Was I that deprived of sex that I needed it badly or was I suffering from an over active imagination? Whatever it was it woke my husband up.

I never kept any secrets from him so I told him everything. He smiled and said it was normal to fantasize and rolled over and went back to bed as did I.

The next morning was no different then any other. I suited up only this time without panties. I just liked the feeling from the night before. I worked out as usually after hubby left for work and the doorbell rang again. Once again without giving it another thought I opened the door. It was the same man from the morning before. He told me he forgot his hat. I looked over to the table behind the door and low and behold there it was. I bent over to get it and his hand was thinking the same thing. We laughed and we hade a short conversation. “So what do you do” He asked smiling. “This time I knew he was seeing me practically naked and I flaunted, flirted and put on a small show for the guy. I resumed my workout as he watched and talked to me for a while. He tried to keep the conversation going with small talk. I was bouncing on my trampoline and I knew he was getting turned on. I stopped and got a towel to wipe my face and walked him to the door. I practically pushed him out knowing very well that he would be back for his tools.

Well he did come back about ten minutes later and this gaziantep escort telefonları time I had on just a towel as if I was getting ready for a shower. I opened the door and we laughed about the whole situation. I bent down to pick the tool bag up for him and the towel fell off with a little help from me. ‘Oh my I’m so embarrassed” I said blushing as he stood their telling me it wasn’t a problem. “No sure any man would love to see a woman without any clothes on” I replied as I moved in closer towards him. He didn’t move a muscle and when I was right in front of him I dropped the towel again and whispered “Oops” He just grabbed me in his arms and started kissing me.

He wasted no time taking off his clothing and I wasted no time reaching for his stiff cock. He picked me up in the air and lowered me onto the monster cock. Up and down he raised and lowered me and with each thrust his meat went in a little deeper. “Uh, uh, uh, uh, Yes, yes, more, more, yes”. I said singing my song of lust as he fucked me hard, deep and good. I never had anything like this in my life”, I yelped as he didn’t say a word knowing what I needed from him. I was expecting it to be over in fifteen minutes but after an hour I was high from the sexual rushes I was getting. This was just too great. I needed this.

I laid on the couch win an open robe as I watched him getting dressed. I asked him if he liked it but he didn’t answer me and just walked out.

The next day I worked out as usual. No stranger at my door. Thinking about the day before I knew wheat I needed and it just wasn’t happening. This went on for three weeks until I couldn’t take it anymore. One day after my workout I slipped a skirt over my tights and went for a walk. As I walked a man in a red sports car slowed down. He rolled his window down and said “Hey doll want to party”? I smiled and shook my head no and walked on. Car after car slowed down and either beeped or talked to me. I was indeed a horny woman and decided then and there the next car that talked to me I was going to get in.

“Hey Doll” he said as I noticed it was the same guy that passed me a few minutes ago. I walked over to his car and he asked me again if I wanted to party and I walked around to the passenger side and got into the car.

I found myself in a classy suit at a very expensive hotel. I think it was the penthouse. I was impressed. He asked me what I was drinking and I nervously said “Vodka rocks please”. He made me a tall one and he started undressing. I just stood their scared. I drank the tall one and asked for another and he obliged me on that.

“Take off gaziantep escort videoları your skirt” he asked. ”Just the skirt “I replied. “Yes for now I want to look at you in your body stocking” he said. It was as if he knew, as if he knew I liked parading in my tights letting men look at my see through stocking. I dropped the skirt and walked around the room admiring the paintings on the wall as was he admiring me like I was a painting.

He poured me another drink and although I haven’t drunk liquor in a long while I welcomed it. “Turn around let me see your ass” he said. I was shocked but did as he asked. Now a little more then tipsy I turned around slowly for him. “Now walk across the room and let me see your wiggle” he ordered again. Staggering around the room I started feeling weird but a good weird. I strutted myself as ordered and even put a little more wiggle in it then usual. He stood up and asked if I was ready yet. The way I was feeling I new it was more then booze he gave me but I didn’t care. I told him I was ready. “Good then sit on the sofa” he ordered. I sat.

I now knew I was drugged but as I said before I didn’t care. I only got sexed up waiting for the man to give me what I needed. He walked over to me and was holding a pair of cuffs. I couldn’t stop him from cuffing me to each end of the couch then my ankles were also cuffed to each led oif the couch holding them open. He said I had a nice looking cunt. I just sat their helpless. Now the man walks over to a door and opens it. Out walked three more men. They walked around me in a circle as they undressed. One guy took out a long sharp knife and cut a slit down my body stocking.

Now surrounded by naked men with their cocks moving closer to me, one man on the left inserted it into my mouth as if it were his personal pussy. I took it all in as he pumped it in and out of my mouth. The others just waited their turn.

Releasing my hands I started jerking off two of the other men as I still sucked the other guys cock. The man that picked me up was undoing my legs. Now he raised his hand as all sexual activity stopped. He then started fucking me. Once again I was in my glory. I started my screaming orgasm the whole time as he fucked me fast. The man stopped and flipped me over onto his buddy. I grabbed his cock and lowered myself onto it. Now fucking the man’s friend he started reaming my ass. It has been a long time for a good ass fucking. I was a filled woman with one hand jerking the third man and the forth fucking my mouth again. I was the happiest woman on the face of the earth fulfilling all my fantasies in one swoop. I felt safe having all these strong men around me. I also felt very satisfied.

The man that picked me up gave me his overcoat along with five hundred dollars. I felt like such a slut and the problem was I liked the feeling. I never did tell my husband any of this. I haven’t done anything like that since that day but to tell you the truth I think it is getting around that time again.

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