Untimely Interruption Pt. 02

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The scent of Katie’s juices coated his face and hands. A shower was what Jack needed. He brought his hands to his face and breathed her lingering scent in. Damn it smelt delicious he thought. Watching her body quiver as her pussy clenched his hand, her gushing and grinding on his fingers, had been the most turned on he could remember.

Steam began to build in his bathroom as the shower warmed. The guilt was finally setting on him. They shouldn’t have done that. All the years together with Claire he had been faithful. Their sex life wasn’t consistent but when they were together it was good. Routine had set in, adding a monotonous tone to some of their sex, but he had little to complain about other than quantity. He blamed the alcohol and it would only be the once he promised himself.

Shaking his head under the pouring water, Jack tried to get his mind off of what he had just done. He couldn’t. The way she had taken nearly all of him in her mouth, Claire had never been able to take that much at once. Katie didn’t just let him fuck her mouth, she had enjoyed it. It had only been a fifteen minutes ago, but he could feel a stirring in his balls at the idea of taking Katie’s mouth.

Claire was sexy, and if he was honest their sex life was great, if at times infrequent. He loved fucking his wife but she was his wife and it felt wrong to want to fuck her like a slut. To take her, and use her body purely for his own pleasures. Katie had given herself over to him, had reveled in his touch and tongue. She had let him have her how he had wanted. It had been about pure desire and release.

After a while he gave up on trying to get his mind off of what had just happened and tried to push the guilt to the back of his mind. Jack finished washing off. Skipping boxers and a shirt he threw on a light pair of pajama pants. The house was quiet and when he passed down the hall he noticed the guest room door was closed, the light out. Good, he thought, let her sleep it off, no further temptations.

“Hey baby,” softly he said as he touched Claire’s shoulder. “Let’s head to bed.” Smiling, she rolled over and slowly got up. She looked around the room, saw the wet spot on the couch and raised and eyebrow to Jack.

“Wine accident.” He said matter of factly. Chuckling, Claire put the pillow back on the couch and started down the hall. Before she had reached their room she was peeling off her sports bra. She tossed it playfully at him.

“I think I have something to finish.” She said from their doorway. Hooking both her thumbs into her shorts, Claire turned back around facing into their room. Bending at the hips, she slowly pulled them down and stepped out of them. Jack stopped in the hall a few feet away and watched. His cock hadn’t really gotten soft since getting out of the shower. Watching her pussy teasingly be revealed in the low light got his cock achingly rigid.

Taking her time to straighten, she didn’t look back at him. Fingertips tracing up the back of her legs as she rose. Seductively she began swaying her hips, running her hands through her hair and pulling it up. Jack could make the silhouette of her breasts out, perky with her arms raised. Nipples firm, tempting him to come taste them.

“Damn.” He said. Claire started walking towards their bed and he followed. When she reached the foot of the bed she leaned forward and crawled up on all fours. Stopping at the door, Jack untied the drawstring of his pajama pants and let them fall to the floor. Claire looked over her shoulder hungrily at him. With one hand he reached down and started stroking himself.

As Jack entered their room, he heard the guest room door snick open. His cock pulsed in his hand at the thought of Katie seeing him take his wife. He stopped at the foot of the bed for a moment, listening for sounds from the hall while he stared at Claire’s bare cleft waiting for him. Was that a floorboard creek? At that thought he tightly gripped türkçe altyazılı porno the base of his shaft and slowly slid toward the head, precum dripped to the floor.

The scent of her reached him, intoxicated him with further desire. He wanted to fuck her, hard. Make her scream his name and beg for him to never stop. Wrapping both his hands around his wife’s ass, his grip firm, he pulled her cheeks apart. His tongue stretched out. From her clit, he worked slowly, but forcefully up. When he reached her hole his hands moved inward so he could spread her lips further apart with his thumbs.

Claire moaned out his name. Loud. Both thumbs eased into her around his tongue. Slick, warm pussy juice ran down his fingers in to his waiting mouth. Oh she wants it. She has wanted this all night, he thought. Her arms buckled, her torso and head collapsed to the mattress and she let out a louder moan in to the blankets. That time he knew he heard a creak from the hall.

Straightening up, but not removing his thumbs from fucking Claire, he looked behind him. Katie was leaned against the hallway wall at the edge of the doorway. She was almost fully in view. He saw she was in her blue tank top again, but her little black shorts on the floor around one ankle. Feet spread apart, she had one hand braced on the wall, while the other was gyrating slowly atop her mound. Jack turned enough so she could see his his cock jutting and throbbing. He freed one hand from Claire, and started stroking it roughly. They locked eyes and her mouth opened in a silent moan.

Katie felt her pussy dripping at the lips as she caressed her clit. He looked so hard, and the way his eyes seemed to want to consume her when she looked at him it all was driving her wild. An orgasm was already building in her legs.

Claire was loving how hungrily Jacks hands touched her. He was always more passionate after she went down on him. The waiting for hours must have made him insatiable. His hands had always been talented, but tonight the way he touched her pussy was surreal. It felt like he was pulling her in to an orgasm. When one of his hands moved away, two fingers on the other reached deeply into her, curling to her G-spot.

Claire practically roared her moan in to the bed. Her hands clawed at the sheets. She bucked her hips against his grip. She drowned out the wet sound of his fingers sloshing in and out of her. She knew the door was open, that she should be quiet, but it felt so good. Raising her mouth from the blanket she begged “Fuck me, baby, please.”

Jack looked to Claire, her whole body writhing with lust. He looked back to Katie who had slid down to the floor as her an orgasm overtook her. She nodded “yes” to him, biting back her moans. Two fingers now fully sunk in to her own pussy. He turned back to his wife. Face down, her whole cunt covered in slick wetness, raised up and wanting to be taken.

“Please.” She panted, and he took her hips in his grip, positioned the head of his cock against her labia. “Yeeesss!” She groaned as he sunk into her. Warmth wrapped him. She was ready, wetly opening to him. Taking one of her wrists, he pulled her hand to spread her cheeks apart.

Claire felt herself clench down on him as he took control. She felt it in the way he gripped her, the way he moved her. He wanted her and he was taking what he wanted. Jack had never dominated her like this before. Claire gave herself over. She wanted him to have his way.

“Take it baby. Use me.” She said as she ground against him as he bottomed out against her cervix. Full, she felt him filling in to every inch of her.

Jack held still for a moment and let her writhe against him. Slick juices dripped and ran from her lips as she gyrated on him. He wanted Katie to have a good view of his cock sawing in and out of Claire, so he put one foot up on the bed. Leaning over his wife he slowly backed his cock out xnxx of her almost escaping. With a single rapid thrust he plunged back in to her. She moaned in to the sheets.

Again he slowly eased out. Again he hammered in to her. Again she moaned. Again, and again. His rhythm building speed. The wet sounds of her pussy being savaged mixed with her moans filled the house. Claire hoped that Katie was sleeping through it. She tried to hold back. To muffle her cries of pleasure. But the pleasure was overtaking her. Jack was so furiously hard and taking her with abandon.

Deep down part of her wanted Katie to hear. To be jealous of how her husband was ravenous for her. Jealous of how she took every inch of him and he pulled her in more still. Claire thought of Katie, laying in bed pleasuring herself as she listened to how hard her husband fucked her. The thought of Katie listening and jealously cumming to the sound sent Claire rolling in orgasm.

Katie could not believe how loud Claire was, even trying to muffle it with the blankets. The way Jack’s muscles flexed and glistened with sweat was captivating to Katie. How he moved into his wife, desire was in every muscle. No wonder Claire was cumming so loudly. She watched his cock ease out of his wife, coated in Claire’s cream.

Katie curled into herself and moaned in to her knee as she followed Claire’s orgasm with her own. Holding back the sound, the pleasure came in staggering waves. Pulsing through her over and over. A single quiet moan escaped her lips as she bucked against the wall. Oh tell me he saw that, Katie thought to herself.

Jack had turned to look at Katie just as Claire had finished clenching down on his cock. Seeing her quiver over and over as she came to him fucking his wife was too much to handle. He pulled on Claire’s hips but didn’t turn from watching Katie. Her eyes closed she curled back against the wall and let out the sexiest little moan.

Jack needed to cum. He wanted Katie to watch, to see his jizz running from Claire’s cunt. Both hands started working Claire’s hips in rhythm with his thrusts. Furiously he rammed into her. Hands and hips pumping her quickly over him.

Claire felt him slow as she came and she was going to savor the moment of rest. She exhaled slowly, and then her husband let loose. “Oh god.” She said. “Fuck.” She moaned out his name. “Take it. Just like that baby.”

Jack was close again. Claire had never let him fuck her this hard or fast before. It usually was too much, but the way she moaned his name made it clear. She was loving how he took her. The orgasm was so close, he could feel it building. Just on the edge of escape. Claire stopped trying to muffle her moans in the bed.

Claire loudly moaning not caring if Katie heard was the last piece to push him over. Warm pulsing release saturated his every muscle as his cum erupted in his wife.

He groaned loud and Katie opened her eyes. Their gazes locked, she bit her lip again. She broke the gaze to watch his cock slowly extract from Claire’s cunt. His shaft coated with the gooey white slick of their mutual cum. She licked her lips when he turned halfway towards her to let her stare for a moment.

Claire collapsed on the bed. “Fuck.” She said her voice exhausted. Katie broke from her reverie and crawled out of sight of the door. Jack leaned over and kissed Claire’s hip, then gave her ass a playful slap. She chuckled and scooted herself up to the pillows, eyes closed. Her breathing was already slowing.

Jack stood there watching her for a moment. “I am going to go get some water. Need anything?” She mumbled something, but all Jack could make out was “no.”

He walked to his pajamas, grabbed them in one hand not putting them on. Then he snagged Katie’s shorts she had left on the floor in her hurry. The guest room door was closed and she wasn’t in the hall so he decided to walk to the kitchen. He set their clothes on the porno izle counter and grabbed a glass.

Jack was halfway through his first glass when he heard footsteps on the kitchen tile. With the back of his hand he wiped his mouth and turned to face Katie. Leaning back against the sink he set his cup down. She was completely naked now. In the low light she strode toward him.

His right hand reached out and pulled her to him. They kissed long and deep. Up from her hips, his hand wandered, exploring the smooth skin of her back. When he reached the base of her neck he pulled down firm. Katie moaned into his mouth and broke the kiss. She knew he wanted her mouth again, and she wanted to give him anything he craved.

The cum slathered on his cock was still wet when she ran her tongue along the side of his member. Carefully she cleaned the sex from him with her mouth, tasting Claire’s pussy and cum mixed with Jack’s. It was still somewhat rigid from the sex but not fully grown, so she slid the whole thing in her mouth.

The heightened sensitivity after sex had made her licking a wonderful torture. Watching her take pleasure in sucking not just his cum but Claire’s from his flesh was intoxicating. No woman had ever come close to doing that to him let alone with another woman’s juices mixed in. The kink of it was enthralling, it made him feel like he was 20 again and constantly aroused.

When Katie’s mouth swallowed the whole of him he almost collapsed. With an almost reflexive motion he wrapped one hand around her throat and the other atop her head. He was getting hard again, quickly. Her throat felt like it was contracting around him as blood rushed to his groin. Both hands eased her head back.

Pain was forming in his testicles, there was no way he was able to cum again right now. The pleasure of her pushed the pain down. There was less than an inch left of mouth to extract himself from when she whimpered. Jack paused.

“I can’t. I have to stop.” He whispered, but he was still in her mouth and she was licking in small circles. “We shouldn’t…” she whimpered again when he said that. Pleading filled her eyes as she looked up at him.

“We shouldn’t” he said again, but he hadn’t let go of her. Even overly sensitive, the way she sucked him was hard to stop. Jack started pulling her mouth back down him. She moaned long and slow, rolling her tongue along the underside of his shaft as he fed it down her throat. As he bottomed out he held her there for a moment.

“Maybe just a little.” He said and began sawing back and forth still gripping her head and throat. After a minute he pulled it free and let go of her. She was panting, greedily smiling. He put one finger on her chin and guided her to stand. They kissed and he turned her so she was against the counter.

“I want to feel this.” Katie said as she curled one hand around his cock. “Please.”

“It’s too soon for me to cum…and” he paused, “we shouldn’t.” With both hands she lifted herself on to the counter, spreading her legs. Looking down at her bare pussy, Jack put his hands on her thighs.

“Please. Just let me feel it.” She pinched her nipples in both hands and lifted her tits up with them.

“Just for a minute.” Fuck what am I doing? He thought, but took hold of himself and thrust forward.

Katie started to groan not holding back, and in a panic Jack clamped a hand over her mouth. She was so tight, it was difficult, even with how wet she was to go more than a couple inches. He eased back and worked forward, thrusting harder. Katie wrapped her arms and legs around him.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” She kept saying in to his hand, faster each time as he got deeper. She needed this, wanted it since the moment he touched her shoulders that night. When he was fully within her, she came. Every muscle in her body clenched. Jack could feel her pussy quivering so he held himself still.

When she finally calmed, Jack pulled himself out. It was difficult to not continue to take her. She was so tight, definitely tighter than his wife. They kissed passionately, long and slow. He backed away. They didn’t speak. Jack put on his pajama pants, downed another glass of water and left her panting on the counter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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