Valentine’s Day Detention

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are of legal age.


Tommy Baxter had turned eighteen on after new years and was getting ready to finish his senior year in school. He wanted to finish school doing something he would be remembered for years to come.

Tommy Baxter thought he was pulling off a great prank at the beginning of the week; he bought a dozen rolls of plastic wrap and brought it to school. He then took the plastic wrap and started to wrap it around Mrs. Holland’s desk. He pushed her chair in and wrapped off the end of the wrap around one of the desk handles, then he went around in circles.

Even though Mrs. Holland was the hottest teacher in the school, she was also one of the strictest. Earlier in the school year she sent Tommy to the principal for arguing over a bad grade he received that cost him to sit out one game during football season. Just as she got the to the end of the last roll in she walked catching him red handed.

“Tommy Baxter, what do you think you are doing young man?” She asked him firmly.

“Oh shit, I mean Mrs. Holland.” He stumbled with the words as the whole class laughed.

“Missy would please go over and ask Mr. Collins if I could borrow his scissors.” She asked one her other students. “Tommy you just got yourself detention the rest of the week, when Missy comes back you will cut this plastic wrap and clean up the mess.”

“Yes ma’am.” He said looking down at the floor.

“The rest of you can turn to page twenty four in you work books and start on the lesson.” She said as Missy came in handing her the scissors.

Tommy took the scissors from her and cut the wrap off of the desk and stuffed the whole mess into the garbage can.

Class seemed to take forever to end that day and he could feel his teachers’ hot glare at him the whole time. The bell rang and class was over, he went through the rest of the day dreading his impending detention. When the final bell rang he trudged up to Mrs. Holland’s room, she told him to take a seat and work on homework.

During his detention her cell phone rang, she looked at the number and frowned, and then she flipped it open. It was her husband calling to cancel his Valentine’s Day plans for them, making her even unhappy.

“Robert this is the third year in a row you had to cancel our plans and go out of town for work.” She stated.

“Yes I know your work is very important to you, but what about me?” She asked angrily. “I’m not important to you?”

“Whatever Robert, go on your trip, see you when you get home.” She said sadly slamming the phone shut.

“Tommy do you have plans for tonight?” She asked.

“Uh, no Mrs. Holland, I was just going to bum around the house as usual.” He replied.

“Well I have reservations at that new romantic inn just outside of town, it’s already paid for so there is no sense of the dinner going to waste, even if I do let the room go to waste, would you care to join me for dinner?” She asked him in the most civil tone she had ever spoken to him with.

“Sure, let me call my folks, I will just tell them I’m going to visit a friend.” He said pulling out his own cell phone.

He made the call and she closed up her classroom, the two of them left for the parking lot. They got into her car and she drove them for about twenty miles to the inn, Tommy looked at the place and thought he was underdressed for it.

They got out of the car and headed into the place, many of the staff stared at Tommy with his older teacher as they headed for the table. The waitress came over and took their orders for drinks and appetizers. She brought back a large coke for Tommy and a bottle of wine for Betturkey Mrs. Holland.

“Well this sure looks nice.” Tommy said looking around the place.

“Yeah, it is.” She replied pouring herself a second glass of wine.

“So how long have you and your husband been married?” He asked trying to make conversation.

“Twelve years.” She replied. “We were supposed to start trying to have children now that we are both in settled into our careers and we are in our mid thirties.”

“So are you going to quit teaching when you get pregnant or are you going to go back to work?” He asked.

“I plan on quitting long enough for the kid to start school, but getting pregnant is a long way off, Robert is going to miss my ovulation cycle.” She said downing the glass of wine.

The appetizers arrived and they had a sampler platter of many different foods, they both enjoyed the whole platter. Tommy could not help to notice that half the bottle of wine was now gone. They watched as a busboy came and took away the empty platter and the waitress brought them the main course.

They did not chat much more for the rest of the dinner; Tommy could not help but to admire his teacher in the dim candlelight. She was the hottest teacher in the school, her golden blonde hair cut short and curly. Her blue eyes flickered in the candlelight softly, her full lips painted red with lipstick.

He could not help but to wonder what size her breasts were as they filled the v neck sweater she was wearing. They had to be thirty six or thirty eight at the most he thought, when he dropped his napkin he saw her legs. The short denim skirt she wore had ridden up some and he could see how smooth and shapely they were. Tommy felt his cock stirring and he tried to shift it into his pants to make himself more comfortable.

After dinner they had a nice chocolate moose for dessert and Tommy noted in his mind that the whole bottle of wine was now gone. She signed the bill and they went back out into the parking lot, Tommy suggested he should drive home.

“I should drive us home Mrs. Holland.” He said.

“Your right Tommy and Tommy for the rest of the night call me Debbie.” She said.

“No problem Debbie, can I have the keys?” He asked.

“Sure.” She said getting them out of her purse.

About ten minutes into the drive home Tommy noticed that Debbie was no longer talking to him about how pissed off she was at her husband. She had passed out in the passenger seat; he looked over at how sexy she looked. She left her coat undone so he could still ogle her hot body.

Tommy slowed down and reached over to touch her arm and he gently shook her to see if she was actually passed out. Then he shook her a little harder still not getting any response, then he said her name loudly only to hear a soft moan from her.

Tommy set the cruise control to fifty miles per hour; the road was long and fairly straight. Gently her reached over and touched one of her clothed breasts, they were very firm. He gave it a gentle squeeze and then another, he then got bolder and squeezed one harder. Debbie let out a soft moan as he did and she shifted in her seat so she was now facing him.

Tommy was startled for a moment and he thought she was going to wake up; he drove for a few more miles before he started to feel her up. This time he was more gentle rubbing her breasts until he felt the firm nubs of her nipples.

“Oh Robert, I’m so mad at you, but baby you make me so horny.” She moaned dreamily.

Tommy took this as a good sign that she was dreaming of her husband, he now wanted to see her pussy. He wanted to touch, see if she was wet, and get Betturkey Giriş a finger in it so he could see how she tasted. He gently pushed on her hip until her ass rested firmly on the seat; he then pulled her skirt up to her waist.

He saw the skimpy little blue thong she had on, he did not feel in any pubic hair when he slipped his hand in it. He ran his nervous hand over her pubic mound and down to her lips of her pussy. She was wet, very wet, without even fully running his fingers over her he could feel her wetness. Tommy was now gently rubbing his hand over her pussy soaking his fingers with her wetness. He gently slid a finger inside of her as far as he could get it and her pussy reflexes grabbed his digit. He pulled it out and brought it to his nose, sniffing it.

“Damn Mrs. Holland for one mean ass bitch in class you sure do have the best smelling.” He said as he stuck his finger in his mouth. “And you taste real good too.”

He stuck his hand back down her pussy, only this time instead of putting a finger into her he began to gently seek out her clit. Once he found her sensitive love nub and rubbed it in slow sensual circles.

“Mmmmm.” She moaned aloud.

“Yeah you like that don’t you.” Tommy said speeding up his touch.

“Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.” She began to pant and moan over and over.

As he pulled into her driveway still rubbing her pussy he brought her to orgasm with his fingers. Her pussy juices not saturated her thin material of her thong; he reluctantly pulled his hand out of her panties and tried to wake her.

“Debbie, Hey Debbie, c’mon wake up we are back at your house.” He said to her.

“Oh okay, Tommy can you help inside the house?” She asked trying to fix her disheveled appearance.

Tommy helped her into the house and she plopped down into a chair in the living room. Her skirt had ridden up and she was already back to sleep, Tommy had a clear view up her skirt and he took the opportunity to see her pussy. He turned on the lamp furthest away from the chair and got down on his knees in front of his teacher. He gently pushed her legs apart, hiked her skirt the rest of the way up and pulled her thong material aside.

Her labia were parted enough for him to see the glistening pink skin of her inner pussy walls. Tommy could not resist himself he moved in closer and then he stuck his tongue out and flicked it onto the wet pussy. He ran his tongue up her wet slit repeatedly before he focused in onto her clit, then he worked it with fast motions of his tongue.

“Oh Tommy, oh you bad boy, you should stop or I will have to give you detention for a week.” She said to him.

Tommy did not stop what he was doing and continued to work on her pussy; he lifted her legs up with both hands now. He now had his teacher humping her pussy hard against his face.

“Oh Tommy, oh Tommy, Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmm, don’t stop or you will get detention for a whole month.” She moaned very loudly. “Oh fuck you are making cum with your tongue, oh fuck I’m cumming, oh I cumming.”

Tommy waited for her orgasm to subside and he still held her legs with one hand and then he got his hard cock out of his jeans. He stood up and pushed her legs apart, and then he slid his cock into her pussy, her legs now resting against his chest. He was now plunging his cock in and out of her pussy as fast and as hard as he could.

“Oh Tommy, we should not be doing this, oh shit this feels so good, just don’t worry about it and fuck me.” She said.

Tommy pounded his cock into her bringing his sexy teacher to several orgasms, then he finally plunged into her as deep and as hard as he could filling her unprotected womb with his cum. He pulled his cock out of her making a plopping sound when it did, then he stood up. He was staring down at his teacher lustfully and he reached down to help her out of the chair.

“Oh Christ, what we did was so wrong, you should probably leave.” She said to him trying to stand up straight.

“I can’t leave Mrs. Holland, I mean Debbie, and I want to see those nice tits of yours that I played with tonight in the car.” He said pulling up the hem of her sweater.

“Tommy no we can’t do this.” She pleaded.

She fought him with little effort, and he pulled the sweater of her head, she stood in front of him with a matching lace bra to the panties she had on. He reached up and unhooked it to reveal her large firm breasts which he grabbed and squeezed.

“Tommy oh stop, please we done enough.” She said gently pushing on his hands.

Tommy did not stop he leaned down and wrapped one arm around her waist and took one of her breast into his mouth. He sucked and licked on her nipple of her breast making her moan softly when he did. Her tits were so firm and hard, her nipples were very sensitive as his tongue worked back and forth between the two.

“Oh Tommy, I’m getting so horny again, fuck me all night, fuck me again.” She said to him.

“Wow your husband sure doesn’t know what he is missing.” He said to her spinning her around.

“Don’t mention him, just fuck me.” She said.

He undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor, and then he yanked hard on her thong fabric ripping it. It fell to the floor of the living room ruined; he then pushed her down on the couch and made her get up on all fours. Tommy got behind her and shoved his cock into her cum filled pussy; he fucked her long and hard again from behind.

Debbie was screaming with passion and pleasure loudly as her student was now fucking her better than her husband or any other lover ever had. He held on tight to her fleshy ass cheeks, making them hurt and leaving behind evidence of what they were doing. Once again he was filling her pussy full of cum, neither of them thinking of the fact that she was ovulating.

“Let’s go upstairs, I need to rest.” She said leading him up to her bedroom.

The two of them went up to her bedroom and laid down on the bed, they slept until the alarm went off at six in the morning. Tommy was amazed that his teacher was sucking his cock back to life, until he was fully hard. She then climbed on top of him straddling him; she rode up and down on his cock slowly. Tommy played with her tits and held her nice round ass as she did.

This was not like the night before where sex was rough and hard, this was now slow and romantic. They continued on until six thirty then Tommy deposited another load deep into her pussy.

They lay together for several long moments, hugging and kissing, caressing one another.

“Tommy, you really should get home, I will see you in school.” She said kissing him goodbye.

“Okay Debbie and don’t worry I will not tell anyone about this.” He said going downstairs naked.

Once he was out the door, the closet door in the bedroom opened, her husband Robert stepped out fully nude. He was sporting a hard on in front of him and he had a dozen long stem roses.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” He said to her.

“It will be if that young stud got me pregnant.” She replied. “If not I will have to fuck him again next month, which would not be such a bad thing, he was pretty good.”

“Well let’s hope it worked.” Her husband said.

“I guess the least I could do is suck your cock for giving me such a romantic present of letting another man have me so I could get pregnant.” She said to her husband as he knelt by her head and guided his cock to her mouth.

“Damn low sperm count.” He groaned as she devoured his shaft into her wet warm mouth deeper.

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