Valentine’s Night

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We had only known each other for a month, or even less, but had shared many intimate secrets in that short time. She was sexually aggressive and knew what she liked and desired. I was border line perverted, but wanted to fulfill my dreams. We fit well together. I was still a little nervous when I pulled into the adult store.

We both looked at each other with curious smiles walking from the car. I opened the door for her without saying anything. We looked around, and then back at each other. A naughty grin grew on her face. She wondered ahead, browsing.

“Like a kid in a toy store.” I thought to myself. “Hehe!” I laughed out loud. “Or an adult in an adult toy store?”

I followed her loosely and started checking things nearby. Vibrating bullets hung all over the wall in front of me. The rabbits were to my right. I strolled to the left and pulled a vacuum pump off the wall. I had enjoyed these a few times in the past. I glanced over at her. She was checking out the butt plugs. She had told me during many of our candid conversations how she enjoyed anal sex, but we had yet to explore that. I looked forward to that adventure immensely. She pulled a “princess plug” off the rack with a sparkling green gem on the back. She looked over at me smiling. I nodded and headed to her. She handed it to me. I looked it over and tucked it into my side. She giggled.

She moved to the bondage section. There were all kinds of specialized items there. I watched her. Bondage hadn’t been discussed before, so I was curious to see what she was interested in. She snuck a peak at me and reached for a package. It was an outfit. Well, sort of an outfit. There was a pair of high heel shoes with fluffy pink fur on the top and a pair of handcuffs coated with same fluffy soft pink fur. Soft cuffs, I think they were called? She checked it out for a moment and then handed it to me. She turned, watching me curiously to see what my reaction would be.

I checked it, holding it in between us. She eased closer to me and put her right hand gently on my forearm.

“You can TAKE me in this.” she whispered. Her left arm eased over brushing my package lightly through my pants. I immediately started to swell. Her head slowly swiveled around to check the rest of the store. The clerk was busy and not looking, but there were several guys milling around, checking out magazines and DVD’s. They both seemed to be glancing our way to see what we were up to. I don’t think she cared. Her brush got a little more pronounced. She squeezed my growing bulge and rubbed it firmly. I tucked the pink fluffy package under my arm with the princess plug.

“Now for you.” she said confidently as she turned away. She moved with a purpose this time. She must have seen what she wanted already. She had a plan. I was totally game, whatever it was. The “taking her” bound in handcuffs was an extreme turn-on, already. Anything more was a bonus.

The guy at the magazines checked her head to toe as she walked by. I did too. Her long brunette hair flowed more than halfway down her back. She was curvy and full. She had some sexy jiggle in her walk but she was firm. Her boobs were substantial, D cup at least, but I have yet to ask. Her ass was more than two handfuls. I loved it that way. My mind drifted back to anal sex and the thought of my groin pounding that flesh as I fucked her. I reached down and shifted myself. She got to her destination, reached up, and picked a package of three cock rings from the wall. She smiled at me, triumphantly, as she turned.

“Good?” she asked. I nodded, smiling back. Her light blue eyes sparkled at me. Her red lipstick optimized her full lips.

I followed her to the checkout and paid. We almost ran back to the car. I started and took off. Luckily her place was only minutes away.

I pulled onto my lane and settled into my seat, trying to get comfortable driving with my cock throbbing in my pants. She leaned over and started unbuckling my pants. I took a deep breath and tried to shift to give her room. She masterfully got me unbuckled and unzipped, pulled my pants roughly forward, stretching them enough to reach in, and slid me free. She buried her face down engulfing me into her hot wet mouth.

“OOOooahh!” I gasped as she sucked me in. Thank god, I was halfway there. She sucked me hard in and out, maybe ten times, then sat up, checking where we were. She stroked me as she looked.

“Almost there.” I assured her. “I’m shaking!”

She giggled again and released me as I pulled into her parking area. She grabbed the bag of goodies as I got myself together enough to get into her place. We rushed in and went straight to her bedroom. She grabbed the pink fluffy package and went over to her dresser. I watched as she grabbed something lacy out of her drawer.

“I’ll be back in a few.” she said. She bit her lower lip as she went by. “Don’t finish without me!” she ordered with a snippy little laugh.

I dropped my still unbuckled pants, freeing my still half hard cock. I rubbed Etiler escort it and shifted my balls to get loose and hang free. I pulled my shirt over my head. I pulled her blankets down and laid spread and naked on her bed, presenting myself to her.

She was gone for about 5 minutes. She came out smiling, holding a towel over her front, instead of strutting on her fuck-me heels, as I had expected. She rushed past me and grabbed the goody bag off the bed. She searched inside and grabbed the package containing her princess plug. Then she grabbed the cock rings and dropped them on my lap.

“Can you open these?” she winked. “Don’t put any on yet! That’s my job.”

“I need to put my plug in!!” she added excitedly skipping back into the bath. Her bare ass jiggled, uncovered, as she headed back.

I laughed to myself at how cute she was as I concentrated on the cock ring package.

The door opened two minutes later, just as I had gotten the package opened. This time she came out slow and sexy with her pink fluffy high heels strutting, crossing over in front of her. She stared down at me with her eyes sparkling. She had red lacy lingerie on. It was high on her hips with a deep-V thru her groin. Her breasts hung bare underneath the sheer material. Her nipples were dark pink and slightly aroused.

She glided gracefully to the edge of the bed beside me, still staring into my eyes. Her lips were bright red shining with fresh lipstick. Her eyes moved down between my spread legs, where my manhood was growing in anticipation.

I was still holding the three rubber cock rings in my hand, lost in a trance, watching her come out. She reached down and took them from me.

She knelt slightly. Enough to run her fingers lightly up and down the length of my shaft. I was hard by about the third trip.

“Are you ready for this?” she asked softly “I know I am!”

I nodded blankly, mesmerized by her eyes. She separated the three cock rings and sat the two smaller ones on the table. She grasped the largest in the fingers of both hands and stretched it.

“Let’s see how this fits?”

I laid back giving myself to her. She eased her right hand down, lifting me gently.

“This might be a little tight?” she giggled

She stretched the rubber ring and eased it down over the head. There was slack but not too much.

“Might be tricky getting your balls through.” she smiled at me.

“Hmmmmm, one at a time.” I answered nervously.

She got to the base and with three fingers, lifted my testicle, pushing it against the ring. She stretched the rubber ring and pushed a little harder. It popped through.

“Nnnnnnhhh!” I moaned and half grunted.

“Hurt?” she asked.

“Nahh!” I responded with just a touch of sarcasm

“Want me to kiss it?” she asked

“Yes please!” I said.

She bent and gently kissed the testicle. She kept kissing, while she stretched the ring again, pushing the second through. I groaned again as it pushed through a little tougher.

“Mmmmm, I like making you moan.” she said teasingly. Then she engulfed my cock, head and half the shaft in her warm mouth again. She sucked it gently, letting the head lightly “pop” out of her soft red lips. She held it straight up waving it a little. I was throbbing hard. The shaft had a lipstick stain halfway down. I moaned again louder as she lowered and took it even deeper. This time she kept it inside and began a slow but firm up and down. I laid my head back, letting the sensation take me.

I eased my hand over blindly to her shoulder, massaging and touching her skin. I found my way down under her shoulder searching for the soft skin of her breast. I circled it lightly through the silky lingerie when I found it. I could feel her nipple growing as I touched. Her nipples were ultra-sensitive. It was fully erect in moments. I squeezed it firmly between my fingers. She squirmed a little and quit sucking, looking down at me, still stroking slowly.

I looked up and asked. “I thought it was me supposed to take you?”

She grinned and nodded “It was!”

She stood up and turned, heading back out of the room. Turning back slightly she added “I forgot my cuffs”

She was quickly back as I sat up on the bed and stood up beside her. She handed the fluffy pink handcuffs to me and stood submissively before me. I took them and got them open. I turned her around so her back was to me, clicked one hand in, then took the other, clipping it in.

“Kneel down” I ordered. I held her arm and helped her. I turned back to her night stand and opened the top drawer. I knew that’s where she kept her toys and personal items. I reached in and found a small bottle of lube. I sat it on the bed.

“Where do you keep your socks and panty hose?” I asked her. She turned her head back looking confused. “I need a blind fold.” I explained.

She smiled an acknowledging smile and giggled. “How about a scarf? In the closet. Hanging on the door.”

I Beşiktaş escort walked over slowly and found them. I pulled a nice silky red one off the hanger.

“Hmmmm. This will work.” I smirked at her with a cocky smile.

I strutted back over behind her, pulled it tightly over her eyes, and around her head twice. I tied it tight, making sure her hair was together under it.

I walked back around in front of her. “Can you see?” She shook her head no. I eased closer. My semi-hard cock hung inches from her gorgeous red lips. She didn’t move. Her breathing was getting heavier. I reached, took her head firmly in both hands, and held her steady. I eased closer just touching her lips with the head. I was getting hard again, by the second. She opened her mouth to accept it sensing what it was. She eased forward. I eased it in. I pushed in slow till I felt her ease back. Back out and in again. Each time I pushed a little further. I could feel her throat tight against the head.

“Are you ready for all of it, hon?” I asked forcefully. Two little shakes of her chin was all she could do to acknowledge, with her mouth full of cock. Spit ran out of the bottom of her mouth as I pulled out. The soft head rested on her lips. I pushed in a little more forcefully this time. I pushed into her tight throat this time, pulling her head into me at the same time. I felt her lips wrap tightly around the base. I held there for a moment. She gave a little whimper, almost a gag, as I eased out.

“That’s good babe! That’s enough for now.” I praised. “stand up and lay on the bed, on your back.”

She stood, turning, sat and laid back on the bed. She scooted back immediately, spreading her legs wide for me. Her arms were pinned under her. I stood in front, checking her over.

“How do I get that thing off you?” I pondered her lingerie giggling. “I’m going to have to unshackle you babe. Roll over on your side.” She followed my orders and laid over on her side. I un-clipped her one cuff and gently pulled her strap from her shoulder, slipping it off. Her breast flopped out clumsily as I did it. I rolled her over to her other side and pulled the other strap off. I re-clipped the cuffs behind her. She laid back again with her legs together as I grabbed both sides. I abandoned my gentleness and pulled it off roughly. I wanted her naked and it was in my way. It slipped out from under and off her feet easily. I threw it on the floor behind me.

I stepped forward and spread her legs, grabbing her at her knees. Her pussy spread before me. She was aroused. Her lips were swelled and puffy. Her princess plug sparkled bright green before me, buried deep in her ass. It slightly separating her ass cheeks. I touched it gently.

“Sweet babe! That’s gorgeous.” I complimented.

I reached under, cupping her butt cheeks. I lifted her off the bed and shifted her to the edge. I knelt on the floor, still holding her legs spread. I buried my face into her. She was sopping wet, as my tongue spread her. I pushed into her as deep as I could and swallowed the sweet juices. I spread and pushed up, finding her clit. I swirled and tickled it. She writhed and squirmed on the bed underneath me. I pushed into her harder, pushing her clit with my tongue. She moaned and almost squealed. I sucked her lips deep into my mouth. I pulled away and stood up.

I love eating her, so my cock was throbbing full of blood trapped by the cock ring. I pointed it where I wanted and eased forward, hesitating. She could feel me close but couldn’t see me. Her breath was heavy as she anticipated what was next. She spread her legs wide and raised her hips slightly.

“Cmon!” she whispered almost angrily. Her teeth gritted in her mouth. She sighed roughly.

I set the mushroom head against her open lips and rubbed it back and forth, rubbing lightly against her swelled clit. She lifted her hips against it, wanting more pressure. I reached down and pushed it roughly against her. I forced the head against her clit. She left out a long “oooooh.” ending in a “fuuuck.”

The word was enough for me. I quickly pushed the head down spreading her and pushed in roughly. I slid it in full length, filling her. She was wet. I didn’t hesitate this time. I just started fucking her. Not too rough at first, but then harder. I slapped against her groin! I grabbed her legs for leverage and pounded against her. She grunted with each driving stroke. I stopped. She squirmed around wanting more.

“Please…” she whined. “fuck me…” drawn out with a gasp almost begging. Her head pushed back against the bed.

“I can’t forget what you wanted hon.” I said calmly. “You wanted it in your ass, right?”

“Uh huh.” she answered remembering.

“I’m ready, are you?” I said sternly.

“Yes.” she said.

I slid slowly out of her, watching it the whole way. The shaft gleamed with her wetness. Her lips hugged the mushroom head, almost kissing it goodbye, as it exited. It was a nice cool feeling compared the Taksim escort heat inside her.

I reached down and put three fingers on the green gem of her princess plug. I twisted it gently. I pulled. Her ass stretched around it. I stretched and jiggled a few times teasing her before removing it. She let out a few ooo’s and aaa’s, smiling up at me from under her blindfold, as I did that. I finally pulled it out as gently as I could.

I took her elbows, lifting her slightly.

“Roll over on your stomach.” I directed. “Legs over the side. Ass on the edge.”

I helped her over. She squirmed around, trying to get settled, with arms still bound behind her. She got situated, spreading her legs enough to get her feet firmly anchored on the floor. She WAS ready. I kneeled behind her. With a hand on each gorgeous plump cheek, I spread her ass enough to push my face in. I swirled my tongue pushing against her tiny asshole.

“Oh Jesus!” I heard her say as she fidgeted around.

I backed off and reached to the nightstand, grabbing the container of silky lube I had left there. I squirted a few drops out onto my index and middle finger. I put another few drops in the crease of her ass. I watched it run down, covering her hole. Quickly before it ran by, I gathered it with my two fingers, covering her asshole. I slid some inside her. Her ass was tight, even on one finger. I pushed in further. Then full depth.

A soft “Aaaaaa!” came out of her lips. I finger fucked her gently for 30 seconds or so, then eased the second finger in. I continued for another few moments with two fingers. Her soft moans told me she was close to ready. Her ass loosened around my fingers. I stood up behind her, still gently fingering her. She felt me moving and lifted her ass, inviting me in.

I pulled my fingers out. Her ass was still open, not gaped, but loose and open slightly. I reached and got a few drops of the lube for the head of my cock. I rubbed it in and down the shaft. I was rock hard as I pushed the head to the entrance of her asshole. I pushed. It slid in slowly. Her skin plopped around the mushroom head, sealing me in. I held there waiting for her. She pushed slightly back into me, then harder. Three inches were in. She backed away, pulling me with her tightness, to that point where the head was trapped inside. She pushed back again, taking another inch. Back out and in to the fifth inch. Then the sixth. Then I was all inside her.

“Nnnnnhhh! Nhh! Nhhh!” she grunted as she fucked me from the bed in front of me. I started matching her rhythm.

She exhaled the words “fuck me!!” as our pace quickened. Her ass cheeks jiggled in waves as my hips hit home. I drove deep with each stroke. The grip of her asshole at the base stroked my foreskin. The mushroom head of my cock was in open air inside.

“Oh fuck!!” she gasped. “Let me free? Please let me free!” she begged suddenly. “I need to rub my clit. I need to cum!” she explained.

I continued fucking, but reached and un-clipped her one cuff. She pulled it free reaching around, almost frantically, to get to her clit underneath her. Her other hand reached up and yanked the blindfold from her face. Her arm hit the bed lifting her slightly and steadying her. Her pace quickened. I went with her pounding against her ass. I could feel her hand stroking rapidly against her pussy and my balls. I started to feel that aching feeling, as my balls began to tighten.

“I’m going to come.” I groaned softly alerting her in a low whisper.

“Not yet!!” she begged as she pulled forward. My cock slid out of her gaped ass. I gasped! She surprised me. She rolled into a sitting position, quickly taking charge. Both hands grasped me on my biceps and pulled me down on the bed. She laid me harshly on the bed on my back. My cock throbbed standing at attention. She checked it, grabbed it, positioned it, and straddled me in one quick motion.

One knee up, she lined me up for entry. She lowered slowly over it. It slid in easily. I watched her head laid back as it went in. She licked her lips. Once deep inside, she lowered onto both knees on top of me. Her hips started grinding. She put her hands on my chest gripping me firmly.

Her right hand moved back to her groin. I watched her two fingers pin her engorged clit. She rubbed hard. I reached up grabbing her tits squeezing them firmly. They were big and so soft. Her flesh oozed between my fingers. Her hard nipples felt like little felt covered rocks, under my hands.

Her grinds became strokes, as she lifted and lowered, banging down on top of me. Each one with purpose. I grunted each time she landed on me. Partly from the pleasure and partly from the pounding. Her fingers rubbed her clit intensely. Her ass seemed to be getting looser around my fat cock.

“You can come now.” came out of her mouth like an afterthought. “cause I’m coming …” she said as her eyes closed. Her breath stopped. She leaned forward, her back arched up behind her. She steadied herself on my chest with both hands. She seemed to just melt above me, almost into me. She stopped fucking me and just stayed motionless. Her body bucked a few times gently. Her hair covered her face falling on my chest and face as her head dropped above me. I left myself go then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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