Valerie Is Feeling Blue

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(I’m gonna be honest, this is a little out there as far as a premise and characters but I had this random idea and I had fun writing it, so hopefully you enjoy the originality. I’m also planning on writing more parts.)

The man at her feet slobbered kisses all over her toes as Valerie dropped the bullwhip, miring at his back and the open wounds that were visibly filling up with blood. “See? The whip is working already! At my feet is where you belong, worm! You got that?”

As soon as the fatass started grunting “Yes Mistress,” a sudden realization dawned on Valerie: this sucked. It wasn’t just lame, it was grotesque, disgusting. A naked fatso with a bloody back and a hard-on. The frustration overcame her, she lunged a kick at his ribs, not particularly hard but certainly loaded with resentment. “Can I come, mistress?”, she heard the voice of the disgusting ogre laying on her floor and struggled hard to avoid a sigh.

“That kick was pretty hard though, right?” He said with a chuckle while getting dressed ipthe same man who Valerie had to plead down from having her whip his dick. She chose to ignore him.

“Can you leave the money on that nightstand?” “You got it.”

“This was fun, call me when you get that itch again.” She said, blowing him a kiss and trying to sound convincing as she watched the door of her apartment shut down, now ready to collapse on her couch.

What got her into BDSM was the intimate, wonderfully complex relationship that a submissive person could establish with their owner, the idea of ceding power, to belong to someone else even just for brief moments of playtime, and consequently to receive that power and being in control of another person, not the endless line of perverts who she met in the scene. Valerie wanted Venus in furs, instead she got 50 Shades of Grey but with much worse-looking people. At least going pro made her make some money, but now she was basically a service worker for people who liked getting beaten up and licking feet. Not that she didn’t like beating people up and having her feet licked, but still.

In a moment of euphoria she cancelled all the other sessions she had lined up for the week, reveling in the most enjoyable feeling in the world, cancelling one’s plans, and texted her friend Rosa: “Wanna do something fun?” “I’m listening…” She replied.

“Wanna go meet Elliott?” “Really? OMG YES!!!!”

Perfect. It had been a while. “Pick me up.” she texted Elliott, getting an instant reply: “Right now?”

“Excuse me?” she replied, outraged. “Sorry Valerie, I’ll be right over.” He replied, without the need for further prompts.

“You are getting punished for this, you know that right?” She needed a pretext, but he always provided one.

“Yes Valerie.” was his reply. “Text me when you are down.”

Elliott came out of the car to open her door, his hair even stupider than normal, Valerie thought. He really looked the part of the perfect slave, short, weak, cute, just enough of a weirdo. Too bad that every fiber of his being was disgusting.

The first words she felt saying to him were: “You are late.” “I’m sorry, Valerie.” “You also need to pick up Rosa.” She added, without further explanation, enjoying the mental torment this would have brought him.

“Hellooooo Elliott!” said Rosa as she entered the car, hearing a not super convincing “Hello ma’am.” as a reply. “So what are we doing?” her friend asked, “We are going to his place.” replied Valerie. “Why?” Rosa asked, puzzled.

“I need to punish him.” was Valerie’s stern reply. “Oooooh,” Rosa suddenly became excited: “What did he do?” “He didn’t want to pick me up and arrived to my place late.”

“You would do that to your mistress?” Rosa yelled at Elliott, who knew better than to respond but was purple with embarrassment and humiliation.

“We’ve been over this Rosa, I’m not his mistress and he’s certainly not my slave!” replied Valerie, annoyed at having to explain this over and over. She would never have any kind of relationship again with Elliott, especially one of that nature.

“Alright, sorry, you are right.” Rosa said casually, throwing her hands up.

She had always been one for kinky Maltepe Escort fun, but to Valerie obviously she didn’t get BDSM at all. Still, it was fun to have her tag along.

When the car stopped, both Rosa and Valerie waited for Elliott to come out and open the door to let them out, and followed him inside. It had been a while since the last time Valerie did this, and she always had to give to him that Elliott had a nice house. It wasn’t necessarily big, but it was a neat, clean apartment furnished with good taste, far above the standing of such a sniveling loser.

She waltzed straight to the kitchen, opening his drawers looking for a snack and grabbed a bag of Doritos and a beer off his fridge, before sitting on his couch, purposefully crouching to have her shoes in contact with the pillow, while Rosa went to sit next to her.

Elliott just stared at her, unable to understand the situation, so Valerie helped him:

“C’mon buddy, you know the drill,” she said, clapping her hands mockingly, “on your knees in front of me.”

As he did that, a certain amount of fear was obvious in his eyes, as however was the hard-on he was mounting in his pants. “Let’s pop that shirt off,” Valerie continued, now staring directly at the man in front of her, their eyes at the exact same height, “show Rosa your scars.”

“Scars?” her friend asked, before being presented with his naked torso full of half-faded burn wounds, at which she couldn’t contain a surprised giggle and a gasp.

“Aww, they are healing nicely!” Valerie said at him, before turning to her friend: “You should have seen him two months ago!”

“Did you do them?” Rosa said at her, still shocked at the sight. “Yep.” was Valerie’s smiling reply, punctuated by a chug of her bottle, emptying fast before her friend’s eyes. “He tried to start some bullshit about me not smoking in his apartment, so naturally we spent the afternoon lighting the entire pack.” Valerie added, getting up to bring the entire six pack closer to them.

“By the way, did anyone ask about those? What did you tell them?” she asked at Elliott, still on the floor, still humiliated, still hard as a rock. “No, Valerie” was his reply, eyes lowered to the floor.

“No, I bet you didn’t get much under the shirt action, did you?” Valerie added, chuckling with Rosa, who was visibly still awkward.

They both flinched when Valerie sat back down and grasped at the bottle of Doritos, causing her to laugh even more.

“Oh relax, I’m not going to hit ya. My arm is still so sore from this guy this morning.” Valerie laughed gleefully, and held the empty bottle of beer in her hands for a few seconds, before being overtaken by a feral idea, and threw it as hard as she could against the door of the wooden kitchen drawer, before getting up and pulling it off.

‘What are you doing?!” Rosa almost yelled at her, Elliott at a loss for words.

“C’mon girl, help me out.” Valerie encouraged Rosa as she started smashing his plates.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” The tall brunette pleaded with her, looking at the cockroach on the floor, who still didn’t dare to look up.

“What do you mean? Oh, I see.” and she moved in front of Elliott, mockingly holding his cheek.

“Hey Elliott, is it a problem if we thrash your house or should we just leave? ANSWER ME.” “No, Valerie.”

“Sorry, but my friend needs to be certain about your consent, so just to clarify, is it fine if we destroy your house? SAY IT.” “It’s fine if you destroy my house, Valerie.”

“And just to reiterate, you are aware that no pressure whatsoever is being asserted by us at the moment, right? This is your property, you have the right to call the cops on us if you want, you could even shoot us dead if you had a gun, and we, as guests in your house, are asking if it’s cool to make thousands of dollars of damages to your property and you are free to answer any way you want.” “Yes, Valerie.”

“See?” She turned frantically to her friend: “I’d also like to point out the boner he’s proudly popping in his jeans down there.”

“Alright, weirdo.” Rosa relented at her friends, shrugging her shoulders while shily moving Anadolu Yakası Escort in front of his kitchen table, and she pushed everything that was on it on the ground, though not actually breaking any object.

“See? It’s fun.” Valerie commented at her friend’s performance.

“Elliott, do you have like a bat, a rod of steel, a hammer somewhere in your house?” Valerie asked at the man on the floor, causing another laughter in her friend. “Elliott, I asked you a question.” she insisted.

“Are you asking me if I have a rod of steel?” Elliott replied, almost a sudden surge of pride. “Yes.” “No, I don’t have a rod of steel in my house.”

“Alright, we will do without it.” And after the dishes, she started breaking his mugs and glasses.

“So, what’s up with you?” Rosa finally asked Valerie, trying to be quiet enough to not be heard by Elliott. “What do you mean?” was her not so quiet reply.

“I don’t know, you are breaking a bunch of your ex boyfriend’s shit for no reason?” Rosa insisted.

“You ever feel completely disappointed and disgusted about life? I just needed to relieve some stress, you know.”

“I… guess. What happened exactly?”

“I’ll tell you later, when we get out of here. By the way, are you free tonight?” “Now I’m just scared of what you want to do tonight.”

“No, I Just want to go out, somewhere fun, meet some people, hang out with you. Maybe I pick you up later, we have dinner and later go out?”

“Alright, but if we end at some cockfighting ring or something I will just block your number forever, Valerie.”

“Elliott, I’d move away from that wall because this is going right through your TV.” Valerie warned him, holding some sort of large asian-style decorative object she had found.

“Oh c’mon!” Rosa objected, trying to get her attention, but to no avail.

Pitching like a baseball player, she held that weird rounded vase behind her head before letting it fly on the TV, from where it bounced off but leaving a huge crack on the screen, to her delighted laugh, Elliott reflexively put his hands behind his head but was now far too dissociated from reality to keep talking.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” Rosa announced at some point, as Valerie had lost track of time in her destructive impetus. “You should go on his bed.” Valerie added laughing before she went to the bathroom, prompting another “WHAT?” by her friend.

“Yeah, do it on his bed.” Valerie continued, still smiling like it was a half-joke.

“C’mon girl, don’t get weird.” Rosa tried to dismiss Valerie, not wanting to cross even this limit. “No, no, it wouldn’t be weird like that at all. You go in that room on the right, his bedroom, close the door shut, do your business like you would on a toilet, get back up, open the door and come out. It’s not gonna be weird.”

“Do you REALLY want me to pee on his bed?”

Rosa sighed, looking at her friend. “Honestly, more than anything in the world.” Was Valerie’s reply, laughing with glee. “But only if you are comfortable with it. If you don’t wanna do this, just go to the bathroom. We are gonna have to redecorate there anyway.”

“Whatever…” relented Rosa once again, heading for the bedroom while Valerie started smiling even more, also because she had just now noticed Elliott’s horrified expression at this exchange.

“Take these shoes off.” She said at him dangling her Converse on his face, sitting in the couch right in front of him.

“Now socks.” she continued until her bare feet were only inches away from him.

“See, you are happy now, right? It’s not so bad, is it?” Valerie mocked him and the way his expression changed: “First of all, each of my soles want a big kiss. They haven’t seen you in a while. Say hi to my soles.”

“Hi, soles.” Elliott grunted before kissing them, making Valerie laugh.

“Now take your tongue and pass it across every inch of them, one by one.” She said, watching him comply with spirited eyes.

“Now suck.” Valerie ordered, putting the toes of her left foot on his mouth. “And don’t stop until I tell you to.”

He knew how to do that, Valerie had to give it to him. Basking in his İstanbul Escort worship, she started miring at his kitchen and living room, assessing her actions.

Elliott would have to replace the TV, the dishes, the glasses, the mugs, that god-awful vase, and the door of the drawer, but most of the things were probably fine. Rosa had dropped his laptop and a bunch of shit that fell from the table, but it was a small drop and she basically just moved it on the floor, so they were probably fine. The other furniture was mostly untouched, though she did write “Valerie was here” with her lipstick on the thing above the stove, whatever it’s called.

There were still other rooms she definitely intended to move on to, but overall she knew how much money Elliott made and the damage was not particularly severe.

“Now the other one!” She ordered him, lightly kicking him on the face with her wet toes.

“Look, your house is fucked, but look at those pretty feet in your mouth. Things are looking up, aren’t they?” He nodded, but obviously couldn’t talk.

“As soon as Rosa is done pissing on your bedsheets maybe she’ll even let you lick hers! Happy?” “Mmmh-mmmh” was all the noise Elliott could muster, enough to send her head back with laughter.

Yep, Valerie was certainly enjoying this in all the ways. She kinda hated that Elliott was so good with her feet and was making her aroused, but the more enjoyable part was definitely the abject cruelty she was subjecting him to, at least this is what she wanted to think.

Valerie raised her left foot on his face, giving him light slaps in between his sucking, making him moan ever harder.

Looking at the idiot enjoying himself so much, basking in his nothingness, in his unquestionable inferiority, almost made Valerie wonder if it would have been okay to move her hand down ther…

“Can.. I come?” He blurted out suddenly, barely being able to finish the sentence before being struck down by a hard kick on his chin.

Valerie’s “WHAT?!” even drew Rosa out of Elliott’s bedroom, wondering what was going on.

“What did you say?” She yelled at him on the floor, still a little starstruck. “What do you think we are doing? Stand up.” Valerie was furious:

“STAND THE FUCK UP!” she shrieked, making him squirm and struggle to get on his feet.

“Do you really need to have it be said another time? Why did you ask me to come? ANSWER ME. BE A FUCKING MAN.” She yelled at the silent buffoon, now again struck by a humiliating silent.

“You, put your feet…” He finally blurted out, but it wasn’t enough for Valerie.

“I see there is still a lot of confusion in your idiotic, piece of shit mind then.” Valerie replied, trying to put a facade of calmness which did not last her next sentence:

“I. HATE. YOU. You are not anything to me, and you are certainly not someone I would share a sexual moment with. You are not my submissive, this is not BDSM, and we have exactly zero relationships. I consider myself closer to the barista that brings my coffee everyday than to you. If he changed jobs, I would be more affected than if you died. You ended any relationship we might have had when you cheated on me, so now the only thing we share is the fact that we both like it when terrible things happen to you. You get that? Now I’m gonna get out of here.” The last words punctuated by a finger on his chest.

“I didn’t cheat on you!” Elliott managed to say before Valerie arrived at the door.

“What?” She said, turning back to him, but this time he actually held his ground and looked her in the eyes, which somehow hurt her even harder.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here.” She said at Rosa, her voice hardened and ready to crack. Elliott would not see her cry.”

“No, c’mon! I didn’t cheat on you, it’s true! We just played, like you and me before on the couch!”

Valerie grasped for air. “The first time you look me in the eyes today, just to be so world-class awful. I. Do. Not. Care. About whatever fetishes you chose to indulge that day, or any other day, and whether those involved penetration or not. You chose that getting your rocks off would have come ahead of my trust and intimacy with me, so since the day you betrayed them and until you die, you will get none of it. Now, goodbye Elliott.” Valerie ended the argument, pushing as hard as she could to hold her tears until finally the door had closed behind her and Rosa.

This had been a terrible idea.

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