Vampire Seduction

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I was drawn from a deep sleep by my wife, Sarah, as my heavy eyes tried to pull me into reality.

“What? What?” I managed woozily.

My wife’s nudging stopped and she said, “Someone’s pounding on the door.”

I glanced at the clock, the only light in the pitch-black bedroom.

“It’s 2:30 in the fucking morning,” I hissed in aggravation.

“See who it is, but don’t let them in unless we know them,” she stammered nervously. “I don’t like this; this isn’t right.”

“Okay, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

I walked slowly to the front door and turned on the porch light. Peeking through the small windows of my front door I saw a man and a woman standing in silence. The man was pale. He stood about six feet tall, was slender, and looked to be in his early thirties – about my age. He wore a dark buttoned shirt and dark pants. His black eyes seemed to burn straight through my soul. The woman was shorter, about 5′ 2″, with a sexy, shapely body. She could not be any more than 19 or 20. Her long golden blonde hair seemed dark against her unnaturally fair skin. She wore a sheer silk negligee, and was obviously not wearing a bra. Adding to my nervousness about the situation was the fact that her eyes were closed tight.

The mysterious man spoke, “Open the door.”

I was about to call out a threat to call the police, but I found myself unlocking the door. My body was working against its will, but my mind could not fight it.

My wife approached behind me, and in a frightened voice she blurted, “What are you doing? Who are these people?”

I wanted to speak but I could not. Sensing danger, Sarah began to sob in fear as the strangers entered our house. The man stood behind me and put his hands on my shoulders, almost in a fatherly way. I could not move. But strangely enough my mind seemed at peace. Against all logic, I was not afraid of these people; rather I welcomed them there and was willing to let them do whatever they wanted.

The young woman slowly approached my wife. Sarah was backing away from the woman toward the bedroom and screaming in horror. My mind was peaceful. Whatever spell these dark figures put on me was not shared with her.

A cold breath tickled my ear as the man leaned in to whisper, “Watch as your fantasies come true.”

The blonde woman stepped out her silk garment revealing two full, perfect breasts with hatay escort pink nipples and a beautiful shaved pussy. My wife’s steps ended as she backed into the wall. Her tears and sobbing intensified as the naked woman effortlessly ripped Sarah’s shirt off revealing her smooth skin and small, yet firm breasts. The mysterious woman touched my wife’s breasts and leaned in as if to kiss her.

“Watch and be pleased,” the cold voice cooed in my ear. I was shocked to realize that despite the horrible scene unfolding before my eyes, my cock was rock hard and straining against my shorts.

Instead of kissing her, the woman bit down on my wife’s neck. I could hear faint sucking sounds as a single streak of blood inched its way down Sarah’s shoulder. My wife began to calm as the woman moaned with pleasure at her feast. After about a minute of sipping my wife’s blood, the woman led Sarah to the bed. Sarah seemed lost, as if she were paralyzed. Her eyes glazed as her skin began to pale somewhat. The woman lay Sarah down on the bed and removed my wife’s panties. Sarah was now fully nude as I witnessed the woman make her way between my wife’s legs. The woman stroked Sarah’s shaved pussy and pulled apart the pink lips almost as if to show me. However, she was showing the strange man. The woman grinned and began to suck my wife’s pussy with fervor. Her mouth engulfed Sarah’s clit as I could tell this woman’s tongue was all the way inside. Sarah began to moan in ecstasy, as she seemed to awaken from a trance that the woman’s bite had put on her.

“I know how you long to see your wife make love to another woman, but that’s not your true fantasy,” the cold voice intoned into my ear. “We both know what you truly crave.” Still frozen in place, I felt the man’s hand brush across the front of my shorts. He stepped even closer to me and I could feel his hard cock press against my ass.

The mysterious man was correct. I had fantasized about touching and tasting another man many times, but I was too frightened to ever try it. I came close once, but chickened out. My wife, being somewhat conservative, would probably have left me if I had admitted this to her, so I always kept this secret to myself. But the nervousness I felt before was gone. All my inhibitions vanished and I wanted this strange, scary man more than anything else in the world. I had to taste him ığdır escort and, even more, I needed to drink his cum.

The man led me to the other side of the king-size bed. My wife continued to moan with pleasure as the woman worked her pussy. The man sat in front of me and I could feel some control return to my body. I leaned over and pressed my lips against his. They were rigid at first but seemed to soften as my tongue passed into his mouth. My tongue explored his and I could feel two unusually long and sharp teeth slowly grow as our kiss became more heated. I pulled away and knelt down in front of him. As I began to unbuckle his belt I could feel his hips inch closer to me as he invited what was about to happen. I unbuttoned his pants and breathed hard as his stiff, beautiful cock stood tall in front of me.

“Yes, that’s it. Do what you have always wanted,” the man’s voiced whispered to me.

I drew close to his cock. I had never been with a man before, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I teased his penis with the tip of my tongue, drawing lines up and down the shaft. The man threw his head back in ecstasy and let out a guttural moan as I explored his manhood. I small drop of precum pooled at the tip of his cock, and I swirled my tongue in it and took it into my mouth desperate to taste his juices. After a few minutes of exploration, I opened my mouth slightly and allowed his nine-inch shaft to slowly enter. I gagged slightly at first, but quickly became comfortable. I only allowed his cock to fuck my lips like and o-ring in order to continue the teasing. But I needed to taste him, and could not hold out any longer. I let my mouth collapse around his cock and my tongue began to massage his shaft. The man moaned loudly in pleasure as I worked him as fully as I could. I bathed his cock with my mouth completely and swallowed frequently desperate to take him in.

After several minutes of deep cocksucking, I felt him fuck my mouth. I knew what was about to happen and almost begged for it. I retracted some of his cock from my mouth and used my tongue and lips to work the head of his penis as my hand stroked the base. I was working him so passionately that sounds of my sucking mouth filled the room.

Suddenly the man roared like a beast and his dam broke loose. I felt the first jet of his hot cum slap the back of my throat. ısparta escort The second and third burst filled my cheeks and I began to swallow his load like I was dying of thirst. His cock splashed more cum into my mouth and I greedily swallowed it all. I continued to suck on his cock after he stopped cumming, but the man pushed me away and I fell to the floor in a heap of pure sexual ecstasy and exhaustion. My cock was aching with pleasure and I needed sweet release.

The man stood up and buckled his pants. He pulled me up by my arm and lay me on the bed. I looked over to the lesbian scene next to me and discovered that the women had switched positions. While my wife was still on her back in the same position, the woman was now straddling Sarah’s face. Sarah was lapping and sucking on the woman’s pussy with great enthusiasm. Being with another woman was something my wife swore she would never do, but it seemed like the powers of the mysterious woman overcame Sarah’s inhibitions.

I felt my shorts being tugged down. The man had freed my cock and it was standing straight up, aching to be relieved. The man bent over me and took my entire length into his mouth and sucked with purpose. I had never had a blowjob like this. No woman could ever come close to reproducing what I was feeling. He knew exactly where to tease me and how to maximize the sensation. I looked down and saw a dark head of hair bobbing up and down on my tool. I could not hold out very long. I wanted to warn him that I was about to cum, but I could not speak. The feeling of pure pleasure paralyzed me. Sensing I was on the edge of ejaculating, the man pulled away from my cock. He looked at me with those piercing black eyes and stroked with a fast tempo. Just as I began to shoot my load he lunged at my neck and bit down with force. He stroked my cock perfectly in rhythm with the waves of cum bursting forth. It seemed that every downstroke forced me to cum harder and to shoot farther than I had ever before. Streams of cum painted my chest and his hands. As I continued cumming for what seemed like an unnaturally long time I felt him sucking on my neck. It didn’t hurt at all. In fact, I think my unnaturally powerful orgasm was brought on by his bite.

He withdrew from my neck. My blood streaked the sides of his mouth as he licked my cum from his hand almost like a dessert. I glanced over at my wife and the woman and they were satisfying each other with a bloody kiss. It seemed that the woman had allowed my wife to feast on her neck, and Sarah was now hers.

The man reached his cum-soaked hand down to me and said, “Walk with us and know these pleasures for an eternity.”

I took his hand.

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