Vasectomy Ch. 01

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When I went in to have my vasectomy, I knew I had a male Dr, but I did not think about him being assisted by a female nurse.

So I show up for the “in office” procedure and am shown to the surgical room. I am told to remove all my clothes and put on the typical hospital gown. I am lying there and his very attractive female nurse (Carol) comes in with a clipboard.

Carol is a very sexy young lady maybe 28. Her blonde hair comes down to her shoulders but has it tied back in a ponytail and accents her blue eyes. She is about a 34DD and cannot weigh more than 130 pounds and at 5’6″ has nice long legs of just the right proportion.

She begins to go thru the checklist of items and then says, “Well we need to get you ready for the procedure.” Then quiet clinically she explains that she will be shaving me from the belly button down to the top of my thighs.

I must have blushed and she responded, “Don’t be embarrassed, I shave about 6 men and day and I promise that I will be gentle with you and leave all your private parts in place.”

She then proceeds take a warmed towel and pull up my gown and place the towel over my genital area and laying the gown back over the towel. When she has her supplies brazzers all at hand, she says that it would be good for me to just lay back, close my eyes and relax. And I think to myself, oh God help me relax and stay this way.

She then pulls my gown up above my belly button and removes the warm towel. She then applies warm shaving cream (like the barber uses) over the designated area. This is the first point in time that my little guy begins to salute her. I begin to wish that I could keep from getting hard, but no luck by the time she finishes applying the shaving cream I am almost fully erect.

She sees me blushing even more and looking up at her with this “I am sorry” look on my face and she says “Thanks for the compliment” and runs her hand with the last bit of shaving cream over my now fully erect dick.

She then very clinically begins to shave me as prescribed by the Doc. As she begins about the belly button, she says just close your eyes and the prep will be over before you know it. I do as she says and close my eyes as she begins to shave me. Then I feel it as she takes my dick in her hand as she moves the razor slowly around the most sensitive areas and I feel my balls drawing up cuckold porno tight.

As she finishes the shaving of the designated area, she then takes another warm towel and removes all the excess shaving cream and says that I should step into the shower stall (which is just off this exam room) and wash thoroughly and then return to the table. She smiles at me and says “while you are in the shower, you might want to take care of that little guy, or if he is still at full attention when I return, I will have to deal with him because the Doctor cannot do the procedure when you are in this state.”

Well I might could have done something before that little explanation. I am not sure if it was “performance anxiety” or what, but try as much as I could in the shower, I could not come to a climax.

Reluctantly I returned to the table and lay there hoping the little guy would lay down. When she returned to go thru the final checklist and lifted my gown to apply the sterile prep, she looked up at my blushing face and said “I see you could not get this job done yourself. So I take it you understand that I am under the Doctors orders that you must be flaccid before the Doc can czech porno perform this procedure.” I grimace and say, “Yes I wish I could have.”

And then she very clinically reaches into the drawer nearby and gets a tube of KY Jelly and applies a liberal amount to her palm and then proceeds to stroke my dick. I close my eyes and try to relax and let it go, but after a few minutes of this stroking and my not releasing, she says softly, “Do you need a little visual help or a little verbal help?”

I look up at her pretty face and say “Maybe we start with visual.” She very clinically responds with no spoken words but just takes the zipper of her top and pulls it down to about her belly button and pulls her top open to expose her very large breasts that are contained by a nearly see thru white lacy demi bra and it is almost immediate that I respond with spurting my cum all over the place. She smiles and says “The girls are by best assistants and rarely fail me.”

She then gets me all cleaned up for the Doc and he comes in to do his “snip snip” procedure.

After he leaves, she finishes up the final steps and with her hand around my soldier, says to me, “now you have to come in 10 days and give me a sample for us to see if any sperm are still active. You can either bring me the specimen or I will have to take it when you come in.” As she releases her hand from around my little guy, she winks at me and says, “I will be here for you if you need me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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