Velvet House Chronicles Ch. 01

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Chapter One

The Beginning

As we drove along the narrow mountain road, a question began to come in my mind as to how good an idea this really was. I had received recommendations about this resort from close friends, who had told me, in hushed whispers, how awe inspiring it was. The price tag seemed to bear out their stories, but now, following this narrow path through the rural mountain passes, I began to wonder just what I had gotten us into.

You sat beside me, quietly smiling. I knew your looks too well by this point in our relationship. You were having the same misgivings, but were waiting for your chance to really gig me about it. I turned up the music on the radio and began looking for a place along the narrow road to turn around, bracing for the hard teasing I knew you would give me, when suddenly we rounded a curve and the hills seems to fall away, revealing what could only be called a medieval castle, in all its glory, standing starkly before us in the moonlight.

“Oh my,” you whispered softly. “You really weren’t kidding, were you?”

I spun the wheel and turned into the wide driveway, coming to a stop before the drawbridge of the huge gothic structure. I turned and looked at you and winked.

“Did you ever have any doubt?”

You reached across the car and took a swat at me with your beaded handbag. “Don’t give me that, Buster,” you snipped. “You were looking for a place to turn around when this place showed up.”

It dawned upon me, at that moment, that it is wonderful to have a lover who knows you so completely, and it is also a handicap in moments like these.

A valet parking attendant suddenly appeared at your door and opened it. His eyes registered complete approval as he watched your trim legs swing out of the Mercedes and he offered you his hand. “Welcome to Velvet House,” he said with crisp attention to you in particular. “We’ve been expecting you. Walter will show you up to the main house.”

A trim young man in a liveried jacket appeared at your elbow as I walked around the car to join you. Walter took your elbow and I followed as we walked across the drawbridge and then up about twenty stone steps to stand before a huge set of oak doors. The sound of music came from somewhere behind the massive doors. I turned and winked at you as Walter grasped one of the huge iron door knockers and pounded it upon the surface of the dark wood, producing a resounding report and making the both of us jump in response. The huge door swung open and Walter bowed and was suddenly gone.

We stepped inside and two young women attended us immediately. They were both blonde with very long hair, which was arranged so that it trailed over their right shoulders in a long, thick braid. They were both dressed in short velvet tunics of a deep blue, and they wore roman style sandals with blue velvet straps which wound around their legs up to the calf muscles. The effect was quite fetching, but nothing compared to the effect you had on me as the two blonde servants slipped your evening cloak from your shoulders. You were stunning, in an evening dress of long black silk which covered your front completely from your ankles to a high collar around your slender neck. The dark material clung hungrily to every curve and swell of your lithe body, caressing the full swell of your breasts in dark beauty and falling completely away at your shoulders, leaving your back white and enticingly naked, all the way to the gentle flair of your sculpted bottom. Your hair hung down your bare back like a pale waterfall and swayed, gently with your every movement. The only jewelry to grace your already perfect appearance, was a slender platinum anklet, which encircled the ankle of your left foot just above your black, high heeled sandal. The sparkling chain was a complete circle, interrupted only by a single platinum disk, bearing the interlaced 44, which is my ranch brand and the mark of all I care for.

The two blonde servants smiled and giggled as they took my topcoat and retired into the cloakroom. They could not help noticing my eyes as they devoured you. I suppose I should have been more discreet, but at the moment, I didn’t care who knew what I felt.

The curtains which stood between us and the sounds of music and laughter suddenly drew back and we were greeted by a very tall, very pale woman with long black hair and hypnotic grey eyes. As she approached I could not help but notice the cat like grace of her movements. She was wrapped in an elegant Victorian style, velvet gown of the deepest red. In true Victorian style she was covered from head to foot, but the soft material was tucked and gathered in precise tailoring, to show every facet of her figure.

“Good evening.”

Her voice was low and rather husky, yet filled with a haughty edge.

“I am Veronica. — And you would be?”

I reached into the pocket inside my tux jacket and produced the card declaring our reservations. Her fingers took the card but her grey eyes never left you, until she had visually caressed the entire length of you. A dim glow seemed to burn behind sikiş izle the grey of her eyes and she sighed slightly, as she tore her eyes from your silk covered body to look at the printed card in her hand.

“Oh Yes. Of course. —– We’ve been expecting you.”

She snapped her fingers and a tall muscular young man in a black waiter’s jacket appeared at her side.

“This is Armand. He will show you to your table and attend to your every wish. —– Welcome to Velvet House.”

As she turned to go I stopped her with a hand on her sleeve. Her eyes flashed a bit and she turned to me. “Yes?” she asked in a low but cool voice.

“We still have some luggage in the car. I wonder —–.”

She turned to look at the both of us with some scrutiny and then remarked, “Your luggage has already been attended to, however you should not need anything. Your every need has been anticipated.”

You stepped toward her and in a hushed voice said. “I have some personal items that —–. “She turned to you and took your hands in her own and speaking in a low voice replied, “Of course. Everything you have brought has been sent up to your room, but I hope you will allow us to pamper you in our own style while you are our guests. We have a certain reputation to uphold, you know. Now go. Enjoy your evening and leave everything to us.” She smiled and unusually sweet smile and then walked away. You and I looked at each other and followed Armand across the crowded dance floor to our table.

The air of the entire place was lively and a bit out of place. The great hall of the castle seemed an odd place for a nightclub dance floor, but as we walked through the swirling couples and took our seats, the air was filled with music and the sound of pleasant laughter. It was a place for the upper class to play, and we were a part of it on this cool fall night.

As I took you in my arms and swirled you across the floor, I could not help being overcome by the spell of your beauty. I was not the only one. It was obvious that every eye in the room followed you as we swayed and moved to the music. In fact, there was a definite feeling of envy in the air.

We did not notice at first, but it became obvious that the rest of the party began to diminish in size, each time you and I took to the dance floor. Each time we returned to the table, there were fewer and fewer people in the room, until after the last dance, we were the only people on the floor. In fact, we were the only people left in the huge room. The lights began to dim and we looked around in confusion as Veronica came to meet us in the middle of the floor, carrying an antique kerosene lamp. The unsteady flickering of the flame caused a dancing light to accentuate the darkness of her hair and the pale grey of her eyes as she approached and silently indicated with one hand that we should follow her. You looked up at me with a certain trepidation in the blue of your eyes, and I smiled and nodded assurance as Veronica led us toward the huge curving staircase which led up and away from the great hall. We could not help but notice, as Veronica climbed the stairs just ahead of us, that she was voluptuous under the concealing velvet of the Victorian dress and her cat like grace filled each movement of her body with suggestive allure, yet there was a quiet sadness about her. Something you would not expect in someone so lovely.

We followed her up flights of stairs and along dark corridors, decorated with shields and weapons and portraits of past inhabitants of the castle, until we came to a large carved door. Veronica opened the door with a large iron key and ushered us inside. The room was amazingly large and the floor covered with thick Persian carpets. There was a double archway on the opposite wall that led through leaded glass doors, out onto a balcony which overlooked the stone parapets of the castle. The center piece of the room was a large carved bed, which had posts that were as thick as an oak tree and held up a rich canopy, of gold braid and deep red velvet. There were candles burning on every nook and cranny in the room, giving off a sensual undulating light, and highlighting the look of wonder on your lovely face.

Veronica placed the iron key in my hand and then turned to face you, the flickering light playing off both your faces and accentuating the stark differences between you. Her dark austere beauty seemed to soak up the wavering light, while your bright, sensitive loveliness seemed to cast a glow of its own.

“I hope you will be comfortable here. It is a very special room.”

Veronica lifted her hand and gently swept a tiny lock of blonde hair away from your face. Her fingers stayed to caress your cheek for only an instant, and her voice dropped into almost a low whisper.

“I picked it especially for you. ——- I will be back shortly with your nightcap.”

With a graceful, cat like turn, she closed the door and was gone. We looked at each other and smiled, and then you stood up on your toes and threw your arms around my neck, kissing me with mischievous delight. “This is just brazzers wonderful,” you said, between flurries of tiny kisses. “Did you know the place would be like this?”

You slipped off your high heeled sandals and ran across the room to jump upon the huge bed and began bouncing on your knees there. The effect of your body bouncing beneath the clinging beauty of the black silk was having its effect upon me and I slipped off my tuxedo jacket and tossed it upon a chair as I crossed the floor to stand at the foot of the bed. I started to climb onto the velvet coverlet when your tiny foot, covered in a sheer silk stocking pressed against my chest and stopped me.

“Hold it right there, cowboy. Where do you think you’re going?”

I smiled at you and grasped your foot, intending to move it aside and climb onto the bed next to you, when a second silk covered foot pressed against my chest as well, holding me at bay. Your blue eyes danced in the wavering fire of the candle light and your smile told me that you had made up your mind about something.

“This is a night that requires a little decorum.”

My brows knitted and it became obvious that I did not understand. You smiled, indulgently and pressed your toes against the front of my white shirt.

“You sir, will go into that bathroom over there and strip off this money suit, while your lady gets ready for you, in this wonderfully plush bedroom.”

I looked at you and smiled and grasped your ankles, starting to whisk then aside and bring your lovely body to mine, when your feet pressed harder on my chest and stopped me.

“No, Robert. I’m serious. A place like this is special, and a girl needs to feel special while she’s here. So —- off with you. —Now. —– I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

Your brows were knitted in sheer determination and as anxious as I was to feel you against me, I was overcome by the beautiful picture of you seated on the bed in that clinging silk gown with your feet planted firmly against my chest pleading for a chance to become more beautiful for me. —— I was forced to admit that you had captured me completely, long ago, and I could deny you nothing.

“OK,” I said, with a faked air of rejection. You squealed with pleasure and tucked your knees under you, rising up to untie my bow tie with deft feminine fingers and pull me close so you could kiss my cheek and whisper in my ear, “You won’t be disappointed.” I slipped my lips onto your own, and felt the magic begin to grow between us. When we could breathe again, I whispered back to you, “Terri, you have never been any kind of disappointment to me.”

You reached around and pinched my butt with amazingly strong fingers and issued and order in a strong voice.

“GO! —– I will call you when I’m ready.”

“Yes my lady.”

I turned and started for the bathroom, shutting the door behind me as I entered the alabaster chamber. As I began to ready myself for the event to come, I began to talk to your through the walls.

“This is really more than I had anticipated.”


Your voice was muffled a bit, and I surmised that you were slipping off the black silk.

“I said that this place is more than I had anticipated. It’s pretty plush.”

Your voice came to me from what seemed the center of the room.

“I think it’s elegant. It’s the kind of place I’ve always wanted to go with you.”

I slipped out of my clothes and stood naked before the alabaster sink. I looked into the wide mirror trying to see if I looked any better than usual. I sighed and shook my head and looked at the confusing series of bronze handles on the slick surface surrounding the sink. I assumed one of them turned on the water, but had no way to tell which one.

“What do you think of Veronica?”

Your question caught me a bit off guard and I stammered an answer as I searched for the handle which would bring water into the basin. “I don’t know,” I said, distractedly. “She’s a little intense, if you ask me.”

I turned one of the bronze handles and suddenly, before my eyes, the large mirror before me morphed into a huge, wide screen plasma television and I was looking at you, sitting on the end of the bed, seductively taking off your silk stockings. I was transfixed as I stared at the scene of unparalleled beauty unfolding before me. You were completely naked, except for a black thong and the sheer silk stockings. You leaned back on the bed, lifting your trim leg into the air and pointing your toes, as you rolled off the lace topped silk.

“She’s very beautiful.”

I swallowed hard and began to feel my manhood react as you tossed the cast off stocking across the room and raised the other leg, lifting your fingers to unfasten the tiny platinum anklet and lay it on the bed beside you. I felt my breathing get faster as you raised your hands once again and began the lovely task of removing the sheer silk.


I started at the sound of your voice.

“She’s very beautiful, don’t you think?”

I wet my lips nervously as you tossed the second fake taxi porno stocking away and raised your legs, placing both your tiny bare feet on the huge carved bedpost. You stretched luxuriously, and then reached to replace the platinum anklet around the milk white skin of your trim ankle. The silver of the metal glinted in the candle light and you lay back against the velvet coverlet and raised your leg, pointing your roes and turning your ankle, admiring the sparkle of the subtle light on the small token of my fidelity to you.

“Uh, — I suppose so.”

My words stumbled as I watched you rise from the bed and walk directly toward me in the television screen. You stopped and ran your fingers through the luxuriant blonde mane of your hair. You seemed to be looking straight at me, and then I realized that you were standing before the large mirror above the marble topped dresser, in the bedroom. The camera must have been hidden behind that mirror, and I realized that you hd ni idea that I could see you.

“You only suppose that she’s beautiful?”

Your voice toyed with me, as you often did, and I felt my pulse beat harder at my temples as you raised your fingers to the pink nipples of your beasts and began to let them play there.

“I have another’s beauty on my mind right now.”

You smiled and let your finger stray to your lips where your tongue darted out and anointed them with glistening drops of moisture, which you transferred to the stiffening points of your nipples. Your fingertips rubbed and played there, and you closed your eyes and allowed yourself to sway slightly, as the pink flesh began to swell with desire and stiffen to needy points on the abundant swell of your breasts.

“Terri? Are you about ready for me?”

I stammered out the words as the head of my swelling manhood brushed against the cold of the alabaster around the sink and reminded me of the power that was growing in me, the power of my want for you.

You opened your eyes and looked at yourself in the mirror, your tiny hands caressing the full weight of your breasts and causing you to sigh. You picked up a short length robe of black oriental silk and slipped it over your shoulders, leaving the front open. You walked back to the center of the room and climbed up on the huge bed, turning to face the bathroom door and tucking your smooth legs under you. You ran your fingers along the open front of the black silk, arranging it so that it would give me a stunning view of the deep valley between your soft breasts. You took a long breath and then called out my name.


I quickly slipped into the black silk robe which was hanging on the bathroom door, trying in vain to conceal the stiffening bulge of my erection, and opened the door. You looked absolutely heavenly, sitting on the end of that massive bed with your legs tucked under you and the candle light making amazing flecks of light appear in your deep blue eyes.

As I neared the foot of the bed, you held your hands out to me and I took them in my own. You rose up on your knees and leaned forward, as I bent to kiss your lips. The touch of our kiss brought a gasp from both of us, as our mouths opened and our tongues caressed in a dance of adoration which held us motionless and wrapped us in dizzying torrents of pure delight. We lost ourselves entirely and could not tell that we had ever been apart, but always been just one soul. I slipped my hands under the open folds of your black robe, letting my fingers search and caress, bringing from your lips a small hiss, as my fingers brushed against the soft underside of your breasts and I took their full weight in my hands. I let my lips move to the slender nape of your neck raising goose bumps there and causing little thrills to run along your spine. My thumbs closed upon the straining tips of your stiffened nipples and your whole body reacted, letting your robe slip until it hung off your white shoulders, baring the whole beauty of your full breasts for my eyes to feast upon.

My breath caught in my throat and my erection parted my robe in hungry reaction, as I lifted your breasts and bent my lips to kiss the erect points of your desire. You arched your back and pressed the softness of you breast against my lips as I sucked the stiffened flesh and let my tongue dance and play there. You reached above your head, and grasped the red velvet ropes which hung off the large canopy above the bed. You wrapped your wrists in the velvet strands and gripped them hard with your fingers, hanging heavily upon them as I sucked hard upon the sensitive spikes of your passion and caused your body to rise up against me in pure want.

My lips left your nipples, causing you to hiss an appeal between gasping breaths.

“No. Robert. — suck — please —–Suck me!!”

I stood back and stripped my own black robe from my body and pulled you toward me, holding you close, allowing only your hardened nipples to touch my bare chest. I moved your body back and forth so that they rubbed against me, sending waves of pleasure straight through me, causing my manhood to ache with the want of you. Your body felt the sensations as well and you gripped the velvet ropes hard and swung your trim legs out from under you, wrapping them around me and squeezing with a vengeance, while I bent to kiss you once more.

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