Versatility on the Court

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Matt Wenzel was awakened by the sound of his live-in girlfriend rustling through her drawer. “Babe,” he yawned. “Just turn on the light.” He rolled back over and pulled the covers over his head. He desperately wanted a couple more hours of sleep. The 32 year-old corporate budget analyst had stayed up later than he’d intended last night fucking the petite chick. They had gone out with a cousin of hers and the lady’s new beau.

They got home well after eleven. But Ms. Katherine D’Angelo was a flight attendant and heading out the next morning for a four day trip. He always liked to break her off some of A-plus cock before she flew out. And the five-eleven, athletically built guy with ash brown hair and bright blue eyes did just that.

“Oh, Matt,” she screamed. “Fuck that pussy!”

“You like this cock, baby?”

“Oh yeah! I love it!”

“Can I stick in your ass?”

A sigh. She went limp. “I guess.”

“Forget it, babe!” He continued pumping. He served it up as she dug her nails into his back. Though he had a sedentary job, he stayed in shape by playing adult rec league basketball pretty much year-round. “Oh fuck! I’m gonna nut, babe!”

“Pull out,” she hissed.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” He shot it on her stomach. He looked at his art work and at her pert breasts heaving. He moved down low and ate her out. He wanted her to cum too. And hard. He flicked her clit with his tongue and massaged her thighs. It took a full eight minutes before she orgasmed. It was a flood of juice.

Happy with himself, he retrieved a washcloth to clean her up. Then he changed the sheets. After he tossed them in the washing machine, he remade the bed while she showered. He went to grab a beer. And one turned into three.

Now, his head was banging.

“Bye, hun,” she called out as she switched off the light. He mumbled something back to her. Though no human ear would have been able to clearly determine what he actually said.

He woke up 90 minutes later with the alarm and slugged to the shower.

He went about his day at work with the usual. There were a couple more meetings than usual today, but it wasn’t bad. He took time every now and then to check his Grindr app. Since Katherine was away, he would take the opportunity to get some boipussy. He messaged back and forth with a few potential candidates, but he knew folks were subject to flake.

That evening, he got home and threw a chicken breast sprinkled with lemon pepper seasoning on the George Foreman grill. He put a steam bag of broccoli in the microwave and waited for dinner to be ready. He opened a bottle of beer and checked the app. Just as the chicken was done, he got a hit from a tall, relatively fit dude.

Matt started eating as he messaged back and forth. He liked the ass and cock pic this blond dude had. They went through the particulars. The guest was six-two and 170 pounds. Power bottom. Tight ass. Seven inch cock. He didn’t mind oral. Matt gave the address and told him to arrive in an hour. He grabbed another beer.

“Come on in,” he answered the door.

“Hey, man! I’m Jamie!”

“Marc,” he lied because he assumed Jamie was too.

“Nice place.”

“Thanks! You from outta town?”

“Yeah! Just here for a conference.”


Matt noted a wedding band on the good looking man’s finger. But, that was not his concern. He showed Jamie to the secondary bathroom in case he needed to get ready.

“I’m good to go now,” the trim guy shared.

“Great, dude! Want a beer or anything?”

“That’d be great!”

They cracked open a couple before going to the guest bedroom and getting down to business. They got on the bed and sucked one another in the 69 position.

Matt enjoyed the feeling of Jamie’s rod in his mouth. He gobbled it like a pro. And it truly was istanbul escort seven inches. Average girth. But it tasted delicious. It was a thrill that Katherine could not give him.

“Oh, man,” growled Jamie. “That feels amazing! I really want you to fuck me.” He pulled out some poppers and inhaled. He offered the vial to his host. Matt inhaled a great deal and dove down to eat Jamie’s hole.

Matt came up for air and motioned for more of the inhalant. He lubed up his 6½-inch-by-5-inch prick and climbed atop Jamie’s back. He stuck it in and felt the bottom quiver. Then, the slut yelped. “How’s that cock feel, bitch,” he inquired.

“Great, man! Fuck me! Don’t hold back!”

“You got it!”

Matt began jackhammering.

“Ah! Fuck yeah, man! Fuck my man pussy!”

“Yeah! Give me that man pussy,” Matt roared.

“I love it!”

“Your hole is tight!”

“Yeah, bro! Fuck me!”

“Damn! Take this cock!”

“Give me that big cock! I fucking love it, dude!”

“Oh yeah, man! Take it!”

“Yes, sir!”

Matt grabbed a handful of the man’s plush blond hair that set on the crown of his head. He pulled his up from the mattress and told him, “You’re my fag bitch!”

“That’s right, man! Fuck me!”

They went on fucking and sniffing poppers for about half an hour until they had both nutted. They shared another beer and chatted briefly about sports.

Matt wished him well. Then, he straightened up the guest room to leave no evidence of his rendezvous. He placed a call to Katherine to tell her goodnight. He showered and went to bed.

The next day was Thursday. He got up pretty early and went for a quick jog. After drinking a smoothie, he showered and got ready for work. While sitting on the train, he fired off a text to his buddy Mahmood.

-You’re playing tonight. Right?


-K’s outta town. Wanna have a beer after the game?

-Have to check with gf. But sure yeah.

-Let me know. I need to replenish.

-Will do.

Mahmood and Matt played on the same team. Their roster had nine guys on it aged 29 to 38. Each of them had played some ball in college so they were pretty good. But, that was not uncommon for the other teams in the league either. The competition was fierce and the men took it fairly seriously. They had fun too.

Both Matt and Mahmood had played D-Three. Matt was a shooting guard for the Wasps at Emory & Henry College in southwest Virginia. Mahmood, whose family emigrated from Sudan in 1993 due to the ongoing civil war there, had gone to the University of New England in Maine. The six-foot-five man played center for the Nor’easters. So they had that in common. Plus they both had girlfriends.

Matt definitely thought Katerine was gorgeous. He felt she was a bit out of his league. But, Mahmood’s woman, Jasmine, was fine as wine in his mind. Her skin shimmered like gold. She had large hazel eyes and stood about five-nine. And then there was the accent. She was born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She came over to run track at Morgan State. She was some kind of sexy. Secretly, he dreamed of fucking her. He would never tell that to Mahmood though.

Matt went about his day and it was mostly a breeze except for one jerk off who was second in charge of mid-market sales. How that sonofabitch got through an interview and then kept a job hardly anyone knew. Matt was about ready to punch the bastard in the face, but counted to twenty and told him they would need to reschedule.

If he could only catch that fucktard in an alley one day…Oh well. It wasn’t worth it.

Matt ducked out of the office a tad bit early today. The Prowlers, his team, had the first game of the evening. This would give him the chance to get home, change, catch izmir escort the train and walk to the rec center.

The game went pretty well. The Prowlers were up at the half. 37 to 34. The second half was a bit trickier. With a minute to go Matt’s & Mahmood’s team was down. They had 71 points. The opponents had 75. It was a hard fought minute with plenty of personal fouls and trips to the line. In the end, Prowlers had 79 and Donkeys had 80.

As they licked their wounds and strategized for mext week, Matt asked if anyone wanted to grab a beer at his place since his chick was out of town. Everyone begged off, nearly all of the guys were married with kids.

Mahmood said. “Actually, I can stop by for a bit. But if it was a group invite only, I can go home.”

“Nah, bro. It’s cool.”

“Okay, Did you drive or Uber?”

“I took the train and walked.”

“Well I have my car,” the refugee remarked. “You can ride with me.”

“Sounds good.”

The teammates left for the parking lot. They made it to Mahmood’s ruby red metallic 2015 Ford Expedition XLT. They tossed their gym bags in the back and hopped into the front. Mahmood checked his mirrors and backed out. “Go ahead,” he said. “Just be quiet!” He commanded his phone to call Jazz.

As he did this, Matt had reached for and extracted Mahmood’s generous horsecock. By the time Jasmine said hello, Matt had his lips wrapped around it.

“Hey, baby! The team is going to grab some drinks. I’m gonna hang with them for a minute.”

“That’s cool. I have an early day. So try not to wake me when you get home.”

“No problem. I can sleep on the couch.”

“You don’t have to do all that!”

“I don’t mind.”

“You’re amazing! Love you!”

“Love you too! Night, boo!”

Mahmood ended the call. Then he said, “Jazz. Jazz.” No reply. “That’s it, little cocksucker! Suck all this big African dick!”


“I love when you suck my big Sudanese cock!”


“You better suck it good tonight too!”


They pulled up to the building where Matt lived. He came up for air and gave the access code to get in the garage. He showed Mahmood to the guest spots.

Inside, they immediately jumped in the secondary bathroom shower together. They soaped off one another. Two firm, hard manly bodies. Matt’s lean and trim. Mahmood’s bulkier and solid. Matt ran the cloth all over the deep brown skin that had a cool, sapphire undertone. He paid extra attention to the low hanging balls. Mahmood returned the favor as he fondled Matt’s compact butt cheeks. Both of their dicks were bone hard. Matt’s 6½-by-5 throbbed painfully.

“Where is your cock cage, boi?”

“In the safe,” Matt blushed.

“Got get yourself ready. I’ll get a beer while I wait.”

Mahmood went into the kitchen as he jacked his 9¾-inch-by-6-inch donkey dick. By the time he opened the second bottle, Matt returned wearing a sheer pink thong and a stainless steel chastity device.

“Daddy approves!”

“I’m glad you like, Daddy!”

“On your knees!”

Matt crawled slowly towards Mahmood. He raised up his torso and opened his mouth.

Mahmood grabbed the back of the cocksucker’s crown with one hand and held a beer with the other.

Matt began to work on it.

“Oh shit! Look at those lips on this big African dick. Dammit, faggit!”

“Mmhmm,” groaned the caged boi.

“You like this big Black dick?”


“Then you better act right, bitch!”


“You are a punk ass motherfucker. You know that?!?”

Mahmood leaned over and slapped Matt’s booty. “I’m not fucking you today, but if you suck it real good I just might next time.”

Matt worked his head along the shaft.

“C’mon izmit escort put all that dick in your mouth. Take that shit, you dick sucking ass sissy boi!”


Mahmood took it out and smacked it playfully against Matt’ cheeks. He put it back in.

Matt returned to slobbering on the sizable man meat.

“Don’t be scared, faggit! It’s what you wanted!” Mahmood alternated between sipping beer and two fisting Matt’s hair. He pulled his teammate down as far as he could go on the long stick.

Matt reached up to grab it.

Almost before the hand touched his dick, Mahmood flicked it aside. He gripped the hair tightly and pushed Matt down. “That’s right!”

Matt made it close to the base and placed his palms on Mahmood’s dense and powerful thighs. He let Matt come off it for a moment. A good stream of slobber followed staying attached to the dick and the lips. Matt gathered himself.

Mahmood shook his meat.

Matt opened his mouth and took it back inside. He went down as far as he could. It was so damn long.

Mahmood thrust a bit. His low hanging nutsack bobbing back and forth. He grabbed up Matt and put him back on the pole.

For about sixty seconds Mahmood let up on the fag.

Matt returned to sucking. Just barely going down a third of the way. Mainly concentrating on the head.

Mahmood asked, “Where are your poppers?”

“Right there,” gasped the sub.

“Do some!”

Matt inhaled.

Mahmood felt the lips go back on his dick. He took it back out. “Open ya mouth!” He spat in it. He guided the punk back to his love tool. He pressed Matt’s head all the way to the base. “Get all the way on it,” Mahmood ordered.

“Arrrghhh,” gagged Matt and pulled away.

Mahmood barked, “Where the fuck do you think you’re going? You’re gonna deep throat this dick, bitch!” He snatched Matt back on it. “Open your mouth,” ordered Mahmood. He fucked him on pushing about half of his glistening mule dick in the slut’s mouth. He slapped the faggot’s ass as Matt made it down as far he could.

Matt had his hand on the base and had gotten to about the eight inch mark when he felt a jerk backwards. Mahmood pulled him off his meat.

There was a huge amount of slobber.

Mahmood slapped Matt’s ass once more. “I decided I’m going to fuck your boipussy hole! Get ready!”

Matt stood and scurried off to the linen closet. He came back with an oversized sheet and threw it over a part of his sectional sofa in the living room. He hopped on all fours and wiggled his booty.

Mahmood smacked it. “Look at the pretty pink hole, white boi! You want this dick in your boipussy hole?”

“Yes, sir! I want your B-B-C!”

“You want some B-B-C?” Mahmood slapped the generous snake against the taut cheeks.

“Mmhmm! Please, sir!”

“Reach back and spread your cheeks!”

Matt complied.

“I love white boi holes!”

Mahmood pushed inside of Matt’s tight rectum.

“Ooh wee,” winced Matt.

“You can take it!”

“Mmhmm! Give me that B-B-C!”

“It’s your big African cock right now, baby!”

“Mmmmm! Fuck yeah, man! Fuck my boipussy!”

“You’re such a complete bitch for me! I love it!”

“I’m your total bitch boi! Fuck me with the big Black cock!”

“Fucking whore boi! Yeah!”

Mahmood pounded. He extracted his tool and told Matt to get on his back. He knelt and studied the gaping anus. “It’s fucking open. So pretty too!”

“Fuck me,” whined Matt. “Fuck my white boi ass with your big Black cock!”

“Yeah,” huffed Mahmood and went back in.

“Oh shit,” Matt yelped.

“Take this dick, pussyboi!”

“Unh. Ooh. Ah! Mmmmmm!”

“Slut faggit whore!”


“I’m balls deep in your shit!”


“Fucking slutty ass white boi!”


Matt gripped Mahmood’s stong glutes and took the brutal anal assault.

“I’m gonna cum, whore boi!”




Mahmood collapsed as his dick exploded.

All Matt could do was groan like the bitch he was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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