Vickilicious Ch. 01

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Victoria was 13 when her mother remarried; her new step-dad formalized the adoption when she turned 16. Victoria was never a bad child, she was a book worm and always brought home top marks from her teachers. She was a good kid, a nerdy wall flower but extremely polite and well mannered.

She was already 18 when she graduated high school; the last two years had seen many changes in Victoria’s appearance and personality. Their little wall flower had blossomed into a fine young lady. Each day her step-dad could see her growing up, more and more like her mother; may she rest in peace.

Shortly before her 17th birthday, they got a call on the house phone. Nobody ever called the house phone, they all had cell phones. It was the police department, there had been an accident. Victoria’s mother was fighting for her life, a battle she would lose before they could get to the hospital.

Victoria retreated back into her books, depression took over and nothing could make it right. There were good days, and then there were the really bad days. Screaming, fighting, and throwing things. Her psychologist suggested keeping a very close eye on Victoria. One suggestion was to install a type of spyware application on her laptop so that they could monitor her activities, check for unhealthy writings, trends in behavior, and ensure she was not building up to doing something really stupid.

Eventually the bad days subsided. They were strong together. Together they helped each other recuperate from their loss. She was his daughter, he was her dad, her protector, and together they somehow made it through the next 18 months.

-Chapter One-

There was never anything overtly sexual between them. She was his daughter after all. She confided in him with everything that was going on in her life, school, work, and boys. She wanted to go to college, and her mother had seen fit to provide for that in a trust sahabet güvenilirmi she had setup years ago. They discussed which schools she wanted to attend, which were within her budget and provided a curriculum she would enjoy. He didn’t know she wanted to attend one that would be 1200 miles away!

“Daddy we can talk on the phone every day,” she said to him holding his face in her hands.

“There are always holidays, vacations, and long weekends that I can come home – it’s not like I am moving to China,” she said.

As far as he was concerned, it was China.

A few months later he was helping her pack her car. He would pretend to forget things she needed, like her suitcase. She understood it was his way of lightening the mood of her leaving. Twelve minutes after she left, he called her cell phone. “Hello dad, I am not even out of the neighborhood yet!” she said with a hint of sarcasm.

“I love you,” he said and they hung up.

It was a long trip for her to make alone, and she called him several times each day. The hours between calls were like days to him. She arrived at the apartment they had arranged for her close to campus. She called to let him know she was getting settled in. Cable and power were already on, a couple of the male students “happily volunteered” to help her unpack her car and moved the heavier items in for her. They talked while she finished off her “Ramen Noodle” dinner and then she was off to bed.

A few hours later, his email went off. It was from Victoria; well actually it was from her laptop. The spyware he installed was informing him of an IP address change. He had forgotten about it, probably should have uninstalled that long ago. He’ll get to it later, he assured himself.

Several weeks passed, they talked every day just as she promised they would. “Thank god for unlimited calling plans!” he told her on many occasions. She called to tell him sahabet yeni giriş about everything! She said she finally had her one bedroom apartment decorated just right and wanted to show it to him.

“Sure honey, send me some pictures in email and I will get a look at them,” he said.

“Daddy, you are so old fashioned!” she teased. “I just sent you an email with a link to Skype,” she said. “It’s a video chat program, we can see and talk to each other at the same time.”

He knew what Skype was, of course. He downloaded and installed it from the link she sent a little while later. During setup, it said that Vickilicious would be automatically added to his contacts once setup was completed.

“Vickilicious?” he said out loud. It was a name he had not heard in many years. It was how she introduced herself to him the first time they met. At 13, everything ended in -licious. Everything good that is. Superlicious, fantastilicious, it went on and on!

When her friends came over, she would jokingly introduce him as her “Wicked Step-dad” as a play on the wicked stepmother characters of Disney fame. It became their calling card for each other. That is until she grew up and put those childish things behind her.

So finishing setup of Skype, it asked him for a username. He could only think of one, “WickedStepdaddy.” CLICK… Finished.

A few minutes later, the computer was making this music sound, and poof Victoria was staring him in the face! “Hi daddy! or should I say WICKED STEP-daddy!” she yelled. “I almost peed my pants when your screen name appeared in my contact list!”

“Hello Vickilicious” he grinned back at her. “How are things in China?”

She proceeded to give him the grand tour of her apartment. She pointed out all the stuff she made, or picked up “on the cheap” she called it. The living room-dining room-kitchen was all one big area, then her bedroom, bathroom, and sahabet giriş hallway.

She placed the laptop back down, and took a seat. He could see her bed frame in the background, as was the door to her bathroom. Clothes and towels were everywhere. “Yup, looks just like your bedroom when you lived here, Vicky” he jibed.

“I know, I know,” she returned “I will pick it up later.” With that she blew him a kiss, which he returned and they said good night.

When he returned home from work the next day, there was a message on the PC that he had missed a call from Vickilicious. So after dinner he settled in for a chat with her.

CLICK … “silly ring tone” he muttered. The screen flashed and then it was dark, he could hear music coming from the room. He could see the outline of a door; it must have been her bathroom door. Then a light flashed on, and a blur went by the screen and into the bathroom door. He knew it was her room because the clothes and towels were still strewn everywhere.

A few minutes later Vicky came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, singing along with the music he could still hear played over the speakers. She was dancing side to side and holding up her hairbrush as if it was a microphone and she was wailing out her song to the sold out crowd.

He waved to her, but she didn’t respond. She continued past the camera and off the screen. He could still hear her singing as she returned into view. She was wearing a short nightgown, and dancing around the room as if on stage. The nightgown didn’t cover much of anything and each time she raised her arms and clapped her hands above her head, he could see the shine of her pink satin panties. She twirled and twirled, and clapped – to keep the crowd into the song she was performing.

Finally the song was over; she bowed deeply to an appreciative audience. Over and over she bowed at the waist… each time exposing her buttocks to him as the panties clung to her skin. With each bow, he could see the outline of her sex. Over and over she bowed.

CLICK… he disconnected the call. Ashamed of what he had just witnessed. Ashamed that he watched as long as he did.


(To be continued)

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