Victoria and Ruby Ch. 02

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They had had those two nights together, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to see each other, let alone spend “quality” time together.

That first night had been a revelation for Victoria. The night her daughters hot young lesbian teacher, Ruby Ross, had seduced her on the sofa in the teachers common room. Late at night, after parent/teacher interviews.

That night she had experienced lesbian sex for the first time. It still seemed like a surreal dream that had never happened. She had gone to school that night as a straight, middle aged housewife. She had gone home with a wet but completely spent pussy, her lesbian virginity taken by rubys experienced tongue. A tongue that had easily coaxed multiple orgasms from her swollen clit.

She couldn’t explain how it had happened or why she hadn’t resisted Ruby’s advances. Actually, she knew the answer to that one. Ruby was hot. And after so many hours binge watching OITNB and wentworth, her lesbian cravings had already been somewhat awakened.

All it really needed to act them out was a catalyst, and that catalyst proved to be Ruby Ross.

Ruby Ross, with her hot young body, her tattoos, her beautiful face and her short hair shaved on one side. Who had sat her down on that sofa that night and sweet talked her out of her panties. Who had spread her legs so brazenly, so confident in her own sexual prowess, then proceeded to demonstrate that prowess on her swollen clit and soaking pussy.

She had been turned that night.

Then a period of prolonged absence that had her yearning for more. The emotional connection they had shared through back and forth letters, learning more about each other, deepening the attraction.

Then their second night of love making. When Ruby had taken her back to her apartment on the back of her motor bike. When the throbbing of that motor bike had elicited a drenching orgasm from her needy clit. The prelude to many more she was to have in Rubys bed later that night.

But she was married, with a husband and family at home. She had a secret she could never tell.

She knew she should put an end to it. She had had her fun, her lesbian curiosity had been sated. She should just forgot about it and go back to life as it was before.

But she also knew that was impossible. She couldn’t stop thinking about Ruby and those two nights. The way she had so easily brought her to multiple orgasms. Orgasms that flooded her with exquisite relief. Orgasms she could not forget, nor give up. She needed to experience that bliss again.

But how, and when? Ruby was a teacher at her daughters school. Victoria was a married woman with a husband and family. Their lives rarely crossed – a distant glance across a crowded school yard at pick up time, a wave and shared longing glances. That seemed to be the extent of their relationship since that second night.

Then her text. How did she get her number, she didn’t know. All she knew was she was so glad she had.

“Hi Vicki. I miss you.”

That was all. But it was the contact she had craved. She hadn’t realized just how much she had missed her until that message. She had to sit down she felt so overcome with emotional relief. She simply stared at the screen, savoring in the delight that simple 5 word message had brought her. She replied.

“I miss you too.”

“What are you doing on Saturday?”

Victoria had to think for a minute. Usually her weekends were busy running around for her kids, but her husband was away again on business and wouldn’t be back until the following week. Her eldest child was going away with friends, leaving the other two at home with her. She didn’t think they had anything special on that weekend.

“I think I’m free, why?”

Thought you might like to come and watch me play soccer.”

Victoria hadn’t realized Ruby played sport, but she was certainly fit enough, so it made sense.

“I guess I could. i may have to leave some kids at home by themselves, but I guess they are old enough.”

“Great. Would you mind picking me up on the way? Say at midday. I promised another one of our players to take them as well, and we all won’t fit on my bike. Sorry, I know how much you liked the last ride.”

Remembering the orgasm that last bike ride had given her brought a smile to Victorias face.

“No problem. See you then.”

As it turned out, both her other children had made arrangements to stay at their friends houses that weekend. So she was effectively free all weekend.

Finally Saturday arrived and she drove to Ruby’s apartment at the time they had agreed.

She had been looking forward to seeing Ruby again all week, and wondered what the day (and maybe the night) would hold.

With a combination of excitement and nervousness she knocked on the door.

Only to have it opened by another woman. A tallish woman, with beautiful flowing dark hair and the most incredible, piercing eyes she had ever seen.

“Hi, you must be Vicki. Ruby has told me all about you. Come in, she’s just in the shower.”

Taken escort bayan aback, Victoria entered the apartment, just as Ruby emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel.

“Hi Vicki, I see you’ve met Franky. She’s in my team, I hope you don’t mind taking her with us.”

“Not at all. It’s nice to me you Franky.”

“Nice to meet you too Vicki. Any friend of Ruby’s is a friend if mine.”

It might have been Victoria’s imagination, but she thought she noticed a knowing glance between the two other women.

But that was forgotten as Ruby walked across the room to her, her hair still wet from the shower, and kissed her on the lips.

Victoria blushed deeply, being kissed by a woman in front of another woman. Another first.

“Let me just get dressed and then we can go.”

On the drive to the soccer ground, it transpired that Ruby and Franky had been friends for years, having started playing soccer together in high school. Victoria couldn’t help but wonder about what type of friendship it had been. Whilst telling herself it was natural to be curious, deep down she felt just the tiniest pang of jealousy. She knew it was foolish, but it was there nonetheless.

They arrived at the ground and the game got underway. Victoria was one of the few spectators, who were all women.

It was no surprise to her that Ruby turned out to be a good player, scoring a goal and helpng Franky score another. That was enough for Rubys team to win 2-1.

After the game, all the players came over to the sidelines where the spectators were and mingled together. Victoria was surprised at just how friendly everyone was, players and spectators from both sides talking and laughing together as the players cooled down. Ruby introduced Victoria to just about everyone, and they all seemed very nice, friendly and welcoming.

She wondered at first just how many were lesbians, but after a while, decided it didn’t really matter and she didn’t really care. She was having a good time. And she was with Ruby.

“Time to hit the showers girls.” Someone shouted.

Everyone began packing up their gear and heading to the shower block, on the other side of the field. Rather than walk with her team, Ruby came over to Victoria, took her by the hand, and said “Coming beautiful? There’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”

With nervous anticipation, Victoria walked hand in hand with Ruby across the field, following the players and a couple of other spectators into the dressing rooms.

When they entered, the players were in various states of undress. Some were already in the large communal shower area at the end of the large room, standing naked under the hot showers. At the other end, bench seats around the walls were occupied by some still clothed players and the 3 or 4 other women who had been watching the game.

Everyone was so relaxed. Chatting, laughing and generally having a good time, almost oblivious to the fact most of them were naked or close to it. Victoria felt almost awkward being fully clothed, but the fact she wasn’t alone put her mind at ease.

As did Ruby, who found her somewhere to sit and made sure she was ok.

“Just a few naked women. Just remember not to look too closely, you’re mine remember.”

Victoria could only blush.

The women were in all shapes and sizes. The one standout was Franky, who stood under the shower at the other end, looking for all the world like a model. She was washing her hair, with the shampoo dripping down over her magnificent breasts and down to the neatly trimmed bush between her legs.

Victoria couldn’t help but stare at her longer than she should have. It was hard to look away. And as she was staring, Frankys eyes opened and she looked directly back at her. Those wide, piercing eyes were looking right into her own.

Victoria blushed and looked away. But when she turned back, Franky was still looking at her, a cheeky smile on her face. Standing under the water, completely naked. Completely unashamed.

Ruby noticed the exchange but didn’t seem to mind.

“She’s gorgeous isn’t she.”

“We had a thing a few years ago, but that’s well and truly over now.”

Victoria suspected as much, and Rubys honesty was reassuring.

The only thought that really came into her head was that creeping self doubt again. How can someone who was with someone like Franky find me attractive? But she pushed that thought down, growing in confidence the more time she spent with Ruby, trusting her more each time.

Ruby undressed in front of her. Almost like she was giving her her own private show. It
was especially nice that she seemed to deliberately block Victoria’s view of Franky at the same time. Sending a signal that it was just them now, nobody else.

Against her instinct, Victoria returned the signal by not looking away as Ruby stripped. First her top, then her shorts, then her bra and finally, her panties.

Ruby stood still, lingering naked in front of her. Normally Victoria would have bayan escort looked away, embarrassed. But not this time. She savored in the view Ruby was offering her, looking up and down her tattoo covered body before ending on her beautiful face, looking directly into her eyes.

Ruby smiled, turned, and walked to the showers, naked but confident in this room full of women. Victoria only had eyes for her. But she had to admit her thoughts were a mixture of Ruby and Franky.

Once everyone had showered and changed, Ruby said it was a post match ritual for the team to head off to a local bar, for a drink or two. “Please tell me you will come to.”

Victoria had nothing on and no one to go back home to. And she wanted to spend more time with Ruby and her friends.

“I’d like that.”

The bar was just a short drive, and the group of ladies congregated in an outside area, with tall leafy trees providing shade in the warm afternoon sun.

Soon, everybody was comfortable and relaxed, laughing and chatting in small groups. Victoria sat next to Ruby on an outdoor sofa, their bodies touching, their hands together under the table. Victoria didn’t really drink, but many of the other woman did, and as the afternoon wore on, everyone became more and more relaxed.

Ruby could have left her to talk to some of her other friends grouped around the outdoor setting. But she never left her side, devoting all her attention on her. Victoria felt warm and so content inside, like she was where she belonged. She even had one or two drinks, which she normally never did.

She noticed Franky from time to time, working the room and chatting with just about everyone. Her laugh seemed to infect everyone she talked to.

It was while watching Franky that Victoria noticed there were a lot more women there than before. The group had swelled, with a steady trickle of single women and couples continuing to join the group as the afternoon wore on. There were no men. Even the drinks were being served by waitresses.

Ruby seemed to read her thoughts.

“This is our little group. And yes, we are all lesbians. I hope you don’t mind me bringing you here.”

“Not at all. I like your friends, they all seem really nice.”

And they were. Everyone she spoke to seemed genuinely interested in her as a person. It was kind of awkward bringing up that she was married with children, but no one seemed surprised or strange about it. It was just accepted. Some even appeared to pay her even more attention after she mentioned it.

A couple of times she noticed someone looking in her direction and whispering something to the woman next to her. She was sure they were talking about her, but then was equally as sure she was just being paranoid.

Again, it was Ruby who seemed to read her thoughts.

“Don’t worry, they’re just not used to a straight married woman joining us on one of our afternoon get togethers. But they all know you’re with me, so it’s cool.”

“Am I the only straight woman here?”

“Well, if you still think you’re straight, that would make you the only one.”

She said it with a smile, and Victoria had to smile too. She didn’t know herself.

It was getting towards the late afternoon, and some of the women where really having fun now. No doubt the drinking was having its effect.

Some were up dancing together, others were singing out loud with arms around each other’s shoulders, and some couples had paired off and were openly making out in discrete corners.

Victoria had to go to the toilet. She got up, and was surprised to find that her two drinks had gone to her head a little bit.

“You ok beautiful? Want me to come with you,” said Ruby with just the hint of a mischievous smile.

“No, I’m ok. Be back soon.”

On the way to the toilet, Victoria noticed two woman making out on an outdoor sofa in one of those discrete corners. They were kissing, and one woman had her hand inside the other woman’s opened zipper. Her jeans were unbuttoned and the zipper way down, giving the other woman easy access. Her hand was moving at a frenzied pace, and the woman being fingered was whimpering and moaning.

Victoria had never watched two women making out like that, and was momentarily transfixed. She had to admit it was hot. But she was too embarrassed to stand there for too long, and quickly rushed on to the toilets.

They were unoccupied, and Victoria quickly entered the first cubicle, closing the door behind her. She had just finished doing what she had to do, when she heard another couple of women enter, chatting out loud. Just a little too loud, and It was obvious they were well and truly inebriated.

“Fun day, eh?”

“Yep, been a laugh. Any plans for tonight?”

“No, but I’m horny as hell. Might hang around here til late and try to pick up a straighty.”

“Speaking of straighties, looks like Rubys got herself a keeper. Lucky bitch.”

“Yes, she is nice. Just the way I like them too, nice and innocent. And thinking they are straight.”

“I escort heard Ruby turned her the first night they met. At a parent teacher evening. Did her on the sofa in the common room.”

“Wow. Poor woman must have been hanging for it and didn’t know.”

“You and Ruby used to be together didn’t you?”

“Yep, long time ago now. But I still remember what she can do with that tongue of hers. Not surprised her lady friend didn’t take much convincing.”

Victoria realized it was Franky and another woman talking. She stood perfectly still, unable to move.

“Do you think she turned her completely?”

“Not sure, but I wouldn’t mind the chance to find out. There is something about older straight women I can’t resist.”

“You wouldn’t try anything behind rubys back would you?”

“No, probably not. But then again, if they wanted some one to join in, I wouldn’t be saying no.”

“Franky you are so bad.”

“You know what they say about straight women. Have clits the size of thumbs once an experienced leso gets to work on it. I bet miss Victoria had a thumb sized clit that first night.”

“Stop it, you’re making me all wet.”

The two women then walked out, laughing together, rejoining the party outside.

Victoria waited a few minutes, then left as well.

The conversation she had overheard had started a tingling feeling between her legs. She had to admit hearing two women talking about her sexually had got her excited. She was wet. And the fact one of the women was Franky no doubt contributed to just how wet she was.

She sat back down next to Ruby.

“Can we go now?”

“Ok beautiful, if you want. If you want to drive home, I can get a lift with someone else.”

“Actually, I thought you might want to take me back to your apartment and lick me until I cum.”

She could not believe those words had left her own mouth.

“Sure, but I’ve actually got a better idea. Wait here.”

Ruby ran off, returning a minute or two later with some car keys.

“Keys to frankys van. It’s parked just outside. She said no problem we could use it. She has it decked out nicely in the back with a mattress. She promised me she just put on clean sheets too. “

Ruby took her by the hand and led her outside. She felt like all the women watched them as they left. They all seemed to know what was happening. And there was Franky off to the side, her arm around a blonde woman, smiling directly at Victoria as she was led out to the van Ruby was going to fuck her in. Frankys van.

The van was parked in a deserted area of the carpark, which was now cloaked in darkness. Tinted windows and curtains provided extra privacy. Ruby opened the side door and they climbed in.

It was tastefully decked out in the back, with a big mattress taking up most of the space.

Victoria wondered how many women Franky had made love to in this van. She pushed the thought aside. She wanted to concentrate in Ruby. On rubys tongue.

Ruby started undressing her.

“You are quite the hit. Everyone really likes you.”

“Do they? That’s nice. Like I said before, they are all so nice and friendly.”

“As long as they remember I saw you first. A straight woman is a real prize you know.”

“So I’ve gathered. But you’ve already turned me remember.”

By now, Victoria was on her back, naked from the waist down. She opened her legs for ruby to gaze at her. .Her married pussy exposed, wet and open.

“Well get ready my beautiful Vicki, you are now going to get the licking of your life.”

The first two nights, Victoria had been unsure, insecure, nervous. But not this time. She knew what to expect, and she wanted it.

“I’ve missed your tongue. Give it to me.”

“That’s it Ruby, lick my clit. It wants your fucking tongue.”

“That’s it, right there. Tongue fuck me.”

Ruby this time. “God Vicki, look at your clit. It has come out to play again. What a naughty big clit you have.”

“It wants your tongue. My big clit wants your tongue.”

Ruby pushed her knees up in the air, and buried her face in Victoria’s muff.

Vicki reached down and grabbed hold of rubys hair. Pulling her head between her thighs. Wanting her in as deep as she could get.

Ruby loved Vicki’s new found assertiveness. She loved that she not only turned her, but now had her begging for it.

Her tongue was deep inside Vicki’s open gash, lapping up her wetness. So much wetness. Vicki pulled her in even more. Her tongue was as deep as it would go, her nose resting on the large exposed clit.

A clit she couldn’t resist. So hard and erect. She reluctantly extracted her tongue from the wet gash and went back to that clit. Licking, sucking and biting the straight woman’s love button.

Vicki laid back and enjoyed her new lesbian lover work her magic.

The tongue was flicking hard and fast across her clit. It was only a matter of time before she would be cumming.

She was concentrating on that glorious sensation when thoughts of Franky sprang into her mind.

Franky was gorgeous. Franky with that beautiful flowing hair, that wonderful smile, those piercing eyes. Franky standing in the shower, completely naked, staring at her. Franky talking about fucking her to her friend.

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