Vince Ch 03: Three’s Company

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“Here’s to a happy birthday, babe!” Their champagne glasses clinked together and they took a sip of the sparkling wine. Today was Vince’s birthday, and instead of going into town to get drunk with his friends like he usually did, he decided to spend it with Anastasia this time. They had been seeing each other for a few months now, and both were very happy in their new relationship. They found that they clicked on so many levels, not just sexually. But there certainly was no doubt in either of their minds that the sexual aspect of their relationship was a big one. They drove each other wild, and the sex was amazing for both parties. Each time they got together was a new and exciting sexual experience that only became wilder and more intimate as time went on.

They were sitting on the couch that faced the window overlooking the bay, and gazing out at the beauty in front of them. Now that winter was here, the trees were bare of leaves, and the crowds of people below were bundled up for the cold. It was only late in the afternoon, but already the sun was setting over the bay, and the blue sky was giving way to darkness.

It had been a good day for sure. They both had the day off, and spent all of it together. They had walked along the seawall, enjoyed coffee in the park, and gone to one of the many little cafés for a late lunch. Back at the apartment now, it was a perfect end to a perfect day. Still full from their lunch, there was no rush for dinner. It was time to relax and enjoy the champagne.

Vince looked over at Anastasia, “Thanks for such an amazing day hon, I couldn’t have asked for better.”

Anastasia smiled, “You’re so welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself so far. I’ve had a wonderful day as well! I still need to give you your birthday present though.”

“Present?” Vince said, “You really didn’t need to get me a present you know. Just being together has been amazing”

“Oh I think you will like this present” Anastasia said with a little wink.

Vince gulped. I wonder what she has for me he asked himself. His imagination started to run wild.

Anastasia leaned over and grabbed the bottle of champagne, and topped their glasses up. She kissed Vince on the cheek. “I can’t wait to see your face when you see what I’ve got for you” she said.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

“Coming!” Anastasia called out. Vince looked confused.

Anastasia disappeared around the corner where her doorway was. Vince heard her open the door, and greet someone. He could hear voices chatting quietly, but couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. He was still gazing out the window when he heard the door close, then footsteps coming back into the room.

“Vince, I’d like you to meet my friend Katarina”

He turned around to see Anastasia standing next to beautiful young blonde. “Hi Vince, you can just call me Kat if you like. It’s nice to meet you! Anastasia’s told me all about you.”

Vince looked shocked. He stared at Kat, and ran his eyes up and down her body. She was a tall, slim girl with blue-green eyes and long blonde hair, small firm breasts, and long shapely legs. She was wearing cut off jean shorts, and tight little tank top which he could clearly make out her nipples through. Vince was confused and lost for words.

Anastasia giggled and a big smile crossed her face “Priceless!” she said, “I couldn’t wait to see your face when I showed you your birthday present, and you didn’t let me down” Kat and her both laughed together.

“Birthday present?” Vince stammered.

Katarina and Anastasia turned and faced each other, wrapped arms around one another, and kissed seductively on the lips. Still holding each other, Anastasia turned to Vince, and said “Yes babe, your birthday present”

“Sweet mother of shit” Vince said under his breath as Kat and Anastasia turned towards one another again, and started full-on making out.

Their hands were running up and down each other’s bodies as they kissed, with their bodies pressed tightly together. Anastasia put one of her hands on the back of Kat’s neck, and pulled her head towards hers, putting even more pressure between their lips. Kat’s hand ran up Anastasia’s back, inside her shirt. Vince could see her fingers working under the fabric to unhook Anastasia’s bra, which quickly released. They stop kissing for a second, and Kat used both hands to grab the bottom of Anastasia’s shirt, as Anastasia lifted her arms straight up. Kat pulled the shirt up, over her head, and threw it aside. Anastasia’s bra strap was now hanging loosely at the back, and her large breasts were nearly falling out. Kat finished the job, and slid off her bra, and started rubbing her breasts. Anastasia let out a quiet moan as Kat bent down slightly, and started sucking on one of her nipples.

Kat straightened up again, and this time Anastasia grabbed the bottom of Katarina’s tank top, and began slowly lifting it over Kat’s head. As it cleared her breasts, Vince saw that she wasn’t wearing bonus veren siteler a bra. She had firm little breasts, much smaller than Anastasia’s, but beautifully shaped with lightly coloured, soft looking nipples. Absolutely gorgeous Vince said to himself.

The two women began making out again, and their breasts squeezed together, with Anastasia’s flattening out noticeably as she pushed them into Kat’s. They pulled slightly away from each other’s faces, and extended their tongues, which playfully flicked together as they reached down and began unbuttoning each other’s pants. Anastasia moved first, got down on her knees, and pulled off Katarina’s jean shorts. Vince stared at the tiny little thong that Kat was wearing, barely enough to cover her private parts. It was just transparent enough to see through and make out her pussy slit behind the fabric.

Anastasia then pulled her own pants down, revealing a similarly tiny thong. Her ass curved beautifully as she bent over while Vince looked on. As she was straightening up again, she firmly put her hand on Katarina’s crotch, on the outside of her panties. Kat moaned slightly, and they locked lips again for a few moments, before turning their attention to Vince. “Come on, birthday boy, let’s go to the bedroom” Anastasia said, as her hands moved back up Kat, and touched her breasts.

The two ladies turned and start walking slowly to the bedroom, hand in hand. Vince got up off the couch, and began to follow them, staring mesmerized by the two perfect asses in front him as they rock gently side to side in unison. It was an amazing view, and Vince exclaimed, “Jesus, I wish it was my birthday every day!”. The two ladies laughed without turning around, their long hair swinging back and forth as they walked.

Anastasia opened the door to the bedroom, and the threesome walked in. Vince looked around; Anastasia had obviously done some prep work this morning before they met up. The bed was neatly made, and there was a variety of pillows lying around. Candles adorned the dresser and their two night tables, which she started to light. They cast a warm yellow glow as she dimmed the main lights in the bedroom, and opened the curtains so they can see the view of the city lights from the bed. On Anastasia’s night table, he saw an interesting variety of sex toys he didn’t.

“Wow, you did all this for me?” Vince asked as he looked around.

“I’d do anything for my man on his birthday” Anastasia replied, with a clear emphasis on the ‘anything’.

“Tonight is your night Vince, these two bodies are yours to do whatever you want with” Kat added as she stood next to Anastasia, caressing her breasts. “Nothing is off limits.”

The two ladies took a hand each, and guided Vince towards the bed and began undressing him. Anastasia went for his shirt, unbuttoning it from the top down, as Kat took off his pants and underwear together. Vince was already hard, and Kat grabbed his cock and stroked it a couple times as she said “Wow, Anastasia was right, you are huge, Vince! I can’t wait to feel this inside me tonight.”

Vince took a seat at the head of the king sized bed, his back leaning up against the center of the bed’s headboard. The two ladies climbed up onto the bed next to him, one on each side. They crawled on all fours up to his cock, their breasts hanging down, swinging gently as them moved. Anastasia grabbed the base of his cock with one hand, and ran her tongue up from the base of his shaft, right up to the tip. Then Kat took a turn, and did the same on the other side. They did this a couple times each, then Kat took the head of his penis right into her mouth, and swirled her tongue around the tip. Vince closed his eyes and moaned loudly. Kat pulled it out, and said “Mmmmmmmm you taste incredible”.

It was now Anastasia’s turn. She took his penis into her mouth, and slid her lips right down to the base of his shaft, taking his cock deep into the back of her throat. Kat grabbed Anastasia’s hair, and slowly pumped her head up and down on Vince’s engorged cock, each time bottoming it out at the base of his shaft. Then Kat pulled Anastasia’s head right off Vince, and his cock left her mouth with a loud slurp. The two of them started making out again, forming a bridge right across Vince’s waist. He just stared in awe, completely entranced by the two pairs of breasts hanging and swinging in front of him; both very different, but both incredibly beautiful in their own way.

Still kissing, their hands started to make their way towards each other’s crotches, and slipped inside their panties. Their hands rubbed up and down on one another’s pussies, and Vince could only imagine what was going on behind the fabric of their panties. Kat started rubbing Anastasia’s vagina particularly vigorously, their lips parted, and the two women stared at each other for a moment. Anastasia took her hand out from Kat, closed her eyes, and started moaning loudly as Kat rubbed her pussy faster and harder. “Oh fuck yes, put your fingers in me Kat, bahis oh FUCK that feels soooo good!!” Anastasia yelled.

Anastasia was bobbing up and down hard as Kat was rubbing, and clearly getting close to climax already. Kat withdrew her hand, and pushed Anastasia down on to the bed so she was lying down. Kat practically jumped between Anastasia’s legs, and pulled her panties off, revealing her wet cunt. She then tore her own panties off, and threw them at Vince. Anastasia was lying on her back, her head supported, and legs spread wide open. Kat pounced on her dripping pussy with her mouth, and started eating her out. Vince looked at Katarina’s firm ass bobbing as she was thrusting her face into his lovers wet hole. It was too much to take; it was his turn to have some fun now.

Looking over at the various toys on the night table, he grabbed a bright pink butt plug and a bottle of lube. He applied plenty of lubricant to the toy, and then positioned himself behind Kat’s ass. Anastasia was moaning with her eyes closed as Kat was devouring her love parts. Vince stared down at Katarina’s bobbing ass, and lined up the sex toy with her anus. He gently started applying pressure as she bobbed, and the very tip began to slide it. She let out a little squeal, “Oh Vince!!”

He kept applying more and more pressure, and because it was a tapered plug, the further it went in, the wider it had to stretch her asshole out. He was pushing harder and harder, until it finally gave way, and it slid fully into her ass, as her butthole wrapped around the narrower neck of the toy. “Holy FUCK!” Kat screamed as she pulled her head away from Anastasia’s vagina momentarily. “That feels so good in my ass!” She quickly went back to Anastasia’s cunt, and started sliding fingers in one at a time while licking her clit.

Vince took his swollen cock in his hand, and lined it up with Katarina’s pussy hole, which he guessed was just below the base of the butt plug that he had inserted. Moving forward, he pressed the tip of his cock into Kat, and found her love hole. One more small push and his head penetrated into her vagina. “Oh Vince, I can’t believe you are fucking me!” she yelled, “Push it all the way in, birthday boy; get your fill of this tight little cunt.”

Vince was so turned on by her dirty talk, that he forgot himself for a moment, and in one smooth motion, thrust his penis all the way into her tiny pussy. It felt like he hit bottom with still an inch of his shaft remaining outside her lips, so he gave a final hard push and drove himself fully into the beautiful blonde that was eating out his lover’s pussy. Kat let out a scream of pleasure, and between her heavy breaths, shouted “holy SHIT Vince, your cock feels so good in this tight pussy; you just completely filled it right up! Fuck me hard, birthday boy. Pound this pussy!!”

Vince was too excited to be slow and gentle. He immediately started ramming his cock in and out of Katarina’s pussy, giving her a full hard stroke with each thrust. His thighs slapped into her ass every time he bottomed out in her. He was pounding her so hard, every time he bottomed out, her body thrust forward and her face pushed harder into Anastasia’s pussy. He felt almost as if Katarina had become an extension of his own penis as he rammed her into Anastasia.

Kat was howling with pleasure “holy fuck Vince, fuck me harder! Faster, faster!” Vince was destroying her tight pussy, as he grabbed her hips and nailed her from behind, and she loved every second of it. She started to develop her own rhythm, opposite from Vince, so that their love parts came together even harder with each thrust. Kat was so caught up in Vince fucking her from behind, she started to forget about Anastasia’s pussy. She was just too lost in her driving sex with Vince.

Anastasia stood up, her pussy dripping some fluid on the bed sheets. She faced the two that were fucking in front of her, spread her legs slightly, and drove three of her fingers into her cunt. Watching her partner fucking one of her friends was driving her wild, and she needed to cum. “Yes Vince, fuck that bitch hard! Ram her cunt, baby!” She was fingering her own pussy fast and hard, and moaning loudly. She could feel herself getting close to an orgasm.

Kat was screaming in pleasure as Vince rammed her. They were moving so fast, it was just a blur. Kat craned her neck around, looked Vince in the eye, and yelled through clenched teeth, “Come on Vince, cum in this fucking pussy! I want your hot cum to fill me up. Shoot your load in me Vince!”

When Anastasia heard this, she couldn’t hold her orgasm back any longer. She pulled her fingers out, and let out a howl as her pussy juice squirted out, and sprayed all over the couple in front of her. “Holy shit, holy shit I’m cumming!” she screamed as another burst of her juices shot out and soaked Katarina’s face and hair.

This pushed Vince over the edge “Holy fuck, I’m gonna blow!” He heaved forward, and pulled Kat’s hips towards him harder than ever, driving his throbbing deneme bonusu cock as deep as he possibly could, and exploded inside her. “FUCK!” he screamed as a second massive load blew out of him. Her pussy was so small, and his cock filled it so much, there was little room for his cum to go. It came shooting back out around his cock, and smeared all over the outside of Kat’s pussy lips. Vince pulled out as Katarina collapsed and rolled over on her back; the whole area around her vagina was smeared with Vince’s cum. Anastasia lay down beside her, facing the opposite direction, and wiped Kat’s throbbing cunt with her fingers, gathering up some of Vince’s cum, and putting the fingers in her mouth to suck it all off.

Licking them clean, she said “I hope you two aren’t finished yet, I’m only just getting started!”

Vince was staring at Kat’s lithe body lying on the sheets that were soaked in Anastasia’s love juices. His cum was still smeared all over the outside of her pussy, and her small breasts were heaving up and down with each heavy breath she took. He could just see the bright pink base of the butt plug he had put in her ass earlier; it pulsed in and out ever so slightly as she breathed. “Hell yes, I’m up for round two!” Vince said.

“Good” said Anastasia, “because I want you pull out that butt plug in Kat, and fuck her up the ass, and fuck her hard! It turns me on so much seeing you fuck another woman.” Anastasia had already started to rub her wet clit with one of her hands.

Kat sat up and winked at Vince while licking her lips. “You heard her, birthday boy. I want to ride that cock of yours and pound it into my tiny asshole until you fill it up with your hot cum as well. I want both my holes filled with your man juice.”

Vince didn’t need any further convincing. Katarina rolled over, got on all fours, and pointed her ass towards Vince. She pushed a little, and Vince watched as the butt plug moved a bit. Holy fuck that’s hot, he thought to himself. He reached forward and grabbed onto the base of the toy. Slowly pulling it towards him, he needed a fair amount of force to get it moving again. Kat moaned, “Oh god Vince, fuck that feels so good.” Suddenly, her asshole gave way, and the thick section of the plug stretched her wide. Now, it slid out easily towards the tapered tip. Vince stared at her asshole, which was gaping slightly and pulsing as she breathed. He could see the pink folds of skin inside. Kat swung around to face him. “Lie down Vince; I want your cock inside me.”

Vince lay down on his back, and Anastasia grabbed his cock at the base, forcing it vertical. “Get on this fucking cock you little slut,” she told Kat. Katarina climbed over Vince, straddling his waist, facing him and staring into his eyes. She leaned back, and began slowly lowering herself towards the tip of Vince’s penis, as Anastasia aimed it straight at her gaping asshole. With the help of Anastasia, Vince’s cock found its mark. Katarina slid right down, burying his cock completely in her ass.

“Fuck me, your cock feels amazing in my tight butthole” Kat exclaimed. She didn’t waste any time. In her squatting position, she immediately started pounding her ass up and down on his cock in a violent up-down motion. “Oh my GOD I can’t believe how good this feels!” she screamed as she closed her eyes.

Vince looked on at the beautiful sight in front of him. Kats small breasts jiggled only slightly as she rode him hard, and her head was tilted back with her eyes closed. He watched as she reached down and started playing with her own clit as she bounced. His cock was so deep inside her when she reached the bottom of the down stroke, and he couldn’t believe how good she felt.

Meanwhile, Anastasia had been looking on at the action between the two of them, and had been masturbating hard. She looked over to Vince, and said “I want you to eat my fucking cunt babe; I want to ride your face and squirt my pussy juices all over you.”

Before Vince could even answer, Anastasia had jumped on his face, and was grinding her vagina into his mouth area as she held onto the rails on the headboard of the bed. Vince started going at her wet pussy hard with his tongue as she continued riding his face. “Fuck yes, eat that pussy, eat that pussy, oh my fucking shit!” She screamed as she felt Vince’s tongue on her clit.

Kat was pounding herself into his cock even harder and faster now. “Yes, yes, YESSS!!” she screamed as she buried Vince deep in her ass. She was holding onto Anastasia’s shoulders now, and the two were developing a rhythm together as they fucked Vince together. They were both getting close to an orgasm, and Vince knew it.

Anastasia started screaming “Holy shit, holy shit I’m close baby, keep going!” Vince could hardly breathe, but he kept his tongue in motion around her clit as she ground into his face even harder. “OH MY GOD!!!” Every muscle in her body tensed, and she pulled herself a few inches above Vince’s face. Vince looked just as her woman parts erupted in a huge spray of juices, which completely soaked his entire head. She screamed again, so loud Vince wondered if the neighbors had heard, as another gush of clear liquid blew out and smothered his already dripping face. She flopped over to the side, collapsing with her head near Katarina.

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