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Double Penetration

Chapter 4

Because Bear Cub had only had a pair of twin beds in their bedroom, which are much too small for four Baby Boys to sleep on, they”d slept separately for the first time since they got together. One pair of loving Baby Brothers per bed. Even though there are several other bedrooms, the Baby Boys had always preferred sleeping in the same bedroom together, right from the time they were young, now, of course the reasons are different, and that”s perfectly okay.

When the Baby Boys wake up this morning, the fact that they hadn”t cum since early the day before slammed into all their super soggy baby diapers, and thus caused them to be extra horny this morning. They”re all very much used to two to three glorious sex sessions per day, since they”ve done so for near on exactly two months now.

Vinnie, being the over sexed and precocious Baby Boy that he is, was the first to spin around, taking the blankets with him, and nearly attacking his big Baby Brother to get what he needs. Cub giggled at seeing this, because they”d been talking, when suddenly Vinnie did so, and so did likewise to his big Baby Brother.

Given it”s their favourite position still, since their diapered dinkies are still truly too small for making sweet gay baby diaper love to each other how they very much desire it, they”re all in a sixty nine. As per usual, in a sixty nine, they”re also finger fucking each other, and from the fact that they”re all up to three fingers before even their first baby boygasms, they”re all very much wanting to fist and be fisted once again, since it”s been well over a week since their last time.

By their third baby boygasms, they”re all buried fist deep inside each other, going long and slow, truly enjoying themselves. Yes, there”s still pain, even though they”ve done this to each other so much now, it”s still a lot for such little baby bums, yet even the Diapered Daddies still hurt so wondrously from doing so to each other, which they too are in the process of doing at the same time. The little Baby Boys last a whopping eight cums, taking damn near two hours to do so, it”s their longest and slowest session ever, and they”re all damn near passing out from it. The Diapered Daddies lasted for five orgasms and at just over an hour and a half, they too are taking far longer, and going even slower than they ever have before.

Once all done, they all know full well that they desperately need to have a bath and clean up, because they”re all super sweaty, and the beds are now a mess, yet, not one of them does so. They simply go to the bathroom to empty out, and then clean each other up with baby wipes, and then diaper each other how they desire and deserve. The Diapered Daddies are in double disposable baby diapers, while the Baby Boys are in their cloth, but Vinnie had grinned super brightly when he grabbed everything for them, and had grabbed them two of each of their doublers to go with their already wondrously thick and thirsty cloth baby diapers, so they”re gonna be triple cloth baby diapered. For some strange reason, not one of the big Baby Brothers was against this in any way, in fact, their bright smiles from seeing all that Vinnie”s carrying with him say they”re ecstatic about his idea.

The Diapered Daddies had made it to the kitchen only minutes before the little Baby Boys did, and they”re already in the process of making lots of tea and breakfast. For some reason, they all feel the need to have a very large and filling breakfast. They”d had to go out to the trucks and trailer to get much of the stuff that they”ll need, but that”s okay.

“Morning Diapered Daddies.” All four Baby Boys say together, and then go get good morning hugs and kisses and mega thick baby bum pats.

“Morning Babies.” They both say, and then give said hugs, kisses, and baby bum pats, but then, the Baby Boys pat their Diapered Daddies” nice thickly diapered baby bums too.

“My my, you four sure are thickly diapered this morning, aren”t you.” Taran laughed.

“Oh yeah, it”s horrible.” Bear whined, “Vinnie made us wear our ultra thick cloth baby diapers with two doublers in each one. I simply have no idea what I did to deserve such horrible horrible punishments.” Then he giggled.

“Yeah, horrible that you can”t wear them this wondrously thick all the time, huh.” Vinnie giggled.

“Well, we could, just, we shouldn”t.” Bear said, because they all know the reasons why they really can”t.

“For sure. The problem is, we really do needta go into town and go grocery and supply shopping today.” Thayden said.

“Yeah, we should, but we have enough supplies to last “til tomorrow anyway, and we have lotsta do today, so, we can do that tomorrow.” Jammer said. “Granted, I”d happily go to town with even this baby diaper on, I really don”t care any more what anyone thinks, but, I know I can”t.”

“Same.” Everyone else says together.

While waiting for the tea to be ready, they all have a few glasses of water. Not only are they actually very thirsty from their fun and games this morning, but they needta load up plenty so to peepee their baby diapers lots and lots, good and full you might even say. All six of them had fed their partners a good drink already, during said fun and games, but, they need more. As soon as their tea is ready for them, they start sipping it now, and wait for their breakfast, which is taking way too long in all their starving opinions. The Diapered Daddies had made a large pot of oatmeal with apples and cinnamon, two hard boiled eggs each, and a large bowl of cut up fruit. There should have been twice as much as they need, yet every spec of it was very nearly inhaled, they”re all so hungry.

“Fuck, now I need a nap.” Taran laughed as soon as they”re all finished.

“Me too, now that you mention it.” Thayden said.

“Same.” All four boys say as one.

“Well, since we”re not on any sort of schedule, and we do need it, let”s go have a nap like the little Baby Boys we are then.” Taran laughed.


So, they all headed to the bedrooms, but the Diapered Daddies receive a pleasant surprise when all four Baby Boys follow them to theirs, and crawl into their much larger king size bed. They”re not gonna be playing anyway, so, they happily cuddle up to the Baby Boys, and within only a couple minutes, they”re all sound asleep once more, and that”s where they stay for nearly two hours. When one starts to wake up, they all do, and within just a few minutes, they”re all awake, yet no one says anything, and no one makes any moves to get up, they”re all tenderly tickling each other, it”s very soft and loving, they”re all so warm and cozy, that no one wants to get up and ruin this special family time that they”re sharing. They must have stayed like that for at least another hour, before they finally decide that they really do need to get up and get started on their day.

“Mmmm, that was really nice.” Bear sighs deeply as they get out of bed.

“Yeah, it was.” The rest all say very nearly as one.

“But now we have lotsa work to do Babies, so, let”s get our socks and shoes on, and go get to work.” Taran said.

And so, that”s exactly what they do. All of Thayden”s tools are put into the shop, which they toured while they”re in there, and they all really like it, all of Jammer and Vinnie”s toys are put into one of the spare bedrooms, which is now going to be turned into a play room for the Baby Boys, since Thayden had spared no expense in setting his Baby Boys up with Lego, K”nex, Mechano, and all of that, but he”d had lots from when he was a kid, so he”d happily added to it. Even though Bear Cub had quite a bit of some of this, their collection paled in comparison, so, they need a good large area for it all now. It took them a little better than five hours to get everything unpacked, sorted, and put away where it needs to go, clearly they”d had to break for lunch half way between, and it”s now getting pretty close to dinner time already.

It was only an hour later that they were sitting down to eat dinner, and as usual, they talk as they do so.

“So, if you have all this land, and you even have a barn, how come you don”t have any animals?” Jam asked.

“I”m not really into animals all that much, well, other than in bed, I”m perfectly satisfied with just having the orchard. We used to have a couple dozen chickens, but we got hit with some bird sickness, and all my chickens died almost a year ago, and I haven”t bothered to replace them. We probably should, though, and I do admit, that I have kinda always wanted to have at least one milking cow.” Taran answered.

“I”d look after them, I”ve always wanted to.” Jammer said happily.

“Then we”ll look into that tomorrow for you.” Thayden said, because he wants his Baby Boys to have something of their own.


“Can we get a new bed tomorrow too?” Cub asks.

“Yeah, I think that was likely on the list of things to do tomorrow as well. I think we”ll get you Baby Boys one king size bed to share. We”ll put the other two into a couple of the other bedrooms, since technically speaking you really aren”t allowed to share, at least like you do.” Thayden answers.

“Yeah, well, they”re all just idiots.” Cub said.

“For sure.” The others all say together.

“I”d like to order all the stuff to make my apple wine, because the apples are gonna needta be picked and processed real soon here, and I”m almost out. Not even sure who to ask about that, but I”m sure we can figure it out.” Thayden shrugged.

“Me neither.” Taran said.

“Actually, you never showed us the orchard today. I kinda looked over there, but there”s a lotta trees. How many of them are apple?”

“All of them.” Taran grinned.

“I thought you said you had a small orchard!”

“Well, in comparison to some in this area, it is, I only have a couple thousand trees.” He grinned even brighter yet. “But some of the big orchards in this area have five times that. Granted, if I wanted to, I have more than enough land here to have ten times what I already do. Even with the tractor and the picking stuff we have doing the bulk of the hard work, it”s still the better part of two weeks of ten to twelve hours a day, every day that we spend in picking it all. Picking time starts in just a week or two, so, it”s gonna be balls to the wall for a bit once it starts.”

“Shit. Well, I”m gonna buy another tractor and harvester then, and we”ll get the best stuff we can, so that we don”t haveta spend as much time doing it. I wonder if I”ll be able to process that much, though, and how much fucking wine that”ll make.” Thayden laughed.

“There”s an area in the barn that was designed for storing the apples, it”s both cooled and humidity controlled, and is kept under a small vacuum, with as much oxygen pumped out as possible, so, in there, I can keep all the apples from the entire orchard for an entire year without degradation. My dad had that built, so that he could provide them year round for a local place. I”ve kept that up, and make decent money off it. Granted, the more you can use, the better.”

“That”s fucking awesome. So, no storage worries then.”

“Nope. It works amazing, and is one of the few things that”s got a backup generator on it, in case we lose power for any length of time, which does happen rather routinely around here.”

“I bet. What”s the longest you”ve gone without power?”

“When I was a kid, there was an entire month during winter once, but it”s rare now that it”s out for more than just a few days. I”m careful to ensure that there”s no trees that can affect the line in my stretch, and the other ranchers do the same in all their areas, because we were all sick of the power company taking their sweet time, so, if we maintain things, we lose power less.”

“Good thinking. How much did it cost to bring power out here?”

“Fucked if I know. My grandpa had it done in like the early fifties I think it was. Hard to say if he paid anything for it or not. Probably didn”t, though, he was a very persuasive person, and was very well liked, so, I doubt they would”ve or could”ve said no to him.”

“That wouldn”t happen nowadays, that”s for damned sure. They”d nail you to the wall to pay for the entire fucking line and all their stupid fees, and then continue raping and pillaging you in the absurd amount that they charge for the power on top of it.” Thayden laughed.

“Yeah, well, if our gloriously smart electric company would stop selling all our power to California at less than it costs to produce it, they could afford to lower our rates, but they”d never do that. Oh well, you can”t fix stupid.” Taran said, and sadly he”s right.

“No shit. What”s worse, is they tell us it”s for our own good, and smile while lying to us about it. Like you said, you can”t fix stupid.”

“Why not go solar and wind power then?” Jammer asked curiously.

“Neither are sure bets, they”re simply not reliable or continuous enough, not to mention the absurdly large battery banks that you”d need to store the power. gaziantep travesti We could tie it back into the line, so that what we produce that we don”t use, reduces what we pay, but even then, not sure the cost savings would be worth it in the end. I know my dad looked into it years ago, hence my knowing this, but, I”ve also heard that efficiency is considerably better in all aspects of it now than it ever was before, and I”ve also heard rumours stating that the cost of all that stuff has come down a lot too. We probably could look into it again, to see if it”s worth it now.” Taran answered.

“If it”s worth it, I say we should do it.” Jammer said.

“We”ll certainly look into it.”

“How do you water all the trees?” Vinnie asked.

“They really don”t need it all that much, they”re mature enough that they can get most of their water from the ground, but, given how hot it can get here, and how dry the ground could get, if I didn”t add additional water, it could stunt the growth of the apples, so, I do trickle water everything every morning during the hot season. There”s a small creek and a pond that I have a pump in on the far side of the orchard, but we haveta be super watchful on it, because if I take too much it”ll dry up, because during August, when it”s hottest, there”s a bare trickle entering, so, if I take too much every day, it can”t fill up fast enough to provide for the next day. I only run the water for an hour every morning, starting at three A.M, but considering the sheer volume of water that still requires for the amount of trees we have, it”d easily overwhelm the input of the pond.”

“Wow.” Vinnie said.

“Have you ever thought of digging out the pond and making it hold way more water, so that you have a larger amount to start with?” Jammer asked.

“Yes, and that”s already been done once, my grandpa did so way back in the early seventies, it”d been just a tiny little hole, barely even enough to call it a pond, so, one summer, when there was almost no water coming down at all, he dug it out. Now it”s something like fifty metres across at almost all points, and I think it”s pretty close to three metres deep in the centre. If I were to do so again, now would be the time to do so, since there”ll be hardly any water flowing, and I”ve thought of nearly doubling it in size.”

“Then we should do so, sooner rather than later.” Thayden said.

“We”d need much larger tractors to do that, and honestly, it”d probably just be faster, cheaper, and easier on us to hire someone else to do so for us.” Taran admitted.

“Then why don”t we ask about that while we”re out and about tomorrow. It seems like the sorta thing we should probably do.”

“Maybe, but we already have enough for the trees we have, I have a well for the house, so we don”t needta worry about that, and it produces well. Granted, a few years ago, when I almost decided to increase the size of he orchard, since the boys were getting old enough to help more, I realized I couldn”t then, because I probably wouldn”t have had enough water then.”

“Then let”s do it this year.” Thayden said.

“I say for sure, with six of us, we”d be able to manage it easily, and if we more than double the size of the pond, then that should be able to sustain it, right Daddy.” Bear said.

“Maybe, hard to say, because of course the input won”t change, just the holding capacity, and remember, we”re gonna lose lots of that water to heat, and increasing the size of the pond increases the amount of heat loss as well.”

“True, but we can always adjust the water flow if we haveta.” Thayden said.

“Not really sure how.”

“Not too the pond, but decrease the amount to the trees a little. Each tree probably only requires let”s say four litres per day added.”

“That”s probably all I give them anyway, so that”s roughly eight thousand litres a day.”

“Oh. Well, then I guess we just figure it out as we go.” Thayden shrugged.

“Yeah, we”ll do it all and figure it out later.” Taran laughed.

“Awesome.” The Baby Boys all say together.

They continue talking more as they eat their dinner, and hash out more of what they”ll do tomorrow, it”s shaping up to be a busy day, but that”s okay. After cleaning up from dinner, they all sit back and watch a movie together, and then some TV for a bit “til they”re all ready for bed. They all need super soggy gay baby bum changes, which means they”re all gonna cum at least a couple times. The Baby Boys hadn”t had to change their triple mega thick baby diapers, whereas the Diapered Daddies had had to change before dinner, but just went with one of their nice thick disposable baby diapers, so that they too would be ready for really good super soggy baby bum changes come bed time.

This time all wish to make sweet gay baby diaper love to their Babies, and while the Diapered Daddies went for only two amazing gay baby boygasms, the Baby Boys went for four, and rotated to a different Baby Boy after every one, until they”d all been made love to once. They all double diaper in their disposable baby diapers, since that”s all they”re gonna need until they have to change to go out tomorrow morning now, and then curl up to their Babies and fall fast asleep.

After breakfast and super soggy baby bum changes, which because they”d all leaked while eating breakfast, and because they hadn”t done so the day before, they all figured that they”d better have at the least a shower, so, they all do so before diapering and dressing, and in both showers they had nice steamy showers, only just kissing and stroking to a couple baby boygasms each, but, of course, the Diapered Daddies collect each others baby milk and then feed it to their Babies, then cum kiss even more.

They all meet outside after getting their shoes on, then all hop into Thayden”s truck, since the trailer”s still attached, and head out. Their largest need is of course groceries, but they”re holding off on that “til the end, because they need everything, and they don”t want it going bad on them. Their first stop is the medical supply store, where they all happily go in and stock up on lots of diapers. Next is a furniture store, so that they can get the Baby Boys a new bed, and they found one that the Baby Boys all love, and then an amazing mattress for it. That too is loaded into the trailer, and then they head out. Their next stop is to a local gravel pit, so that Taran can get the names of people who”d be capable of digging out the pond the size he wants, and the guy said there”s only one guy that could do it that he knows of, and gave Taran the guys number. Next is a department store to get a few sheet sets and protective mattress covers, and a new quilt for the Baby Boys” newer and bigger bed, but they also grab a few more things from there too, since they”re there and all. They stop at a hardware store, then a tool store where Thayden places a rather large order of all the new tools that he wants and sets it for delivery once they receive everything, since not everything is in stock, and there”s no point in delivering things one at a time, that”s a waste of both time and money, they do, however, take a shit load of stuff that they had in stock with them. Then they head to the tractor supply place, and Thayden happily orders another harvester for apples, since Taran says he”s actually got the perfect tractor already in the shop to attach it to, hopefully both will be ready in time, but it”ll be close. Finally they go grocery shopping, and as suspected, it was a big one, and they very nearly filled the trailer.

It took damn near as long to offload and store all their supplies as it had taken to get them in the first place. Of course, the very first thing that they all do as soon as they arrive home, is to strip. In fact, the Baby Boys are already stripping before they even make it into the house, the Diapered Daddies laughing in their wake, while they too are stripping down to just their soggy baby diapers, since why not. Once everything is stored, the Diapered Daddies say that they need to make calls and check emails, so the Baby Boys ask if they can go for a diaper hike, and they”re allowed.

“So, where should we go?” Bear asks as soon as they leave the house.

“Let”s go to the pond, then follow the creek, I have an idea, but needta see where the creek comes from first.” Jammer said.

“What?” They all ask as one.

“Well, have you gone all the way up to the lake that feeds it?”

“No, it”s a pretty long ways away I think.” Bear admitted.

“Then let”s go.”

So, Bear Cub lead their new Baby Brothers to the pond, and then they follow it for damn near an hour. They”re not at the lake that feeds it yet, but they found something else that”s of serious interest.

“This is what I was hoping for.” Jammer said. “Though I suspected we”d haveta go all the way up to the lake in order to find it.”

The creek splits in half.

“We”ve never come this far up before, so, we had no idea this was here. Wonder if Daddy ever did!” Cub said.

“I”m gonna guess no, otherwise he”d have come and dammed this offshoot, so to feed our pond more water. We don”t wanna do so yet, so that the pond doesn”t fill up too much before it”s dug out more, since I think we”re still gonna needta, but I”m gonna start damming off this other creek, so that as much water”s diverted to us as we can get.”

“Yeah, but what if this is feeding someone else”s pond.” Bear said. “If we cut off someone else”s water supply, that”d be pretty rude, don”t you think.”

“Yeah, it would be, but I seriously doubt it. Look at the land, look at where this one”s going. It”s going completely the opposite direction than any other ranches around, at least from as far as I can tell. We”ll bring the Diapered Daddies up here and ask their opinion, but I don”t think it”s gonna be too much trouble.”

“That”s a good idea, and I think you”re right.” Bear said after looking for a couple minutes.

“Wanna keep going and see if we can find the lake too?”

“May as well.” The other Baby Boys all say together.

It took them damn near an hour more to make it, but it”s not a hard hike, and while the lake”s a good size for this area, it”s not too big. It”s pretty low, though, which is why the feed rate isn”t very much right now.

“It”s really nice up here.” Vinnie says happily.

“Yeah, it is.” The others all say together.

“Why on Earth haven”t you guys ever come up here before?” Jammer asked.

“Daddy doesn”t like hiking. Says he did so a few times when he was a kid, but that he just doesn”t enjoy it.” Bear said.

“Wow, whereas me, I”d take this walk a couple to a few times a week.” Jammer admitted.

“Me too actually.” Bear laughed.

“Maybe not this far, but yeah.” Vinnie said, and Cub nodded.

“Daddy”d loveta come up here with us too, he loves hiking.” Vinnie said.

“For sure, maybe we”ll ask the Diapered Daddies to come for the hike tomorrow or the next day.”


They continue their trek, only now they”re heading back toward home. It took a little less time, about an hour and a half this time, but still, they were gone for more than three hours.

“Good grief, where”d you Baby Boys go.” Taran asked when they finally make it inside.

The Baby Boys tell them everything, including what they”d found, and what they want them to do soon, and they agree to go with them soon to check it all out. Boy were the Baby Boys happy, though, to hear that it”s getting really close to dinner time, and that they”re gonna be eating soon, because they”re all famished. They”re also leaking, so, they head to their bedroom to change their leaky baby bums. The Diapered Daddies had had to change a little better than an hour ago themselves already, so, they”re good.

Even though it was by far one of the fastest diaper changes the Baby Boys had had, because they want and need food, they still all manage to cum twice. They”re now in triple thick cloth baby diapers once again, though, since that”s what the Diapered Daddies are wearing. They sat down to eat only a few minutes later, and as usual, they talk as they do so.

“So,” Jammer said. “Did you call the tractor guy and arrange to have him come out?”

“Yep, and he”s gonna come first thing tomorrow morning and look at it and quote it for us, and says that if we all agree to it, that he can probably have his crew come in just a few days to get it done.” Taran answered.


“Daddy, did the father of that boy that bullied me in that store a couple weeks ago ever email you?” Vinnie asks.

“Yes, he did, and I laid everything on the line for him, and offered to have them come move in with us.”

“Fucking awesome.” Vinnie says giddily, but all five of the others agree happily as well, even the Diapered Daddies would so totally love a third.

“What else did you haveta do?” Bear asks.

“I”ve called virtually every nursery gaziantep masaj salonları in the province it feels like and secured another two thousand and some apple trees, most of them are just little, but from three local ones, I did get nearly mature ones, so, lots. It”s costing a bloody fortune, though, just because of shipping from thirteen different nurseries as far as a hundred kilometres away.”

“Nice.” All the boys say.

“And I found a local ranch breeder who had both chickens and cows to sell, so, I ordered twenty four laying hens and two milking cows. Then I ordered from the ranch supply place everything that we”d need for all that, including an automated milking parlour, so that we don”t haveta milk the cows by hand, since that”s way too 1800″s for me. I”ve also ordered all the equipment that I need for processing the apples and filtering them, and then the rest of the supplies needed to make about four thousand litres of wine at a time. Then, Taran and I decided to get something else that”s gonna be a surprise when it gets here.”

“What?” Nearly all the Baby Boys ask as one.

“Now, if we told you that, it wouldn”t be a surprise, now would it!” Thayden grinned.

“Fine, what else did you do and/or buy?” Jammer mock moaned

“That took up most of the time, to tell you the truth, finding all that wasn”t exactly fast. There”s a couple other surprises, but, again, they”re surprises, so, you”ll find out when it happens.” Taran said.

“Okay.” They all said, but Vinnie added, “But if you were to order all of us more awesomely amazingly thick baby diapers, and lots of really good fucking gay Baby Boy toys, we”d totally love that.” The other Baby Boys could only nod their agreement.

“Yes, I”m sure you would.” Thayden laughed, trying to keep his face as neutral as possible, since that”s exactly what he”d done.

After dinner, they played card games until bed time, then went to bed and had really good fucking soggy baby bum changes, but only three fingers, since they”re all still tender from their good fisting the day before. They”re all triple diapered in their disposable baby diapers with two doublers in them. The Baby Boys got to curl up together in their now much larger and so very comfortable bed together, and they absolutely prefer it.

The next morning they all have baths after breakfast, because they”re all about to leak anyway, so needta change, and then had a good gay baby diapering, that”s to say they all had three good gay baby boygasms caused only by hands this time, and only in double disposable, then got dressed, because they”re gonna have a guest hopefully soon.

In fact, the owner of the excavation company, Mark, arrived only half an hour after they”re all ready to face the day, so that”s perfect. They took him to the pond and explained to him what it is that they want, that they want him to make it physically larger around, but as deep as he”s able to as well. Taran also told him that they need not truck away all the material that comes out, which will be mostly rock, because they can store it, but that they can also move it later, he simply needs to pile it out of the way. He walked around the pond a couple times, looking at everything.

“You said that this was dug out once before?” He asked Taran.

“That”s right, but long before I was alive.”

“I have my doubts that we”re gonna be able to do anything without the use of explosives.”

“That I”d totally loveta watch.” Taran grinned.

“Me too.” Everyone else said as one.

“Yeah, it”s fun to watch. It”s solid rock here, though, so, if we were to drill to depth, set our charges, and just blow it, I think that”d be much faster and easier, and as it just so happens, my son”s my explosives expert, and has been trained in how to do so. It”d take one day to do all that, and then probably two to three days after to clean everything out. We may haveta come back in with explosives and do a few more smaller blasts once it”s all clear, but, we could be looking at a minimum of three days, but could be a couple weeks too, depending on how bad the rock in this area is. It”s really hard to say. I”ve done lots of excavations like this, but you never know “til you start what you”re gonna find.”

“Yeah, I know about it being solid fucking rock around here. When we built my shop, the poor crew doing that had a bitch of a time trying to get anything close to resembling flat, and in the end, we ended up just getting rid of as much debris as we could, and the fucking concrete”s just pinned to the rock.” Taran said.

“Yeah, my house is much the same, but at least we were able to blast some. Neighbours didn”t much care for it, but, meh, fuck “em, I pulled the proper permits. We”re so far outta town here, though, that I won”t even haveta pull a permit to do this blasting, “cause we”re nowhere near close enough to anyone else to affect them. In fact, you”re so far away that I doubt your nearest neighbour will even hear anything. Not that you”ll even hear much, most of the explosion will be in solid rock, which muffles the sound a lot more than you”d expect. Now, cost for this is gonna depend solely on exactly how much time it takes, but you”re looking at minimum ten thousand, but could be as much as twenty. The good news, my son and his crew can be here tomorrow morning to get started, and then me and my crew will follow the next day. We have blast shields that we can set up a safe distance away, so that you can even watch.”

“Then let”s book it.” Taran said happily.

“Consider it done. He”ll likely be here about the same time tomorrow morning, it”ll take a couple hours to get everything drilled, and then by noon or so the dust will have settled enough to see if he thinks he”ll needta do another smaller series of blasts.”

“Awesome. Can”t wait.

“Then I”ll see you guys the day after tomorrow then.”

Before they knew it, he was gone.

“This is gonna be so amazing.” Taran said.

“Yeah. Now, we have a tractor that still needs completion, my Baby Boys and I are no strangers to hard work and working on heavy machinery, and I imagine your Baby Boys are much the same, so, let”s go see how much work we can get done today, because we”re gonna need that tractor real soon here.”

“Very true.” Taran said, and so, they head to the shop.

They”d seen the tractor that Taran was already working on in there, though there”s three that he”s working on right now, but the one that they”re currently interested in is still pretty near all torn apart, though Taran had already claimed that everything has been repaired where possible, replaced where necessary, cleaned, and is now ready for reassembly. The Baby Boys all had a blast getting to help put the engine back together, and Taran is a good and patient teacher, but never allowed anything to be considered complete until he personally checked it, and ensured that every nut, bolt, and screw were tightened to their proper torque settings. By the end of the day, they have a now fully functioning and running engine, and Taran says it”s running better than it probably did when it was new.

They had a good evening in, a pair of very good super soggy baby bum changes, and then they all slept a good sleep. When they wake up, they”re all excited to see the blasting done, but to help wear themselves out a bit to curb their excitement some, they have another amazing super soggy baby bum change, this time in all their favourite way, sixty nine and finger fuck, though none of them fisted each other, they all went to four fingers. They”re all in their thickest disposable baby diapers, all with two of their biggest doublers inserted, and they”re all clothed in clothes that just barely conceal what they”re wearing. They”re all wearing their longest shirts, though, which do help a lot to hide their very well padded baby bums and crotches. It”s just as they”re finishing breakfast that they heard at least a couple trucks arrive. They finished wolfing it down, and are still chewing and swallowing when they all bolted out the door.

“Good morning, you must be Taran and Thayden. I”m Mike, my Dad says you”re all excited to watch us blast a rather large hole in your property.”

“Oh yeah.” They all say pretty near together.

“Awesome. Lead the way.”

They lead the crew to the pond, and fortunately they can drive their vehicles right up to it as well. They have four trucks, and ten people in their crew, so, they”re gonna be able to get a lot of work done in very short order.

As soon as they arrive, Mike also takes the walk around as Taran and Thayden tell him exactly what they want and need done, though his Dad had already told him the basics, he still needs to see and figure it all out himself. While they”d been doing that, the rest of the crew were all busy getting everything unpacked and ready. Two guys were constructing a blast screen roughly twenty metres away, while the rest were pulling other equipment out of the trucks, namely large drills capable of drilling into the very dense rock in this area. As soon as Mike had everything that he needed to know, he went around and started placing cones with numbers on them, and explained to them that these tell his guys where to drill and to how deep. By the time he finished, there are thirty four cones placed. The others had all started drilling already, and Mike too grabs a drill and gets to work. Some of the holes are really quite deep, while others are not, so are done very quickly.

All the Babies couldn”t help but to notice that many of the holes are filling with water, and when Taran asked about it, they”re told that it doesn”t matter with the explosives and charges that he uses, because they”re waterproof, and he”s fully capable of doing underwater explosions, and has done so, even has full scuba gear for doing so, because he”s the only guy trained to do so in something like a two hundred kilometre area. None of them know why you would need to do this, but figure that it”s a good skill. As soon as all the holes are drilled, Mike and Mike alone gets all the various explosives, wires them up and inserts them into all the holes. His guys are simply bringing him supplies and running all the wiring back to the blast screen.

It”d taken two hours for them to drill all the holes, and then a little more than an hour and a half for Mike to set all the charges, then a further half an hour to verify all the connections are reading correctly. Once he verifies that everyone is where they”re supposed to be, he does one final visual sweep of the area, then another head count, then calls it out, and hits the switch. They felt it more than they heard it, the percussive blast that it created was awe inspiring, yet the actual explosion was actually a little anti climatic. There was shockingly little dust and debris.

“I thought for sure that there”d be rock flying everywhere.” Bear said once the dust settled.

“No, that”s my job to ensure that that sorta thing doesn”t happen. The blast shield is for just such an emergency that I make a mistake, but if I do my job right, there”s not supposed to be much flying debris. Also, if I did my job right, when my Dad gets here tomorrow with his crew, they”ll have a pretty easy job of cleaning it all up, and will hardly haveta do any real work. Trust me, whatever he quoted you for doing this, two thirds of it”s for me and my crew, because we make their lives much faster and easier. Now, if you”ll excuse me, I haveta go verify that all charges went off correctly, and absolutely no one else is allowed to leave this area until I give the all clear.”

“Okay.” They all say together.

Mike checked it all out and twenty minutes later, he gives the all clear, and they all go and check it out. It may not have looked like much when it went, but the destruction is utterly impressive. They”re gonna have a lot of really good sized boulders now, and a whole lot of really good usable gravel as well.

“It went perfectly, and I don”t foresee having to come back to do any minor cleanup charges. You don”t intend to use this for swimming, do you?” Mike asked.

“No, never have, the rocks were always way too jagged for that, it wouldn”t have been a comfortable experience, and it doesn”t look as if it”d be any better now.” Taran laughed.

“Nope. We could make it as smooth as a babies bottom if we really wanted to, but like you said, this is an irrigation pond, so, no point in that.”

“Exactly, and I”m sure would cost even more to do as well.”

“Oh yeah, because that”s pretty near all finicky hand work, and I”d be placing a lot more and a lot smaller charges to do it. What we did today takes a lot of material out, very fast, it”s incredibly powerful, but not very neat or precise. So, while we”ve doubled your physical area, with as deep as we”ve made everything, I think we”re gonna more than quadruple the amount of water storage you”re gonna get from it.”

“I bet, and that sounds great. Thanks.” Taran said happily.

The rest of the crew are finishing up all the rest of the cleanup, and by gaziantep escort bayan then, they”re pretty much done, so, with hands shaken all around, Mike and his crew head home and leave the Babies to the rest of their day.

“That was amazing. I”ve never felt a punch like that, that felt totally awesome.” Jammer said once the guys had gone.

“Oh yeah. I thought for sure with how much explosives they were using that it was gonna shoot hundreds of metres up in the air.” Vinnie said.

“Me too.” The rest admitted, but understood how unsafe that would be, hence Mike being very well trained to do exactly what he did.

(By the way, my Aunt and Uncle up in this very area had this done when they were building their new house, I wasn”t there unfortunately, but I did get to see the video of it, and it was pretty freaking cool. Not Myth Busters cement truck explosion cool, but cool none the less.)

“Well, we still have lots to do on the tractor before it”s done, and we still have the better part of today to get done as much as we can, so we should get to work. We all need lunch first, though, and I for one see no reason to stay dressed like we are, so, let”s go strip down to our wondrously wet and thick baby diapers, have lunch, and then get to work Babies.” Taran said.

“Okay.” Everyone says happily.

And so, that”s exactly what they all do. Today they get the transmission and the hydraulic pumps all taken care of, and they”re now functioning properly. This took them to just after dinner, but Bear and Jammer had excused themselves about half an hour before Taran said they”d be done, to go in to start making dinner for them all, since they”re all getting hungry. It”s at this time, though, that the Baby Boys realized that they”d already started to leak, but they”re totally okay with that, and just leave it for now. When the others make it in, they”re asked if they”ve started leaking as well, and they too admit that they”ve all started to leak like the good baby boys they are, and they are good, because they”ve all peepeed their baby diapers good and full, so are not being wasteful. It”s decided that after dinner, they”re gonna go have a nice family bath in their hot tub, since they haven”t done so since they got home, and they miss it.

They all strip off their diapers after eating, clean the chairs that they were sitting on, because they”re very clearly wet now, in fact they”d even had to clean a couple little piddle puddles off the floor from pee dripping down, but they only laugh about this. Knowing that the hot tub”s still gonna take an hour to fill and heat up, they decide to just stay naked and let their skin breath. Since the hot tub actually has a standard hose fitting filler port that hooks right into the heating line, they hooked the hose to that so that the water would start heating up as it fills up, and it was actually a little faster to heat up this way, but then, it also filled up much more slowly as well.

As they wait for it to fill and heat up, they gather everything that they”ll soon be needing, and get it ready, and then, once it”s ready for them, they slip in and sigh deeply. As usual, they hardly talk as they just lay back and relax, and for probably every bit of an hour, they do so, before finally starting to wash up.

“Mmmm, that was real nice. I missed that.” Vinnie sighed first once they”re all done and are now drying off.

“Me too. We”re gonna haveta try and do that at least once a week, it”s really rather nice and relaxing.” Thayden said.

The others all agreed absolutely to that, and all also agreed with Vinnie”s suggestion that they head to their bedrooms and get really good fucking baby bum changes, stating that he feels the need to be filled as full as he can possibly get once again, and then be diapered as thick as he possibly can, and asks for one of his mega thick cloth baby diapers, and three of the doublers in it this time. The others all groaned from all that he asks for, and all are understandably hard as they head to their bedrooms, where they all wonder if they”re gonna be leaving them now before bed time.

The Diapered Daddies are of course together, and have their fists inserted by their second orgasms, and go for only three more after that, plus one load of piss that they”d saved up, before getting even more thickly diapered than even they ever have before. The little Baby Boys, however, are up to their fists by their third dry baby boygasms, and have five more after that, and they too had all fed each other a nice load of sweet gay Baby Boy piss. Tonight it”s Vinnie and Bear together, and then Jam and Cub together, all fist fucking and sucking long and slow, just like they like it. Finally they get extra thickly diapered, using every last diaper doubler that they”d made.

“Boy is this thick. Wanna go get so much to drink that our diapers will be dripping by the time we wake up?” Cub asks giddily.

“Oh yeah.” All three of the others say as one.

They end up meeting the Diapered Daddies in the kitchen, and they too are just as thickly diapered, and they too claim it to be amazing. They”d gone for fewer orgasms than the little Baby Boys, yet still managed to last nearly as long as the little Baby Boys had, so, they”d only made it a few minutes before they do. They”re already in the process of making a nice soothing mint tea for them all, plus they”d already had a couple glasses of water, which the Baby Boys matched. It”s getting pretty close to bedtime, so, they all added a couple ice cubes to their two mugs of tea, then sat at the table and played a card game for almost an hour, all of them draining all the tea, and they all know that they”ve peed at least once since getting diapered. They head to bed and have a good sleep.

Given how thickly diapered they all are, the next morning when they wake up, they find that they all still have several hours more capacity left in them, but they have workers coming again. Instead of wasting precious baby diapers, even though they”re cloth, after breakfast, they just get dressed in the same clothes as the day before. Yes, it”s visible, but only if you know what to look for and if any of them raise their hands above their heads or bend over.

They”d all just gotten to the shop to get started working in there when Mark and his crew showed up. There are two large back hoes and one bulldozer, and Mark and two guys to operate the three pieces of machinery. They head right up to the pond, since they can, and really, may as well. All the Babies follow them at a light jog. They meet the crew there just as they”re all getting out of their trucks.

“Good morning Mark, how are you this morning?” Taran asks.

“Excellent, and you guys?”

“Excellent as well, thanks. Your son and his crew did an amazing job yesterday, it was fun to watch, and feel.”

“Yeah, he loves his job.” Mark laughed. “He told me that he thinks if we push hard today, that we”ll have it all taken care of by the end of the day, he said it went so well that we shouldn”t really have that much work to do.”

“That”s great. You won”t hear us complaining. By the way, I see my mark on both your back hoes, how are they holding up for you, I think I rebuilt both of them about five years ago if memory serves me correctly.”

“Closer to six, actually, and they”ve outlasted ones that were brand new that I bought at the same bloody time, so, you did great on them. Had no idea it was you that rebuilt them.”

“Thanks, glad to hear it. I don”t sell them personally, I”m not exactly a people person, and I”m not good at sales.” Taran laughed.

“Sales I can understand, I”d never do that, and for not being a people person, you sure have a lot of people living here.”

“Yeah, I know, my boyfriend and our two sons each, because even not being a people person, I still need others around me.”

“Yeah, kinda wondered about that.” Mark laughed. “Doesn”t bother me, though, so, no worries.”

“Considering Mike”s almost certainly gay, and one of the guys on his crew seemed to stick awful close to him, and how they looked at each other, I”m gonna go out on a limb and say they”re boyfriends as well.”

“Married, actually, just got married at the beginning of summer, in fact. They”re in the process of adopting a young boy and his little sister, so, I”ll end up being a grandparent after all, wasn”t certain I”d end up with grand kids, because I”d known since he was five, but then, I did kinda catch him and a little friend having naughty fun together. In fact, they got married. It”s sweet, they”ve been in love since they were in kindergarten together.” He smiled warmly.

“That is sweet. If you ever need anything repaired, just let us know, we can fix damn near anything.”

“That”s awesome, thanks.”

“Just don”t tell anyone else, please, I don”t wanna become a repair shop, I prefer to just buy broken down old pieces of shit, and rebuild them and sell them in better condition than they likely were when they were new.”

“No problem. Actually, what are the odds that you have any other equipment that you”re working on, I”m trying to expand, I have three guys that can run nearly anything, but nothing for them to run?”

“I”ve currently got a road grader and a roller on the go, and I have two more dozers and one more hoe just a little bigger than these ones in back stock ready to go, but still waiting on a few parts to arrive for them before I can even bother starting.”

“Grader I”ve already got the one I need, but I don”t have a roller and have just rented the last couple I needed, but I”m scheduled to start that new highway expansion in just a few weeks, so I”d totally buy that one off you if it”s gonna be ready within the next three months, because that”s about when we”re gonna start needing it. I could also totally use another dozer and backhoe, but I”m not in a mad panic for them either, but two to three months would be amazing if it could be arranged.”

“The roller will be ready to go in just a couple weeks, and as soon as I finish it, the grader, and the tractor we”re doing for ourselves, I”ll start on both dozers and the hoe, and I”ll call you when they”re done. Actually, if you end up wanting them, I”ll call before finishing them, so that I can get your paint colour choice if you have a preference.”

“That”d be amazing, thanks.” He said happily, but just gave us the paint colour that he likes anyway, saying that he”s almost hundred percent gonna buy them anyway.

“We”re gonna head back to our shop now then, since you don”t need to be tripping over us, and we really don”t needta watch, and we suddenly needta get stuff done, so, have fun, and just come let us know when you”re heading out, or if you”re done.”

“Sounds great. Have fun.”

They all go and get to work, Taran teaching the others more and more of what to do. Bear Cub had already been taught a lot, and Thayden had already taught both Jammer and Vinnie quite a bit about what he does, even though Vinnie is so young, he”d always loved coming out to the shop with his Big Baby Brother and Diapered Daddy to play, and Thayden was very good about teaching the Baby Boys everything, and they love to help.

Today Thayden got to actually do some milling and machining of a couple parts that were needed to be remade, and even though he hasn”t got all the tools he wants, yet, he does have what he needs to do these parts, but not a few of the others quite yet. Hopefully soon, though.

They stopped and had lunch when it was time, and it was as they sat down to eat, that they all found that their mega thick baby diapers had had all that they could take, because not one of them got up without wet pants and seats. They”re all super happy, though, and as soon as they finish cleaning up from lunch, they go get super soggy baby bum changes. It was a reasonably quick soggy baby bum change, and even the little Baby Boys only had two baby boygasms a piece, same as the Diapered Daddies had, and they didn”t finger each other at all. They”re all now in double thick disposable baby diapers, and their cloth diapers and cloth doublers are all in the washing machine to be clean and ready for the next time they want them.

It”s shortly before they”re going to stop for dinner, that Mark and his crew pulled up to the shop, their tractors are back on their trailers, which must mean that they”re done, since why load them up otherwise, so, the Babies all went out to meet them.

“I take it you”re done?” Taran said.

“Sure are. Mike and his guys did such a good job that it made our lives far easier, but boy do you have a hell of a rock pile now.”

“That”s awesome, thanks. So, what”s our final bill?”

Mark gave him the final invoice, and when Taran asked if he prefers cheque or E-transfer, he said the transfer is way faster and easier for everyone, and Taran agreed, so did it right away. With that all taken care of, hands were shaken, and the crew were gone.

The Babies finished cleaning up for the night, and then headed in to get dinner. Their first oh so difficult chore, however, is to strip down to just their wondrously wet baby diapers, then they went and made and ate dinner, as well they made and drank lots of mint tea. They watched a movie together after that, and then some TV until they”re all ready for bed. They all had really good super soggy baby bum changes once again, then pass out from having very draining soggy gay baby bum changes all around.

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