Wake-Up Call

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The kitchen of the Jameson Inn was a lamplit hive of activity, although dawn had barely begun to lighten the windows. The cook was yelling about the ovens as I ran Gretchen’s pocket iron over the sleeve of my black bellhop’s jacket, the worn runestone sparking as it sharpened the crease. “Thanks, Gretchen,” I said, turning it off and handing it back to her.

“No worries.” She dropped it back into the front pocket of her apron. “I know how Mistress Susan gets about uniforms.” She brushed a strand of brown hair out of her eyes. “And, speaking of the Mistress,” she added, looking meaningfully over my shoulder.

I turned to look in the same direction and saw Mistress Susan walking purposefully into the room, polished shoes tapping on the flagstones. Her trousers and jacket were neatly creased, her gray hair pulled back severely behind her head, her lips pursed. “May I have everyone’s attention for a moment,” she called out, loudly enough to be heard above the clamor. The cook began to protest, but the Mistress cut him off. “Only for a moment. I am sure you all have your duties to attend to.”

By this time, the room had quieted and all eyes turned to her. “Thank you,” said Mistress Susan. “As you may already be aware, the Princess Suzette is currently our guest. She arrived last evening and will be leaving this morning after breakfast. This is, therefore, a very important morning for the Jameson. A favorable review by a member of the royal family would mean an increase in business from the rich and powerful, while a bad review could bring disaster.

“It is a very short time in which to make a good impression, but I’m sure I can count on all of you to do everything in your power to make her stay, and that of her entourage, a pleasant one. I know I say this about every guest, but this time it is more important than usual. Are we all on the same page?” There was a general murmur of agreement. “Good. Back to work, then. Ah, all except you, Thomas.”

I started at the sound of my name. “Me?” I asked.

“Do you know another Thomas at the Jameson?”

I walked over to her to avoid having to shout across the room. “No, Mistress.”

“Indeed not. Well, our royal guest has requested a wake-up call at five of the clock. That gives you ten minutes to get upstairs.” When I hesitated, confused, she added, “You just have to knock on the door, make sure she’s awake and find out if she needs anything. I’m sure you can handle it.”

“Yes, of course Mistress,” I responded without hesitation, this time. “She’s in the Presidential Suite, I assume?”

“Of course she is. She’s a royal princess, not a traveling saleswoman.”

“Of course, Mistress,” I bowed, heading for the stairs.

By the time I got to the fifth floor, the hallway lamps, spelled to react to sunlight, were beginning to dim. I knocked softly on one of the double doors at the end of the corridor, and then, when there was no answer, I knocked again. I wasn’t very surprised when I didn’t receive an answer the second time, either. The Presidential Suite took up half of the floor, and a person in one of the bedrooms could easily miss a knock on the main door, especially if they were asleep. I got out my passkey, a tube of metal as big as my little finger, and touched it to the doorknob. “Please let me in,” I requested, and the door unlocked itself and swung open.

I glanced around the main room of the suite. Bottles and other trash, interspersed with articles of female clothing, littered the floor and furniture. Some of the bottles had not been empty when abandoned, resulting in stains on the carpet. A white love arap escort seat had been pushed onto its back, one cushion torn and the other covered with crumbs. The air smelled of hillweed smoke. The cleaning staff were going to have a bit of a job with this room. I traversed the floor carefully to avoid stepping in or on anything.

The door to the master bedroom was open, and I paused as I realized that there were people on the bed. The Princess’ ladies, I assumed, sleeping off whatever had occurred in here last night. There were about 10 of them, sprawled across each other at different angles on the large bed. All of them, as best I could tell from where I was standing, were young, fit and completely naked. I stood there staring at them for several seconds, my cock growing hard in my blue trousers, before I realized that I probably shouldn’t be standing there staring at a lot of naked hotel guests. It might look bad. I had just made up my mind to knock on the other bedroom door when the lady closest to me woke. She then sat up in bed, unruly black hair falling down her naked back. One of her companions had been lying with her head on the first lady’s belly, and she carefully displaced it to her lap, apparently without waking its owner, stroking her hair. Her bright green eyes were focused on me as I stood in the doorway.

“I’m sorry,” I said, quietly. “I didn’t mean— I was supposed to wake the Princess and—”

The lady put a finger to her lips and, with her other hand, gestured for me to come closer. I did so. Inside the room, the smell of the hillweed was mixed with sweat and sex. The green-eyed lady gestured again, and I nervously stood in front of her. The nipples of her small breasts were erect and pointing at me. Her waist was trim, her crotch covered by her friend’s brown hair. She patted the bed beside her.

“I should go,” I suggested.

“No, you shouldn’t. Not unless you want me to think you don’t find me attractive.”

“What? You’re very attractive. It’s just, I could lose my job. The Princess—”

“—will be fine for a few minutes. Sit.”

I sat, and she leaned forward across her friend’s head and kissed me. I froze for a second; but then, I thought, If I do lose my job over this, I may as well enjoy it. So, I relaxed and kissed her back. Her tongue wormed its way between my lips, exploring my mouth. She tasted much like the room smelled, hillweed and pussy, slightly stale but not enough to be off-putting. My cock, which had begun to shrink from the fear about my future, was making a comeback.

After what seemed like too short a time, she broke the kiss, and carefully moved her friend’s head off her lap. The brunette stirred slightly, but went back to sleep. “I want you to kiss me again,” the green-eyed lady whispered. But, when I leaned forward toward her face, she stopped me with a finger on my nose. “Not there.” She swung her legs over the edge of the bed. “There.” She clearly indicated her crotch. I knelt in front of her on the soft carpet. Her skin was smooth and coffee-colored and her pussy was damp and covered in neatly-trimmed black fur. I leaned close and kissed it, first lightly with my lips and then more deeply, running my tongue between her lips. Here was a fresh, sweet pussy taste. “Mmm,” she moaned approvingly, holding my head against her, twining her fingers in my black, curly hair. I licked her some more.

While I was doing this, I felt the bed move behind her. “Good morning, Princess,” said the brunette lady, sitting up behind the green-eyed lady. I looked up, as much as I could in my position. escort arap She had put her arms around green-eyes and was teasing her breasts with long fingers. She looked down at me. “Looks like you’ve found a good one this morning.”

“He was,” the other answered, disappointedly. I realized that I had stopped what I was doing in surprise upon hearing her identity. I quickly returned my attention to her pussy, paying closer attention to what I thought might be her clitoris. “Mmm,” she said again. “That’s better. He’s here to give me my wake-up call.”

“Looks like he’s doing a good job of it,” the brunette whispered, loudly enough for me to hear. “He probably thinks he’ll get to fuck you in a moment. How do you think he’ll feel when he learns your vagina is … reserved for future occupancy?”

“I expect he’ll have to make do with my hands and mouth,” Princess Suzette answered, with a smile in her voice. This seemed more than acceptable to me, and I redoubled my attentions to her pussy. “Unless you know someone with less exclusive genitalia who might like a more invasive wake-up call?”

The brunette laughed. I glanced up in time to see the Princess lean back so she could kiss her companion deeply on the mouth. “Mmm,” said the brunette when they separated. “Your Highness knows me too well. Shall we get him up on the bed so we can share him?”

“You heard Gina.” Suzette released my head. “Lose the trousers and get up here.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” I answered, happily, licking pussy juice off my lips. With Gina helping, my shoes, trousers, jacket and underpants were soon in a heap on the floor. My cock, influenced by the company and the conversation, was sticking straight out in front of me. By this time, the other ladies had woken as well. Some were pleasuring themselves with their fingers — or, in one case, a large, stone dildo carved with runes — as they watched. Three had gotten together and were licking each other’s pussies with some excitement.

By this time, under Gina’s direction, I was on my back on the bed, her Highness sitting next to my head. “All right,” she said, “you’re going to make me feel good. But, there’s one rule. My hymen stays intact. Nothing goes in past it. Everything outside it is fair game, though, and while you’re making me feel good, Gina is going to be doing nice things to your cock. Clear?”

“Absolutely,” I agreed. “Uh, Your Highness.”

She smiled, then squatted over my head and lowered her pussy to meet my mouth. I immediately began licking her again. “That’s good,” she approved. “Use your fingers.” I began to massage her lips with my fingers, concentrating on her clitoris with my tongue. Meanwhile, I felt soft hands on my cock. I couldn’t see anything but the Princess’ pussy and belly, but it seemed Gina licked it with her tongue before sucking it into her mouth. I moaned slightly into Suzette’s clitoris. “Mmm,” she murmured. “Like that. Stick your fingers inside me a little, just not too far.” I cautiously did so, quickly feeling the resistance of the hymen. I retreated, massaging the inside of her pussy. “Yes,” Suzette purred. “Oh, someone rub my tits.” I felt the bed move as someone came up behind her, straddling my chest. “Oooh, that’s good, Linda.”

Gina’s hands and mouth disappeared from my cock, leaving it damp and slightly cool. I just had time to wonder if it was over before I realized she was moving around near my hips, her knees making indents in the bed on both sides of me. She must have been straddling me. Sure enough, I presently felt her hands again, this time guiding me as arap escort bayan she lowered her pussy right onto my cock, slowly taking me fully inside. “Oh, wow,” she grunted. She was warm and tight, her pussy gripping me like a wet glove, and I pushed up into her as much as I could in my position, before allowing her to pull mostly off, massaging my cock with her walls. Sounds of pleasure came from all around me, some of them, presumably, from the other ladies touching themselves.

I also attacked the Princess’ pussy more vehemently, sucking her clitoris between my lips, moaning in pleasure. “Oh, he vibrates,” I heard the Princess remark to her ladies. “Ooh, more of that.” I sucked harder on her clitoris. “Gods, yes,” she cried, “I’m going to cum!” And, presently, she did, her pussy clenching on my fingers and a spray of her juices hitting my neck. I was just starting to relax, enjoying Gina’s rapidly bouncing pussy on my cock, when Suzette gasped, “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” so I didn’t. And, a few moments later, she came again.

Somewhere off to my right, I heard another lady cry out in orgasmic pleasure, and then another. The third time this happened, I felt Gina’s pussy squeezing my cock more tightly than ever. “I’m cumming,” I yelled, or tried to, but I only succeeded in stimulating Suzette to her third straight orgasm, just before I erupted deep inside Gina. I gasped as the orgasm swept through my body, and for a moment I perceived nothing but Gina’s pussy contracting again and again around my cock, as though sucking it dry.

When I came fully to myself, I opened my eyes to find that Suzette was no longer on top of me. She lying on the bed to my right, panting, pillowed on the ample chest of a lady I assumed must be Linda. A sweaty Gina, also gasping for air, was lying on my chest, her pussy slowly letting go of my softening cock. “Wow,” I said. “That was amazing. You’re amazing.”

“I should say the same,” said Suzette. “Three orgasms in a row, especially after last night. I wish I could just keep you with me. But, I suppose people would talk.”

“They would, indeed,” agreed Gina, rolling off me.

“Well, in that case, Your Highness, I should probably be going,” I told them, getting up. “I have a job — or, at least, I hope I still do, after having sex with a guest when I’m meant to be working.”

“Nonsense,” said Suzette. “I’ll make sure to say something so nice about you that they’re bound to keep you on.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” I said. “It was the Princess. She was somewhat demanding, and you said we must do everything we could to make her stay enjoyable.”

Mistress Susan stared at me for a long moment with her lips pursed. “I like to think I am a fair woman,” she said, finally. “You blame your tardiness — and … attire — on the Princess, so we shall let the Princess’ opinion decide your future. If she speaks ill of you, you shall leave your post immediately. If she says nothing about you, then you shall spend the next week cleaning the cesspit. But, high enough praise, and we shall consider a promotion. That’s fair, I think.”

I hesitated. “Yes! Uh, yes, very fair, Mistress.”

As though on cue, the Princess and her ladies — fully clothed, now, in immaculate, brightly colored dresses — breezed into the front hall where we were talking. “There you are,” she said to me, apparently ignoring the Mistress. “I didn’t get your name, before.”

“It’s Thomas, Your Highness.”

“Thomas.” She turned to Mistress Susan. “Thomas was extraordinarily helpful this morning,” she said. “If I stay here again, I hope he brings me my wake-up call.”

The Mistress stared at the Princess, then at me, looking as though she’d swallowed a lime. “Of— of course, Your Highness,” she managed after a moment. “Whatever you desire. And, apart from Thomas, how was your stay at the Jameson?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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