Waking Up On Sunday

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I wake up this morning after a night of unremembered dreams. I’m lying on my side and clutching my other pillow to me. For some reason, it’s warmer than usual. My 3/4’s asleep brain start to rationalize it to forgetting to turn the AC down before I went to bed last night but can’t quite settle on that 100%. “Screw it, I’ll turn it down later,” I think to myself as I decide to let sleep overtake me again. That’s when I notice that my dick is at full attention in my boxers. It twitches and my hips hunch forward against my pillow. “Ah, that’s what woke me up. I must have been having a sex dream.”

But the feeling that something else is just not right keeps me from drifting off. It’s something in the room, I know it. As my mind begins to work, more and more things begin to come into focus. That’s when I start to realize what’s so different and why the room is so hot. It’s the movement that finally causes reality to snap into place. It’s not my pillow I’m wrapped around. That would be impossible since it’s lying under the head of the woman still asleep next to me. The woman that my arms are wrapped around. The woman whose firm body that I’m spooned behind lovingly. It’s the combined heat of our bodies cuddled together that has caused the temperature in the room to climb to the point where it woke me up. And that’s not my pillow my cock is pushing against. It’s thrusting against her ass. That’s when images from the previous days start to come back to me.


It was Friday night and I was standing in one of the lines at the movie theater, waiting to buy a ticket to one of the 7:00 movies. I’ve never been to this particular theater before but since I was doing some shopping in the area and I didn’t have anything else to do for the night, I decided to just go ahead and catch a show. Instead of looking at my feet or staring at the back of the head of the person in front of me, I decide to look around. That’s when I saw her standing in the line next to me. I was immediately drawn to her and the quite air of confidence about her. She was in her late 20’s; early 30’s, tops and wore jeans and close-fitting knit shirt. Her long, straight black hair was loosely pulled back in a single ponytail held by wide purple ribbon. She looked to be about 5’6″, but I could be wrong because I suck at guessing height. Her body was slender and, judging by what I could see of her arms and legs, nicely toned. Not too muscular, but it’s obvious she took care of herself and worked out to stay fit. Her waist had a nice curve to it. It wasn’t too narrow or too wide, exactly how I liked it. Her ass was also just right. Enough for a handful, but not so much that it would sag if she stepped out of the close-fitting-but-not-so-tight-it’s-holding- everything-in-place jeans she was wearing. From what I could see of her breasts, they were bigger than average for a woman of her size but didn’t look to be fake; nicely shaped and firm, no sagging or jiggling. When she turned her head towards me, I could see the features of her face. They were nicely-defined and delicate without being too sharp or hawkish. Her skin was lightly tanned as if she spends time at the beach or doing something like running (which given her general physique would make sense). The overall effect gave her a sultry, almost exotic aura and she knew it and was proud of it.

The assessment took only a few seconds to make, my mind taking in each aspect of her and instantly analyzing and categorizing it. Evidently though, it took too long and she caught me staring at her. My eyes widen a bit in embarrassment at getting busted and I quickly look away, but not before I see her look me up and down and then smile at me and turning her attention back to the line in front of her. I’m determined to stay looking ahead, but I can’t help to peek over at her a few more times out of the corner of my eye to see if she’s checking me out or glaring at me or something as the lines continue to move forward. I make a pretense of checking my watch and then looking around like I’m waiting for someone to show up so I can get in what will probably be my last look at this rather remarkable woman. You look over at me and see me looking again and smile at me once more. I hold the look and smile back before turning back to the front of the line.

Just as we’re both next in line, the cashiers post a sign stating that the movie I wanted to see is sold out. I muttered a half-felt “Damn,” and stepped out of line to start to head back to my car. As I do, I almost collide into her. I pull up short and stammer out an apology for nearly running her over. Standing this close, I can smell her perfume and it’s just as alluring as the rest of her. She tells me it’s ok, that she was just distracted by the fact that the movie she was going to see just sold out. I look at the window and the only thing sold out is the movie I was seeing. “How funny, I was here to see the same thing,” I say. We laugh a bit at our previous actions and our current gerçek porno coincidence

I check my watch again to see what time it was. “Well, my night’s pretty much done with now. I guess I’ll go find get something to eat and go home for the evening,” I say with a sigh.

“I think I’ll do the same,” she said.

I paused for a moment at that, trying to decipher if that was the invitation it seemed it was or just a random comment to prevent an uncomfortable silence. I decided to take the risk.

“So, uh… is your date waiting for you somewhere?”

“No, I came on my own tonight.”

My chest tightens and my heart speeds up a bit at that. I take the next step. “So, do you have any recommendations?”

“Well, that place at the entrance to the parking lot here is pretty nice if you like Italian. It’s got good food and a cozy atmosphere. It would be perfect for you and your date when she gets here.”

I looked embarrassed again as she that. I could feel my face reddening a bit. I hung my head and made a cough to cover my embarrassment. “Uh, I don’t have a date tonight either.”

“Then who were you looking for?”

“Uh…” I stammered and looked at her sheepishly. She laughed lightly as the realization sunk in as to the point of my earlier ploy. “Yeah,” I admit weakly. “Sorry.”

“Oh no, don’t apologize. I think it rather flattering. At least you were subtle about it. Most men just keep staring at me until either the person they’re with gets mad or it gets to the point where it’s moved past flattering and into the territory of ‘creepy.'”

By now we had walked to the point where we were in the parking lot. We stopped, unsure of what to do or say next. This was the point where things would advance or end and neither of us were totally sure of what the other’s thoughts were. After a moment’s uncomfortable silence, I finally speak up. “You weren’t planning on eating by yourself were you? There’s nothing quite so lonely as a dinner for one.”

“Now that you mention it, I was going to dinner by myself. If you’re offering your company, I gladly accept.”

“So, does this cozy Italian place you recommended require reservations, or do they accept walk-ins?”

“I think we can get a table at this time of night without too much trouble…”

We walked across the parking lot to the restaurant and went inside. She was right; the place was perfect for romantic dates. Small tables just big enough for two people to sit around were spread across the room with booths lining the back wall. The lighting was dim with lamps hanging over the tables, illuminating just the table under it and the faces of the couples seated around them. There were no kids and families present. The clientele consisted of 95% couples with the occasional foursome. Most of the people were younger adults about our age with a small smattering of teens and a few older couples. The music playing in the background ran the gamut from Country Italian with mandolins and violins to Rat-Pack era songs by Sinatra, Dean-o and the boys. After not too bad of a wait, we finally get seated.

The selection on the menu was fantastic. Instead of focusing on just one region of Italy, it sampled each region with two or three signature dishes from Sicily all the way to the Alps region in the North. Being in the mood for a nice pasta dish, I ordered the Tortellini Bolognese and she asked for the Chicken Marsala. Both of us took a glass of wine with our meals as well. As we wait for our meals, we made small-talk trying to get a feeling for the other. We discovered that both of us work in the arenas of computers. I help design networking solutions and configure server hardware and she worked in the IT department for a large corporation in the area. As our dinner arrives, the conversation turns to the pros and cons of certain pieces of hardware and system configurations and horror-stories from the trenches. Both of us are having a great time and enjoying the company of the other greatly.

When our meal started to wind down a good hour and a half later, our server brought our check and I wasted no time in reaching for it. She reached out and placed her hand on mine to prevent me from taking it. The feel of her hand on mine sent a small charge through me. I looked up into her eyes and we sat there for a moment before I spoke. “Let me get this. I insist.”

“No, I’ll pay my half.I insist. If this were a date, I’d let you.” She must have seen the clear disappointment on my face as her comment left me crestfallen. “I’ll let you pay the tab the next time, I promise.” I raised my eyebrow at that and she smiled back, defusing the possibly uncomfortable issue of asking for another “date.” She let go of my hand, I turned over the check and we set to divvying up the total and tip.

We left the restaurant with me holding the door for her and we step out into the parking lot. “I have to admit, for a night that looked to be a bust; I had a very gay porno nice time tonight. I’m actually glad the movie sold out,” I told her.

“I am too,” she agreed.

Sensing the end of the night coming I asked, “So, tell me where you parked at and I’ll walk you to your car.” She indicated a back corner of the lot and we walked that way. When we get there, we paused for a few moments. Once again, neither of are sure of what comes next. I finally speak up.

“So, you mentioned a ‘next time.’ Do you have any specific time in mind or did you just say that so I’d feel less guilty about letting you pay for part of the check?”

She laughed lightly and said, “No, I was serious about that. You know, I’d really like to see that movie. How about we come back here tomorrow night and give it another try.”

“Sure, that’s sounds just fine to me.”

“And I promise not to keep you waiting…”

Both of us laughed at her joke and my mild discomfort as she reminded me of my watch-gazing. I agreed and we made plans to return here for a matinee show the next afternoon.

3:30 Saturday afternoon found me already waiting at the theater for her. We had agreed to come see the 4:30 show and meet out front at about 4:00 to insure that we’d be able to get tickets this time. But for some reason, it was impossible for me to put off leaving any later than I did. I knew I was just torturing myself by getting there so early to just sit around wait for that long. The fear of showing up late and missing her was of greater concern than making myself a bundle of nerves.

So there I was, checking my watch for about the tenth time in about as many minutes. Looking for something to do, I took up pacing along the length of one of the planters in front of the building. “Great, that only took all of two minutes,” I was thinking when I heard my name and felt a hand on my back. I turned around and saw her standing there. This time she was wearing a simple black dress that ended about mid-calf. It looked as if it were tailored to her the way it accentuated her body and conformed to her as opposed to the other way around. Her hair was loosely pulled up and held in place by a long, purple lacquered Japanese-style hair pin. She wore a pair of low-heeled black sandals that looked to be more for comfort than style.

“Been waiting long?” she asked.

“No, I just got here a couple of minutes ago myself,” I lied horribly. I checked my watch one more time and saw that it was just before 4:00. “Well, at least she was able to keep her cool about this…” I thought before I spoke again. “It’s still not quite 4:00 yet and there are no lines. Why don’t we go ahead and get out tickets and go inside?”

“Ok,” she responded and I fell in behind her as we moved to get in line. We chatted as we made our way to the ticket window. None of the conversation was forced or uncomfortable. It’s our turn and I ask for two tickets and pay for them. I turned a deaf ear to her protests as she offered to pay for her ticket herself. “Youdid say that I could pay the tab next time and we agreed that this was ‘the next time,'” I stated. “Therefore, this is going to be my treat all afternoon.” With that, the issue was settled. We made our way to the concession stand and picked up a drink for me candy bar for me and a drink and small popcorn for her. The usher tore our tickets and directed us the auditorium that our show was going to be in.

We sat waiting for the movie to start and our easy banter continued until the lights dimmed. As the previews end and the feature starts, I unconsciously took the armrest between us. The movie runs and I can’t help myself but make the occasional smart remark. She didn’t seem to mind and laughed at most of them. At one point, she moved to put her arm on the armrest between us but finds my arm already there. I started to move so she can have it but her hand falls to my arm and stops me. I looked over at her and she looked back at me and smiled then slipped her arm around mine. I smile back and then both of us go back to watching the movie. Pretty soon, I started to notice that each time I leaned over to whisper to her, she would meet me part of the way there but never fully move all the way back. Her hand started to absently stroke the back of my forearm.

At one point, I had to get up to go to the restroom. I excused myself and told her I’d be right back. When I returned, I sat back in my seat and placed my arm back on the vacant armrest. She immediately took my arm again. This time however, she shifted in her seat, pulling her feet up under her and leaning over against my shoulder. I looked over at her, taken a bit by surprise by her move, but pleasantly so. She glanced up at me; smiled; then place her head against my shoulder again. I settled back into my seat and shifted my weight over to lean back against her. At that point, I could have sworn I hear her sigh.

The house lights finally began to come up and evli porno the credits started to roll. We stood up and made our way out of the auditorium, carrying our still partially full drinks with us. As we made our way through the lobby, I mention that I’m still a bit hungry since the candy bar did nothing for me except whet my appetite. She agreed and we walked across the parking lot and into the mall. We settled on a place that looked like it catered to the mall employees with food that was fast, inexpensive and in portions that were edible in fifteen minutes. Glancing over the menu, I mentioned that the Club Sandwich looked about right. “Sounds good to me, too.” she replied, “but I don’t know if I could eat a whole one on top of the popcorn.”

“No problem. I don’t think I could either. Why don’t we just order one and split it?” With that, I ordered and paid for our meal and we took a seat in the food court to wait. It didn’t take long and neither did our meal. After we finished, we started to walk around the mall slowly. We talked about the movie; our jobs; the people we know. We sat at the fountain for a few minutes. Walked into a couple of the stores for no reason. Stopped to look at the puppies and kittens in the window of the pet store. We did anything and everything to have a reason to continue to spend time together.

We both realized that it was getting to the end of our evening together when we yawned at the same time. Both of laughed as we caught the other and decided that it was time to call it a night. “I do have to tell you, this is the best first-slash-second date I’ve ever had.”

“I agree,” she replied. “Best time I’ve had after showing up too late for a movie.”

As we made our way back to the parking lot for the theater, I offered to walk her to her car again. “I’ll do anything to be around you longer, even if it’s for just a few more minutes,” I thought to myself. She paused for a moment and I could tell she was mulling something over in her mind. After one of those blink-of-an-eye/infinite spans of time that throw all reality out of whack, she looked up at me and finally spoke.

“How about we take your car? I think I might be too tired to drive…”

Caught totally by surprise, all I can stammer out is, “Uh… sure. I….I can take you home if your sure you want to leave your car here,” She smiled and reached over to slip her arm through mine again. As we started to walk to my car, I told her, “You’re going to have to give me directions to where you live, though.”

“Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of your place. Unless you had something to do later, that is.”

It was my turn to stop this time at her words and I turned to face her. Looking down at her, I gaze into her upturned eyes for a moment. My hand came up and touched her cheek lightly, then slowly I start to lean down, giving her the opportunity to move away if she chose. She tilted her head up and back and brought one of her hands up behind my neck. I took that as a positive sign and continued to lean forward until our lips touch. We simply kissed lightly, neither of us wanting to ruin the tender moment by unduly trying to force anything more. The kiss breaks and I say, “No, I don’t mind at all.” We both smiled and turned to keep walking. She took my arm again as we start moving, except this time she drew herself close to me and snuggled into my shoulder.

We reached my car and I opened the door for her. She sat down and I closed it the door and made my way to the driver’s side. I pull onto the highway and start to make my way home to my apartment. As I’m driving, she reached over to the radio and asked if I mind if she changes the station. I told her no and she begins to search through the dial until she finds a Jazz station. “Good, at least she good taste in music,” I think to myself. She hummed to herself with the music as I continued to drive and I have to admit, the sound of her voice was sexy as hell; kind of breathy and sultry, reminding me of Michelle Pfeifer’s character in The Fabulous Baker Boys.

We finally arrived at my apartment after about thirty minutes. After parking, I open her door and hold my hand out for her to help her out. I closed the door and pushed the button on the remote to lock the doors. I indicated the stairs and you head up them with me following close behind. We reached the top of the stairs and I point to the apartment on the right. “It’s this one over here,” I said and slipped the key into the lock. When I opened the door, I asked her to hold on for a second as I went to turn on a light. I flipped on the torch-style lamp next to the couch, turned it all the way up and it lit up the room. I pointed to the couch and asked if her wants to have a seat while I get us something to drink. “Sure, what do you have?”

I checked through my fridge and cabinets and all I had was milk, water, soft drinks, and only about two glasses worth of a nice, dry white wine. She told me the wine would be fine and I grabbed to glasses out of the cupboard to fill. When I walk back into the living room, I noticed that she was looking through my movies and CD’s. “Rather nice collection,” she said as she turned. I handed her her glass and thanked her for the compliment.

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