Walk in the Park

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It gets very cold in Wisconsin very fast after school starts. Many children find themselves wearing snow suits under their Halloween costumes. Luckily, most adults find better ways to stay warm.

One brisk fall day I was taking a walk with my boyfriend Justin. It was a school day so we knew there wouldn’t be many kids at the nearby park. The play structure was built according to a grade school child’s design, and is a neat wooden castle with towers and hiding places enough to make parents think twice about letting the children loose.

As we entered the park grounds, we met very few people on the recreation trail around the tennis courts. They were out for a walk as well, and bundled up against the light breeze that told us it might snow one of these days. As we rounded the corner to the castle, we found the place was empty entirely. Children at heart, we broke into a race to the playground.

Justin caught me around the waist as we entered the archway of the castle, the main entrance to the large play structure. We kissed under the wooden bridge and walked into the playground hand-in-hand.

I let go of Justin’s hand to climb a rope ladder, and he walked around to use the stairs. I ran ahead and hid in one of the towers, quietly waiting for him to walk by. He surprised me by coming up behind me, reaching over from another tower and leaning in a window to kiss me again.

We heard a giggle from across the woodchips and turned to look. A woman about my age was watching us play around. Her bright red hair stuck out frizzily from her blue knit hat, and her small frame was hidden in a heavy jacket, but her face was like a porcelain doll with freckles. Embarrassed by our affectionate show, we climbed down from the towers and began walking around the castle quietly. The woman with the red hair followed us at a distance, giggling once in awhile. Just when we figured she had escaped from a mental institution, we noticed she was carrying a small digital camera.

Curiosity got the best of us and we stopped walking, waiting for her to approach us. After brief introductions, Miranda explained she had been following us since we passed her apartment on our way to the park. She thought we were such an adorable couple that she wanted pictures for her online scrapbook of random strangers.

Flattered, we started up a conversation about her website project and other random topics, which lasted about as long as we could stand still in the cold. Miranda suggested a lively game of tag to warm us up. She and I called “Not IT” and ran off. Justin groaned and gave in to the chase.

Running around the equipment built for school aged children is not an easy task for an adult, and we would often catch each other in precarious positions or tight spaces. Each time Justin found me in a corner, I would get a kiss. Miranda was aware of this, and pouted when Justin tagged her, “Don’t I get a kiss, too?”

Justin looked over the rubber tires planted in the ground towards where I was standing. I shrugged and claimed, “New Rule: kiss to tag!” and watched as he tagged Miranda properly under the new rule. She saw that I had stopped to stare, and quickly covered the ground between us. I had barely climbed a few steps beneath the monkey bars when she came up on my left, climbing the ladder next to me. She kissed my cheek and ran off the way she came.

I ran up the next ramp and thought about how interesting this game could get if the rules kept changing. I nearly tripped over Justin hidden in the corner I walked around. I kissed him straight on the lips and made a point of making it last a couple seconds. He gave me a raised eyebrow, and then carefully crawled out of his hiding spot.

I was starting to get cold, but couldn’t believe the fun we were having. It was late afternoon already and the clouds over the lake were starting to look like they might head our direction. As I contemplated the skyline, a frizzy red cloud showed up in my view and I was suddenly drowned in a passionate kiss. Distracted momentarily from my chilly-weather lament, I chased Miranda across the wooden bridge and down a plastic slide. Getting up from the slide I twisted my ankle rather sharply, hobbled a few steps, and went to my knees.

Justin came to my rescue, helping me up from the woodchips and making sure I was alright. I was certainly not going to be able to run around anymore. Every step felt like going to an acupuncturist with an ankle fetish.

Miranda was disappointed. She was hoping that we would play until dark, or maybe later. I explained that I was getting cold anyway, and invited her to walk home with us for hot apple cider at my place. She agreed and slipped under one arm, helping me hop along as I leaned on Justin’s shoulder.

Getting to my place wasn’t so bad; I only lived a few blocks from the park. Miranda admired Justin’s car as we approached the building. The sleek black Jag had a way of turning heads. I smiled and tried to put bahis siteleri my foot down before climbing the stairs to the porch. I grimaced at the pain, and then hopped up the couple steps to the door. “This should be fun,” I exclaimed, undoing the locks. “Why is that?” Miranda asked. I opened the door to show her the flight of stairs that lead to my second floor apartment.

Miranda and Justin suggested ways to carry me up the stairs, and while I don’t particularly favor the wooden railing, it sounded a little safer than anything they were going to try. Miranda offered her shoulder to me, since she fit in the stairwell next to me better than my boyfriend. I hopped up the stairs with Justin ready to catch from behind.

Finally inside my little apartment, I found a note from my roommate stating she would be gone the next couple days. Apparently her girlfriend’s mom’s boyfriend was dying of cancer. Of course, this meant she had disappeared without doing the dishes, again. I groaned and hobbled to the couch.

Justin fished around in my medicine cabinet for an Ace bandage to wrap my ankle as I took off my jacket and shoes. Miranda threw her jacket on the back of my mom’s rocking chair and sat down, sliding her shoes under her seat. I smiled, finally able to appreciate Miranda’s body and fashion sense. Her loose, V-neck sweater hung comfortably on sizable and perky breasts, and her boot-cut jeans showed off her great hips. She must have been looking me over at the same time, because we both jumped when Justin cleared his throat in the doorway.

He tenderly lifted my foot and wound the wrap around it to keep my ankle straight, then gave me a couple Ibeuprophen for the pain and swelling. Miranda tried to apologize for leading me down the slide, but I wouldn’t hear any of it. I told her it was my choice to play the stupid game anyway. I leaned back on the couch and put my foot up on a pillow at the other end. I could hear Justin rummaging through my cupboards for mugs and cider mix, and decided to strike up a conversation with Miranda.

She openly told me about how she lived with her mom after attempting co-habitation with a variety of losers who wanted to get into her pants. She had a cat, three fish and once owned a parrot named “Doby.” Doby, it turned out, was still alive, though he found a better home with a lonely elderly lady on Miranda’s street. About the time that I was informed of this act of kindness, Justin came back with three mugs of hot apple cider.

Quietly, we all blew across our mugs and took the first sip. The warm liquid was sweet on my tongue and melted my cold throat. The three of us chorused, “Mmmm,” to the silent apartment. Justin caught up on the conversation and then we shared some details about our relationship. Miranda listened intently, supposedly for captioning the photos she took at the park.

As it started to get dark outside the apartment, Justin and Miranda closed the curtains as I helplessly tried to hobble to the kitchen for an ice pack. My ankle was throbbing, but getting off the old couch was a relief of its own. While Justin and I found its stiff cushions favorable to certain sex positions, it really wasn’t meant to be sat on anymore.

It was time for a second round of cider, and I insisted that Justin pour a finger of our apple brandy in each mug. Miranda sipped hesitantly at her mug, but found she enjoyed our mixed drink.

The heat in the apartment kicked in about then, and we listened to it whoosh from the vents. Miranda finished her drink a bit quick, and decided it was getting too warm in the apartment. She stripped off the sweater to reveal a tight baby-cut T with the phrase “Pluto was kinda eccentric anyway.” and a scoop neck that showed off her great cleavage.

I realized about that time that I was getting warm, as well. I pulled off my bulky hoodie and watched her reaction. I knew with the right bra, my tits looked great. Today I was wearing a good one with a V-neck three-quarter sleeve purple cotton T-shirt. Justin and Miranda had nearly the same expression on their faces as I folded the sweatshirt neatly and flung it over the back of the couch.

Justin attempted to pick up the conversation where we had left it, obviously affected by the women in the room taking clothes off. Miranda picked up on it; she made a comment about where she got her shirt, since Justin was caught staring at the message on it. I laughed and mentioned that he was probably more interested in what was behind the shirt than behind the message. Justin slapped me for making a joke at his expense, but jostled me in the process. I groaned as my ankle reminded me why we came home early.

He apologized and kissed the bandage to “make it all better.” Miranda giggled from the rocking chair. I looked at her and teased, “You think you can do better than that? You kiss it and make it better.”

Miranda giggled again and got up to kiss my ankle. She tenderly lifted it canlı bahis siteleri from the cushion and pressed her lips to the beige fabric. Oddly enough, that did make it feel better, or at least took my mind off of it. A faint pinkish lip-gloss mark was left behind on the wrap. I was suddenly reminded of when I was looking out over the lake from the park and she surprised me with a kiss, probably smearing the same lip-gloss on my lips. The noise of the heating vents cut out and we were at a loss for conversation.

Justin broke the silence by suggesting a card game. He grabbed the Bicycle deck from on top of the TV and started shuffling the cards. In light of the childish game we had played at the park, I suggested “Go Fish.”

Miranda giggled and agreed. She exclaimed, “New Rule: It’s not ‘go fish’ it’s ‘Fuck You’.” I laughed, never having heard of this variation. After a few rounds, we were all laughing hysterically. We tried different voices and lead-ins to our “Fuck You”s. It was now nighttime, and Miranda claimed she should head home for dinner. I said we could feed her, offered her a phone for calling home, and asked Justin to start a pizza in the oven.

As the oven pre-heated we played another game of “Fuck You.” It really didn’t matter who won, we were having a good time. Miranda started playfully slapping at my hand when I reached for cards from her. Justin brought us another round of “spiced” cider when he got up to put the pizza in the oven.

Justin remarked he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had this much fun besides making love to me the night before. I blushed a little and smiled. Miranda giggled – I was really starting to adore that noise – and said she couldn’t remember the last time she had this much fun, either. She was sincerely glad she met us in the park that day.

“New game,” I said, picking up the cards and shuffling. “Best way to make friends fast – how about a game of strip poker?” Miranda hesitantly agreed, suggesting that we take turns dealing so that no one would cheat. We set rules for our game, making a special exception for my ankle brace, and tried a hand of five-card draw.

Miranda grimaced at her cards and asked for three. Justin took two cards, and I only traded one. Turning the cards over, Miranda had the best hand, and Justin had the worst. Justin reached down, took off a sock, and went to check on the pizza. Miranda dealt the next hand when he came back and this time she lost a sock. Justin dealt and Miranda lost again. I mentioned that I had never been this lucky at poker since ever, and we all laughed. Justin got up to cut the pizza and came back with paper plates and napkins, each plate loaded with two large slices of cheese pizza.

Miranda asked if we were taking a break to eat, and I waved the notion off. “These cards have seen worse than pizza grease. Let’s keep playing.”

I dealt myself the worst hand ever, and finally lost my sock. Miranda caught me as well, but since the wrap was covering the other sock, I took off the crocheted hat I made last winter and set it on my hoodie behind me. Justin lost his own hand, loosing his other sock. Now that the socks had been cast aside, the game could get more interesting.

The next few hands found us sitting around in pants, Miranda and I showing off our choice of bras. My simple black convertible bra supported my rack well, but Miranda’s tits were showcased in the white-with-cherries push-up bra she was wearing. Luckily, the heat had kicked in again so we weren’t freezing in our skimpy clothing.

Justin lost the next round, and I watched as he pushed his jeans down. His erection, just barely noticeable through his pants, was definitely visible through his blue boxer-briefs. Miranda giggled and dealt herself a loosing hand. As she pushed the denim down her great hips, Justin and I watched closely, no longer modest around the attractive red-head. She was wearing matching panties, the cherries dancing across the white fabric from hip to hip and down to a sweet boy-cut leg.

Justin dealt me out of my jeans, and I got a similar reaction as they watched me uncover a black g-string. I dealt the next hand, knowing that this was going to get interesting very quickly now. Justin looked at his hand with knowing disappointment. “Great, I guess I’m out.”

“Keep playing, Justin. It won’t be as much fun if you leave the table,” I soothed. “After I loose the shorts, what happens if I loose again?” he asked. Miranda giggled, “Touch Rules.”

I looked at her with awe and admiration. Apparently this game of strip poker would not be over when everyone was naked. We decided that the person on the left of the loosing player would get to touch them if they lost after loosing their clothes. Justin agreed and pushed his boxer-briefs down slowly, showing off a little before letting his cock jump free of the waistband. He wasn’t all the way up, but he certainly was putting on a good show.

In güvenilir bahis the next few hands, Miranda and I took turns removing our remaining clothing. Miranda’s tits stayed perky after the cherries fell away, the light circles around her nipples framing perfectly the pert little gumdrops of flesh. My own rack, a little bigger, fell roundly against my chest as I removed my bra. As it turned out, Miranda’s red frizzy hair was completely the natural color, as her tuft of waxed and shaped pubes proved. I myself could not prove my blonde roots, as I had recently shaved completely.

Justin was starting to get uncomfortable under the table. I caught him touching himself more than once, trying to control his hard-on. We were all now sitting completely naked at the table – it was time to switch to touch rules. Miranda couldn’t hide her excitement as she dealt. I frowned at my hand, but it turned out to be better than Justin’s. I reached over and gave his hard cock a quick tug, and he groaned in surprise and lust. Miranda mentioned she wished we had picked right instead of left. As Justin dealt, she didn’t seem so sad about it – and lost. Justin leaned over her and hovered his hand over her chest, not touching but caressing the air around her left breast. Then he leaned in and kissed her cheek softly. Miranda sighed as I picked up the deck to shuffle.

I usually don’t loose my own hand very often, but it happens. Miranda giggled as she laid down her two-pair and came to my side of the table. Supporting herself on the couch, she leaned forward just enough to touch her nipple to mine, rub it around in a circle, then returned to her seat. Justin shuffled the cards, “I like this game and all, but I think the cards are getting in the way.” Miranda giggled and agreed. We decided to move into the bedroom and leave the cards where they lay.

Justin half-carried me to the bed, careful of my ankle, which had settled on a slow, throbbing ache instead of being directly painful. I slid myself up onto the bed and leaned back against the pillows. The king size bed barely fit in the small room, but tonight I was glad to have it. Miranda came to lie down beside me, and I wrapped an arm around her affectionately. She reached up and caressed my breast, softly tweaking the nipple with the palm of her hand. Justin groaned as he watched her play, Miranda reaching across to do the same to my other tit. I knew if it was up to him, he’d be on top of me right now. The teasing and waiting was never his favorite part. Tonight he seemed content to sit on the opposite side of the bed and stroke himself.

Miranda leaned against me and found my mouth with hers. She kissed me passionately and probed gently with her tongue. When I met hers with mine, it was electric; we both started getting into the kiss and forgetting our audience. Miranda’s hands wandered down my body, resting gently on my hips before leaving the kiss and stroking my thighs. She kissed her way down my chest, stopping to suck my nipples into her mouth and lightly nibble before releasing and moving further down. I closed my eyes and followed the soft kisses by touch, a hand instinctively running through her hair. The closer she got to my wet, waiting slit, the harder I started breathing. The anticipation alone was going to make me climax.

Gently, so gently, she spread my lower lips and lightly put a finger on my clit. I moaned, and heard Justin echo my moan. He leaned over me and kissed me deeply as Miranda started teasing my clit with her fingers. The feelings caused by all the attention I was getting made me nearly scream with pleasure.

I felt Justin shift his weight next to me, but lost track of what he was doing as Miranda touched her tongue to my wet slit. She teased the edges of my lips and licked from my hole to my clit very slowly.

Just as she settled in to working my clit with her mouth, Justin’s cock edged its way across my face. I opened my eyes and turned my head to take him in, licking and sucking the same way Miranda was on me. I reached up and fondled his balls with one hand while stroking the shaft into my mouth with the other. He groaned and twitched, and I could taste the warm cum slide into my mouth in spurts. I knew that he couldn’t stand the teasing, but I hadn’t expected him to release so quickly. I sucked the liquid from him and swallowed as Miranda pushed a finger into me, still sucking my clit. I understood then why Justin had cum so quickly, and had my own release.

Panting like dogs in August, the three of us put our heads on the pillows and held each other awhile. Miranda, who was the only one of us not to orgasm so far, played with herself while Justin and I watched. Justin leaned across me and kneaded Miranda’s perky soft breast. I wrapped my arm under his and fondled the other.

Miranda moaned and sat up on the bed, looking at us with intense, needy lust. I moved my hand slowly down her side, to her hip, and brought her close to me. She flipped her leg over my hip, and I touched her gently. She was so wet, that without even spreading her lips, my fingers were coated in her juices. Justin got up from the bed and walked around to Miranda’s side. He came up behind her and massaged her breasts as I fingered her gently.

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