Walt and Rhonda Ch. 07

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story is a work of fiction and contains scenes of extramarital and unprotected sex. If this isn’t for you, please move on. Comments are welcome, but try to control the name-calling and moral judgments.


“Hi, honey,” Rhonda said, answering her cell, seeing it was Walt calling from his trip. “I miss you.” Walt had been gone for two days already; it was Saturday morning, and he’d be away until Tuesday morning.

“I miss you, too.”

“I was thinking about you last night. That’s when I really missed you.” Friday nights was a traditional sex night for them. “In that special way,” she added breathily.

“O-oh, yeah, that’s my girl.”

“Don’t tease me, I’m serious, I’m really horny this morning. I was so excited when you called. I thought maybe we could, you know, talk, on the phone, sexy like.”

“You mean like phone sex? Honey, sorry, I wish I could, but I have to go soon, we have another plant visit this morning.” She sighed her disappointment. “Can you hold off till tonight? I’ll have some free time after dinner, and we can talk, all kinds of dirty, and get off together.”

“Oh, damn, Walt, I hope I can hold out.”

“Maybe you could send me a picture of yourself, on my cell, something sexy.”

“Oh, you nasty man, maybe I will.” She put on her seductive teasing voice. “I just don’t know if I can hold out till tonight. I might have to take matters into my own hands before that.” She paused, and added, “That is, unless my dream man knocks on my door today and helps me out.”

“Well, good luck with that, I think Sal is coming to do the pool service today.”

“E-eeww, Sal’s not my dream. Yuck.” Sal was an older, fat hairy fellow who did their weekly pool service. “I’m not that horny!” She laughed. “Thanks for taking my edge off with that visual!”

Walt laughed with her. “You sexy devil. I really have to go, but I’m serious about tonight. Let’s talk, say, around nine, and we can get each other all hot and have phone sex.”

“That’ll be new; okay, I’m in, baby.”

“You’re the best, I love you. But I gotta go.”

“All right, honey, I love you. Bye”

“I love you, too.”

And then she was alone again, with just her thoughts of sex, and anticipation of their call tonight. She’d slept in this morning, instead of her usual early Saturday, cleaning and laundry and shopping day. She figured she could catch up tomorrow. Instead she’d lain in bed, thinking of Walt, thinking of the Friday night sex she’d missed, and lightly rubbing her hard nipples and running her fingers through her wet lips, remembering the last time they’d had sex, when they’d teased each other about doing other people. She glanced at the clock and shook herself out of her reverie. It was already after ten, and she’d got nothing done. She looked out the kitchen window and surveyed the yard and the pool, loving the private retreat she and Walt had created for themselves. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Maybe she’d just shower and hang by the pool all day, she thought.

She was hesitant to be alone with her thoughts without Walt. She was horny, and missing him, and her brain would follow her desire. There was a good chance that she wouldn’t be able to wait till tonight, and would end up with one of their toys, getting herself off. Not as good as the real thing, but it would do in a pinch. She stood, rinsed her coffee cup, and put it in the dishwasher.

As she headed for the shower, she grabbed her razor. As she had lay in bed this morning she’d noticed her stubble was noticeable, and she needed to shave her pussy when she did her legs. As she stood under the hot spray, stroking her legs with the razor, her thoughts drifted to her relationship with Walt.

She was still astounded at how things had developed between them. After years of playfully teasing each other with fantasies, they had each made the leap and had sex with someone else, but did it behind each other’s backs. The guilt had nearly destroyed them, but had come to a satisfying conclusion the night of Julie’s party, when they had each spied the other having sex with someone else. Instead of anger, and hurt and rage, it had become an opportunity for arousal and reconciliation and mutual agreement; they both liked the idea, and that as long as they were open and honest with each other, they should take opportunities as they arose. Her amazement that Walt not only wasn’t bitter that she’d fucked other men, and actually was turned on by it, was only exceeded by her arousal at watching him fucking Julie that night.

As she finished her legs, and started on her pussy, she thought about seeing him. Her fingers pulled her lips taut as she ran the razor over the stubble of her pubic hair. She tried to ignore the incidental stimulation as she imagined watching Walt fuck another woman, seeing his hard cock slipping inside her pussy, seeing her writhe in passion the way she did when Walt fucked her. She remembered sucking Brent’s cock, and later her shock at finding that Walt had seen her, then her relief and astonishment canlı bahis that he had watched, and had enjoyed it; that he had even fantasized about it! The conversation that night after the party could have gone a dozen ways, and she was still a little incredulous at how it turned out. But since then they had avoided the subject, getting back to normal together, until earlier this week when they had pretended to be doing it with someone else, her sucking his cock as though it was another man, him licking her pussy and ass, and then fucking her while she played at being another woman.

But neither of them had taken the leap since the night of the party at Julie’s. She noted her wetness as she stroked her pussy with the razor. Damn, she was horny. She wondered which of them would be the first to do something. Would Walt come home with a story of seducing a woman? Frankly, she didn’t see her prospects for meeting someone being all that good. She rubbed her hand across her smooth pussy, checking for missed spots, feeling the sensations of fingers stroking her labia, slipping between, touching the wetness and brushing her hardening button. She took a breath and reached for the depilatory.

Stepping out of the stream of water, she spread the hair removing lotion evenly across her ass cheeks, then bent over to smear the cream between her cheeks, around her tight hole, taking care not to miss anything, but keeping her butt closed against accidental insertion. As her fingertips touched her tight muscle she thought of Walt’s thumb penetrating her as she came from his cock in her pussy. She’d never had anything inside her ass before, and it had been an unusual, but not unpleasant sensation. As she waited the few minutes before rinsing, she wondered if one day she might allow Walt to put his dick into her back door.

After rinsing, she stepped out, dried herself, and rubbed the towel through her wet hair. In the bedroom, she looked out the window again, seeing the pool, the sun, the lounge chairs, and decided that her errands could definitely wait until tomorrow. Unfortunately, she’d have to wait until after Sal came and did his thing; she wasn’t comfortable sunbathing while he was there. She slipped on a pair of loose terry shorts and a tee shirt, without panties or a bra; no sense adding to the laundry, as she’d be switching to a bathing suit in a while. She pulled her hair into a pony and wrapped a band around it just as she heard the doorbell.

She kidded herself, wondering who it could be, remembering her joke to Walt on the phone. My dream man is here, she smiled to herself as she approached the door. Through the side lights of the door she thought she saw Sal’s truck, but that couldn’t be; he just went right to the yard. The figure she saw through the beveled glass was definitely not Sal.

She opened the door. A heated blast of air wafted in through the open door, hitting her like an open oven door. The central air made you oblivious of the temperature outside.

On her front porch stood a tall, sandy-haired young man, dressed in a tank top and cargo shorts. At the street was Sal’s truck. She was confused.

“May I help you?”

“Good morning, well, almost afternoon. I’m here to do your pool service.”

“I don’t understand, where’s Sal? And who are you?” And WHAT are you, she thought. Six foot three, at least, with broad tanned shoulders, youthful good looks, an easy welcoming smile, thin nose and bright blue eyes. There were dots of perspiration forming on his shoulders and arms.

“My name’s Jeremy, I’m Sal’s nephew. I’m helping him out a little with some of his stops. He told me I should introduce myself when I come to a customer I haven’t done before.”

“Oh, well, thank you, that’s very considerate.” Yes indeed, very considerate to send a youthful Adonis to my house when I’m in a condition like this. She felt her pussy tingle in anticipation.

“Uncle Sal didn’t want anyone to get nervous seeing someone new, because he usually does them all himself, and everyone is used to seeing just him,” he explained awkwardly.

“Good practice,” Rhonda observed, lightly, but her mind was not on customer service. “The gate’s open, you can go straight back.”

“Okay, thanks.” She watched him turn and walk, seeing his cute butt in his shorts as he returned to his truck for his equipment. His hair was a little longish in the back. As she closed the door, she noted her nipples had become erect and were noticeable through her tee shirt. God, she thought, I hope I wasn’t poking his eyes out with these. She was pretty sure it wasn’t just from the cool air in the house.

She had planned to wait until the pool was finished before going outside, so she had time to kill. But instead of reading a book or watching the news, she wandered aimlessly through the rooms, trying not to fantasize about the young man outside. She would never have considered sunbathing with Sal there, but now the thought crossed her mind. She would not mind catching some admiring glances from him. She caught herself bahis siteleri wondering what he’d be like, trying not to imagine sitting on his cock, looking at his handsome face as she rode him.

No, she thought, it would be wrong, too close to home, not in the house, I couldn’t. He works for Sal, he might have to come back; it would be too awkward. But she wanted to. She drifted back to the kitchen, gazing out the window, seeing him kneeling next to the pool, arranging the hose to vacuum. She thought about how she would send Walt a text, letting him know that she was fucking a young man. I can’t, she told herself again. He’ll be back, I don’t think I’m ready to start bumping into men I’ve had impromptu sex with.

But I want to. I really, REALLY want to.

She was surprised to find her fingers between her legs, inside the loose leg of her terry shorts and unimpeded by panties, lightly stroking her wet shaved lips as she stood at the window. She pulled them away, embarrassed. Shit, Rhonda, you perv, she scolded herself. What are you going to do, diddle yourself to the pool boy? She laughed, and sat at the counter near the window and gazed out at the virile specimen working in her yard.

Just a few months ago, she thought, I’d be looking at him, trying to talk myself into it, and make up excuses for keeping it from Walt. Now, she laughed to herself, I’m trying to talk myself out of it, and looking forward to telling Walt!

She was mindful of the line that she would cross if she did this thing. Before their extramarital experiences, they had joked and teased each other about it, and that was safe, and fun, and they both understood the rules. But then both of them crossed that line, and for weeks their relationship hung in the balance. After the party, they had talked, and agreed that they would both continue having their flings, but only with full disclosure. They agreed that they liked the idea of each other having fun, being sexy and sexual, and hearing each other’s stories had been very exciting. Provided the communication was open and honest; they felt that their love and commitment and mutual support would not only survive, but strengthen under their agreement to share each other. But like the line between teasing and doing, there was a line between agreeing and acting on the agreement. And up to now, they had not really spoken of their agreement until a few nights ago, never mind done something.

And now she was gazing out the window at a hot young man and touching herself, thinking of crossing that line, from talk to action. And she wanted the action. Badly. But this seemed like a poor choice for the first one; hell, she thought, it was a poor choice no matter what. She thought of this young man, this Jeremy, Sal’s nephew, returning weekly to the house to service the pool. Nice, today Walt’s not home. Next week he would be, what then? Do I introduce them? It felt too forbidden, and she reprimanded herself for considering going through with it. As open as she and Walt were to the idea, she knew that they hadn’t considered having one of her dalliances returning to the house each week. That’s too much like a boyfriend, she thought, and a little outside what they had discussed.

Still, a little harmless flirting would be fun, and she reconsidered the sunbathing idea, although she assumed that as soon as he was gone she’d have the toy box out, and would be vibing herself to neverland. But the thought of putting on a bathing suit and pretending sunbathing seemed a little too obvious. Maybe just a stroll outside, some friendly chit-chat.

She stepped out the kitchen slider and made her way down the deck stairs to the pool area; she watched him, his back to her, his shoulders and back flexing as he moved the vacuum back and forth. It was really hot out, and his shirt was sticking to his back a little. She imagined a rivulet of sweat trickling down his spine, even as she felt one forming between her breasts. He turned the corner and saw her approaching as she reached the stone patio surrounding the pool.

“Oh, hi, I didn’t see you coming,” he said politely. “Not really much to do, your pool’s in good shape and the chemicals were pretty good. I’ll leave the filter running, but you’ll have to wait about an hour before you go in.”

“That’s fine,” she said, pulling up a chair and sitting near the pool, stretching her legs out, ankles crossed, holding herself up on extended arms behind her. “So, you’re Sal’s nephew?”

“Yeah, Uncle Sal was getting a little tired at the end of last season, and he started making noise to my Mom, his sister, about maybe retiring, or selling the business. So my Mom asked me to come down and give him a hand. It’s only for part of the season, though, I’ve got to go back in a couple of weeks.”

“Where is back for you?”

“Upstate, that’s where I’m from. I’ve been here about a month already, about.”

“It must be lonely, being away from home.”

He gave a resigned shrug. “A little. My Aunt and Uncle are great, really, but yeah, I guess I’m a little bahis şirketleri homesick. But I couldn’t stay anyway, I really have to go back in a few weeks. I have a summer session at State I have to take. I’m trying to graduate a little early.”

“Plus I bet you miss your girlfriend,” she hinted. He’s leaving. He won’t be back. He’s hot, I’m horny. She imagined the line dissolving as her reservations were satisfied and her imposed resistance crumbled, and she smiled to herself, feeling eager and sinister and so very lucky.

“Well, a little, but we broke up before I left.” He snorted a chuckle. “Unrelated to my being away. But broke up nonetheless.” He looked a little uncomfortable discussing it. “Man, it’s really hot out,” he said, changing the subject.

And it may get hotter still, young Jeremy, she thought. “When you finish, come up to the house, I’ll make some iced tea.”

“Oh, no, really, that sound great, but really, I couldn’t, I don’t want to impose.” He fell all over himself trying not to accept.

“No imposition at all, I’m serious. Come up, I won’t take no for an answer on a hot day like this.”

“Well, okay, thanks. I’ll be about another fifteen or twenty minutes, I guess.”

“I’ll have it ready for you,” she said, standing, and strolled leisurely back to the deck steps, hoping he was staring at her as she walked back. Oh, yeah, Jeremy, I’ll have it ready for you!

As soon as the door closed she was at the window, one hand rubbing her nipples, and the other between her legs, touching herself. Oh, Jeremy, you are going back home with a fond memory, young man. She touched her wetness, imagining it was the young man, and imagined telling Walt how it felt. Won’t he be surprised when we talk tonight, thinking we’ll masturbate together, and hear my story.

She got a pitcher of iced tea from the refrigerator, and pulled two glasses from the cabinet, setting them on the high counter, and sitting at the table. Her nervous excitement raged through her — what if he spurned her advances? She wanted him, needed him, needed his dick, needed to get fucked. But she wouldn’t take him against his will; that would just be wrong. No, he had to want it. Glancing nervously around the room, she stood, changing her seat to one of the high stool at the breakfast counter, moving the iced tea to the table, then sitting sideways on the stool, facing the table. She wanted him to sit, to have a good look at her. Satisfied that he’s be able to see her, she returned to the window to see where he was, and was startled when he knocked gently on the sliding door.

She opened it, feeling the blast of warm humid air as he entered, and guided him to the seat at the table. “Done already; you work quickly,” she said. She poured his iced tea first, then her own, standing next to him, slightly behind him, looking down at the sheen of perspiration coating his shoulders, seeing where his tank top stuck to his back.

“Thanks very much, Miss, uh,” he said.

“Mrs., but call me Rhonda,”

“Well all right, thanks Ronda,” he smiled and took a long sip. Rhonda moved away, slipping to the high stool with her glass and perched herself facing him. He put the glass down and exhaled.

“Wow, that’s good,” he said, “Refreshing. He turned to face her, turning his chair.

“I’m glad you like it,” she said, and allowed her legs to open slightly. “You looked hot out there.”

“Well, there’s worse things than working outdoors on a hot day,” he commented, and looked up. “But this really takes the edge off.” He lifted his glass and drained the rest. When he put his glass down, he looked at her again. She’d opened her legs more, feeling the cool air entering the loose leg of her shorts. She was pretty sure he’d be able to see up her leg to get a peek at her pussy. She watched his eyes, and they momentarily opened wide, and diverted immediately, telling her she was right.

“Uh, can I, uhm, have another,” he asked nervously.

“Later,” she told him, standing and approaching him. You’ll need another to cool off after we’re done, she thought, because you’re going to get heated again. “But first, Jeremy, I need you to take my edge off.” She put her glass on the table by his. She put a hand on his strong shoulder, feeling him flinch, and he looked up at her, nervously. Not stupid, this boy, he knows what I want.

“But Mrs., uh, Rhonda, I-” he started, “you’re married.”

“Yes, but my husband and I have an understanding, Jeremy. He’s away right now, and I’m alone, and you’ve been alone away from home for a while.” She pushed her shoulders back slightly, thrusting her breasts forward, pointing her hard nipples at his face. “I think we can help each other out.” Her hand rubbed firmly across his shoulders. “Do you think you can help me?”

His face left hers, looked at her hard nipples poking through her tee shirt, then moving quickly to glance at the crotch of her shorts, back to her eyes, her nipples, and her eyes. His face flashed from nervous, to interested, back to nervous, then eager. He looked at her and smiled a little hesitantly. One of his hands slipped from his side to creep around behind her, caressing across her ass, rubbing her through her shorts. “I’d definitely like to help you out,” he told her.

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