Warm Cuddles

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Boi Pussy

Berwick was 19, whereas Vox was 32. They lived together as a couple, and Berwick loved these sappy nights where he’d just cuddle with Vox all night long. Berwick was also a curious lad…very curious.

During a cold night, the younger male shivered even with the duvet over him. The night was bitter and sombre, and the dark-haired male could see a cloud of his breath every time he exhaled. He could feel the bitter temperature penetrate his skin. He wore his hoodie in bed, some boxers, and a pair of cutesy fluffy socks (really fluffy socks!).

“Vox, how can you go to bed naked when it’s cold like this?” Berwick questioned, shivering under the duvet. “It’s too cold to be naked. You’re weird,” remarked Berwick.

“I’m not lighting the fireplace,” stated Vox. “Definitely not when we’re sleeping.”

“I know; I know,” fussed Berwick. “You’re so lucky you don’t feel the cold.”

Vox sneered, laughing a little bit at Berwick’s remark.

Rolling onto his left side, Vox closed his eyes and slipped an arm under his pillow for comfort.

“Night, babe,” grumped Vox. “See you in the morning.”

Back turned to Vox, Berwick struggled to sleep. He glanced over his shoulder at Vox behind him, seeing Vox’s bare back facing him. Berwick gave a small smile with a crazy idea in mind.

“I hope konya escort you sleep well, Vox.”

Turning around, Berwick scooched over to nestle into Vox for warmth. He swathed an arm around Vox’s torso, keeping Vox close to his body. Vox’s body felt warm, despite being naked.

However, Vox wasn’t close enough.

Snuggling his head into Vox’s back, Berwick was thinking about something. Looking at Vox, Berwick could only see Vox’s blue hair and his back since Vox had his back turned. Berwick huffed some, still smiling.

“…Vox?” Berwick called his lover’s name.

There was no response from Vox.

“Are you already asleep, Vox?” Berwick questioned out loud. “…Oh, maybe I should try out that idea then,” smirked a cheeky Berwick.

Spooning with his man was the best thing ever, albeit Berwick got a little more intimate than usual during their nightly cuddles. Just casually, Berwick slipped his penis into Vox’s anus, just keeping it inside him. Berwick’s penis was erect, hard, but the younger male didn’t feel horny or any desire to thrust.

“Mmmh~” Berwick grunted, hugging Vox tightly as he coiled a leg over Vox’s hip. “You feel so snug and warm; I just wanna stay like this forever,” he muttered into Vox’s ear.

Opening one eye, Vox grunted. konya escort bayan “Berwick, what are you doing?” Vox questioned, feeling something in his butt. “I’m too tired for sex.”

“No,” replied Berwick with a groan. “I just want to keep warm, okay? I’m cold.”

“…Well, okay,” was Vox’s only response.

Closing his eyes again, Vox pressed his backside against Berwick’s groin, keeping Berwick’s penis inside his butt. Vox smirked. “It actually feels quite nice. But you know, your dick will just flop out when it goes limp, right?”

“I’m not that stupid,” remarked Berwick. “I just wanna be close to you.”

Chuckling softly in amusement, Vox just shook his head at the younger male behind him. Vox thought Berwick was being a silly-billy, but he felt too tired to talk now.

“Hmph! Hmph!” Berwick grunted, pressing his groin into Vox’s backside. His legs quivered some, feeling the urge to thrust now.

“What, Berwick?” Vox grumped, trying to sleep. He could hear the younger male behind him.

“Nothing,” replied Berwick. “You’re just so cosy!”

“…Yeah, right. If you say so, babe.”

Ignoring the urge to thrust, Berwick kept his leg coiled round Vox’s hip as a way to keep the older male close to his body. Berwick snuggled into escort konya Vox, tightening the embrace now. Berwick planted a kiss onto the back of Vox’s neck, and then another kiss onto his shoulder. These were slow butterfly kisses, lazy since Berwick felt tired.

“Hmm…I love you, Voxy,” muttered Berwick whilst he lazily rubbed his lips onto Vox’s shoulder. “You’re amazing.”

There was no response from Vox as he already fell asleep. A bit rude, but Berwick didn’t blame him. Berwick heard Vox breathing, a few little snores here and there but nothing to irritate the lad. He could feel Vox breathing with his arm hugging around Vox’s torso.

“See you in the morning,” murmured Berwick.

Leaning in as far as he could, Berwick could just about see Vox’s face. Berwick giggled at the sight of Vox’s sleeping face. Blue hair, white skin, accompanied by a sharp pointy nose and thinish lips. He looked pretty. Berwick hastily retreated back to snuggling into Vox’s back, spooning tightly now.

“…Hm, Berwick, ” grumbled Vox. “I love you too,” he finally replied.

Beaming from ear-to-ear, Berwick was so happy to hear those words from Vox. He squealed some, hugging Vox from behind. Every inch of his penis was still inside Vox’s butt, still erect and enjoying the warmth of his hole.

“Stay like this,” stated Vox as his free hand held Berwick’s coiled leg. “I like it when you cuddle up to me.”

“I love it too, Vox,” answered Berwick with a purr.

Rolling his eyes behind his closed eyelids, Vox just cackled at Berwick’s remark. “Of course you do,” he put. “Go to sleep, babe.”

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