Watching the Spanish Sun

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Aika Saya

Anne heard the horn of Richards car in the drive and she smiled to herself she picked up her beach bag and ran out slamming the door behind her, she waved and went walking up to Richards car and passed over to the passenger side Where said hi to Richard and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Anne had known Richard since school where they where friends and talked during lunch and break often but then he had gone back to England from Spain to join the Navy and they had said their goodbyes. He had now passed his training and had called Anne when he got back to Spain on holiday to ask if she wanted to go down to the beach, seeing as it was a sunny day and in high summer.

She looked at him for the first time in 4 months and to her surprise he had really muscled out before he wasn’t fat or thin and definitely not muscley. Now however he had his shirt off and some long swim shorts on that went down to mid calf. She took a glimpse at his body and he had developed a six pack it wasn’t very noticeable but it was just visible and his biceps were much more noticeable along with his pecks. He generally looked fitter. He looked at her after they said hello and said “You’re looking very tanned I’m still struggling with mine”

“Thanks your looking good to your looking very fit” she said eyeing him up and down

“Cheers nice bikini” he said smiling “I saw one like the other day in Corte Ingles.”

She was wearing a bikini top of black with ck in the bottom left corner of the left cup and matching bottoms hidden by a thin material tie up skirt the sort that a lot of girls took to the beach.

“Yeah that’s where I got it.” She said smiling she had a spectacular smile.

They spent the rest of the time talking about each others lives. It was a 20 minute ride to the beach and there wasn’t a silence at any point. They spoke about how Richard was getting on and how hard it was for him to get into shape after Anne told him how fit he was looking. Richard asked about how she was getting on with her studying. Anne always found Richard very funny he was the sort of person who could leave her laughing so much she cried.

As Anne got out of the car by a secluded beach Richard and she knew of that rarely had one person on it and was never packed richard glanced at her getting out the door he admired her curvy body she had noticeable hips but not to much so and she must of had a c cup breasts and she had a slim stomach she exercised allot and she went ridding which kept her in a slim figure. Her best quality was her face she had a slightly sharp face thin lips black flowing hair and her eyes were soft hazel with hidden depths.

She noticed Richard looking at her but she didn’t mind her experience with boys had always been bad they only wanted to get into her pants and it was impossible for her to loose her virginity to any of them because she knew it was the only thing they wanted. Richard was different she realised it when she first met him. So she let him look at her figure as she got out of his car.

“What a day,” said Richard “this is bliss.”

“Yeah” Anne agreed looking up at the sky and closing her eyes. She looked back at Richard and he was doing the same but a bit more over exaggerated. “You look like someone’s got a knife to your throat” she said giggling. He looked at her and laughed he had a very distinctive laugh thought Anne she found herself looking at him again he had his hair shaved as he said by regulation and hazel eyes like hers but much more powerful. He had nicely average shaped head with a fairly long nose with a little bump in it from when he had got in a fight, he told her. He also had very broad shoulders. Also from training she later found out. With a new tattoo on his right peck that he had got two moths ago.

They went down to the beach and Anne pulled out a massive towel Richard asked if he could share because he left his at home after pitying his stupidity in a friendly way she agreed. He smiled sheepishly and sat down beside her. He looked at her and reached into his back pack and pulled out some weed Anne looked at it and then at him she shrugged and said everything’s worth a try. So he turned round got some papers out and skinned up while they talked she lay on her side propped up by her elbow looking at him wrap the weed up into a joint he looked out the corner of his eye and said. “Why you looking at me like that?” he said still giving his attention to the joint in his hand as he got a lighter out and she said “just watching what you’re doing.”

“I’ll show you if you want.” She laughed and said “maybe later.” “Good good” he replied with a smile on his face. He took a toke and breathed in deeply lay back while it was still in his lungs and then breathed out into the air.

“Ahhhhhh” he proceeded to do the same until it was half gone then Anne asked

“You going to give that to me or not?” she looked at him in that look she often gave him when he said something cheeky he looked at her and said “Ok then Ataşehir Escort but go easy you’re a virgin.” “How did you know that?” she said, Richard looked at her and laughed out loud. “I mean a virgin smoker” he said sill chuckling.

“Ohh.” She said with a sigh and blushed Richard gave it to her and she took it looked at him and then looking at the joint finally taking a big puff on it and coughing Richard chuckled she looked at him as if it is was his fault while still coughing and then smiled along with Richard.

“What do you think.” said richard looking at Anne as she took another puff. “It’s alright I feel a bit woozy but….. like I don’t care about anything.” With a contemplative look on her face. “That’s the point” said Richard.

When the joint was finished she told Richard that she was really calmed down. Richard said that she took the good effect and that she could have got a bad one. He told her a story about when he first tried it that made her laugh.

“So you want to swim?” she asked looking at him “Lets go for it.” Agreed Richard brushing of his hands from the sand that was on them. Anne got up and looked at him and smiled Richard thought about that smile it was more than friendly but he put it out of his mind.

Anne was feeling very relaxed and a bit horny so she moved one hand out and released her bikini top and let it fall to the sand and she looked over her shoulder to Richard and saw him shocked. “You act like you’ve never seen any tits before.” She smiled again and walked to the sea

Richard watched Anne to the sea rooted to the spot he had always considered Anne very attractive but had never tried to approach her in that way because he knew every other boy she knew looked at her like that and he wanted to be different.

She dove straight in and Richard followed diving in she swam toward him a look in her eye that he hadn’t seen before a mischievous sort of look. He wondered what the hell was going on maybe it was the weed or just the sun or she felt differently for him he didn’t know which. “Richard.” She said quietly just so he could hear it above the sound of the waves.

“Yes.” He said curious as to what she was going to say.

“Why are you the only guy who doesn’t try to get into my knickers at the first sight of me?”

Richard took this in his stride and tried not to be thrown off by the question. “Well I noticed every other bloke who went near you’re tried to pull you and you looked kind of un-happy so I thought I would talk to you for a conversation instead of a shag.”

She was near him now and her next words where spoken very slowly. “And you never wanted me at all?”

“Well I don’t know about that,” he said slowly her face came close to his. “I’ve always thought you where…..” Richard moved to her now not being able to resist and they kissed he hadn’t Kissed anyone for about a year since he started his training to go into the navy and he didn’t realise how much he had pent up. Anne felt this kiss all through her body. Richard felt her erect nipples just under his chest but still invisible through the water. Their two tongues entwining exploring each other’s mouths felling there moist tongues. “….Beautiful”

Anne looked up at Richard and said. “You seemed like you’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” Richard laughed and said “well felt like you didn’t mind.”

“I didn’t.” they both laughed lightly and kissed again this time softer and slower in small breaks in between Anne felt like every ounce of her body wanted Richard. The feeling from Richard was the same.

Anne held a finger up to his lips when he tried to kiss her again and she gave him the same mischievous smile from before. She turned around so she had her back to him and then walk out of the sea and onto the beach yet again looking over her shoulder to him this time a look implying that he should follow her. So he quickly followed suite. He saw her lying face down on the large towel. Richard noticed he still hadn’t seen her tits. He lay down beside her, she had her eyes closed her head facing him he looked at her and she opened her eyes noticed that he was looking at her and she smiled. She reached for her beach bag and pulled out some sun cream and handed it to Richard “Why don’t you put some suntan cream on my back I don’t want to burn.”

Richard couldn’t believe what was happening. He poured some onto his hand and rubbed his hands together. He then placed his hands on Anne’s back and started to rub the sun tan cream over her soft body feeling the contours of her back. She sighed slightly Richard felt slightly excited. He moved up and down her body making sure he could milk this for all it was worth. Anne kept letting out little sighs, which was driving him mad with want.

“You’ve got to do my legs as well.” Anne said smiling to herself.

Richard paused and was marvelled by his luck. “Well I didn’t want those beautiful legs to get burnt” he said slyly. He started with Kadıköy Escort her ankles and moved slowly up her calf and then her thigh slowly moving down the sides and making sure she had cream on both her legs he spent most of his time looking at her bikini bottoms hiding her firm plump butt he bent over and kissed the small of her back. She giggled.

“You liked that?” Richard asked smiling to himself.

“Mmmmm, yeah she said it tickles.” He bent over and did it again she giggled he did it again with the same result and again and again he was doing it repetitively making her laugh out loud.

“I love it when you laugh.”

“I love it when you make me laugh.” Anne said.

She turned over back on her back and propped herself up to look at Richard she said to him, “Richard I want you.” and she moved in to kiss him he accepted the kiss and she put her arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of her.

Anne felt his body on top of hers and wanted to keep it there she was still kissing him when he moved back to marvel at her and her body he moved again to kiss her and as he did so his left hand started to tweak Anne’s left nipple. She let out a moan as he did so and Richard felt his cock hardening under his now almost dry swimming shorts. He then moved down from her mouth to her throat and neck started moving a little further down with every kiss he reached one of her nipples and he took it in his mouth while he tweaked the other with his hand.

Anne’s moans where now quiet audible her groans of pleasure. “Harder.” Richard responded by squeezing the nipple in his hand a bit harder and giving the nipple in his mouth a little bite.

Anne was in bliss while she was experiencing a pleasure pain sensation on her breasts that sent shock waves down her body and ending in her pussy. She wanted Richard so badly she wanted him inside her.

Richard continued down her body her tummy her belly button and then richard decided to tease her a bit and kiss all the way around her bikini but not going underneath it this was driving her wild he had to hold onto her thigh with one hand while his right went up to carry on tweaking her nipple.

“Eat me Richard I want your tongue on my wet slit.”

Richard obeyed and took her bikini bottoms of and threw them aside. He let out a small shudder at the sight in front of him she had a fully shaven pussy Richard had never been with some one shaven before and he liked the look of this.

Richard looked up at Anne her expression was one of anticipation and then he looked at her tight pink pussy. He started by kissing her mound the second he did that Anne let her head fall back from watching him and her hand travelled to her hair and she started moving her hair around as whines of pleasure escaped her soft lips that where only kissing Richard a minuet ago.

Richard moved down from her mound and she tensed ready for the moment his lips would touch her most private area.

It felt like a slice of heaven had been given to her when Richard’s tongue first touched the bottom of her slit, he moved slowly up being careful to avoid her clit instead sending her wild with anticipation for when he would touch her erect clit he carried on up and down and the penetrated a bit of his tongue as Anne moaned for more.

“God Richard ohhhhh god Richard.”

Anne felt her orgasm building and building, through her whole body, like water behind a dam. Richard sensing she was close to orgasm finally touched her clit which sent Anne screaming over the edge into a blissful orgasm. Richard held on to her hips as she bucked and her back arched. Richard loving every second lapping up her juices that where pouring all over his face; he carried on circling her clit with his tongue.

“Stop Richard uhhhh, stop…” Anne said weakly with no actual conviction and then she felt one of Richard fingers moving up and down her labia as he still licked her clit and that was enough she felt another orgasm flow through her screaming, moaning, urging, she was in heaven.

She moved her hand to the top of his head and pushed it away not able to take anymore. Richard moved away obediently. He then looked at her Anne was breathing heavily and still had a hand in her hair she closed her eyes while breathing and then looked at him again. Richard now had a massive rock hard erection. Anne raised a finger and indicated for him to come to her he did so and she said to him.

“I want to taste myself.”

Richard couldn’t believe what a freak Anne was but he was more than happy. He leaned over and they kissed her juices passing between them with saliva. Anne pulled away.

“Mmmm.” Anne said in satisfaction. “I think I should return the favour don’t you?” She said her mischievous smile back in place.

“Let me think I really don’t know how you can do that.” he smiled.

“Well we can come up with something.”

She told Richard to lie down and he did so, on the towel. She then Bostancı Escort on all fours moved towards him not breaking eye contact moving like a leopard. She moved so that she had a leg over each side of his which were together. She was over his knees. She pushed her hair behind her and the started to kiss Richards tattoo that he had on his right peck. Then she moved down to the top of his abs and slowly down the middle of them Richard could barley contain himself. As she kissed his body she never broke eye contact with him and then she slowly undid his trunks still looking him in the eyes and then she broke her gaze to look at Richards’s penis she gasped as she saw it which Richard found a turn on.

Anne looked at the 8 inch cock in front of her wanting it so much. She then looked back at Richard and took the cock in her hand. She started just liking round and round the tip travelling over his japes eye Richard sighed with pleasure loving every minuet. She then took it in her mouth and Richard thought that was almost enough. She moved up to the tip again and sucked a the little beads of pre cum she moved her tongue down the side and then started to get gradually faster and masturbating the rest of his prick with her hand until he was almost about to burst. Richard stiffened and he sighed in pleasure. As he came in her mouth there was a lot of cum and she couldn’t swallow it all so a bit dribbled down the side of her mouth. She continued sucking on Richard’s deflating cock as Richard had his head back recovering.

“God that was incredible.” Said Richard still breathless.

“Not bad for my first time.” Smiled Anne.

Anne clambered up to lie next to Richard and Richard put his arm round her and kissed her head Richard pulled up his trunks and told Anne he was going back to the car for some beers. When he came back Anne was idly playing with her pussy which was still wet from when Richard had licked her out. Richard passed Anne a beer and she opened it and drank greedily. Richard took a sip and moved his hand on top of Anne’s to assist her with her idle pussy play. He had his hand on her top of her hers and they where moving al four of their fingers in and out of Anne’s little slit. She was moaning slightly she was now on her side with her back to Richard and while they both fingered her Richard nibbled on her neck and kissed it slowly.

Richard again moved down to be able to suck on Anne’s virgin cunt again, Now that he had finished his beer. He started by sucking at her labia pulling them away from her body, as Anne carried on fingering her self. Richard then opened her pussy with his fore finger and thumb as he started to penetrate her with his tongue. Feeling braver he lifted he slightly and started down to her arse hole. He then started to lick around it Anne let out a little gasp at this new feeling.

“Ohhh fuck yes go on richard lick my bad butt.”

Richard responded by penetrating his tongue slightly. Anne let out a whine of pleasure. Richard noticed that she was still circling her clit as he licked at her arse.

“Fuck me richard.” Anne said seriously now. Richard looked up at her and said “you sure it might hurt a bit and I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I don’t care I want you in me lets work up to it though.” Anne said with a dirty smile on her face. She then bent over with her arse to Richard in a doggy position. She spanked her arse while looking over her shoulder at Richard. “I want you to be the first for my whole body.” Richard couldn’t resist and he stood up to take his trunks of. He then wet his to fore fingers and started to massage Anne’s butt hole. He then knelt down and tensed his cock.

It was like no other feeling in the world to Anne feeling him pierce her hole. It hurt a bit but it was a pleasure pain sensation to her and it drove her wild. She started to half moan half scream as Richard started moving in and out of her arse rhythmically, his balls hitting against the space between her pussy and her arse. Richard groaned with the tightness of Anne round his prick loving every movement in and out. Anne looked over her shoulder at Richard with a look that almost sent Richard over the edge, but he managed to control himself in time he wanted this to go on for as long as he could make it.

“Enough I want you’re big cock inside me.” Richard responded to Anne’s request by pulling out and letting Anne rollover onto her back and spread her legs.

Richard looked at her and thought god I’m going to enjoy this.

He moved between her legs and Anne reached down and took his dick in her hand and moved it up and down her lips before allowing him to penetrate her he did so slowly Anne letting out gasps of pain every movement he made. She kept urging him on though. Richard felt Anne’s virgin pussy grasp at his cock feeling her whole body rapped around his cock.

Anne now relaxed realising that the worst was over. And relaxed and got used to the size of his cock. It made her feel stretched but she loved it. He then started to move in and out slowly and rhythmically, Anne letting out little gasps as he did so still not fully use to his penis.

Richard gradually built up going faster with every thrust. Before he was about to come Anne put her hand on his chest.

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