Way Up North

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When I tripped on the tree trunk and went down, I knew I was in trouble. Here I was in the middle of an Alaskan forest, all alone and defenseless. I tried to get up, but it was hopeless. My foot just kept buckling under me. Maybe I could crawl my way out of there, but which direction was out? “Help,” I yelled “is anybody around? I’m in trouble!” Nothing. Great. I was going to die out here, and no one would ever find me. Why couldn’t I vacation in Hawaii or Las Vegas like everyone else? No. I had to grab a plane to Alaska to see the natural beauty, and the snow, and the animals running free in the wild.

I was getting hungry and sleepy. And I was cold. “So this was it,” I thought, Goodbye cruel world.” I fell asleep for a while. Don’t know how long. When I woke up it was starting to get dark, and the wind was howling. I took off my gloves and tried to blow warm air on my freezing fingers. But it didn’t help. And then I started hearing noises. Like branches breaking. Like someone stepping on branches. “is someone there?” I screamed. “Is someone there? Help me, please!” Those noises were footsteps on the forest floor. Yes. Someone was coming. Someone was coming. “I’m over here,” I called. “I’m over here. Help me. Please help me.”

And at that point a figure appeared among the trees. A tall bearded man. “Thank God,” I thought. “Saved!” He pushed through the trees and came towards me.

“What happened to you?” he asked.

“I tripped and fell,” I answered. “I can’t move. Maybe I broke my foot.”

“Let’s see,” he said, bending down next to me. “Which foot is it?” I showed him. “It’s pretty black and blue,” he said, examining it. “Can you move it?” I flexed my foot around a few times. “It don’t look broke,” he said. “If you can move it like that, it’s probably just a bad sprain. Can you walk?”

“No I can’t,” I answered. “I’m going to die out here.”

“You’re not gonna die. I’m gonna help you,” he said. And with that, he scooped me up in his arms and started carrying me. “Where do you live?” he asked.

“New Jersey,” I answered.

“”New Jersey?” he laughed. “What the hell you doing way up here?”

“I came to Alaska on my vacation. I’m staying at the Anchorage Hilton hotel, and this morning I took a tour bus fifty miles up here into the wild, and stupidly went wandering off by myself. I’m sure the bus went back hours ago. I don’t know what to do,” I started crying a little, from the pain and the cold and the fear I had been feeling all afternoon.

“Don’t worry, little guy. You’re gonna be all right I’m gonna take you to my cabin. It’s only about a mile away. Just outside the woods.”

“A mile away,” I cried. “How can you carry me that far?”

“Nothin’ to it. You’re just a little guy. Light as a feather.” And that’s how he was carrying me, as if I were light as a feather. I put my arms around his neck, and held on. “Put your head against my chest and rest,” he suggested. I did, and felt a little better. Comfortable and safe, being carried along in the arms of this big man, my head resting against the rough wool of his jacket. I fell asleep in his strong arms, my head pressing against his heart. When I woke up, we were coming to the door of a small cabin, just at the edge of the wilderness. He took one hand from my body, opened the door, and we entered the cabin.

It was one large room with a bed, a couple of chairs, and a small table. He carried me over to the bed, and gently laid me down on it. “Home. Safe and sound,” he laughed. “I’ll build us a fire.” It was a little cold in there.

He went over to the fireplace and put some logs in. Then he crumpled some old newspaper and threw it in. Getting on his knees, he lit a match and fanned, waiting for the logs to flame up. When the fire was going, he lit a kerosene lamp and came over to the bed. “Now, let me look at that foot of yours,” He said. After examining it, he grunted. “You’re not gonna be able to walk for a while. I got nothin’ here to strap it up with, so you’ll have to stay in bed and keep it raised up. I’ll make us a couple of cans of soup for dinner.”

“There’s no stove,” I noticed.

“I cook in the fireplace,” he explained. “See that big black pot over there. I make everything in that.”

“Oh,” I said. “Where’s the bathroom?”

“Out the maraş escort back door. It’s an outhouse. Do you have to go?”

“In a little while.”

“I’ll carry you,” he said. “Just let me know.”

“Okay,” I said. “What about a shower?”

“See that big iron tub in the back,” he pointed. “I heat up water in the fireplace, and I fill the tub. Just tell me when you want a bath. The well is out in the back, too.”

“Gosh. I never realized how good I had it in New Jersey. A kitchen, a bathroom, heat, air conditioning, a shower where you turn the faucet and hot water comes out.”

“Yeah,” he laughed. “It ain’t easy up here. I’ll give you that. But I’m a lumberjack. I go out into the woods and cut down trees for six months every year, starting tomorrow,” he added. “And this is where I gotta live. I’ll go out back now and pump us some water for the soup.” He took the big pot and went out the back door. Thank goodness the fire was blazing and the cabin was starting to warm up a little. I stretched out on the bed and started to relax. While the water was boiling, he took off his jacket and hung it on a hook in the corner. Now I could really see what he looked like. He was very tall and very solid. Great long arms from swinging an axe, I guessed. His legs were massive and firm. His chest was about twice the size of mine, but his belly seemed firm. Not a lot of beer. I guess he was somewhere about fifty years old, and his hair, moustache and beard were mixed black and grey. I guessed that his whole body was probably covered with bristly grey hair, legs, chest, just everything. He oozed masculinity. I felt like a school child next to him.

“I guess I should introduce myself,” he held out his hand and we shook. “I’m Joe Kinney.”

“Bill Waterson,” I answered. “And you don’t know how glad I am to meet you. I would have died out there if you hadn’t come along.”

“I guess you would have,” he answered. “You owe me one.”

“I sure do.”

When the soup was done, he brought a bowl over to the bed for me, and pulled up a chair. As we ate, we began talking.

“What brought you up to the wild country?” he asked

“I always wanted to see what it was like. I’ve never been anywhere interesting.”

“What kind of work do you do?

“I’m a computer programmer,” I answered. “I wear a suit and tie, and work in an office five days a week. And on weekends I usually go to the movies. My life is very unexciting.”

“Well mine ain’t very exciting either, but at least I’m outdoors in the fresh air a lot. If you don’t mind my asking, how old are you?

“I’m twenty-five,” I answered.

“So tell me,” he asked slyly. “You have a nice girlfriend?”

“I wish I did. No. There’s nobody. I’m all alone in the world.”

“Me too,” he answered. “I used to have a wife, a long time ago, but she up and left me. Couldn’t take the life up here. But I understand. Up here ain’t for a woman. Too hard on ’em. But I do get a little lonesome some time.”

“I know what you need, Joe,” I joked. “You need a wife who isn’t a woman.”

“I sure as hell do.” We both laughed merrily at my great joke. We chatted about this and that for a couple more hours, and then Joe said “I think it’s time we both get a little shuteye”

“I guess so,” I agreed.

“As you probably have noticed,” he said pointing at the piece of furniture “I only have one bed. I guess we’re gonna have to share it.”

“Sounds good to me. It’s your bed. I was afraid you were going to make me sleep on the cold floor.”

“Now you know I wouldn’t do nothing like that,” he protested.

“I know. I was just kidding,” I said.

“I’ll help you get undressed,” he offered. “Then you can climb under the covers.”

“Okay, thanks,” I said. “It’s still hard for me to move around. My foot hurts a little.

As he was undressing me, he said. “You really are a slim little guy. With that nice shiny blond hair, you look like a little kid. I just hope I don’t roll over in the middle ofthe night and crush you.”

“Feel free to roll over, but just watch my foot,” I laughed.

He continued to undress me, and when I was naked he sat there looking at me.”You’re so smooth,” he admired. “I don’t think I ever saw such a smooth guy. mardin escort And you got a nice build for a small guy. Good proportions.”

“Thank-you.” He was admiring my body and I was almost getting embarrassed.

“Here. Get under the covers.” He worked the blankets from below me to on top of me. Then he began to unbutton his own shirt. Little by little he took off everything , and before me stood a handsome lusty powerful guy, hairy and athletic. He was really something to see.

He climbed under the covers on his side of the bed, blew out the kerosene lamp,and we lay side by side in the dark, our bodies almost touching. I had never considered the possibility of doing anything with another man, but ideas were forming in my head, and I was feeling slightly aroused. I could feel a thin film of perspiration on my upper lip as I felt his big body slightly touching mine in the bed.

“Sorry. I guess it’s a little crowded in here,” he apologized.

“That’s okay,” I answered. I turned on my side keeping my back to him so there would be more room. He also turned on his side, and seemed to be slightly dozing when his arm reached over my body, and I felt his hand touching my chest. He stirred, and then I could feel his hand on my chest.

“God. You’re so smooth,” he said. What beautiful soft smooth skin. Just like a little girl.” Suddenly he stopped speaking, wondering if he had said the wrong thing. “I hope you don’t mind me saying that.”

“That’s okay. It’s a compliment,” I guess.

“Oh, it is,” he assured. “It’s beautiful.” He began to caress my chest more diligently. “Do you mind me doing this?” he asked. “It’s just that I haven’t felt skin or another human body for such a long time.”

“No. It feels good,” I answered. It felt so good that I was starting to get a hard-on. And when I felt something press against the back of my thighs, I knew he was getting a hard-on too. And his hard-on was making me very excited.

He slipped his other arm under me and pulled me closely up against his muscular body. He began to lick and kiss the back of my neck. “Do you mind me kissing you?” he asked.

“It feels nice,” I said.

Slowly he rolled me over and put his lips on mine and licked my lips. When I opened my mouth slightly, he pushed his tongue inside and worked it all over. I closed my mouth lightly on his tongue to create suction, as me moaned and thrashed around. His hand went down to my rear end and he fondled it. Gently at first. Then more insistently. “What a sweet little ass,” he breathed. “What a sweet little ass. And so smooth and soft. Oh, it’s nice. It’s really nice.” Then he put his tongue back in my mouth and passionately continued to French kiss me.

And I was loving it all. Did I have the nerve? Did I? Yes I did. I reached down and wrapped my hand lovingly around his enormous thick ten-inch cock, and began stroking it tenderly.

“Oh, yes.” He groaned. “That feels so nice, baby. So nice. If I move up on the bed so you don’t have to move your foot, would you kiss it for me?”

“I’ve never done that. But I will,” I answered.

He moved up on his knees and put his enormous penis in front of my mouth. I inhaled deeply drawing its sweet manly aroma into my nose and lungs. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and let him work it inside. At first I thought it was too big for my mouth and I would have to pull off it,but little by little I got used to it and began to suck on it with real passion. His hand reached down and clasped my own rigid member, and he began to stroke it up and down, up and down. I thought I would go crazy.

“Baby. You know what I would really like?” he said.

“What’s that?”

“To be inside you.”

“Inside me?”

“Yes. I want to feel the heat of your beautiful silky body squeezing down on my big hard dick. Would you like that, baby? Would you let daddy put his big thick cock in your tiny tight warm little behind. Oh, please, baby. I need to so bad. My cock hasn’t been in another human body for more than ten years, and I need you so bad. Let me do it, honey. Please,” he begged. “Okay?”

“Okay,” I agreed, excited but a little nervous. His tool was so damn big.

“I got a bottle of olive oil over by the fire. Let me mersin escort get it.” He walked over to the fire and I admired his large firm rear end. He came back rubbing the oil onto his cock. Then he gently turned me over on my tummy and began to work oil-sodden fingers up my butt. I hate to say it, but it was really nice.

He was slow and gentle, and was really attentive to my feelings. He worked his fingers round and round in my little hole, slowly making it bigger, stretching, stretching, a little bigger, a little more, then he climbed over my body and lay down flat on top of me. His weight was incredible, but it felt great. I felt really secure and protected. A feeling I never felt before. Then I felt the enormous head trying to wedge its way in. It was too much. But then all of a sudden I felt the whole head of his dick ease in and stretch my hole even more.

He waited, and then he waited some more, knowing my asshole would eventually get used to his girth and the pain I was feeling would ease off. When he heard that I was breathing a little easier, he pushed forward a little more, and the trunk of that giant redwood started slipping into my ass, deeper, deeper down it goes, down, down, and now those giant elephant balls are slapping against my ass cheeks. I literally screamed in ecstasy. I never really believed I could actually take the whole thing, but I’d done it and I was filled with a strange kind of pride.

“Oh, baby. What a sweet little ass. So hot. So tight. I never felt anything so wonderful in my life. I love it. I just love it. ” Now he started to raise and lower his buttocks, lifting his cock out almost to the tip, and then reinserting it to the very base. “I love it. I love it,” he kept repeating. “Do you love it too, baby? Tell me you love it.”

“I do. I do,” I yelled. “I love it too. Fuck my ass. Fuck my hot tight little ass with your big thick dick. Fuck your baby.”

He started plunging away up and down, in and out, working his cock up to the sweet moment of final explosion. I felt the tree throb and swell inside my delirious anus and then I felt the gushing wetness rushing into me. And my own cum spilled out onto my lover’s sheets. He flopped down on my back. We were both gasping for breath. “Did you like that?” he asked.

“Are you kidding? I guess it’s about the best thing that ever happened to me. I loved it. I love you,” I confessed suddenly.

“I love you too,” he breathed, his tongue washing over my shoulders and neck.”I wish I could keep you here with me forever, and fuck your delicious little body every night. For the six months I’m not in the woods,” he added.

“I’m not a woman,” I said. “But I sure wish I could be your wife.”

“You do?” He turned my head around so he could stare into my eyes, in the darkness. “It’s a lot to ask, and it’s a hard life up here. And I know it’s not gonna happen, but I wish you would stay with me. Forever and always”

I clasped his hands in mine as we lay there, and eventually drifted into sleep. The next morning, he got up and got dressed. He made coffee. He packed his gear to go into the forest, and said to me, “You can’t go anywhere till that swelling in your foot goes down. You just stay here however long you want. For six months if you want. I’m gonna stop off at the general store down the road and tell Rick that you’re staying here, and he should stop in on you everyday and bring you anything you need. He can just charge it to my account.”

“I wish you didn’t have to go,” I sighed.

“So do I,” he answered. But daddy’s gotta go out and cut down some trees to earn money for food. Right?”

“Right,” I agreed sadly.

“So you just stay here as long as you want. Okay?”

“Okay,” I answered.

He picked up his duffel bag and went out the door, giving me a last longing look. And then he was gone, and I was alone in his cabin.

And I stayed. I learned to make a fire. I learned to cook in the big pot in the fire. I wasn’t unhappy. Then finally. I guess it must have been six months later, though I had no way to tell time or count the days out here, but winter was coming on, and he wouldn’t be able to stay in the woods, one day I heard footsteps approaching the front door. I ran out and jumped into his powerful welcoming arms. He dropped his duffel and lifted me high. Then he carried me across the threshold into our rustic cabin, kissing my lips as I kissed his. Joyfully. Hungrily. We practically tore at each other’s clothes, because my lover, my husband was home at last. And tonight we were going to have our honeymoon.

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