Wayward Wife Ch. 06

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Big Dicks

The three stoners woke up the next morning around 11 to the baby crying. They were all three naked, Sky and Cindy were cuddled together and Sunny for some reason was lying opposite them with his head down by their feet.

“Mother fucker,” Sky exclaimed as she got up to check on the baby; before leaving the room, she leaned over and kissed Cindy.

Cindy’s head was pounding. As Sky walked back in feeding the baby, Cindy sat up on the edge of the bed.

“You sick babe?” Sky asked looking at Cindy.

“I’m ok, just being a pussy.” Cindy said.

Sunny rolled off the bed and lit a Marlboro light for each of them.

“Hand Sin the Jack,” Sky told Sunny who picked up the partial bottle and handed it to Cindy.

Cindy began to nurse on the bottle and then started to hand it to Sky.

“No baby, you finish it,” Sky said. “We’ve got court today and I don’t wanna have booze on my breath.”

Sunny lit a joint and the three began to pass it around to each other.

“What’s court about today?” Cindy asked.

“Oh, this little monster was born addicted to drugs,” Sky said, “So I have to take weekly piss tests.”

“You go to court for a piss test?” Cindy asked.

“No, you go to court when you fail,” Sky laughed.

Sky went on to explain that she usually took a small jar of Sunny’s grannie’s piss with her on her weekly piss test. However, there was a new nurse at the Med Center where she took the test this week. She stood in the bathroom with her the entire time and Sky had to actually piss in the cup herself.

“So, Child Protective Services is trying to take our baby from us cause we’re raising a little stoner, Sky said looking at Sunny.

“She’s my kid how could she not be a stoner?” Sunny laughed.

“I guess I’m a shitty mom,” Sky said as she took another drag off the joint.

“No, I think you’re a great mom.” Cindy said, “And you’re a great daddy.” she said looking at Sunny.

“Well you’re a great fuck,” Sky giggled.

“Yes, she is” Sunny agreed.

They each laughed as they finished the joint and Cindy finished off the Whiskey.

Sky put the baby down and she and Cindy went into the trailer bathroom together. While Sky turned on the shower Cindy sat down on a toilet that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a year; and took a piss. In her previous life she never would have sat down, she would have hovered over a toilet that looked like this one but today she could not give a fuck less.

Both girls got into the smaller shower together and washed each other off with a small bar of soap Sunny found lying in the corner. They spent extra time washing each other’s private bits and giggling.

Cindy found a razor and Sky asked her to shave her pussy to match hers. “I just haven’t had the time with the baby,” she said.

Cindy shaved Sky’s pussy as best she could with the somewhat dull razor. It wasn’t perfect but it was good.

After they got out Sky found a somewhat clean pair of jeans and pulled on a hoodie with her old high school mascot. She wore a pair of boots she pulled out of the closet. She dressed the baby in a onesie that said ‘Too Cool for School” across the front.

Cindy put on a pair of yoga pants and found her hoodie with Sunny’s dried cum on it and pulled that back on over her head. She went out and found her Nike’s in the yard; they were starting to look a little weathered. After putting on some anklet socks she slipped them on.

Sunny found the baby seat and put it in the back seat of the Honda. Sky climbed in with the baby as Cindy jumped in the passenger seat and Sunny drove down the driveway.

Once they got to the courthouse Sunny handed Cindy the one-hitter and a small bag of weed.

“Have fun but be careful, there are cop’s around here,” Sunny said.

“OK” Cindy said, then she watched as Sunny and Sky carrying the baby walked into the court house.

Cindy kept a close eye out almost feeling paranoid as she took bursa escort hits off the one-hitter. Sitting alone in the Honda she waited on her new friends to come back.

After about an hour they both slowly walked back to the car. Cindy noticed neither had the baby.

“What happened?” Cindy asked as they climbed in. She could hear Sky sniffling from the back seat.

“Those bastards took our baby,” Sunny said, it was the first time Cindy had ever seen Sunny even remotely angry.

“They said I was an ‘unfit mother'” Sky said crying. “They took our baby and gave it to that fucking bitch.”

“Who?” Cindy asked.

“Oh, this fucking aunt I have that’s a fucking cunt,” Sky spat out. “She’s a fucking goodie-goodie Christian bitch who has wanted my baby ever since I got knocked up.”

Cindy climbed into the back seat with Sky and Sunny started the car and began to drive. Sky put her head in Cindy’s lap and Cindy gently stroked her hair.

“Now she has both my kids,” Sky said.

“Both?” Cindy asked.

“Yeah, I had a baby boy when I was 15,” Sky said.

“I’m sorry baby,” Cindy said, “at least they’re with family and not some stranger’s house from Child Services.”

“Fuck that bitch,” Sky said again.

Sky finally stopped crying and sat up and said, “now I’ve got another problem.”

“What?” both Sunny and Cindy said in unison.

Sky peeled off her shirt and said, “someone is going to have to drink all this milk.”

Now it was Cindy’s turn to put her head in Sky’s lap as she gently began to suckle her breast. As she did Sky took the one-hitter away from Cindy and lit it.

“Fuck it,” Sky said.

“That’s right baby,” Cindy said as she continued to suck on Sky’s swollen tits and Sky began to massage Cindy’s cunt through her yoga pants.

“We’re gonna need more booze,” Sky said to Sunny before he left town. He pulled back into the same grocery store. Sunny went inside while Sky and Cindy stayed in the back seat sharing the one-hitter.

“How old are you baby?” Cindy asked Sky.

“18,” Sky said.

Cindy continued to alternate suckling Sky’s breasts and kissing her as they talked.

“Can I ask you another question?” Cindy asked.

“Sure, you can ask me anything baby,” Sky said.

“Why did you and Sunny break up?” Cindy asked.

“Oh, what’s the big word… my indiscretions, I think is the word,” Sky said.

“Indiscretions?” Cindy asked.

“I fucked around on him,” Sky said.

“He wouldn’t have minded, but I didn’t tell him about it, and he found out and I think it hurt his feelings.” Sky said.

“Men and their feelings.” Cindy said and they both started giggling.

Just then Sunny returned with the booze and asked, “what are you two giggling about?”

“Nothing” they both said and giggled even harder.

After getting fast food Sunny dropped both girls off at the trailer. He ran inside and got some weed and said he needed to go and “make some deliveries.”

“You want me to go with you?” Cindy asked.

“No, why don’t you stay with Sky today, she needs a friend I think,” Sunny said.

“We’re going to go visit grannie,” Sky told Sunny.

Sunny gave Sky a strong look and then said, “Ok baby, just be careful.”

As Sunny drove off Sky told Cindy “come on whore” and started walking towards the third trailer in line.

“Who lives here?” Cindy said, pointing to the middle trailer.

“That’s Sunny’s brother’s trailer,” Sky said smiling a shit eating grin at Cindy as she spoke.

“What slut?” Cindy asked noticing the grin.

“Indiscretions,” Sky said giggling.

“He won’t be home for another few weeks,” Sky said as she walked on to the porch of the third trailer.

This trailer was in the same state of disrepair as Sunny and Sky’s. It had two derelict cars sitting out front.

Sky yelled out “Hi Grannie,” as they walked in through the front door of the trailer.

Cindy bursa escort bayan noticed the trailer appeared dark. The trailer was much cleaner than Sunny and Sky’s but looked like it hadn’t been updated since the 1970’s.

Sky and Cindy walked to the back bedroom and as Sky walked into the bedroom Cindy stayed in the hallway and peered in. She could see what appeared to be an old hospital bed and a bag hanging off it with yellow liquid.

“Oh, that’s where she got the piss for the test piss” Cindy thought to herself.

“Everything good?” Cindy heard Sky ask Grannie but didn’t hear an answer.

“Hospice nurse will be here in the morning” Sky said, “Love you, going to use your potty then gotta go clean house.”

Sky waved for Cindy to follow her into the bathroom and shut the door behind them. Sky opened up the medicine cabinet and began handing pill bottles to Cindy.

“Hide these in your pocket Sin” Sky said.

After putting four or five pill bottles in her pocket Sky leaned in and began kissing Cindy in earnest. Each began to moan as their hands roamed each other. Sky finally said “let’s head home and see if we can have some fun on this shitty day.”

As they walked back across the littered yards both girls took off their shirts and let the afternoon sun warm them. Cindy occasionally reached over and squeezed Sky’s tits making milk leak. At one point halfway back to the trailer Cindy stopped Sky, kneeled down in front of her and began to suck her breast in earnest.

“I don’t want you to lose your milk,” Cindy said, “We need to keep you full for when your baby comes back.”

“Fuck those kids,” Sky said, “I’ve got my dope and I’ve got you, that’s all I need. I don’t need a family, I need to get fucked up and whored up.”

“Fuck yes baby,” Cindy said, “fuck our kids and fuck our families, I’m going to get so fucked up with you I can’t wait.”

After finishing sucking her tits dry Sky and Cindy ran back into the house, stripped and stacked up the pill bottles on the dirty coffee table. Cindy lit them both Marlboro lights and then went and got the new bottle of Jack Daniels Sunny had got.

Sky opened up a bottle of Lortab pills they had stolen. They each took two pills and washed them down with the whiskey.

Sky ran back to the back bedroom and returned with a strap on dildo with a large black cock.

“Can I fuck you with my big nigger dick?” Sky asked.

Cindy stood up and leaned over the couch where Sunny had fucked her the previous night. Sky strapped on the dildo and slowly pushed it into Sky’s moist cunt. The entire time Sky began to verbally abuse Cindy, already knowing how to push her buttons.

“Take my nigger dick, white bitch,” Sky began to chant, pounding Cindy’s pussy harder and harder.

“God yes,” Cindy begged her, “Harder, harder oh my God, c’mon use that cock on me you fucking whore.”

Sky continued to rock back & forth into Cindy’s cunt which began to leak her juices down her leg. Cindy could feel herself begin to float in the room, it was the most incredible feeling she had ever had, better than ever being just drunk or stoned on weed.

“Jesus you’re a whore Sin, I can see your pussy juice running down your legs,” Sky pointed out.

“I know,” Cindy moaned, “I’m a fucking worthless whore and I want everyone to know it.”

Cindy turned and looked at Sky with fire in her eyes, “Do you understand what I’m saying Sky, I don’t want to be anything but a whore and I want everyone that sees me to know it.”

“Please ruin me Sky,” Cindy begged as her orgasm began to roll through her body.

After Cindy started to come down from her orgasm Sky pulled her plastic dick out of Cindy’s cunt. She walked over and grabbed the open bottle of Jack Daniels, took a large swig and passed it to Cindy.

“Drink up whore” Sky said.

Cindy downed three large gulps of the bottle. Sky then walked back around Cindy and pushed her back over escort bursa the couch. Sky reached under Cindy and stuck her fingers in Cindy’s cunt and pulled out a large amount of slime. She then began to finger Cindy’s asshole with her slimy fingers.

“Whore’s take it up the ass,” Sky growled at Cindy.

“I fucking love it up the ass,” Cindy said.

“We’ll see how much you like my nigger dick up your ass,” Sky said and pushed the plastic 8-inch phallus completely into Cindy’s asshole in one push.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck,” Cindy hollered as Sky reached up and pulled her hair yanking her head back.

Cindy turned her head as best she could, and Sky grabbed her face and began slathering her face and neck with kisses.

Sky latched onto Cindy’s neck and began to suck as hard as she could, giving Cindy numerous hickeys.

Cindy began to grunt and chant “fuck me in my shit hole, turn my asshole inside out baby.”

“You want me to gape this asshole baby?” Sky asked.

“Yes, have you ever seen those faggots with assholes that hang out they’ve been fucked so much?” Cindy asked between moans.

“Yes,” Sky said and began to giggle “you want faggot ass baby?”

“God yes, I want to be ruined, I want to be worthless my cunt and asshole are so worn out.” Cindy said.

“Ok baby hang on,” Sky said and stopped stroking into Cindy.

Sky unhooked herself from the strap-on leaving the plastic cock inside Cindy who stayed leaned over the couch. While Sky was gone to the bedroom Cindy took another drink and lit them both cigarettes.

Sky came back with the 10-inch black cock Cindy had seen lying on the head board.

“I’ve got just the thing for you baby,” Sky said.

Sky pulled the smaller black cock out of Cindy’s asshole which was already red and gaping slightly. She then shoved the larger 10-inch up into Cindy’s asshole and began to ram in & out by hand.

Cindy’s pussy began to literally squirt her cum onto the dirty carpet as Sky continued her assault on Cindy’s back passage.

“Look at you cum you fucking dirty whore,” Sky teased.

When Sky pulled the cock completely out of Cindy, she could see shit and a little blood on the plastic cock.

“Looks like we tore you a little bit whore,” Sky held the cock out so Cindy could see it.

Cindy grabbed the cock and shoved as much as she could in her mouth. Then with fire in her eyes handed it back to Sky and said, “ruin me with it bitch.”

Sky jammed the cock back in Cindy’s asshole until Cindy collapsed from the multiple orgasms she had. As Sky pulled the cock out of her asshole a small trickle of blood ran partially down Cindy’s inner thigh.

“Thank you,” Cindy said

“For what baby?” Sky asked.

“Knowing how to treat me,” Cindy responded with a smile on her face.

Sky took two more Lortabs from the pill bottle and stuck one on her tongue and stuck it out at Cindy who greedily sucked it off and took a drink of whiskey to wash it down.

Sky then swallowed the other pill and took a drink.

“My turn slut,” Sky said, “you can start with my asshole if you want.”

Cindy bent down and began to tongue Sky’s asshole aggressively. Sky helped her strap-on the smaller 8-inch ‘nigger dick’ and Cindy slowly worked it into Sky’s asshole. Cindy assaulted Sky’s asshole with almost as much intensity as Sky did hers. After Sky had come several times they moved to the bedroom where they finished off the Jack Daniels and Cindy slow fucked Sky’s asshole and ran her tongue down her back tracing the tattoo that was there.

“God, I love your tattoo,” Cindy said.

“Thanks baby, we’ve got to get you tatted up,” Sky said, “No whore of mine is going to go around without some major ink.”

“I can’t wait,” Cindy said, “I’ve got some ideas.”

“Me too” Sky said, “and I want us to get at least one matching set.”

“God yes” Cindy said

Later that night when Sunny came home he found both girls naked in bed with drool running out of their mouths and an almost empty pill bottle in Sky’s hand. He tried to wake them, but they were both almost comatose. He could tell they were still breathing so he left them alone and went and slept on the dirty couch.

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