We Fucked for Days

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This story is about sex with a woman a bit older than me.

Remember the early days of the internet? Chat rooms of all types, the feeling of uncensored conversations with strangers was exciting. I had been married for over fifteen years and things were good all around but my wife had little interest in sex. We were both virgins, nothing more than petting when we both got out of school and married young. But when we went on our honeymoon I should have known right away something was off. I was tired of jacking off and ready to go all the way. She. I chocked it up to nerves and bided my time but we never seemed to fuck. Oh I got her off and she got me off but actual fucking sessions were difficult to maneuver and few and far between. Otherwise, our relationship was great, then came the internet.

I should mention that I am a night owl and don’t sleep much so I spent many late nights on the computer in chat rooms. I even spent time there earlier nights and weekends. I had struck up a conversation with an older woman from Pennsylvania. She had been in a loveless marriage and had gotten divorced and not really reentered the dating scene. Our early conversations were harmless, likes, dislikes, our lives and jobs but eventually it became sexual and we spent hours talking dirty to each other while masturbating. Now for all I knew it could have been a 60 year old guy but what I did know is I was jacking off with her and having powerful orgasms. Soon we were chatting everyday and cumming ever night but I convinced myself it wasn’t cheating because it wasn’t real it was just on line.

About six months into our”online relationship” she mentioned she was moving to Connecticut a few states closer to me. I was floored because I sometimes travel there. Suddenly we began talking about meeting for real some day. For some reason it seemed to make our sex sessions all the more exciting over the computer. Then it happened…. My wife would be out of state for work in her parents state over the holidays and staying with them for two weeks. I convinced Sue to drive up from Connecticut to visit me. I spent Christmas with the wife and inlaws and drove home Christmas night to work the next day, Friday. Sue was driving up from Connecticut Saturday.

I called her on her way and she was indeed on the road. By this time we had managed to exchange a couple of pictures. I became heady with anticipation. She knew what I looked like, 5’7″ 185 balding with some hair and a big beard at age 35. For her part, bonus veren siteler she was rather tiny. She was about 5’2″, rather slim, not skinny but maybe around 125lbs, reddish brown shoulder length hair and around a 32B chest that still appeared firm for a woman of 50.

The time got close. I started a fire in the house and placed a blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace. I hopped in my truck and drove out to meet her as I live on a very secluded dirt road in the woods. I got out to meet her we hugged and she followed me back. When we got back to my place we got out and my hands were all over groping and grabbing and kissing. Going up the stairs my hands were already in her pants. She seemed a bit shocked and I told her that her bag could wait.

Once inside she seemed a bit nervous but we instantly began to strip each other touching everything. I laid her down in front of the warm fire and started at her head and kissed my way all the way down to her feet. On the way back up I began to eat her pussy as I tweaked her hardened nipples. I was relentless and slipped a finger inside her as I found her clit with my mouth and nibbled away. She was moaning for me to slow down reminding me she hadn’t had sex in over a year or so. I was hearing none of it. I slid back up to suck her breasts as I slid my cock by her now wet pussy. I plowed into her and began fucking like an animal. In minutes we both hit a crescendo and came hard together. She started crying telling me how beautiful it felt. I grabbed her hand and led her to my bed. We fucked a couple more times until she fell asleep.

While she slept I filled a tub and surrounded it with candles. I woke her and told her it was time to clean. I climbed in and beckoned her in. She slipped in sitting as I was with her back against me. We could both feel my raging hardon tucked up against her ass cheeks. I did my best to ignore it as she wiggled and giggled. I proceeded to wash her hair and scrub her back then i leaned back against the tub. She sighed a very contented sigh and did the same as I wrapped my arms around her. I reached for a bar of soap and soaped up my hands and began circling them around her breasts as I kissed the back of her neck. She moaned and urged me on. Her nipples were as hard as rocks when i slipped one hand down between her legs and started playing with her pussy. We were both getting very turned on. She turned looked me in the eyes and said, “damn your insatiable, I could get use bedava bahis to this,” With that she stood up turned around and proceeded to sit on my cock. It was all rather erotic her riding me as I thrust up to meet her, the water undulating back and forth in the tub, her moaning how good it felt until finally I arched my back thrust upward and came deep inside her. She slumped forward on my chest as we kissed and fondled each other

As I came down from the high I mentioned I did not feel her spasm or cum that time. She told me it was beautiful but she had never in her life been able to orgasm riding a mans cock. I said, “That my dear is a challenge I will accept!” I pulled the plug dried her off and we returned to bed naked. We climbed in bed snuggled and warmed for a bit when I grabbed her tiny frame and lifted her up to a sitting position on my prone body. I had some warm body oil and began rubbing it all over her paying special attention to her firm perfect handful breasts. She started to moan as she mounted me. I soothed her and whispered we had all night and I wouldn’t cum again until she orgasmed on top of me.

We went at it for at least thirty minutes with both of us coming close several times. I sensed her getting frustrated as she slumped down against me my cock still inside her. I stroked her hair, whispered in her ear, told her how good she felt, how sexy she was and that it would happen if she just forgot about and made love. At my urging she resumed riding me. I still had a couple tricks up my sleeve. As she rode me up and down I slipped a hand behind her, cupped an ass cheek and gently inserted a small vibrator in her rosebud. She was startled but then smiled. Her pace seemed to pick up and become a bit more frantic.

Just as it did I began rubbing her clit and slipped a finger in alongside my cock. It was like I pushed ignition on a moon rocket. She got wild bouncing up and down, moaning and screaming unintelligible incoherent words when boom she climaxed cumming all over me. I was drenched in her fluids! She slumped over on me exhausted and kept muttering, “first time….. first time..first time.”. I whispered back, “not the last”. She gently rolled off me and drifted off to sleep as I spooned her. As I had not cum I slipped inside her pumped a few times and came without her waking. We both drifted off to sleep for a couple hours

Around 2AM I awoke to pee. As I crawled back into bed Sue stirred, rolled a bit and her left tit was exposed. deneme bonus I immediately began sucking on it as my hand reached down and began circling her belly softly. She began some light moans but appeared to be still asleep. I slipped down in the blankets finding her very wet as I began licking her pussy. She awoke with a start then a smile. I entered her in the missionary position and began a very slow rhythm fucking her. We were both exhausted but it felt so good. After about 15 minutes I came first erupting gently inside her. I finished her with my fingers. We both sighed contently and drifted off back to sleep.

I woke up the next morning around eight thirty looked at her naked body and thought about ravishing her again while she slept but hunger called. I slipped on some pj bottoms and headed to the kitchen. I started making bacon and eggs. Maybe the smell woke her up but next thing I knew she was in the kitchen in a very flimsy negligee. She sat on the bench as we talked and I cooked and she began touching me every time I walked by eventually grabbing my ass. I picked her up and sat her up on the counter as I went back to cook.

She said, Hurry up I’m hungry!” as she slapped my ass with a spatula. My response was, ” So am I!” as i pushed her back against the counter and started eating her pussy with a vengeance. She began contorting and moaning as I warned her of the price of teasing. I picked her up, pulled off her negligee, laid her on the table and proceeded to fuck her hard until she started screaming and orgasming. I finally came inside her. She slinked off to the couch curled up and fell back asleep. I finished breakfast, we ate went back to the bedroom and she conceded she needed a break and that she was a bit sore. I laughed recalling she told me she’d wear me out. We took a little nap then I took her out shopping and for lunch.

When we returned to my place we settled back, watched a show and had dinner. We went to bed around 8 pm and fucked into the wee hours of the morning trying every position we could. I even got out some lube and gave her anal. After giving her an orgasm flicking her clit fucking her ass she exploded in orgasm. We laid back and I asked her to help me finish. She began slowly stroking my cock, then took me in her mouth when I felt something near my ass. She slipped the vibrator inside me while sucking me. I blew an explosive orgasm. That was the first tine I had anything in my ass. We fucked all night and into Sunday morning.

Alas, it was time for her to go. We talked, laughed and cried. I told her the same thing I told her online. Due to my own insecurities, family pressures and other issues. I wasn’t ready to leave my wife. Despite the best sex of our lives we never saw each other again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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