We Go Deeper With the “Club” Ch. 01

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Hi, this is Tim again, and this is a continuation of my adventure with my then-girlfriend Louise back in college. Previously I shared how in our freshman year, Louise became a black cock slut and I, her cuckold. We were both indoctrinated into the “Club” on campus when Jerome, a massively-hung black adonis athlete fucked my girlfriend in front of me and knocked her up, really with both our consent. It was incredibly hot to watch and be a part of, and you should go read my prior journal of the event, honestly, before you read this. This journal entry discusses what came next…

While we were all pretty sure that Louise got knocked up that first night with Jerome, truly neither she nor I wanted to take any chances: If she didn’t get pregnant by him, she would surely get pregnant by one of her lovers soon after, and since both she and I thought Jerome was a swell all-around choice for breeding, we wanted to make sure she didn’t miss out and end up with a lesser genetic donor and potential part-time father of her child.

So to that end, since Louise and Jerome were both pretty horny people, for the next five or six weeks, they were more or less fucking up a storm-marathon sex sessions once or twice a day at Louise’s dorm room, frequently with me joining in in my new cuckold capacity and often with Louise’s roommate, Lynne, and her boyfriend Brad watching as well. Believe me that it was often just as good a show as that first night of passion that we had all watched together. Lynne, by the way, was a friendly, sweet girl, with a nice figure if a little bit plain-looking. Brad was a regular guy, also nice, and a pretty bland accounting-major type of person.

I became a loyal bisexual cuckold to Louise and Jerome and often partook of Jerome’s twelve-inch cock in my mouth and down my throat-and occasionally even in my ass-as it struck his fancy. Louise was a bit jealous of how well I could deep throat. It was pretty obvious that I could get Jerome down deeper than she could.

One time Louise and Jerome even invited over some of my frat brothers to watch. Because my brothers illegal bahis knew of the “Club” and its rules and everyone knew Louise had been indoctrinated, the whole thing was a little less humiliating than it might have been-but not much. It was still extremely embarrassing-yet also a turn on-when four of the brothers were at Louise’s dorm, and Jerome decided to fuck my ass in front of all of them! It was only a few minutes into him and Louise making out when Jerome ordered me to pull down my pants and show everyone my small five inch erection and how throbbing it was, and then, I think quite spontaneously, he told me firmly: “Tim, get down and present your ass for me now, please.” I did as I was told, and with but a bit of lube, I was soon getting the fucking of a lifetime. I didn’t want to admit it to myself at first, but it was incredibly hot to be the receptacle for such a gorgeous and powerful man, to be the object of his attention and obviously bringing him pleasure, as he grunted and groaned about how great my ass felt on his cock.

After a few minutes, I reached the most embarrassing moment when I screamed like a girl in heat and shot my load all over the floor right in front of my frat brothers. And to top it off, Jerome had me lick my ass juice off his cock before he even cleaned it at all. It was humiliating-and a turn on-and my little dick stayed rock hard.

It was only a few days after that that we found out that Louise was pregnant, and it only could have been Jerome’s. He decided that we would celebrate by letting Brad and Lynne who had been so accommodating of our presence in the dorm in on the action for the evening. They had been clearly hoping for the invite but too intimidated to ask. Brad was allowed to fuck Louise with his decent-size eight-incher, although he was so excited he did not last long inside her. And Lynne got her first dose of massive black cock in her mouth and pussy from Jerome until she was begging him to knock her up, too. He dismissively said he would think about it, and would only unload his cum in her throat for now, casino siteleri just in case she was ovulating. She did a great job of sucking his pipe down for a first timer, and got nearly eight inches of his rod down her throat, it seemed.

Brad and I beat off intensely watching that. I was sort of hoping he would invite me to suck him off, too, but I didn’t push it. To my surprise, I was becoming more and more interested in cock as I got deeper and deeper into the cuckold lifestyle.

The next day we all knew would be Louise’s first chance to go to another level of black cock sluttiness. For the first time, she was going to fuck multiple new huge black cocks at a single party. I was invited, too, since I was at this point well-established as a well-behaved white cuckold.

As all of us woke up in the apartment that Saturday morning-Jerome, Louise, myself, Brad and Lynne-we shared coffee and talked about what Louise had in store for her that night. After briefly going to the other room for a phone call, Jerome interjected to let us know some big news.

He addressed Brad and Lynne. “Brad and Lynne,” Jerome began with coffee casually in hand, “It was really hot including you last night in the action. It was a really great time. And especially you, Lynne, you were an incredible fuck-much more sensual, hot and giving than even I had expected. So I have consulted with my friends, and I have an unexpected surprise-but unfortunately it’s a mixture of good and bad news. The good news is that the ‘Club’ has decided to offer an additional membership to Lynne. Everyone loves your personality, and when I told them how hot a fuck you are, Lynne, they were really enthusiastic. My sorry news is that we already have too many boyfriends who opted to convert to cuckolds, so unfortunately Brad is not being invited to join you on the journey. I’m sorry.” Jerome was confident, but not quite arrogant, “Brad, I’m sorry that you will not be able to accompany Lynne in the ‘Club’ should she choose to accept it. And, Lynne, you have until I finish my coffee and get dressed poker siteleri to decide. Brad is to be deprived even of breakup sex, I’m afraid. I want to bring you over to my friend Harmon’s house for some serious fucking, Lynne, and we all want to get started. Sorry Brad. Your cock isn’t too little so hopefully you won’t have too much time finding a new girl..”

We were all shocked and our mouths agape. Brad looked like he’d just seen his own ghost. He really loved Lynne, who the rest of figured he was set to lose for good in about three more seconds.

And we were right. Lynne burst into tears, as she quickly gave Brad a peck on the cheek, “I’m so sorry, Brad! I’m so full of mixed feelings. I have really loved you. But last night I also fell in love with Jerome and his fabulous cock. And I can’t possibly give up that much sexual opportunity just to be with you. I’m really sorry you can’t come along, and I hope you’ll understand one day. I have to do it. I have to join the ‘Club’, too!” She gave Brad one more hug and then turned from him and hugged Jerome tight, “Thank you! Thank you so much! Oh my, God, I’m so grateful! I never thought this would happen for an ordinary girl like me! I’m so glad you like my pussy so much! You can do whatever you want with it from now on. I promise you!”

And believe me, Jerome did!

“OK, Lynne, let’s give that promise a first try!” Jerome said, and he hauled her into the living room to fuck her from behind with her bent over the back of the sofa. He made me chase Brad out of the room and explain to him that he had five minutes to pack his things from the dorm and give me his key. I got a bit of sadistic pleasure, I hate to admit, from kicking someone to a lower rung on the new social structure than even myself. But so be it. It was the natural order of things in our college world.

Jerome gave Lynne a terrific fucking. She loved it and howled in pleasure as she orgasmed with a touch from his hand as he reached around to her clit. In the meantime, Jerome had me lick and suck on Louise’s pussy and ass to get her ready to go next. It was nice to get a chance to be close with my beautiful girlfriend-even if my little dick wasn’t going anywhere near her-and she fondly caressed my head as I prepared her for her gorgeous true stud. I couldn’t wait to see her get fucked next.

To be continued…

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