Weekend in the Mountains

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After Caleb left David and I went to the hot tub to sit and talk. We decided to stay a few more days. As we talked David was receiving a text. He looked at his phone, showed me a picture and read the text to me. “I hope you’re having a good time and still in the area. I loved meeting you the other day on your way into town. I’d love to get together.”

David said his name was Jeremiah Thomas, but his friends called him JT and he lived right on the other side of town. David went on to say he thought we’d have a really good time, JT was a really sexy guy. I told David it was fine with me, send him the address. He did and told him I was there too, and he got a reply almost immediately. JT said, “I get off in an hour. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine. Do I need to bring anything?”

David replied, “We got food and drink, just get your ass here ASAP.”

In about 30 minutes David got a text from JT saying he got off early and went home to pick up a few things, he’d be at the cabin in 15 minutes. JT rolled up shortly in one of those UTV things. David answered the door, greeting JT with a big hug, who had a bottle of wine in hand. David led JT in and introduced he and I.

JT asked if we had a place he could change, and David pointed toward the bedroom. JT said he had a few clothes in his backpack and if he needed more he was close to home, but he liked the nudist lifestyle. He put on board shorts and JT went to the kitchen and started looking for glasses. He found 3 and poured us all a glass of wine.

David looked toward the hot tub and went out the door with us behind. David and I had a boxer brief style swim short. David climbed in, then helped JT and me in next. David sat down beside JT and me across. We started talking to JT finding out about him. JT said he was raised in the area and his parents had done well and he had done better.

We told JT we were both highway patrol and worked together. JT was sitting really close to David and had his hand on his knee. JT had emptied his glass and said he going to get another. David gave JT his glass. JT said he was 35, 6′, 180, single and available. He had his hair in the newer style, long trimmed beard, short sides and messy top.

We told JT we too were single and available to play. JT smiled wide, he had drunk all his wine, so I took a drink of mine and handed the rest to him. David looked at JT and I and said, “I want a beer. I’ll get us both one Clayton.”

After David left JT invited me over to sit beside him. He turned facing me telling me he thought we could really get along well, and he didn’t usually do things like this. David returned and slid into the tub on the other side of JT. He had a hand on each of our knees and was saying he’d never met any highway patrol.

He moved his hands and started feeling our arms asking how we maintained our bodies so well. I told him ours come from a lot of time in the gym. JT dropped his hands in mine and David’s lap saying when he saw David walk in the door he was stunned and couldn’t get him off his mind. He said I was hot as hell also.

David and I turned a bit placing our arms on the back of the tub behind JT and using our free hand we reached for his nips twisting them and pulling. JT laid his head back letting us do what we wanted. JT said I am open to all except blood and scat. I leaned down and kissed JT letting him suck my tongue and drug it to his ear as David took my place on his mouth, letting JT suck his tongue.

I handed JT his wine glass and watched him drain the glass. I dropped my arm on his shoulder and told him we needed to retire to the bed. I started getting out, JT followed and then David. JT grabbed a big towel and dried me off, kneeling in front of me to get my legs and feet. He turned to David and did the same, starting with his legs and feet then working on his top.

I took the towel from JT and started on his back, telling him to turn and getting his front and hair. I knelt and told him to slide his shorts off his hips and I grabbed them and pulled them down and off. I dried below his waist front and back.

David turned him facing him and told him to remove his boxer briefs. JT slid them down getting slapped by David’s long fat cock when it cleared his briefs and JT let out a gasp, then lifting David’s feet to remove them. David pulled JT up, turned him facing me and said, “Remove Clayton’s now JT.”

JT just as David told him, grabbing the waist and pulling them down, letting my cock slap under his chin also. I heard JT gasp again. JT got to his feet, David stepped up to his back, turned him around and threw him over his shoulder and headed inside. David went to the edge of the bed, turned around started pulling JT over his shoulder as he lay down on his back on the bed and let JT’s face land at his cock.

JT took David’s cockhead in his mouth running his tongue around it. JT removed David’s cockhead and said, “I am going to rock your worlds.”

JT went back to David’s cock trabzon escort and started taking it in his mouth. He slowly went all the way down on it, never stopping or slowing until he had his lips around the base of David’s cock. JT pulled off and motioned me to stand in front of him. JT took my cock in his mouth as David took a handful of hair and pulled his head back. JT pulled me forward till he had taken my big fat black cock all the way down also.

JT pushed me off and said, “Never did have a gag reflex, it had served me well.”

David replied, “That’s nice to know, get down on my big black cock now.”

He went back to David’s cock repeating the previous performance and came for mine. I patted his head and said, “David always could find the best cocksuckers! He has successfully found another.”

He took my cock in his mouth and slid slowly down, tightening his lips when he got to the base of my big fat black cock. I rested my hand on his head, patting it and groaning as he worked my cock in his throat. JT pulled off mine and went back to David’s cock inhaling it as David moaned and rubbed the cheeks of his ass.

David told JT, “I am fixing to cum JT, take it!”

JT stayed down with David’s cock buried in his mouth as he started to cum. JT swallowed it all, cleaning off the rest as he pulled off David’s cock and came back to mine. JT sat on the foot of the bed between David’s knees and leaned over to take my cock in his mouth. JT took my fat length, up and down, tip to root over and over.

I placed my hand on his head and told him I was ready to cum too. JT moaned as I started cumming. He took it and started pulling off my cock sucking it clean he as came up. He finally licked his lips and completed taking all our cum in his belly. JT said, “Have you guys ever skinny dipped, I know a great place and its plenty private. It’s not very far from here and we can take the UTV.”

We all got dressed in shorts, t shirts and shoes. We found a cooler to take along. We headed out with David driving, JT riding middle and me in the front passenger seat. We stopped at the first store and JT hopped out and went inside, he came back with beer and ice which he placed in the cooler. He gave David directions as we rode, he was talking about himself and how he was raised.

We went from paved roads to gravel and then to dirt ruts as got further and further away from town and finally got to a cattle path. We rode along with JT giving directions. We finally got to a small spring fed pond. JT hopped out grabbing the cooler and he told me to get the bag which had some snacks in it.

JT started stripping off his clothes as soon as he set the cooler down. He dove in as we walked up. David and I were standing there waiting when he came up. JT said, “Strip down, nobody ever comes here, I promise. Strip Now!”

We both started stripped and walked into the water and went under. We came up in front of JT beside each other. He went to David first floating in the water, wrapping his legs around him and kissed him hard as David took a cheek in each hand and squeezed them. After a few minutes JT lowered his feet and dismounted from David and mounted me in the same fashion. I placed hands on JT’s ass and stroked his crack top to bottom and applied pressure every time I passed over his hole.

David stepped in behind JT and reached around to his nipples and worked them hard. JT was moaning and sucking my tongue. David took a finger and slipped it into JT’s ass. JT laid his head on my shoulder and sucked my neck as David worked another finger in his ass and finally a third. David was slowly working his hole, loosening it up.

I moved my mouth to his telling him to work his ass on David’s fingers. JT pried himself off me and started for the bank. He grabbed a blanket and spread it out. He sat with us on either side. JT got on his knees leaning over, ass in the air, with his face in David’s groin. I started working his ass with my fingers kissing on his ass cheeks.

JT was putting his deepthroat skills to use, taking all 10 inches of David’s fat black cock. I told JT I wanted that sweet ass. He reached for his bag and handed me the lube. I placed a good bit of lube at his hole and on my cockhead and slid all the way in. I was working his shoulders telling him to work that sweet ass.

He was working his ass like a hand, contracting and relaxing the muscles. I told David to slap JT’s ass, that really JT going. He was groaning and moaning loud as David fucked his throat and I fucked his ass. I held JT’s hips and told him I was fixing to cum and David said he same. I started really hitting his tight hole as David met my thrust from the other end.

JT was moaning on David’s cock when David and I started to cum. David shot most of his cum down JT’s throat then pulled out and painted his face with the rest. David pushed JT down and moved over his back toward me and really went to town slapping JT’s tunceli escort ass. JT was screaming in pleasure now.

I was fucking his ass and started to cum as he yelled when I started. I filled his ass until my cum started running out of his ass down his legs. David moved off JT and lifted his hands from the ground and pulled him in the water. I followed them in as JT started submerging himself washing off mine and David’s cum. JT was facing David and I telling us how glad he was that he saw David that day at the store.

After rinsing off we headed for the bank and laid down to rest and relax. Me and David lay down and JT laid on top of us. We eventually dozed off. After waking David looked at JT and said, “It’s my turn for some of that sweet ass there.”

JT looked at him and said, “Yes sir. This sweet ass is ready for some more big black cock.”

JT moved over David, took it in his hand getting it hard and positioned his ass at David’s cock. He placed the head at his asshole and started pushing it in. JT was going slowly down, never stopping until he had whole 10 fat black inches in his ass completely. I stood with my feet on either side of David and stepped to JT letting him take my balls in his mouth.

JT was rolling them around, sucking, licking and groaning. JT pulled off my nuts and took just my cock head in his mouth licking and sucking it and started taking my cock into his mouth and down his throat. JT took it completely all the way down. He held there on my cock as David fucked his ass then started deep throating my cock when David fucked his hole.

JT took my nuts in his hand using them to keep me in his mouth. David said, “I am fixing to cum again JT.”

David reached out and held JT down as he fucked his ass. I started fucking JT’s mouth as David started to cum and fill JT’s ass. JT was groaning on my cock, using his throat muscles to massage my cock, milking the cum out of my balls. I fucked his throat hard and deep as he took it all, swallowing my cum. JT pulled off my cock and lay on David. David pulled him tight rolling over as I lay beside them. JT lay back, David and I lay on our sides facing him.

I worked one nipple as David worked the other while we dragged our fingertips up and down his abdomen, chest, throat and over his chin to his mouth. We both put a leg over him as we worked on him. JT said, “I have really loved getting fucked your big black cocks. When David walked in the store I hoped like hell we could get together. I am one lucky guy.”

David and I both leaned in to work on his neck, licking sucking and nuzzling as he moaned loving every minute. JT’s stomach started growling, it had been a while since we ate. I looked at JT and told him I was surprised his belly was empty with all the cum he had taken. David and JT laughed. I looked at both of them and said, “I haven’t really thought about it, but I am kinda hungry too.”

JT said, “I can take care of that, let me get my phone and I’ll make an order for us. Is anything off limits?”

We both said no, anything was good with us. JT texted an order in and then joined David and I in the water. We let JT clean us and then we cleaned him, holding him under the water, leaning his face and hair. After cleaning ourselves of sweat and cum, we dried off, loaded up, and headed for town. It was dark now, JT rode the middle, I drove, and David rode the front passenger seat.

We rode and talked. JT told us more about him. He placed a hand in each of our laps and was working our cocks. He eventually put his hands in our shorts and continued working our cocks and balls. He was raving about how heavy they were and the pleasure that he was getting from them. I am glad it was dark and kind of an isolated area.

As we got back into town he couldn’t be as blatant, but he was still working them through our shorts. We pulled up beside the store where JT instructed, it was a darker area where we could wait. He came out shortly with Fried Chicken, Corn on the Cob and Mashed Potatoes which he sat in the back floor board. We got to the cabin and pulled the UTV in the garage.

We grabbed the food from the back seat and went in where JT and David started warming it. We sat and ate, and it was so good. David and I were raving about how good it was, JT said it was his mom’s recipe. We ate till we were full. I started up to get napkins and JT said he’d take care of that. He sucked our fingers and licked and cleaned our faces till they were clean and grease free.

David said, “I think I need a soak in the hot tub. This has been a hell of a day, JT is insatiable.”

JT looked at up, “I think you are right, my muscles are really sore.”

He followed David out with me right behind them losing our clothes along the way. We climbed in and sat beside each other. JT looked at and as he dropped his hands said, “I’ve had supper and now I am ready for desert.”

David and I sat on each side of a corner and zonguldak escort let JT get to work getting his desert. He started on David’s balls. He took 1 at a time in his mouth sucking and licking then took both rolling them around. He pulled off David and came to me, doing the same thing. Next, he took my cockhead in his mouth licking with tongue and sucking the precum.

He next went to David doing the same thing. JT pulled off saying he loved our precum, it was so good, different but good. JT then took David’s cock all the way into his throat. JT sucked his cock down over and over. Then he came to mine, going all the way down, tightening his lips around the root of my cock. David reached out and rubbed JT’s saying, “I am so glad we met at the store. You are really really good at sucking a big black cock and taking them in your ass. You are great.”

JT was moaning as David was talking. JT pulled off and said, “I want you both to come in my ass one at a time. I want my ass filled with your cum.”

David sat down took JT’s hips in his hands facing him away and let JT guide his cock to his ass. I stood at David’s feet and pulled JT’s mouth to my balls letting him take them both. David was fucking JT’s ass using JT’s hips for leverage. I reached down and grabbed JT’s nipples as he was loving my balls. David was really starting to fuck his ass now, in and out, fast and slow, rotating JT’s asshole on his cock.

David said, “I am fixing to cum slut, are you ready?”

JT shook his yes and tried to talk with his mouthful of my nuts. David started fucking his ass hard and fast and his cum started flowing as he told JT how sweet his tight ass was. When David was done he patted JT’s head and told him it was time to change places. JT let my nuts come from his mouth and I climbed out.

I looked at JT and said, “I want to fuck that sweet ass here on the lounge.”

JT lay back on the lounge with his ass hanging off the foot end, David placed a foot on either side facing me, he knelt as I knelt between JT’s legs. David lowered himself, so JT could take his balls in his mouth, I moved up to JT’s hole and placed my cockhead at his ass, pushing and watching it open for my cockhead. I pushed JT’s legs back letting David take them in his hands, rolling JT’s hips back giving me complete and free access.

I started pushing my cock into his ass as he moaned, going balls deep, filling his ass. JT groaned deep with David’s ass on his face and his mouth full of David’s balls. David said, “JT, your man pussy looks so hot being spread wide by Clayton’s fat cock. It is surprising you have been able to handle our big black cocks like you have. Groan on my balls JT, make me feel it.”

I was starting to feel the cum building, I told JT I was fixing to fill his sweet ass again and he groaned. I started fucking his hole hard and fast, fucking as I came and shot my load deep. When my cock started to soften I pulled out and asked them if they wanted a beer. I headed to the kitchen to get us one and when I got back David had JT on his knees with his cock in his throat.

When they saw me coming David pulled out and took his place at JT’s hole. I handed them their beers and slid down in front of JT against the lounge back rest. He all drank some beer, JT sat his down and I pulled his mouth down to my cock and balls. JT started sucking my balls, one at a time, rolling, sucking, licking and savoring them.

He took both is his mouth as I asked him if he was ready for David’s cock. He shook his head yes as David pushed in and started the slide, pushing his long fat black cock into that ass. As David was fucking his ass I pulled my balls from his mouth and told him to get a drink of beer and suck my dick. JT took a mouthful of beer and held his lips tight.

He started taking my cock, holding in the beer and letting me enter. When I got to the back of his mouth I told him to swallow, he did, and I pushed his head all the way to the root of my cock forcing it deep into his throat. David was pounding into his ass telling JT he was fixing to cum. JT stayed on my cock as David fucked his ass hard, in and out, round, then fast and slow.

David started to cum, mixing his cum with mine as I let JT work his throat on my cock. JT was swallowing and massaging my cockhead with his throat muscles. I sat back and let JT work my big black cock. I said, “JT you are getting better and better. You are definitely a boy with skills. I got another load coming for you. Keep it up!”

JT worked my cock. I took his head in my hands to encourage him. I told him to pay attention and when my cock started spitting he was to go deep and stay. He did as told, not losing a drop as I came hard, feeding him another load. He continued sucking as my cock softened cleaning root to head, swallowing all. David pulled out and stroked JT’s back saying, “JT, I am so glad we met. We’ve had a blast and I think you have too.”

David pulled JT up and was kissing his neck as I leaned up and worked his nipples. I got up and headed for the bathroom to get some soap, rags, and towels. When I got back I said let’s clean up. We all got in the outdoor shower and cleaned each other up. JT washed us then we washed him, then drying off. We headed to bed, bushed from the day’s activities.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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