Weekend Plaything Wanted

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“Mature couple looking for a woman, 30 – 35 for weekend entertainment”

The ad jumped out at me. Being with a couple had long been one of my fantasies, one of several I had never acted upon. My mind raced to a well used scenario; the combinations, the assault on the senses of so many hands, touching, exploring, prodding. Oh god. I gulped the wine and forced myself to stop or the entire evening would be lost to my vibe.

Just as I was about to close the window, I noticed their location. My god they were local. My heart raced. For a moment or two I indulged again in the fantasy of writing to them, meeting them, being fucked by them. More wine. See I am a nice woman. I don’t know what that means to you, but around here it means meeting a nice man, having nice unspectacular sex, producing kids and damping down any fire or passion to explore the seamier side of life. Yes, it means boring. I was so completely fed up being nice. There was a bad girl, sitting on my shoulder whispering all these fantasies, telling me it was my time to indulge in what I wanted. I think she is shaped like a bottle of wine.

I logged off and went to bed. But by 2am the bad girl had won, just sending a mail is not being bad, they wouldn’t pick you anyway, the chances of them being real was zero, it was a random guy looking for a hook-up, his wife was out of town on business, she would be there next time. And so she chipped away and by 2.15am, a mail had been sent.

Waking the next morning, sober, I cringed with embarrassment at what I had done. I considered sending another to ask them to ignore the mail but decided that it would be better to just ignore any reply. While I kept telling myself that there would be no reply, I can’t deny there was a touch of disappointment that there wasn’t. I swung back and forth, my pride kicked in and wondered why the guy with the invisible wife hadn’t replied.

Then I got angry. They don’t know what they are missing – I would have been a fantastic plaything. My tits were good, a nice full 36C still defying gravity, I was no supermodel but neither was I hideous. Their loss and that is when the reply arrived.

“We are not interested in being someone’s meal ticket.”

The anger went up a notch and without thinking I replied:

“How dare you assume I was looking for a free ride? I am financially secure and not looking for hand outs from anyone.”

I hit the send key so hard, I thought I broke it. Then reality set in – they were the ones looking for a free ride and I had played right into their hands by admitting that I had no financial worries. I kicked myself for being so stupid. The steam was still coming out of my ears when the icon flashed that I had a reply.

“We have received several mails from people who just wanted us to pay for them to visit and have just about given up on finding someone who is genuine.

Shall we start again?

Hello, I am Catriona, thank you for your mail. We are looking for someone to join my husband and I so that we can use their body for the pleasure of all. Fuck them hard and long, all orifices, we have few taboos, but will respect if our partner does.

My husband is 55 and I am 49, we have always had an active sex life and enjoyed the pleasures of multiple partners, however, now we are seeking the right slut for a long term arrangement.

Why did the advert catch your attention?”

I wanted to stay mad, but when I read “fuck them hard and long, all orifices”, my body responded. My nipples tightened, my clit throbbed and my pussy screamed that it wanted to be fucked like that. It had been such a long time since it had been fucked in any way.

The nice girl / bad girl debate went on in my head for a while, but it was a lost cause. Taking a deep breath, I replied telling Catriona a little about myself and answering her question as honestly as I could. I loved being with a man, I loved sucking on a nice hard cock, and I loved how my pussy felt when it was full. But I dreamt of sucking on an engorged clit, with all the folds of a pussy to lick and drown in. I was honest that I had not been with a woman, and asked that she not discount me on that basis, I was a quick study and eager to learn how to please her.

So began two weeks of intense chatting on email, then instant messenger and then phone. Some of the chats were sort of procedural, what I was into, what I wouldn’t do. Discussing health issues and certificates of DD free is not sexy. But other issues, god it was like she was reading me back one of my fantasies. After those conversations I would been panting and my vibe was never used as much, her words went straight to my clit. She was direct and not afraid of using descriptive language. Her voice was wonderful, warm and slightly husky.

She was a bit concerned about my lack of experience but said she saw it as an opportunity to teach me just what she liked. She described what that was in some graphic detail which left me in a liquid moaning pile. She asked, quite delicately for her, if I needed release. I managed bedava bahis to squeak out a yes, and so I used my vibe while on the phone.

“I can’t wait to hear that over and again in person and to taste you, to drink every bit of it.” Her voice was a low growl in my ear. “Doug has such a hard on listening to you.”

“Oh” was all I could manage. I had not realised he was there.

“I think it is time we met, don’t you?”

The meeting was set for Friday afternoon at a coffee shop in the city. She sent me a photograph of her and Doug. It was only a head shot but they were the original handsome couple. I knew she was tall at 5’9″ but she had failed to mention the long black hair, the wide smile and the beautiful face. Doug was silver haired, with a long patrician face, a little scary looking if truth be told. Doug and I had talked only the once, he was less graphic than Catriona, but just as warm.

I nervously sent a photograph a big step for someone not so confident about their looks. The minutes waiting for her to open the photograph were long and tortuous.


I stared at the text reply and wondered at her sanity.


Friday dawned and I was nervous as a kitten, I must have tried on every piece of clothing I owned trying to find the right outfit eventually deciding on a light summer dress. Despite the agreement that nothing was going to happen other than coffee, I scrubbed and shaved my body, wanting them to like the look of me, wanting them to want me.

But still, I nearly didn’t go through with it. When the taxi pulled up, they were sitting outside and looked so dammed glamorous that I almost lost my nerve. My escape was foiled when Catriona spotted me and waved. Doug came and opened the door while I paid. He leaned down and kissed my cheek and whispered “So glad you came, she is so excited to meet you.” Then tucking my arm in his, we went to the table. Catriona towered over me, I am 5’2″, but bent down and kissed my cheek: “You look petrified, no need sweet girl. It is just friends having coffee.”

“And that is my cue,” said Doug “What can I get you to drink?”

“A double brandy.” It was out of my mouth before I could stop it. But their joint laughter washed over me.

“Sit down sweetheart, let her get her breath first.” To me she said: “Just take a few deep breaths and relax.”

She was rubbing my arm, I think it was meant to be comforting but it was far from it, this close she was even more beautiful and I wanted more. She started talking, telling me how they had decided to make a day of it and been to a gallery in the morning and then had a nice lunch and were thinking of taking a stroll in the park after their coffee, before dinner. It was inane stuff, but it helped me calm down and eventually I even managed to drink a cappuccino without spilling it.

“Would you like to join us for dinner?” Doug asked during a small lull in the conversation. Nearly two hours had passed, I hadn’t noticed. “It would be very easy to change the reservation and we could get you that double brandy.”

“Doug, behave, Sarah will think we want to get her drunk and have our wicked way with her.”

Again the words flew out of my mouth before the thought reached my brain: “You can have your wicked way with me drunk or sober.”

Catriona looked at me: “Really? Are you sure?”

I nodded not trusting my voice. Doug beamed a smile at the world, “Well now you have to join us for dinner, we will have champagne to celebrate.”

While he went inside to settle the bill, Catriona told me she was very pleased that I wanted to meet again. She asked if I was free the following weekend. The prospect of waiting a week was too much, achieving one of my fantasies was so close, what if my nerve didn’t hold out?

I blurted out: “I am free this weekend.” My god where had that come from? This was supposed to be coffee only. Truth be told, she looked a little shocked.

“I am not sure that is such a good idea.”

“Oh!” My disappointment was obvious in my voice.

“Sarah, are you sure? We don’t you to rush into anything.”

“I am very sure, 100% absolutely sure.” And I was. No more waiting and being cautious, I wanted to do this, this was my time. Yes the nerves were a hard acid mass in my stomach, but nerves can be good right?

“Okay then.” Her smile was like the cat that got the cream. “I think we have some champagne on ice at home.” Her hand found my leg under the table and worked its way under the hem of my dress. She stroked the inside of my thigh, I almost could not breath, the acid mass was dissolving into a tingle somewhere lower.

Doug returned: “I just have to phone the restaurant and change the reservation and then time for a nice stroll.”

Never taking her eyes off me, Cat said: “Cancel the reservation sweetheart, and call a cab, our new slut cannot wait to be fucked.” She was reaching higher, I swung my eyes right and left to see if anyone could see what she was doing. “Ah there she is, the skittish casino siteleri kitten. I’ll stop, for now.”

In the cab they sat either side of me, as it pulled away from the kerb, she turned my face to hers and kissed me lightly before pulling back a little. Staring at me, she took my right leg and put it across hers, I felt the cold air hit my damp underwear. Her hand began a slow exploration of the inside of my thigh again. When I offered no resistance she smiled and kissed me. She tasted wonderful, like summer. I tried to turn into her, but Doug caught my other leg and held me open. I could feel the difference in their hands on my thighs, but all I wanted was one of them to win the race to my pussy, it was begging to be touched.

The cab swerved and Catriona broke the kiss laughing. “Are we distracting you?” Despite the driver’s “No Ma’am” I was restored to decorum and Doug even straightened my skirt whispering in my ear: “I told you she was excited to meet you. You’ve really caught her imagination.”


Once inside the front door, I was pushed to the wall, her body pressing against mine as she kissed me, her tongue exploring and mine rising to intertwine with hers.

“Every time you leant forward at the table, I wanted to do this.”

Her hand delved down into my dress and caught my tit, squeezing and kneading, her forearm keeping me pinned where I was, not that I wanted to go anywhere. Her other arm grabbed my ass, kneading in tandem with the hand on my tit. Her fingers began moving up and down between my cheeks. She stopped when she found my rosebud and began making small circles. Oh god, it was amazing and terrifying.

Cool air hit my overly hot skin as the zip on my dress opened, for a moment I worried the seam had split, I was breathing so heavily, odd the thoughts that fly across your brain. But Doug had joined us, as he pulled the fabric down in the tight space between Catriona and I, he took the opportunity to squeeze my other tit, tweaking the nipple to an even harder peak. So many hands giving so many sensations, just like my fantasy. My dress pooled around my feet, Doug cupped my mound and pussy, one finger pushing aside my knickers and exploring my wetness.

“So much for the pleasantries! Ladies, I think we should adjourn to somewhere a little more comfortable.”

They each took a hand as I stepped away from the dress, I felt slightly embarrassed at my heavy breathing and sodden underwear when they both seemed so calm. The living room was not huge, but big enough for two deep couches, Catriona sat while Doug standing behind me reached around and held my confined tits in his hands. He had to bend to reach despite the fact I was still wearing my heels. His breath was hot on my ear.

“Such a pity to keep these beauties hidden, shall we take your bra off?”

I was about to tell him that it was a front clasp, but he had it open before I could speak, taking my freed tits in his hands. I leaned back into him, enjoying his touch as he rolled my nipples, a light pinch caused a gasp and an explosion in my pussy. A shudder ran through me, as he pinched again slightly harder. I had not known my tits were so hard wired to my pussy. A third and harder pinch had my legs turn to jelly and I needed his support to stand.

“So the girl likes a little bit of rough treatment does she?”

I could only moan and heard a light chuckle in my ear.

His hands left my tits and slowly moved down my body til they reached the top of my underwear.

“Shall we?” I nodded.

He knelt down behind me and slipped them down my legs, taking the opportunity to snake his tongue along my ass. He pushed my legs slightly apart again, the cold air reminding me just how freely my juices were flowing.

“Now isn’t that better? Such a beautiful body should not be hidden.” He said it as he stood up again, still behind me. His hands ran down over my body, over my stomach before coming to rest matching the V of my legs. He pushed his hands together, closing the outer folds of my pussy over my clit but massaging it at the same time.

“Quite the juicy one!” His fingers had slipped deeper between my legs and met the rivers running down my legs. “Very tasty!” he licked his fingers. “Would you like to try?” his other hand was hovering just in front of my mouth, inviting but not insisting. I devoured his fingers, tasting myself for only the second time in my life. “Good tongue work.” His voice in my ear sending more shivers through me.

“I think Cat is getting lonely, shall we go and join her?”

Sitting on the couch naked between them while they were both fully clothed was the moment that I first felt like a plaything. It felt scary and perfect. Just like in the cab, they each took one of my legs and spread me wide. I helped by moving my ass forward a little.

“Such an eager slut, I do like that.”

It was like choreography, each with a hand on my thighs, moving back and forth but not quite reaching my spread pussy that was aching to be touched. bahis siteleri Two mouths descended on my hard nipples; Doug sucked and rolled with his tongue, while Cat used her teeth more, the sharpness making me squirm. My back arched, pushing my tits further into their mouths, fire spreading in my pussy. Back and forth their hands moved, never touching where I so desperately wanted to be touched. It was hellish.


I didn’t recognise my own voice.

“Please what?” Cat raised her head slightly, and was breathing on to my sensitised nipple. “Please stop?”

“No!” I managed to croak out.

“Oh you mean please this?” Her fingers trailed along my labia, engorged and wanting. It was only a light touch, enough that I could feel it, but not enough pressure to satisfy my need. Doug joined in and copied her.

“Or please this?” Her fingers moved a fraction nearer my throbbing clit. Another question, another fraction, it was torture.

Then Doug’s voice: “Or please this?” He slid a long finger into my hole, it was gorgeous to at last have something in my hungry pussy. He slowly finger fucked me a few times, one finger then two, but then pulled out completely. I opened my mouth to protest but instead his fingers were there waiting to be licked. Cat took up where Doug had stopped. She pushed two fingers in, scissoring them on the way out, stretching me as I lapped at Doug’s fingers.

When she withdrew, she licked her own fingers while Doug again took up the finger fucking. I moaned loudly as I watched her. It was so sexy, her pink tongue, delicately licking at her glistening fingers. How aptly she was named.

Doug had by now buried three fingers into my sopping wet cunt curling them looking for the spot. Cat’s wet hand went straight to my throbbing clit, circling and flicking. It was too much, my stomach clenched and I bore down on the hardness in my pussy and exploded, juices gushing out of me. Cat was on her knees between my legs in a flash, lapping and licking, burying her tongue in my hole so as not to miss any. Her expert tongue on my clit was soon building me to another orgasm.

I hadn’t noticed Doug moving away, but as I began to crest the wave, I felt a cock being pushed into my wide open mouth. He was kneeling across me and using the back of the couch for support began to fuck my mouth, his cock slamming into the back of my throat. His cock was fat, so thick it stretched my mouth wide. The orgasm crashed over me and as I bucked my head went back allowing his cock even deeper access to my throat. Cat’s mouth was locked onto my pussy and her tongue was everywhere at once, licking furiously. As my head began to sink back, Doug grabbed my hair and kept my throat open. I don’t know how I kept breathing but just as I was certain I was about to black out, I heard him say: “Change, I need to fuck her.”

I was moved onto my knees and I felt the couch sag behind me as Doug positioned himself, then the head of his cock was pushing into my cunt. He went slowly, easing his girth into my hole, allowing me to get used to him. I felt so stretched, so full, it was incredible and he was still feeding me his cock.

I felt movement and opened my eyes to be presented with the most beautiful pussy: shaven with full thick lips and shiny folds peeking out. With a final shove, Doug’s cock was buried in my grateful cunt, it pushed me forward slightly right onto that gorgeous pussy. I licked its length, feeling the differences in texture of her skin and bringing its beautiful earthy taste into my mouth. Doug eased out, pulling the lips of my cunt with him. Holding onto my hips he slammed back in deep and hard. It felt so good having a hard cock in me. It may sound silly, but it felt so good that my body was being used in the way it was supposed to be. One deep thrust pushed my tongue right into the heart of Cat’s pussy. Using his rhythm, I placed one finger at her hole and allowed the pressure to pass through me and into her. My mouth found her clit, engorged and sensitive. Whatever worries I had about being with a woman disappeared, it was instinctive. Even above the wet slopping sounds of Doug’s cock pounding my pussy, I could hear her breathing and it told me what she liked. Another finger joined the first and her wetness began to flow. I cannot describe how right it felt, my pussy full of pounding, throbbing cock and my mouth full of warm, luscious pussy.

Another orgasm ripped through me. I could feel my juices running just as Cat’s pussy began to tighten around my fingers, and I worked her clit harder, trying to bring her some of the pleasure I was receiving.

“Baby, I’m going to cum, all over this slut’s face, I am going to drown her in pussy cream.”

And she did, she squirted right into my mouth. It was heavenly, I lapped up every drop, and kept pumping her with my fingers. Doug picked up his pace.

“Should I come in her cunt or over her face and tits?” He asked breathlessly.

“Christen that cunt sweetheart, make it yours.”

I had never felt someone cum in me before, it was always a case of has he or hasn’t he? With Doug there was no doubt, I could feel the hot spurts as he dumped his load. I could feel it running out of my stuffed pussy when he pulled back and it set me off again, my cunt tightened around him, milking him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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