Weekend with Amy

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I drove along the unfamiliar streets of the small town near Boston, following the directions she had sent me. I was early, since we had agreed to meet at nine and it was only seven-thirty, but I had a long drive and I didn’t want to be late.

Passing by the address she had given me I spotted the red Celica in the driveway, telling me it wasn’t safe yet. I drove on and around until I found the little strip mall and pulled in. I got a cup of coffee at the donut place and browsed the shelves at the Drug Store.

I was looking at the condom display when I realized I hadn’t brought any with me. Stupid! I grabbed a pack and was halfway to the register when I stopped. I thought about our weekend together, our first weekend, her very first weekend, and I went back and grabbed another pack.

I stood by my car smoking until it was eight forty-five, and then I drove back to her house. The apartment buildings there were blocky and dull, brown two-story buildings with an apartment on each floor. Seeing the Celica was gone, I pulled in and sat with the motor running.

I watched her door and when she peeked out just before nine, my heart leapt. I saw her wave, and shut the door. A minute later she came out with an overnight bag, and I got a chance to look her over as she locked the door.

She was tiny, not more than five feet tall, with long blond hair that fell to mid-back. She wore an oversized green army jacket that fell almost to her knees, and I could see she was wearing fishnets and black combat boots.

She picked up the black overnight bag and came to the car as I unlocked the passenger door. I saw her bright blue-gray eyes, ringed by too much mascara, straight, button nose, full lips, again drowning in too much crimson lipstick, and shiny white, perfect teeth. Her skin was flawless, though a bit pale for my tastes.

She got in the car and tossed her bag on the floor by her feet. As she fastened her seatbelt I saw she was wearing a ragged old orange T-shirt and a loose green skirt that came to mid-thigh.

Of course, what really caught my attention was the swell of her full breasts, at least a D-cup. We smiled at each other, and then without a word from either of us I pulled out and began to drive.

We drove through several small towns, all of them running together so that the only way I knew I was in a new one was when I passed another Town Green. Even after an hour of driving we hadn’t spoken, and I could sense her nervousness and a little fear.

Back on the Interstate I saw the Marriott sign and pulled off. I parked in the registration parking and we smiled at each other as I got out and went inside. I paid far too much for a King single, and went back down to the car, honestly wondering if she would still be there but as I approached the car I saw her, still sitting in the car, seatbelt on.

I pulled around to the parking space and we got out. I carried our bags as we walked through the lobby and into the waiting elevator. We got out on the fourth floor and walked down the hallway until we reached the door to our room.

I let her inside, and she immediately went to the sliding glass doors and opened them wide, going out onto the balcony. I set the bags down on the floor and stood watching her as she leaned on the railing, looking out at the trees and commercial buildings.


I was in a chat room, flirting and playing around with several women that I had become acquainted with when she came in. I instantly sent a PM to say hi and welcome, and she responded instantly. We chatted for a very long time, talking about books, music, and movies, though we didn’t share any of the same musical tastes.

Then she had asked me if I had a picture. I replied that I did, but would only send it if she promised to do the same. “Nevermind”, was her reply.

Now, I have to admit that when someone does that online the first thing you think is, “Oh, it’s a guy,” but I didn’t think she really could be. From our chatting I knew that she was shy.

I immediately sent her my phone number, and invited her to call me collect anytime. I was shocked when barely a minute later my phone rang. I accepted the charges and listened to breathing for a moment.

“Hi,” her soft, sweet voice said over the phone line.

“Hey,” I said, trying to be very casual. “You’ve got a great phone voice.” I listened to her giggle nervously, and it was a beautiful sound.

We talked for over two hours that night, long past my usual bedtime, but she was exciting me intensely. No, that gives the wrong impression. We didn’t talk about sex, or even flirt that much, but our conversation made me want to meet her.

As we ended our call I told her she could call me any evening collect, and that I would accept the charges.

We spoke for hours nightly for several weeks, and as you can guess our conversations grew more and more personal, and far more sexual in nature. We described ourselves (though I know now that she didn’t see herself as beautiful şişli escort as she is) and eventually moved to phone sex.

I remember the first time I heard her have an orgasm over the phone, naked in her bed with a pocket vibrator against her clit and fingers pushing inside herself. She whined and moaned softly, and then burst into tears and had to be consoled for nearly an hour.

I had to meet this girl who lived so far from me. We plotted and planned, and finally she said she could get away for a weekend with me, but that it had to be the specific weekend that was three weeks away.

The night before our rendezvous she sent me her address, and I began to pack.

Her First Time

“Amy,” I called out, and I watched her turn toward me. I waved her inside, and she came in, walking right up to me. I put my hands on her hips and kissed her softly, sucking on her thickly-lipsticked lips. Her hands were on my chest, as though she was going to push me away, but then they slid down to my sides, running up behind my back when her breathing became more ragged.

I moved my hands under her jacket, and then slid them up her sides and around until I cupped her large, full breasts. They felt remarkably heavy, but I guessed that was to be expected.

I felt her tongue dart into my mouth, and I sucked it in and caressed it with my own tongue. I pushed her jacket from her shoulders and she shook it from her arms to the floor. I then took the bottom of her T-shirt and raised it. I had expected some resistance, but she simply raised her arms to allow me to pull it off completely.

Her breasts were beautiful and full, enclosed by a plain white bra. I leaned down and kissed the soft flesh between them, and Amy moaned and grabbed my ass.

I found the zipper on the side of her skirt and I pulled it down, and then slowly slipped her skirt down over her hips. She kicked until her feet were free, still moaning as I kissed her tender breast flesh.

I kissed her lips again and led her to the bed. I sat her on the edge, and then nodded to her, indicating she should move back. She did, moving until only her ankles and feet hung over the edge.

I looked at her firm, flat belly, the curve of her hipbones, and the ripeness of her thighs. She was wearing white cotton bikini panties with blue trim. I leaned down and pressed my face to her crotch, breathing in her musky scent. She raised her knees and moaned as I pressed against her hot, moist crotch with my mouth and lower jaw.

I pulled away and untied first one boot and then the other. I pulled them off, finding perfect little feet wrapped in fishnet with no socks. She had painted her toenails pink.

I moved between her legs and I reached under her ass as she lifted her hips, and I grabbed the waistband of her tights and panties and pulled them down. She was panting and staring at me through half-lidded eyes as I yanked and pulled them down her legs and off.

Before me was a small pussy, open and inviting, topped by a mass of curly black hair. I dove in, and ran my tongue over her, tasting her tart, tangy flavor as I rimmed her hole.

“Oh God, yes!” were the first words I heard her speak in person, and she tangled her fingers in my short hair. I licked and flicked my tongue over her twitching, sensitive outer and inner lips, listening with joy to her passionate moans. I dipped my tongue inside her and felt her vaginal walls throbbing.

I had never been with anyone that excited before. She was hot, and she wanted badly to be fucked. I knew I didn’t even have to be particularly good, since she had no reference aside from her fingers and vibrator, but I was determined to make her first time as wonderful as I could.

Her hips had begun to pump, and I knew it was time. I licked slowly upward and then around, and teased her clitoral hood. Sensing the time was right, I lightly darted my tongue against her clit, and then ran the rough surface over her in a slow swirling motion.

She crushed my face to her wet pussy and cried out, her hands tearing at my hair. I slowly worked my index finger inside her with a slow circular motion as I laved her clit, and I could feel her thick creamy juices running down my hand. I licked my hand, and then rimmed around my finger, sliding my tongue along between my finger and her pussy as she cried out loudly in panting shouts of “Oh!”

Here it comes. I was trying to deflower this beautiful girl in the most gentle and tender of ways, but when it all comes down to it, I’m a guy. I pulled away (she took over the rubbing of her pussy) and yanked my pants open. I ripped open the plastic wrapper with my teeth and rolled on a condom quickly, feeling it slide over the rather generous amount of pre-come already smeared there. I climbed between her legs, and introduced Amy to her first live cock.

She was gloriously tight, but her masturbation sessions had removed many of the barriers to deflowering a virgin, namely her hymen and an unused canal. I went as slowly as I could, but it wasn’t long before I was inside her completely, her pussy grabbing and jerking my cock.

I was gentle, giving her long, slow strokes. For about three strokes. Then I noticed the amazingly cute young thing writhing beneath me, whispering “Fuck me,” over and over, and that “Guy” thing took over again.

I grabbed the backs of her thighs and bent her back, and proceeded to pound my cock into her like a pile driver. My balls felt like they were going to explode, and the only way I knew to help the situation was to fuck Amy as hard and as fast as I could. Hey, I might have died otherwise.

I’m pretty proud of my cock, we’ve been together a long time now. I’ve got eight inches (erect of course) and I’m thicker than some, not as thick as some others, circumcised, straight as an arrow, and hard as stone (again, erect). I pounded her pussy in a frenzy, enjoying the sensations and the sounds of her cries and squeals, the slapping of our bodies, and that distinct “phlopf”-ing sound of a pussy’s solid penetration by a well aimed prick.

I groaned loudly as I felt my balls try to crawl up into my abdomen, and my cock burned with the heavy torrents of my come as I shot load after load of my creamy best into – my condom.

I continued to stroke into her slowly, and then more slowly, and then I was forced to grab the “neck” of the condom as it tried to slip down my exhausted dick. I pulled both out together, and removed the water-balloon-like condom. I tossed it to the floor and wiped myself with the bedspread.

I moved up on top of my lover and kissed her, noticing for the first time that she had passed out completely. I stroked her face for a while, putting gentle kisses on her lips, and then I rolled her over a bit and took off her bra.

I gathered her clothes and boots and put them on a chair, and then I went out and sat on the balcony and smoked a few cigarettes, enjoying the mid-afternoon air.


After a long while I went back inside and checked on Amy, who was sleeping peacefully. Looking at her naked body, freshly fucked, spread out on the bedspread made my cock sit up and take notice as well. I undressed and set some condoms on the nightstand, and then crawled up next to her.

I kissed her lips softly as I gently fondled her breasts, and then I leaned over her and took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked softly. It immediately tightened up and became stiff in my mouth, and Amy moaned softly in her sleep. I moved to the other and repeated the process, and then switched back and forth until I heard her moaning turn to a sigh and Amy said, “Wow. Thank you.”

We kissed for a while, our hands sliding over each other’s bodies until she stopped and announced she had to use the bathroom.

When she left, I pulled back the covers and climbed into bed, lighting a cigarette. When she came out I noticed she had one arm across her breasts and the other hand down over her pussy.

“Don’t hide from me,” I said, smiling. “I’m already intimately acquainted with you, so let me see.”

Amy’s hands dropped to her sides and she blushed. “I know I’m not that pretty,” she said, and I was amazed that she meant it. But before I could say anything she asked, “What do we do now?”

“I don’t know,” I said, confused. “What would you like to do?”

“I don’t know what comes next, I mean,” she said, looking embarrassed. “After you do that, what am I supposed to do?”

I felt an indescribable feeling of power and affection course through me. She thought that she had been the only one to get off!

“Well, first thing you need to do is get over here and kiss me,” I said. She bounced over, her breasts bouncing incredibly, and wrapped her arms around me. We kissed for a while longer, and then she began to giggle again.

“Your thing is poking me,” she giggled.

“You didn’t mind before,” I said, and then, “Maybe he wants a kiss too.”

Like a shot she pulled down the covers and took my rod into her mouth, sucking and licking the head like it was candy and she was starving. She wrapped her fist around the base and bobbed her head, looking great but not really doing much.

“Amy,” I whispered, “Press your tongue to the underside and rub it while you run your mouth on it.” She did, and I let out a long breath. She was definitely getting the mechanics of it, but there was no “show.”

I grabbed the remote from the nightstand and turned on the TV. I found the pay-per-view and ordered a porno, then told Amy to turn herself so I could play with her. After adjusting her stance a few times I was lying back relaxed, with a perfect little pussy right in front of my face.

“Okay, I’m going to have some fun here, but you watch the movie and practice what you see. Those girls are pros,” I said, and I began to lick softly on her moist folds. I have to say that one of my favorite things about her was the way her ass wiggled when I sucked her pussy. I could tell by that exactly how much she liked what I was doing, and it’s always good to have an indicator.

I didn’t notice much change in her technique at first, and then she started stroking more with her fist. A few moments later I felt her suck one of my balls into her mouth and tongue it, and I rewarded her by sucking gently on her clit.

As I sucked on her clit I saw her ass tighten up, and then her body began to shake. I could see her vagina pumping furiously, and then she stopped pumping my shaft and squealed, and her creamy come started to drip.

As I licked at every drop I felt her mouth close on my cock and she bobbed deep, making gagging noises as I felt her throat closing on the head. Her hand was flying up and down my shaft, and she was throating me on every thrust.

I hauled back and slapped her ass hard, and she quickly scurried off of me and sat on her knees on the bed. “Why’d you do that?” she asked, a fearful look in her eyes, “What did I do wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just something we do. It didn’t really hurt much, did it?”

She looked like she was thinking about it for a second, and then she said, “No, it felt kind of good, but I thought I did something wrong.”

I told her to get one of the condoms from the nightstand and open it. I showed her how to roll it down over my cock, and she did it pretty well. Then I turned around on the bed so my head was toward the foot and had her straddle me. She rose up and we worked my sheathed cock between her lips for a few moments, and then she sat on it, slowly taking me inside her. I leaned up and took one of her beautiful firm breasts into my mouth and sucked happily as she ground herself on my shaft. I looked up at her face and saw she was watching the TV porn with interest.

I looked up and saw the fat hairy guy nailing a busty blond, her ankles pinned up by her ears. He was pounding away at her like there was no tomorrow, and she was screaming. When I looked back up at Amy she was twisting her nipples, and she had gone from gently grinding against me to a quick little bounce.

I thanked God that I had already blown inside her a little while before, since it meant I could last basically as long as I wanted. Her tight little pussy was throbbing around my cock, and it felt amazing, even through the condom.

“Want to change positions?” I asked her softly, and she looked down at me for a second, confused, and then nodded. She climbed off of me and I got up behind her and pushed her down. On her hands and knees, Amy had a great view of the action on the screen and she was apparently getting pretty hot from it.

Her head dropped as I slid my cock into her clutching pussy, and I starting to fuck her with long, slow strokes. I kneaded her ass with my hands, watching her little pink asshole appear and disappear, planning for the time I would take her there as well.

Amy collapsed with a moan, and I felt her hand run up against my balls. She started to whine, so I assumed she was rubbing her clit as I fucked her. I hauled back and slapped her ass again, and getting no bad reaction I did it again, this time on the other cheek.

“Ooh, fuck me good,” she moaned, taking her cue from the blond on the TV, “I love you big fat cock in my pussy! Fuck me good, oh you fuck me so good!”

I leaned over her and took her heavy, swinging breasts in my hands and squeezed them, pressing them together as I stroked deep into her tight little pussy.

“Oh yeah, squeeze my titties! Fuck my pussy! I’m so hot for your big hard cock!” Amy cried out, and I realized this wasn’t a girl I could ball in a theater. She was loud!

I sat back up and slapped her ass again, and then sucked my thumb to get it nice and wet. I spread her cheeks and without a word pressed my thumb into her ass.

“Oh God!” Amy cried, and her body started to shake. I felt her pussy try to crush my cock, and listened to her as she groaned and gurgled.

I started to pound her harder and faster, working my thumb in and out slowly, gently pulling it this way and that. Amy had begun to whine deep in her throat, and I knew I had pushed her past pleasure and into oblivion.

I pulled my cock out of her and flipped her onto her back. She was looking at me through half-lidded eyes, her whole body a deep rosy color. I crawled up and sat on her breasts and yanked off the condom. She looked at my cock as I stroked it, the head inches from her face, and she closed her eyes and moaned, just in time as my come shot out and made ropy trails of white across her lips, nose and cheeks.

I pushed forward and grabbed her hair, and I pulled her face up and pushed my pulsing cock between her lips. There was only a few shots left in me, and I dumped them into her mouth.

When I was finished I rubbed my cock over her face, rubbing in the come I had deposited there as she moaned and kissed or licked it each time it passed her lips.

This little thing was definitely hot, and I was going to enjoy every minute I spent with her.

Shower Time

I climbed off of Amy and onto the floor, and took her hand and pulled. She groaned and rolled over, putting her feet on the carpet.

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