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I walk into our bedroom, having just gotten home from work. I see you sleeping in the middle of the bed, on your side and facing me. You are so beautiful by moonlight that my breath catches for an instant. I walk quietly across the room the bed, sitting down next to you. I gently run my knuckles across your cheek, brushing some stray hair from your face. My soft touch awakens you, and you turn your head to look up at me with a smile. As I smile back and lean my head down, I say simply “Hello beautiful” before I kiss you softly on the lips.

The kiss lasts a little longer than anticipated, and my blood is pumping now. We talk quietly about my night at work, as I run my fingers through your hair and down the side of your neck. Your skin breaks out in goosebumps, and you reach up to grab the collar of my shirt, pulling my face down for another kiss. This one does not end. Our lips part, our tongues meet, and we both breath a little quicker. Meanwhile, my hand slides from your neck under the blanket and slowly down your chest, gliding over the soft skin of your breast and cupping it gently. My thumb runs a slow circle around your nipple until I feel it harden, and then I move to your other breast and repeat the process.

You moan quietly into my mouth as I tease your nipples, and I break off our kiss. My lips move to just gaziantep escort under your jaw, kissing softly to the side of your neck and down to your shoulder. My hand moves down over your stomach, my fingertips trailing gently over your skin and taking the blanket down, revealing your body to the night air. As my fingers reach your waist, you raise your hips slightly, bringing your hands to the back of my head. As my lips reach the base of your neck, you hold my head there, and I focus my attention there, kissing and licking softly. As I do, my fingertips run slowly over your pelvis and you spread your legs to give me access.

I gently spread your pussy lips and press a finger against your clit, my teeth biting very softly at your neck at the same time. You moan quietly and raise your hips, pressing your clit back against me. As I begin to rub slowly around your clit in circular motions, you pull my head down over your chest, where I gladly take one of your nipples into my mouth and run my tongue slowly around it. Sliding my fingers down, I press two of them into your wet pussy slowly, pressing upward and finding your g-spot. Sliding my fingers in and out, I rub at it as I run my teeth over your nipple. You let go of my head and begin unbuttoning my shirt quickly, pushing it over my shoulders and off of my free arm. Your hips move faster with my fingers and as you reach for my belt, I lift my head to look at you and say, quietly, “Get on your knees.”

You shiver at the force in my voice and roll over onto your stomach, pulling your knees under you and lifting your ass into the air. As you do this, I stand and walk to the foot of the bed, grabbing you by the hips and pulling you closer to me. With your face still on the bed, you twist your body to the side to look back at me. I press my fingers back into you and lean my head down, licking slowly between your ass cheeks and around your asshole. I keep licking there, pressing more firmly with my tongue as my fingers rub slowly at your g-spot again. You close your eyes and moan, feeling this new sensation mixed with a more familiar one.

As your moans become more urgent, I remove my fingers and stand up straight again, fully removing my shirt and undoing my belt and pants, dropping them and my boxers to the ground and kicking them to the side. You watch all of this and your legs shake in anticipation. I step forward and press the head of my cock against you, sliding slowly into you. As I press in, inch by inch, we both moan at the tightness. I hold your hips and pull you back against me until I am fully inside of you. I stop for a moment so that we can savor this feeling.

I begin to thrust in and out of you then, pulling almost all of the way out before pressing back in. With each thrust I pick up more speed and force, and you press back to meet me with each push. I move my hands from your hips, one sliding up your back to grip your hair, pulling on it lightly. My other hand slides over and I press a finger against your asshole, pressing it slowly in. You moan louder now, as we both push against each other harder, trying to force my cock even deeper into you. My finger sliding in and out of your ass at the same time is too much, and your orgasm quickly builds. Your body shakes and you reach down between your legs to rub at your clit, making yourself quickly cum.

As I feel your pussy squeeze around my cock, I lose it as well. Hearing your moans and feeling you cum is too much, and as I start to pound into you as hard as I can, I cum with you, releasing it deep inside of you. We both keep pressing back and forth through our orgasms, slowing down as the waves of pleasure subside. As my senses come back to me, I move my hands around your sides and lean down, laying down next to you and pulling you with me. You turn your head and our mouths find each other, kissing deeply.

With our energy spent for the night, we smile and whisper to each other until we begin to pass out. We fall asleep that way, with you in my arms, my cock still inside of you, pressed together near the foot of the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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