Welcome to the Neighborhood Ch. 05

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Disclaimer: This is a new story I’m working on. I plan to write in smaller chapters so I can push out new material more frequently. I do my own editing, so disregard any mistakes. All characters are 18 years or older. I’m appreciative of any and all feedback. Thanks!


CHAPTER 5: Cory opens up and breaks down his walls.

Just as Cory’s lips left mine, I felt his hand intertwine with my fingers. Standing up, I watched as his tall frame sent shadows across the walls.

Looking down he asked, “Come with me.”

I squinted, “Where?”

Softening his eyes, he replied, “Upstairs. To my room.”

Now by this time, Cory and I have had sex multiple times. But this wasn’t just a normal hook up. I had never been upstairs- hell I had never seen the rest of the house past the living room. The hand-holding, the kiss, his bedroom- it was like he was really opening up to me.

Getting on my feet, I followed back as he lead me up the stairs. I watched as we made our way to the room. The decor was minimal yet classy- as if they had kept the house in the same state the previous realtor had staged it. Cory had been here for well over a month but the house still didn’t seem lived in.

He opened the door and I saw the room fill with the same dim lighting as downstairs. It was like we were beside a withering fire just waiting for it to die down and be left without sight. Cory’s skin glistened, giving color to the pale white. He stopped right at the edge of the bed and I followed- mere inches and way too much clothing between us.

Cocking his head, he stated, “This room isn’t quite as telling as yours. No knick knacks or obscure drawings to give you any insight.”

Gripping tighter, I offered, “Guess you’ll have to make up the difference.”

And then he kissed me. There was something quite electric about it. His soft lips sent a shiver down my spine as I kissed back, feeling his warm breath in my mouth. I had been kissed a million times over- but this wasn’t anything I’d felt before. This man before me kissed me like he could only have me in this moment; that it was fleeting and that he’d better make the most of it.

I made sure to do enough for the both of us. Flicking his tongue on mine, he complimented, “Your lips are so fucking sweet, you know that?”

Biting down, I explained, “I brushed them with honey right before I came over, glad you noticed.”

And he laughed, shaking his head at my ill-timed jokes. But there might as well have been honey at the rate he was sucking my face. He pulled back slowly, but not before I bit down on his lip before completely leaving mine.

He smiled at my motion. Pulling his face closer to mine, guiding me with the back of his hand. We stood there with our forwards touching as he peered into my eyes. I couldn’t see past his crystal blues but I knew he was smiling- I was sure of that much.

And then he pushed me onto the bed. I fell back with my arms outstretched as my back made contact with the soft mattress. I bounced up, filling into the bed as Cory pounded on me, like an animal catching its prey. I couldn’t help but wonder how he could be so playful yet so rough at the same time. His lips met mine and he forced his tongue into my mouth. I lied back as his hard gripped the back of my head, pulling me closer to him. My hands moved next, rubbing his back as his shirt fell at the wrists. He pulled away from my face, but only to pull away the cotton from his torso, presenting his pecs and broad shoulders to me. He then took to me, gripping onto my shirt so tight it nearly dug into my skin. Pulling it off, I watched him examine me.

Lacing his finger on my stomach, he commented, “I never realized how ripped you are.”

I lied back watching him feel me, protesting, “I am not.”

He placed a finger to my lips before I could continue, silencing me. “Shh” he uttered as he drew back to my abs. He went on, “You’ve got a great body, Nick.”

I let out a “thank you” as he straddled me. His ass rested on my thighs, kneeling with his legs to my side. I sized him up, following the light trail of hair that made its way down towards his crotch. His erect cock caught my eye as it was held back by the fabric of his shorts. My hands found my way to it, gripping his shaft with my fingers through his shorts. He breathed out, pleased. I continued, undoing the button of his shorts before pulling the zipper completely down. His boxers pressed tight against his skin, clearly showing the imprint of his dick that shifted towards the side. I drew my hands to the waistband and pulled down as if I was unwrapping a present made just for me. I heard Cory chuckle as he cock flopped out, of his boxers. I held it in my palm. It was heavy and throbbing, I traced my fingers against every vein before grasping his shaft in my hand.

Giving it a few pumps, I noted, “I didn’t get to taste this earlier.”

Cory winked, shifting up towards my torso while kicking his boxers and siirt escort shorts off the side of the bed. He then straddled my chest with his ass resting on my collarbone. I stayed still as he presented his cock to me, aligning the tip with my closed lips. I gave it a gentle kiss before licking the slit. The feint taste of cum that lingered for his earlier release remained and I licked harder, wanting more. Opening more, I devoured every inch of his cock as he watched me with peering eyes. I swear I could suck on him for days. The taste of his skin was addictive and I found myself wanting to savor it more and more. I rolled my lips over my teeth and shoved his length in my mouth. Cory let out a soft moan as the base of his cock hit my lips.

He looked down, “I swear you take it with such ease.”

I nodded, reaching my tongue to lick his balls. I watched as the Cory’s eyes rolled back, he cupped my jaw with my hand, feeling my sideburns with his thumb. Cory was all the way inside of me and yet somehow, I felt in control. We both knew that I was able to bring him this much pleasure- and that thought made it even more fun. I choked on his cock. My mouth started to fill with spit as I gagged down. He pulled out and I saw his cock glisten, wet with my spit. He then swooped down and kissed me softly. He had my mouth just seconds earlier, but this time he just wanted my lips.

Giving me a deep kiss, I asked, “How was I doing?”

He chuckled, fumbling his fingers through my hair, “Amazing as always. You really know what I like.”

I snuck in another kiss when asked, “Will you open up for me, Nick?”

I nodded as he moved from my face and made his way down my body. I relaxed as I felt his soft lips touch my abs, tracing each crevice with his tongue. He finally made it to my crotch, I watched as he grabbed onto my shorts by the waistband. In one motion, he pulled them off and my cock slapped against my stomach. He grinned, as he grabbed onto my inner thighs, pushing them into the air with my legs and feet dangling above his shoulders. He knew what he wanted and by the looks of it, tonight he wanted to take it slow. His hands moved father down, cupping my ass in his palms like it was his next meal. I carefully watched him, slowly push his face down into me until all I could see was top of his trimmed hair. But what I couldn’t see, I could surely feel. His warm tongue glided against my flesh and I immediately clenched, curling my toes at the sensation. He persisted, piercing his way through my walls. I breathed out, relaxing as he continued to devour me.

I fell into the pillows as I heard a moaning sound escape the small space between Cory’s mouth and my hole. It told me that he liked the way I tasted. I reached over and capped the back of his head, pulling him closer into me. He wiggled left and right, as if trying to push further and make room for the rest of his face. I too started to moan, as his scruff rubbed up against my flesh. He knew how to eat me out.

Reaching out with a second hand, I grasped his jaw and pulled him on top of me. He rocked against my body, rubbing his now throbbing cock against mine, sliding with ease from the pools of precum that collected at my stomach.

He reached down and cradled my head in his arm. I broke away from his kisses just long enough to beg, “Cory- I can’t take this any longer. I need you inside me.”

Kissing once more, he asked, “How do you want it, Nick?”

I replied, “Just like this. I like when you hold onto me, and I love watching you fuck me.”

I nuzzled against my chest, “I guess we have more in common after all.”

He knelt by my ass, digging his knees into the bed. I raised my legs, presenting my hole to Cory. He ran his thumb along my crack, before aligning his dick with my opening. Rubbing up and down, I felt his spit glaze my hole. I pushed out, anxious for his entry. I caught Cory staring- I swear he was so enamored by my hole that he could watch it for hours. But I wouldn’t have it- not now. I need him in me bad.

He placed the tip of his cock on my hole. His girth pushed against my walls and I swear that it wouldn’t fit but that wasn’t about to stop either of us. I grunted as I felt the head push past me- it felt like he was splitting me in two. But this was just the initial pain- the real pleasure would come soon enough. I tried my best to mask the pain by biting down on my lip. Cory could see past my facade- he swooped down and cradled my head in his arm. Leaning in grazed his lips against mine so they were nearly touching. I leaned forward, trying to kiss him, but he pulled away quickly and looked down to me. I tried to kiss him once more and he pulled away yet again. He was toying with me. His dick was barely in me, his arms were wrapped against my body and his lips were mere inches from mine. He had me right where he wanted me and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t everything I wanted. He grinned, knowing he was torturing sinop escort me before finally pushing closer. Our lips touched and it was satisfaction in a kiss. He slightly pulled his lips off mine- just enough to let out a hard moan and he shoved himself into me. My hands reached around and grabbed the back of his head. I pulled his faced closer to mine as his length continued to push. When I finally felt his pubs graze my cheeks, I exhaled, wrapping my legs around his back. Cory kissed me the entire time.

I pulled on his hair, asking, “Cory?”

His eyes met mine, “Yeah?”

Looking him dead in the eye, I instructed, “Don’t hold back.”

Cory didn’t say anything in return, he just nodded. Grabbing my head, I felt him thrust into me. The first one came with pain and so I kissed him hard and somehow it was better. He thrusted again, and this time I could feel his length slide against me. After a few more strokes, the pain started to subside.

I moaned loudly as Cory continued to fuck me. I held onto his back as he rammed into me, pulling out to that the tip was barely inside my hole, allowing me to relax before shoving it back in. This man knew how to mess with me.

He pulled out once more, “Your hole is so fucking wet, Nick. My cock just slides in and out with ease.”

Pulling him back in, I ordered, “You better not stop until you cum.”

He pressed his forehead to mine, “I won’t- not when you take that dick so good. Goddamn.”

Cory fucked me so hard that his bed pounded against the wall with every thrust. But he didn’t stop. I’d even pay for an entire sheet of dry wall if it meant he could fuck me all night without having to worry about leaving a hole. My legs and feet flailed in the air above his shoulders and I watched as the shadows mimicked their motions. And then there was the smell- the musk that wafted through the room, unable to escape out the windows. He started to sweat and the combination of his warm body dripping onto me mixed with the aroma of him drove me wild. We weren’t boys, we were men.

Cory picked up speed and I let go of my cock, knowing I would climax if I so much as touched it. Instead I watched him. It was like he was in a trance- his body moved in urgent, almost robotic motions, his hands clenched my sides so tight that they surely left marks. His eyes remained closed with his mouth wide open, panting while desperately trying to take in as much oxygen as he could. I knew by the looks of it that he wouldn’t last long. Both of us were just trying to make this last as long as it could.

A few minutes later, my own body was now drenched. I could feel the drops of sweat accumulate on chest and ease down my torso. I held my legs in the air so long that they had practically lost all feeling. My cock continued to slap against my stomach, having not gone soft the entire time. Cory was dripping with sweat when I felt him reach for my cock.

He tugged on my dick, instructing, “Nick, I want you to cum. Will you cum for me?”

I nodded, sinking into the pillows from the ecstasy I was feeling. Cory gripped my dick and jerked from the base to the tip- a few more strokes and I was going to lose it. Right as his cock hit my prostate, I was over. I fell back into the mattress, curling my toes as moans continued to escape my lips. I felt the sensation of his hard cock hitting against me while mine emptied onto Cory’s fist. This time I didn’t shoot- instead my cum oozed out of my dick, painting his fingers, thick and white. I immediately clenched my hole as I came, pushing on Cory’s dick hard. It must have sent him over the edge because soon, I saw him trembling- just moments from his finish. Just then, he raised his fist to his mouth and gave me a taste. My eyes opened as I saw his tongue reach out and clean his fingers, painting his tongue in my cum.

I gently punched his chest, shouting, “Fuck Cory!”

He licked his lips, “You taste good, boy.”

I propped myself up, reaching over to Cory, “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

He leaned closer, “Yeah?”

I nodded, “Mhm. I need to taste you like you tasted me.”

He ran the back of his thumb on my lips and I could taste the remnants of my cum. He cradled my jaw, “Open up those pretty lips for me, Nick.”

Shifting, he placed the tip of his cock at my tongue. My head laid back, eyes open in anticipation. He jerked his cock- the tip popped out of his grasp like a bullet headed straight for me. I watched him jerk his cock. The way he was getting himself off- with his arms flexed and cock as hard as could be- I could watch that man for hours. But yet in just a few seconds, he was ready. I stuck out my tongue and he placed the tip of his cock at its edge. Between the shortness of breath and grunting that ensued, I knew he was about to cum. I focused my eyes on his as he cock shot thick loads of his cum into my mouth. I flicked my tongue at the slit, trying to contain all of him but it şırnak escort was no use. My mouth started to fill with his cream and soon, it was running down my cheeks and onto his pillows. I kept it all in my mouth for a second- it was the most he had ever shot and I intended to savor it as long as I could. Making sure he saw, I swallowed down, licking my lips and trying to wipe up any of the stray loads that missed my mouth. Just as I felt the rest of it leave my throat, I immediately wanted more.

I fell into the pillows shortly after, slightly embarrassed not only by the act but by my complete lack of inhibitions. And he must have noticed because he came down, kissing me once more and greeting my blushing cheeks with a smile. He sank down with me. My head found a spot between his head and his shoulder. We laid there for a few seconds- not saying a word, not moving, just trying to catch our breath and cool down. His fingers found the slight hair on my chest and he traced it as I eased myself into him further. This was different. For once, we weren’t fussing about trying to get dressed or fighting with time. We were just here, in this moment- there wasn’t any urgency or agendas.

Cory caressed my chest, confessing, “I had such a great time tonight.”

Right as he said that, I had a feeling it would come with a “but” I immediately braced myself for the continuation of his sentence, ready to make up some excuse about how I had to get up early or how my parents would be expecting me.

But there wasn’t a “but”. Cory continued to circle his finger on my chest when he finished, “And I don’t see why it has to end.”

I sat up, confused, “What do you mean?”

He gripped on my forearm, “Will you stay with me tonight?”

I shook my head to make sure I had heard him correctly, “You mean here, in this bed, with you?”

He raised his hands, “That’s if you want to- I mean I don’t want to assume or make you feel like you have-“

I interrupted before he could go on, “Yes- yes I’ll stay with you.”

He kissed me softly on my lips, flashing me a smile, “Good.”

Turning off the bedside light, his body found mine again. And we laid there, his arms cradling against me like I was a child. I turned, so that my back was pressed against his stomach. Somehow amidst the muscles, I felt a softness in his body. His arms wrapped around my waist, closing against me. Slowly, I started to drift off among the heat of his body behind me and the soft breathing I felt on my neck. We fell asleep without clothes, his body was pressed against mine and yet somehow I felt safe.

My eyes opened to the thin blade of light that crept through the curtains of Cory’s bedroom window. The rest of the room was dim- like within those four walls everything was asleep but beyond, the world had already awoken. When I fully opened my eyes, I felt disoriented for a few seconds, as if I was hungover from a night of binge drinking and bad choices. But this wasn’t a hangover- it was a change. Before I could remember where I was, I felt a touch- his touch. His body was so firmly pressed against mine from when we went to sleep that they had seemingly felt like one in the same. His arms wrapped around mine, linking his fingers in a tight grip. I was constricted, but never felt pressure. He held onto me like I was something fragile. I leaned in. The heat from his skin radiated against me. I quieted myself for a few seconds so that I could only hear but two sounds: the first was the slow pace of his breath collecting against my neck, and the second was the faint but steady beat of his heart. Somehow both were music to me.

I slowly and gently turned over, pulling his arm over me and down by his side. The blankets slid off my bare body, exposing my ass to the room. I quickly attempted to cover up before realizing those efforts would be unnecessary. Beside him, I watched as he slept. Cory lied there so peacefully with his olive skin bathed in the dim light. I chuckled as I saw his face contour itself into a slight frown- his lips puckered and his eyebrows arched.

I leaned in to sneak in a kiss. When I pulled away and rested my head on the pillow once more, he slowly opened his eyes. Those green eyes peeked through and his frown curled up into a simple smile.

He reached over to me, caressing his fingers against my cheek, “Good morning. How long have you been up?”

I smiled, “Enjoy to see that you frown in your sleep.”

He pouted, “That’s because I felt you pull away 15 minutes ago- I thought you were leaving.” I shook my head and he reached over, pulling my face towards him. He planted a soft kiss on me and I almost melted into his bed.

Playing with my hair, I asked, “How’d you sleep?”

He stretched out his hands, cupping them behind his head, “Truth be told, that was the best sleep I’ve gotten since I moved here. If I had known that, I would have invited you over weeks ago.”

I laughed, “We didn’t even know each other existed weeks ago.”

He looked over, “Let’s change that. Look Nick, I know that when all this started I had laid down one some stupid rules and I chose to make this just physical. But I really like you and I don’t usually open up to people that well. I wanna know more about you, Nick.”

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