What a Ride Ch. 04

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“Geez Bella, how did you not spend the night with him after all of that?” I heard Pam’s voice say through my phone.

“God I wanted to, don’t get me wrong. Like, I felt so comfortable and protected, y’know?” I replied with a mix of frustration and fondness.

“Yeah, yeah, I can imagine. How could anyone not feel protected with a huge guy like Alex next to them? Hell, I’m sure some football players would feel safer with him around. So why not stay again?”

“My parents would kill me for one. I can’t even imagine what sort of excuse I could’ve given them. I feel like no matter what I would say, they would force me to come home asap.”

While Pam talked, I couldn’t help but reminisce about that night at the house party. It was just a few days ago, but it already felt so much longer. I couldn’t help but think about that night, and every time I thought about it, my body still longed to be with Alex. It was like my entire body was flipped to ‘on’ and I had no way of flipping it to ‘off’. I was so turned on I could barely get through a day without playing with myself. Which was new for me because I rarely masturbated in the past. God I missed him and the way he used my body.

To make things worse, I was incredibly horny right now. Not just horny, but frustrated too. I was playing with myself earlier and it started to get serious, but I was interrupted by Pam repeatedly calling me. I thought of just ignoring her, but I knew that I would pay for it later. So here I was, laying on my bed with rock hard nipples pushing against a simple t-shirt and wet panties covered by pajama shorts. My petite body simply oozed that it was ready for sex.

“I guess your parents would flip their shit. So when are you going to see him again?” Pam continued.

“Well I…” I started and then paused after I heard a notification from my phone.

I pulled it away from my head and saw a text notification from Alex. Just seeing his name on my phone caused my heart to quicken. I opened the text hurriedly and realized all he said was, ‘Hey’. I was head over heels for the guy, but I couldn’t help roll my eyes a little at his absolutely atrocious texting game.

“Actually, he just texted me. Do you mind if I hang up so I can talk to him?” I asked Pam and hoped she wouldn’t be too mad.

“Whatever happened to hoes before bros?” Pam said back, slightly indignantly.

“Uhh, I’m pretty sure you got that flipped. Besides, since when did you become a hoe?”

“I can dream, can’t I?”

“Oh whatever Pam. I promise I’ll talk to you later ok?”

Our call ended shortly thereafter and I immediately started to text Alex back. We’ve been sort of talking since the house party, but he’s been hard to get a hold of since he worked a lot. I tried to keep it simple and short, so I only asked about how he was and what he was up to.

I rolled on my back and saw my chest moving up and down heavily. I was still incredibly horny from earlier and the text from Alex made me even more turned on. The outlines of my nipples were clearly visible through my thin t-shirt since I didn’t have a bra on. My hand started to slowly reach out for it before my phone pinged again and distracted me.

I reached for my phone instead and he mentioned that he just got out of the shower. I was about to send a reply when I saw him send over a selfie. My eyes widened and I quickly sat up as I tapped on the pic to full screen it.

He stood in front of his bathroom mirror with just a towel wrapped around his waist. His muscular upper body was on full display and his skin was still shiny from the shower. I zoomed in on his face to see that unbelievably charming smile.

It wasn’t long before I moved my screen to zoom in on his chest and arms to ogle the eye candy that he just sent over. His entire body was completely covered by ripped and toned muscles. I didn’t know if he just had good genes or some secret workout routine to put superheroes to shame, but his body always seemed to shutdown my brain with lust.

I backed out of the picture and saw him follow his pic with a text asking what I was up to. I was about to reply before I paused and smiled to myself. Two could play at this game. I quickly took off my pajama shorts leaving just my wet panties on and laid down on my stomach. I held out my phone in front of me after opening my camera app and angled it so I could take a selfie of not only my face, but also my firm and round ass behind me.

I took a couple of pictures, but when I looked at them I just felt like they weren’t sexy enough. I looked behind me at my ass and reached my hand back to pull the materials of my panties into my ass crack, which completely revealed the naturally tanned and smooth skin of my ass. My hand lingered on my ass as I squeezed it and then softly slapped it. God, I was so horny, I couldn’t help myself. Even though it was just a light slap, it sent a shiver up and down my body and I let out a soft moan.

I painstakingly moved my hand back to my phone and I took a couple more pictures tecavüz porno of myself smiling widely. I selected the best one and sent it over to Alex with a note of how I was just bored and hanging out in my room. Just hanging out, yeah right. If only he knew how I desperately wanted to play with myself while I thought about his massive body towering over me. This was actually the first time I had ever sent a sexy picture to a guy before, but I figured with the pictures Alex had of me from my posing with his car, this was relatively tame.

While I waited for his reply, I once again opened up the pic he just sent me. Still on my stomach with my upper body propped up by an elbow, my other free hand wandered to my chest where it brushed by my nipple and I gasped. My fingers lingered as they flicked it through my t-shirt. Damn they were so sensitive. I was just about to lift my t-shirt up to expose my breasts when I finally got a response from Alex and I eagerly opened the text. He told me that he saw my picture and…

And what?! Is that all? I panicked slightly. What if he didn’t like it? What if he was expecting something else? I saw him send another picture and my mind immediately stopped thinking of a hundred different scenarios. I tapped the picture and I gulped. My heart was already beating fast, but now I felt incredibly hot. He was still in the bathroom only wearing a towel, but now his towel was pushed out by his massive cock.

His dick was still covered by it, but I could still clearly picture it in my mind. The thick shaft, the huge head, the heat given off by it…I snapped myself out of my thoughts. I took a deep breath and I thought about how I should respond. If he was going to tease me like that, I guess I should be as big of a tease back.

I rolled out of my bed and stood in my room while I wildly looked around. I needed to figure out a pose to send back. After I grabbed my hair at my forehead and pulled it back, an idea suddenly entered my mind. I bit my lip while I thought about it and I quickly slid my panties down and off. I slowly moved one of my hands to my slit and ran a finger up and down it. I just couldn’t resist. My body shook slightly and I reached out to grab my bedframe to steady myself. My mouth opened to moan loudly, but I made sure to stifle it.

With my face now flushed with desire, I walked over to an open wall of my room. I turned around and knelt down facing away from it as I rested my bare ass on my feet. I set my phone up in front of me with a timer on the camera and leaned my back against the wall. I lifted the bottom part of my t-shirt up to my mouth where I bit down on it to hold it up while my hands moved back to rest on my ass while I gave a sultry look with my eyes.

After the picture was taken, I dropped the shirt from my mouth and hurriedly grabbed my phone to see how it looked. I shuddered slightly because I looked so…slutty. My legs looked incredible, completely soft and smooth with no blemish at all. My bald and wet pussy was just slightly visible from that position and I wondered if he would know how wet it already was.

As for my upper body, my toned stomach was completely visible, but my perky round breasts were…well, mostly covered by the t-shirt. The inner parts of my boobs were exposed, but the rest were covered except for my extra hard niples poking through the thin material.

I quickly texted him the pic and added a note that simply asked, ‘What about now?’. After I put my phone down, I realized that I couldn’t handle this anymore. I needed to get the release I so desperately wanted. I quickly opened my drawer where I normally hid some of the toys I owned, but I couldn’t find my vibrator. Dammit, where did I put it? I hurriedly opened up a few more drawers to frantically look for it.

My phone pinged again before I was able to find it. I slammed one of the drawers in frustration, grabbed my phone, and saw that he sent me a video, not a picture. I was really curious what it was as I tapped to play it. The video showed his giant dick still covered by the towel, but now it throbbed repeatedly. Soon, the towel became loose from the assault and fell to reveal his dick in all of its nine inch glory. I bit my lip in lust again as my eyes were glued to the video. God. So huge and so powerful.

He eventually sent another text that read, ‘You’re so unbelievably fucking sexy. I need to see you.’

After that text, we started to trade responses back and forth quickly:

‘When?’ I replied.

‘Now,’ He immediately shot back.

‘What? Now? Like, now now?’

‘Yes, come over right now.’

‘But my parents…’

‘I don’t care, I can’t wait any longer.’


‘Sneak out.’


‘Bella, sneak out and come over right now.’

My hands were practically shaking at this point. The thought of being able to see Alex tonight with how horny and turned on I already was made me super excited. If this was any other guy, or even Alex when we travesti porno first met, I probably would have told them no. It wouldn’t be worth the risk. But I was his little slut. And a good little slut would sneak out to be with their lover, especially when they are directly told to. I smiled to myself and replied, ‘Ok, be there soon’.

I put down my phone and took a deep breath. How was I actually going to pull this off? And what could I wear that would make him delirious with lust? I opened my closet and found my lingerie store bag that I hid away. I pulled out one of the sexy lingerie outfits and put it on.

After I checked myself out in the mirror, all I could do is bet secretly with myself on how long it would take him to grab me and fuck me senseless. A pair of strings that were tied behind my neck trailed down over my chest and became two narrow strips of transparent lace that ran down my body in parallel to one another. They were so narrow that they were barely wide enough to cover my perky C-cup breasts. The two strips eventually converged right at my pussy, which the material barely covered, just like my breasts.

I turned around to check myself out from behind and even I couldn’t help but gasp at how I looked. The twin strips of lace material that barely covered my pussy turned into a g-string that buried itself in between my firm ass cheeks and continued to go up until it tied itself to the strings around my neck. My back was essentially completely naked except for a thin string that covered basically nothing. I was proud of how sexy my tight petite body looked in this outfit and I fully remembered why I had to buy this when I saw it in the first place.

Now, I needed to put something on to cover up in case someone other than Alex saw me. I searched around for a little bit before I spotted Alex’s hoodie. I grabbed it and slipped it on over my head. Not only was it nice and warm, but it completely covered my body down to my mid thigh. I found a pair of flip flops and decided it was enough for me to sneak out.

I grabbed my car keys and carefully put my ear to my closed door to see if my parents were still awake. I didn’t hear anything, so I carefully and slowly opened my door. Silence and darkness. I carefully started down the hallway and made my way over to the side door of the house. It was the farthest away from my parents room and I hoped that they wouldn’t hear it open. I grabbed the handle, opened it, and winced as if I expected my Dad to show up right behind me. But there was nothing, just dead silence.

I sighed to myself while I left the house and carefully closed the door behind me. I quickly shuffled my way to my car that was parked on the street and faced the last challenge; starting it without waking up my parents. Here goes nothing, I softly said to myself, as I turned the car on and stared at my parents bedroom window. I waited for close to a minute to see if a light would go on or something, but nothing. I sighed deeply in relief again while I drove to Alex’s house, or rather, his mansion.

Thankfully, his mansion wasn’t too far and it wasn’t long before I pulled up in front of his house and parked on the street. I looked around to see if anyone would see me, but his neighborhood was extremely quiet. Shit, wait a minute, were his parents home? How the hell was I supposed to get inside?

I took out my phone and texted Alex that I was here and asked what I should do. I got a text back almost immediately that said, ‘What? Go to the front door.’

I guess that meant his parents weren’t home. Were they away on vacation all this week or something? I left my car and briskly walked to his front door. The moment I arrived, I saw the door open and saw Alex’s giant figure in the door frame. He still only wore that towel from earlier, so his muscular physique was still on display. I gulped seeing him in person again as he reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.

He immediately closed the door and grabbed my face where he kissed me passionately. I eagerly kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his ripped body and felt his powerful back muscles with my fingers. We must have both stood there kissing for several minutes before I pulled my mouth away. His eyes seemed alive with vigor and passion and I knew he would take me right then and there if I wanted to. However, I did have something special to show him.

“I have a little surprise for you,” I softly said to him while I grabbed his large hand in mine, kicked off my flip flops, and walked us to his living room.

I pointed to have him sit on the couch and he willingly complied, but his hungry eyes never left me. Once he sat down, I walked over to stand in the middle of the room. With my hands on the bottom of his hoodie, I gave him a wink, slowly pulled the hoodie off, tossed it to the side, and revealed my sexy lingerie outfit.

I gave a sultry look at Alex and I saw his cock hardening underneath the towel as it proudly pushed straight xhamster porno up. As I saw his reaction to my outfit, I had an intense desire to put on a little show for him. To let him get a good look at his plaything in her new outfit.

I closed my eyes with a smile as my hands slowly traveled down the twin strips of lace and softly squeezed my firm breasts underneath. I could feel my nipples harden and press against the lacey material. I couldn’t resist pinching them and I gasped softly. God they felt so good against the lace material. Playing with myself in front of Alex made my body feel extra sensitive and I already felt my pussy become wet in anticipation.

With my eyes still closed, I focused all of my senses on how smooth and hot my skin felt beneath my fingers. They trailed down my bare sides before they both brushed against my pussy over the lace material which caused me to gasp a little louder. Soon my hands lowered to touch the soft and sensitive skin in between my thighs and eventually rested them on my hips before I opened my eyes again to look at Alex.

His towel was now undone on the couch and his massive cock was fully erect and pointed straight at the ceiling. Alex softly stroked the length of his cock with his hand while his eyes seemed to be on fire as they looked intently at me. I couldn’t help but smile even more at the impact my body had on him.

With my hands still on my hips, I slowly turned around. I swore I heard Alex whisper ‘holy shit’ after I turned.

My hands moved from my hips to my practically bare ass as they tightly squeezed my firm and round butt. I made sure to flex my ass muscles to show it off and then lightly slapped my ass with small gasps that came from my mouth. I then raised my arms and hands to my head while I squatted down and slowly raised myself back up.

I finally turned my head to see Alex’s reaction and he was now lying down on the length of the couch with his hard cock still being slightly pumped with his hand. God his naked body looked incredible. The couch was large, but his huge physique made it look small. Even in that position, I still could easily see his ripped and defined abs. While my gaze was fixed on him, I saw his arm muscles flex tauntingly every single time he stroked that mammoth cock of his.

I thought that he would rush over and grab me given how turned on he was. As I looked intently into those lustful eyes, I realized what he actually wanted. He wanted me to come to him. To fall down in front of him on my knees and worship his god-like body and gargantuan cock. He wanted to see if I was truly the slut I acted like. I was. And a good slut wouldn’t let their man jerk himself off like that.

I turned around completely and slowly, confidently, walked towards the couch. After a few steps, I dropped down to my knees and crawled the rest of the way. I’m sure some girls would find this demeaning and disempowering, but I didn’t feel that way. I felt fully sexually liberated because of Alex. I knew I could be whatever and do whatever with him without any sort of judgement.

My eyes were glued to his cock and when I finally got to the couch and I haltingly reached out my hands to grab it. I gripped both my hands around the thick shaft and my fingers were barely able to close around the entire thing. I softly pumped my hands up and down a few times before I leaned my face in and swallowed his bulbous cock head in my hot and wet mouth.

In the past, I would have had a slightly difficult time fitting the entire thing in my mouth. Either that, or my jaw would hurt from expanding to its limits. Now though, my mouth seemed to be well adjusted to fitting his meaty fuck toy into my hungry mouth. After sucking on his cock head and swirling my tongue around its curves, I lowered my head to take his cock deeper into my mouth.

I heard of girls who tried to deepthroat their boyfriends cock and I had also watched enough porn stars do it online too, but trying to do it for Alex was another challenge entirely. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock hit the back of my throat and I did my best to suppress gagging immediately. I felt like I was able to get it a little deeper in before I lifted my mouth off his cock and breathed some much needed air.

The top of his cock now glistened wet from my saliva and I made sure to spread it all over his dick. I was about to make another attempt at getting as much of his cock in my mouth as possible when I suddenly saw one of his huge arms reach over and wrap around my small waist. Suddenly my body was lifted in the air like a piece of paper and I was placed directly on top of him.

My knees were on either side of his head with my wet pussy directly over his face. I felt my lace covered breasts scrape against his chiseled abs and I cooed in response to being effortlessly placed into this new position. With one of my hands still on his cock, I started to slowly pump it as I glanced behind me and saw Alex place his huge hands on my ass and squeezed hard. God his hot touch felt incredible on my bare skin.

His hands seemed excited to explore my body. After squeezing my ass, they slowly brushed down the silky smooth skin of my thighs and his touch electrified my body. I swore that his hands were magical to cause my skin to become super sensitive.

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