What a Way to Spend Christmas Eve

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A year ago, I was searching through the real estate section of the newspaper with mounting despair. Amber and I had been looking for a house that we could turn into a home ever since we’d been married. While we were relatively well off, we simply couldn’t afford the sort of house we wanted where we needed it to be. As an on-call emergency manager at a chemical plant, I have to be able to get to work within thirty minutes of a call. Unfortunately the houses within range of my plant are either too small, dilapidated, or way too expensive.

I was just about to resign myself to living in a modest apartment for the rest of my life when Amber came home from work. I barely had time to put the paper down before she jumped into my lap and kissed me enthusiastically. “I found it!” she said when she came up for air. I looked into her sparkling hazel eyes and waited for her to tell me what ‘it’ is.

Amber frowned slightly when I didn’t immediately ask what she meant. She’s such a deliciously impatient creature that I knew if I could hold out for ten seconds she would tell me. “Actually, it was Tina who found it, because Bill told her about it. Aside from Tina and Bill, and you and me, no one else knows yet. It’s a secret.”

Tina has been Amber’s best friend since elementary school, and they were now both teachers at the very same school. Bill is Tina’s husband, but I still didn’t know what the mysterious “it” was. This time Amber managed to remain silent for a minute while smiling and grasping the front of my shirt in her hands. Then it occurred to me that Bill was a housing developer, “it” must be a house!

I pulled Amber to me and gave her a big kiss. Well, I tried to kiss her, but it is really hard to get a decent kiss when you are both grinning ear to ear. “But where on earth are they building new houses around here?” I asked.

“Smithson woods! Old lady Smithson died last month and her great-granddaughter Grace Smithson is having a dozen homes built and she’s being really particular about it all. The first thing she did after the funeral was have the old creepy mansion torn down, all that’s left are the formal gardens. Did you know there were formal gardens in the Woods?”

Amber went on and on about the details, and I sat there listening, waiting for the deal breaker. But it never came and the opportunity really was absolutely perfect. Grace had decided to sell a dozen plots facing the gardens with a litany of caveats. She had chosen Bill Hicks to build the houses since he specialized in mid to small sized custom homes, and apparently because Grace had remember Tina from the single year they were in high school together.

“Wait a minute, Grace Smithson went to High School with you and Tina?”

“Well, she only went for one year, and then it was back to boarding schools and tutors. Apparently she talked her granny into letting her try it her freshman year. Most of the kids were pretty rough on her. You know how kids can be. It was bad enough that the school is named after her family, but on top of that they teased her for being raised by her great grandmother, and even for her parent’s being dead. She was also so small and undeveloped that she seemed like she belonged in 4th grade not 9th grade. Tina and I were seniors at the time, so we didn’t talk to her much, but she seemed sweet.”

As Amber spoke she didn’t quite look me in the eyes, and I had a feeling that there was more to it than that. But Amber was starting to lose her smile, and the thought of losing the smile outweighed my desire to know. “So do you really think that we can get one of these houses? It sounds like they will go fast once word gets out.”

“Well, Bill and Tina have already said they are going to buy one. Grace asked Bill if he knew anyone else who should get first crack at the new houses and he suggested us! Bill is such a sweet guy don’t you think?”

This was Amber’s favorite little joke, since she once told me she used to have a crush on the guy before he and Tina became an item. “Yeah, sure, but not as sweet as that wife of his.” That earned me a playful punch to the shoulder and another kiss.

* * *

I flipped off the radio as I drove home from work. Amber called earlier and told me I was going to get my Christmas present two days early, and I could hardly wait. Not so much the present, but the thought of spending our first Christmas together in our new home. My smile grew even wider as I realized it would also be a holiday spent alone. Last year had been my parent’s house, the year before that, before we were married, I spent Christmas on a couch in her parent’s home. But this year we swore off all family obligations with the excuse that we were still moving into our new home.

That was closer to the truth than I wanted to think about. Amber and I had spent nights and weekends for the past three weeks getting everything just right. Bill did an amazing job on the house, but there were still lots of little touches that we had to see to ourselves. Escort bayan We did some painting, hung curtains and blinds, and bought some furniture and throw rugs.

Now it is complete, I thought. No more back breaking labor, just a week of relaxation with my lovely wife. A week in which Amber hinted that we need to re-christen each room, now that they were done. I smiled and hoped my sore body was up to the challenge.

It was already dark by the time my car entered the woods which still ringed our little community. I thought it was a nice touch to leave the quarter mile of wooded land between our homes and the rest of the town intact. As I plunged into dark tunnel of road which ran through the woods, I could feel the cares of the day shedding from my body.

The pool of light at the end of the tunnel beckoned me home. The light grew from a simple pool, into individual lamps that were spaced around the garden. The road into the community split and became a loop around the park. The park represented the remnants of the old mansion’s formal gardens. I looked forward to evening strolls come spring, but not now with the air temperature in the low twenties.

It had become a bit of a tradition to treat the road around the park as a one-way street, so I would drive past half the neighbors’ homes in the morning and the other half coming home. For Amber and I, it hardly mattered since we were almost the furthest house. We lived across the far end of the park from Tina and Bill, and the thirteenth home, that of Grace Smithson was between us. Grace’s home sat on the ground where the old mansion used to stand.

Driving past the Hick’s home I saw Bill emerge carrying some suitcases. “Hey Bill, I thought you two weren’t leaving until tomorrow?” I called as I rolled my window down.

“Well Jim, with the storm they say is coming, T and I thought we should head out early and beat the worst of it. If we beat the storm it’ll take us three hours, if we don’t we might not make it to my folk’s place by Christmas!”

“Alright, well have a safe trip, and don’t forget to pop in before you leave. Amber has a present for Tina.”

“Speaking of present’s, you better hurry home or you wife’ll turn from a sugar plum fairy into a sugar prune fairy!” Bill was still laughing at his joke as he waved and headed in for the rest of the bags.

I drove past Grace’s house and saw a light on in the window. Poor girl didn’t have any family left to celebrate Christmas with, and from what Amber said, she didn’t have many friends. I decided that Amber and I would drop by tomorrow to wish her a Merry Christmas. I realized I had never actually met Grace before, just seen glimpses of a very petite young woman with long auburn hair.

Climbing out of my car, I took a deep breath of the crisp evening air. I could smell the faint nip that portended a winter storm. Looking at the warm lights spilling from my home onto the lawn, I smiled. There was nothing quite as nice as stepping out of the cold night air into a warm snug home. I took a moment to look around the neighborhood and saw that aside from Grace, the Hicks and us, all the houses were dark. Half of them weren’t occupied yet, and the others must have left before the impending storm as well.

The cold air sent a shiver down my spine, and I hurried to get my key in the door. “Amber, I’m home!” I called as I walked in.

“Jim!” she called as she bounded down the stairs. I loved the way her long brown hair seemed to jump in waves as she descended to greet me. I had just shut the door when she jumped into my arms, wrapping her long legs around me.

I held her curvy bottom in my hands as I returned the kiss she was enthusiastically planted on me. Her tongue probed my mouth with need and she started grinding herself against me. She broke the kiss and squeezed me tight, groaning softly. “I’ve missed you, and can’t wait to have you all to myself for a whole week!”

“Missed me? I’ve only been gone for nine hours!” I grinned as I carried her towards the couch.

“Well, nine hours is a long time when you are desperately horny.”

“I’ll just have to do something about that,” I said, as I was about to drop her on the couch for a serious love-making session. But Amber squirmed from my arms and shook her finger at me.

“No, you have to open your present first!” She grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the dinning room where a box waited with a giant bow on it. “I know it’s only the night before Christmas eve, but this present is too good to wait. But you’ll have to wait until Christmas to open the others!”

I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and eagerly picked up the box. It looked like the sort of box lingerie might come in, and it had the right weight. I looked at my slim yet curvy wife and wondered what kind of naughty surprise she had waiting for me.

As I slipped off the bow, opened the box and tore away the tissue paper, I was surprised at what I found. At first I thought it Bayan escort was half of a bikini for her, until I realized it was a red Speedo for me. I looked at my grinning wife quizzically and said, “Do you really want me out in public wearing this?”

“No, but I thought you might like to wear it in our new hot tub!” As she was saying this she started unbuttoning her shirt and I saw that she was wearing a very small black bikini underneath. “Now strip down and put that on! I’ll meet you out back!”

She dropped her shirt where she stood and hurried to the back door. She bent over and lowered her pants with exaggerated effort. I watched her hips swaying back and forth and the black thong of the bikini slowly getting revealed.

She slipped on a pair of flip flops that waited by the door, turned to blow me a kiss and hurried out the door. I wasted very little time stripping out of my clothes, but had a few problems with the Speedo. It took me two tries to get the front on the right side, and then I had to work at stuffing my growing erection in. I quickly slipped on my own pair of flip flops and went out to join my wife.

After the warmth of the house, the cold air hit me like a hammer. Certainly cold enough to wilt my erection. Even seeing my wife leaning back in the hot tub with her breasts swaying from the bubbles wasn’t enough to bring it back to life. Although, looking at her smooth wet skin, with the steam rising around her, she never looked more desirable. I hurried over, flapping my arms in the cold, kicked off my sandals and hopped in.

The hot water was a shock, but a delicious one. Rather than sitting and relaxing, I headed directly for my wife, pinning her to the tub with a kiss. She again wrapped her legs around me and we seemed to float in the frothing water. Somehow we ended up turning around so that Amber had me pressed against the side of the tub. She really started to grind against me as we continued kissing.

“Do you like it Jim?”

“I love it almost as much as I love you,” I assured her with more kisses.

“Good. But don’t get any ideas until after Bill and Tina stop by.”

“Well, it will take a little while for the boys to recovered from the cold shock from stepping outside.”

“Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?”

“I thought you said we had to wait?”

“Call it a sneak preview of coming attractions,” she said with a wink, before pushing me back. Her hands slid from my chest down under the water. I felt her tug the elastic on my speedo down as she looked me in the eye. She blinked, took a deep breathe and slid under the water.

I watched her long brown hair floating about her head, whipped this way and that by the bubbles. Then I stopped watching as I felt her soft mouth wrap around my cock. Her lips tightened about me and I felt her tongue sliding along the underside of my shaft. Soon the cold shock was a distant memory and my cock was quickly swelling under her gentle caress.

She came up for air, but left one hand wrapped around my shaft. She stroked me gently as she leaned against me. I had a feeling she was about to descend again when we heard voices coming around the side of the house.

“Jim? Amber? Are you two decent?” I heard Tina calling.

I reached down to pull the speedo back over my cock, but Amber slapped my hands away. “They won’t be able to see with all the bubbles,” she whispered. Then she said loudly, “Yep, we’re in the hot tub.”

I watched as Tina came around the corner with Bill a few steps behind. Tina had a little red cap on top of her short black hair. I only noticed the hat because of the snow that had already accumulated on top. It was only then that I realized it had started snowing sometime since I had gotten home.

“I knew you were in the hot tub, or we would have rung the bell. I just didn’t know if Jim had gotten you out of your new bikini yet!”

“Well, he tried, but I told him he would have to wait until Christmas,” Amber said giving my cock a squeeze under the water.

“Now, don’t forget that you promised that Bill and I can stop by as soon as we get back from his parent’s. Maybe we could have a New Year’s hot tub party! I have a new bikini I can’t wait until summer to try out.” Amber gave me another squeeze when Tina mentioned the new bikini.

Amber said, “Your present is inside on the table. Maybe Jim could go in and get it for you? You should see him in his new speedo.” I was glad the heat from the tub was making me flush, or Tina would have seen how embarrassed I was at the idea of getting out of the hot tub almost wearing a speedo.

“A speedo? Sounds tempting. But you two look way too comfortable. I’ll just pop in and get it.” She hoisted the bag in her hand and said, “and I’ll drop this off for you two.”

Bill said, “I hope I didn’t ruin the surprise with that sugar prune fairy joke?’

I laughed, finally understanding what he had meant. “Nope, I was still very surprised.”

Tina Escort reappeared with the present from Amber and said, “Well, I would love to stay and chit-chat, but we really need to get going if we are going to stay ahead of the weather.”

She came over and gave Amber a hug and a brief kiss on the corner of the lips. She then gave me a kiss on the cheek and headed back to were Bill waited.

“Bye, see you two in a couple of days. Give my love to your parent’s, Bill!”

I waited until I heard their car doors close before I pounced on my wife, grabbing her shoulder I pulled her onto my lap and into a kiss. “Going to make me wait until Christmas? We’ll see about that!”

“You better not even wait until Christmas Eve, I can’t wait six hours!” She suited actions to words and transferred her hand from my cock to my new speedo. My hands were likewise occupied untying the knots that held her skimpy bikini together. I quickly had the knot behind her back untied, but was having some problems with the one at her neck. Finally I resorted to pulling the whole thing over her head to get it disentangled from her hair. Frustrated by the piece of cloth I threw it back towards the house.

Amber coaxed me off the hot tub seat enough to pull my suit off. She stuck out her tongue to demonstrate her superiority at removing my clothes, and casually threw it over her shoulder. I pulled her towards me by her hips, and with a quick flip of my wrists undid the knots holding the bikini around her slim waist. The small triangle of cloth fell from her body and was swept away by the jets of the hot tub.

“Quick! Grab it before it gets sucked into the pump!” She quickly began scrambling after the bit of cloth, “We wouldn’t want to be out here without bubbles!” It took some work to catch the wildly moving bit of cloth, and it didn’t help that we kept rubbing against each other. Amber was the one who finally grabbed the bikini bottom and threw it away into the night.

I sank back onto the seat and pulled Amber towards me. She stood in front of me, with the steam swirling about her body. I kissed her belly where the water streamed down towards the cute little dimple of her navel. I licked her stomach gently and caused a giggle to escape from her as I probed her belly button. Amber kept trying to drop down as I kissed further down her belly.

My lips had just encountered the edge of her neat triangle when she said, “Please Jim! It’s getting cold. Let me back in the water.”

I held on to her hips and looked up at her face. Her teeth were just starting to chatter and I could see her nipples looking painfully erect. “Just one lick before the water washes away your sweetness.” I held firm to her hips and ducked my head down enough to give her one long lick.

I started as low as I could manage and felt my tongue nestle into her cleft. I could taste her sweet tangy juice on my tongue as it escaped from deep inside of her. As my tongue slid upwards it was forced out of her and I left it to drag across her barely exposed clit. I let my tongue slide down the soft ridge and felt her body shiver. This time I knew it was as much from desire as standing in the cold.

I released the pressure I had on her hips and she slide gratefully back into the hot water. She sank down and drifted back to sit across from me. Through the frothing water I could see her legs open lewdly in invitation. I move forward to follow her which left me kneeling in the center of the tub. I gently pulled her hips forward as I wrapped by arms around her. She wrapped her legs around my body as I bent to grasp a bobbing nipple in my mouth.

She moved closer to me, sinking deeper into the water so that her face and ears just floated above the surface. I kiss up her chest towards her neck, and then tried to nibble on her ear. The splashing bubbles kept sending water into my nostrils and mouth and instead I kissed my way towards her lips as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders. As the corners of our lips began to touch I could feel her hips begin rocking slowly against my stomach and then against my hips. Her legs began pulling me towards her as my lips found hers.

I began kissing her gently, our lips tugging at each other. My tongue slipped gently across her parted lips and was timidly met my hers. She withdrew her tongue, enticing mine to follow into her warm mouth. The kissing was too slow for the fire that was growing inside of me. I pushed my mouth against hers to keep her deeply, only to find ours heads dunked beneath the frothing surface.

We both came up sputtering, which soon turned to laughter. Amber wrapped her arms around me and her body floated alongside mine as I continued to kneel. She rubbed her soft wet cheek against mine and grabbed my earlobe with her teeth. She worried it for a moment, driving chills up and down my spine.

She kept her grip on my earlobe and with one hand reached down to find my cock which floated free in the churning water beneath her. Her lips closed around my earlobe as she aligned my cock with her entrance. She sucked and bit on my ear as she tried to slide down onto my shaft. But the hot water had washed away her natural lubricant, making the penetration more difficult.

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