What Happens with Cousins

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Author’s note: When I wrote the first story, I had no idea it would turn into a series but I can’t seem to get this trio out of my head. This chapter is much longer than the other ones and is intended to be the final chapter, so be prepared. Also, this story does contain some light drinking, drugs and other questionable decisions. Finally, I have to thank the amazing Literotica members who edited this chapter: alexiskiara and Iris M., their feedback was invaluable. All characters are over the age of 18. Hope you enjoy!!


I was having an amazing dream. My sister Lilia was giving me a blowjob. Slow and sloppy, she worked her mouth down my shaft, deep throating me until her lips ground against the base, then slowly worked her way back up to the tip. I felt an orgasm coming and realized I was going to have my first wet dream since I was a teenager.

That thought snapped me awake, but the feeling of my sister’s mouth on my cock didn’t go away. I looked down, and sure enough, Lilia’s head was bobbing up and down on my cock, the same way she was in my dream. When she saw me looking at her she pulled my dick out, making a wet “pop” sound, and whispered to me.

“Lissy’s still sleeping, but I saw you get hard in your sleep and couldn’t resist.”

With that she lowered herself back down onto me. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, savoring the feeling of my sister’s mouth. I must have died before the party last night, because this must be heaven. Last night’s events were just too hard to believe: getting trapped in that tight space and fucking my sister while her friend licked her clit; the ride home where Melissa blew me while my sister fingered her to orgasm before they shared my cum; the frantic threesome when we got home; now waking to find my beautiful sister sucking me to yet another orgasm as her friend snored beside us. It was all too good to be true.

Lilia slid up my body, kissing her way to my face.

“I’ll just have to apologize to Lissy if we wake her up, but I can’t wait to get your cock in me” she whispered before lowering herself onto me.

“Oh.” she cried, almost in surprise, before working herself up and down my shaft.

The feeling of my sister’s wet pussy clamped around my cock was pure nirvana. I moved my hands up to play with her tits as we kissed and fucked, the whole world reduced to the connection of our skin, the wet slap from the meeting of our sexes, the hot passion of our lips and tongues. Lilia rode me, slowly at first but getting faster and faster as her passion grew.

“Hey! No fair you two getting started without me!” Melissa teased, lust quickly pushing out the bleariness of sleep in her eyes.

“Mmmmm, the early bird gets the worm.” I said.

“You mean the early sister gets the brother’s cock!” Melissa retorted before moving in to kiss me, then Lilia. “Let’s see if you eat pussy as well as you fuck.”

Melissa, without breaking her kiss with my sister, lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down her lips and clit, making sure to spend most of my time on the sensitive nub. I could hear the girls’ moans as they kissed each other, smell the mixture of Lissy’s arousal and the earthy scent of her ass.

Lilia’s orgasm crashed into her with no warning, her pussy clamping down on my cock as her body tensed and shivered.

“Fuck, Jimmy, fuck” She said, trembling and shaking through her climax.

“Perfect timing!” Melissa said “I really needed some cock!”

Lilia was barely off of my cock before Melissa jumped on, sliding my full length into her in one stroke.

“Mmmmmmmmm, my turn to get filled with your cum Jimmy.” She said. “But I get to cum first.”

“You better hurry then….” I said, not sure how long I could last after my sister’s blowjob and fucking.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you wait.” She said and dug her nails into my chest, slowly scratching them down towards my stomach. I sucked in a breath, the slight pain just enough to feel over the pleasure of her pussy.

Lissy rode me hard and fast, her big tits bouncing, one hand squeezing her nipples while the other clawed into my chest. My sister, meanwhile, pressed herself against her friend’s back, working her hand around to play with her clit as she fucked me.

“Mmmmmmhh, yes, so close, mmmmm, right there, oh fuck me.”

I could feel Melissa’s pussy start to quiver around my dick as her orgasm approached, making my balls tighten too. Her nails dug harder into my chest, delaying my orgasm just a little more.

“YES, RIGHT THERE, OH RIGHT THERE, DON’T STOP, DON’TSTOPDON’TSTOOOOOOOOHHHHHH” Melissa screamed. Some dim corner of my brain worried that my mom had come home from her overnight shift but that worry was drowned out by my own approaching orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum.” I yelled

“YES, GOD YES CUM IN ME! CUM IN ME!” Melissa screamed

“Oh I’m gonna cum.” I yelled again “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m cumming, FUCK, I’m cumming.”


My orgasm felt massive, as if I hadn’t pinbahis yeni giriş just cum multiple times last night. I pumped more and more cum into Melissa’s twitching, pulsing cunt as she slammed herself up and down onto me through her own climax. After what felt like an eternity, the last spurts tapered off and stopped. Melissa fell over on top of me, panting.

“BEST MORNING EVER!!!” Lilia screamed, making us all laugh.

“OK you sexy bitches, I need a shower and breakfast.” Melissa said, then pointed to Lilia “You’re coming with me. We didn’t get enough girl time last night.” She pointed to me, “you’re figuring out where we can get some bacon and eggs.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said.

Melissa grabbed my sister’s hand and pulled her down the hall towards the bathroom.

“See you bro!!” Lilia called, giggling.

I laid back on bed, stretching out and resting my head on my hands. This WAS the best day ever. I soon got up and pulled on some pants before checking my phone. It was almost 10:30, Mom should be home by now, I thought. As if on cue, I heard my mom’s car pull into the driveway and thanked my lucky stars she didn’t get home a few minutes earlier.

I quickly made my way to the bathroom. I didn’t want the girls getting caught in a compromising position.

I opened the door and peeked my head in, suddenly dumbfounded by the sight that greeted me. Melissa was leaning against the back of our shower stall, one leg up on the ledge, with Lilia’s head buried in her crotch, licking her friend’s cunt as if it was filled with elixir of eternal life.

“Uhhh, guys, Mom just pulled into the driveway.” I said.

“Better hurry Lil, you don’t stop until I cum. I don’t think you want your Mom to see you like this.” Melissa said. My sister brought her hand up and worked two fingers into her friend’s pussy as she licked her clit, eliciting moans from Melissa.

“Oh yeah, right there.”

I reluctantly closed the door and headed downstairs, the sounds of Melissa’s orgasm fading as I went down the steps.

“HEY GUYS I’M HOME!” My mom screamed as she came in the front door. “Oh Jimmy, you’re here. Is your sister up?”

“Hey mom. Yeah, Lil’s up, she’s in the bathroom with Lissy. She stayed over last night.”

“OK. Did you guys have breakfast yet?” Mom asked, dropping her stuff on the bench next to the door.

“No, we just got up. We had kind of a late night last night.”

“OK. I’m exhausted. I had a brutal shift at the hospital last night. I’ll leave some money on the table so you guys can go get something to eat. I need to crash.”

“Thanks mom! Go get some rest.”

I lingered at the bottom of the stairs, crossing my fingers that the girls were either done or being quiet enough that they couldn’t be heard. Just as mom got to the top of the stairs I heard the bathroom door open.

“Hey mom! How was work?” I heard Lilia say.

“Phew. Bullet dodged.” I thought and started up the stairs myself.

“Brutal. I’m hitting the sack. I left some money downstairs so that you and Lissy and your brother can get some breakfast.”

“Awesome! Thanks Mo… JIMMY!!! I’M NOT DECENT!!! TURN AROUND!!!” Lilia screamed, clutching at the towel wrapped around her body.

“Oh, uh sorry,” I said, quickly turning around, barely able to hold back a laugh.

“GOD!! PERVERT!!” Lilia was really selling this little tableau.

“Oh stop it!!” Mom chided. “If you don’t want your brother to see you like this then get changed in the bathroom.”

The bathroom door opened again.

“Hey Mrs. B! How was work.”

“Hey Lissy. Work was brutal. Think you can keep these two from killing each other at breakfast?”

“I think I can help them get along.”


The next couple of weeks were… interesting.

After breakfast, Lilia and Lissy went to the mall while I went home. They both gave me big kisses when they left. I tried studying again, but it was useless. All I could think about was the feel of my sister’s body, the softness of Melissa’s lips, the sight of my cum leaking out from between their kiss. I was thrilled….and ashamed. I’d had sex with my sister, committed incest. Sure it was consensual, but we were both drunk and high and clearly not making the best decisions. With the fog of intoxication and lust cleared by the day, I couldn’t stop thinking that what we did last night was very wrong… no matter how right it felt.

That night, after thinking about it all day, I decided that the night before should be a one-time thing. There’s no way we should be having sex all the time. I mean, it’s not like I could date my sister. It was amazing and everything but still… it was wrong. I never even asked if she was on the pill. I was laying on the couch, watching a movie and thinking about how to tell my sister we had to stop when Lilia came in.

“Whatcha watchin’ bro?”


“Haven’t you seen this, like a thousand times?” She asked.

“Yeah, but it’s a classic. I could watch pinbahis giriş it a thousand more.”

“Hmph” Lilia grunted non-commitally and sat between my legs, laying back on top of me. I instinctively wrapped my arm around her chest. She put her hand on my forearm and snuggled a little tighter into me.

I laid there for a few minutes, enjoying the sensation of my sister being so close, maybe for the last time.

“Listen….Lil….last night was incredible…”

“Yeah it was.” She said.

“I know, but we really can’t keep doing it. I mean, we’re brother and sister, it’s wrong.”

“Yeah, I know….” she said, sounding a little down.

“Look, you know I love you and would never do anything to hurt you, but we have to be real.” Somehow my hand had started slowly stroking my sister’s chest, just at the tops of her tits. I felt her hand stroking my thigh. “It’s not like we can date. And what would Mom do if she found out?”

“Yeah you’re right.” She said, her hand moving a little higher. “I was kind of thinking the same thing. Lissy was freaking out all day today but I was trying to calm her down. She’s so excited, she wants us to be a throuple.”

“Really?” I said, my hands, seemingly moving on their own, caressing more and more of my sisters chest.

“Yeah. I never knew this, but Lissy has a BIG TIME incest fantasy. She’s really into brother/sister sex so last night was the biggest turn on for her. And you know she’s always had a thing for you.” My cock had started stirring; I could feel the pressure of my sister’s ass on it. Almost imperceptibly, she started slightly moving her hips.


“OH YEAH. She couldn’t stop talking about it all day. She was turning herself on so much that she pulled me into a dressing room at the mall so we could fuck again.”

“Really?” I asked. “I never knew you guys were bi…”

“Me neither.” Lilia brought her hand up to her chest and started slowly rubbing one of her breasts as I rubbed the other. Her nipples hardened as we stroked them. “Apparently Lissy was, but she just always liked guys more. She had done some stuff with a girl she met on vacation last year, but didn’t tell anyone. I’ve never done anything with another girl before, but Lissy is just so…”

“Juicy” I finished for her.

Lilia laughed “Yeah. Like a delicious fruit that’s perfectly ripe.”

“Anyway,” She continued. “Lissy was going crazy over us. While we were fucking at the mall, she kept talking about how she couldn’t wait to see my brother’s cock in me again, how she loved watching us fuck and wanted to watch you fuck my ass.”

“Wow.” I said, my cock getting harder and harder. Lilia had idly dropped her hand to her pussy and had started moving her hips more, now openly grinding her ass against my cock.

“Yeah. I have to admit, it turned me on A LOT, even though I was thinking the same thing as you. I think that’s why we have to stop now, because if we don’t, I don’t think we’ll be able to.”

“Yeah, totally.” I said. Somehow, I had started grinding my cock against my sister’s ass and was now blatantly playing with her breast and nipples through her shirt. Her breathing had quickened into a breathy pant, her hand now all the way in her pants as she played with herself.

“I think we should just fuck this one last time to get it out of our system.” Lilia said “This way we’re not tempted anymore.”

“Absolutely.” I said. Pushing her forward onto her knees and roughly pulling down her shorts and panties, before quickly pulling my pants down, my now hard cock springing up.

I thrust into my sister, hard.

“Uhnhn.” She grunted as I bottomed out into her pussy in one stroke

“Shhhhhhh.” I whispered into her ear. “Mom’s upstairs.”

“I’ll…uhnh….try..hngh…but….mmhn…your cock….oh…feels so gooooooood.”

I growled quietly into her ear and pressed her into the couch with my weight, thrusting roughly into her from behind.

“Fuck, you feel so good.” I said.

“Oh yeah, you love fucking your sister don’t you?”

“Yes. I love fucking my sister’s hot, wet pussy.”

“Oh fuck me Jimmy. Fuck your sister. Make me cum. Make your sister cum.”

It didn’t take long. I felt Lilia start to tremble beneath me as she started to cum. She pulled a throw pillow to her face and bit into it as her orgasm rocked through her.

“Mmmmmmmh, mmmmmmmh, mmmmmmmh” She groaned into the pillow.

I kept pumping through her orgasm, my own approaching rapidly.

“You want your brother’s cum in you?”

“Yes.” She breathed “I want your cum Jimmy.”

“You want me to cum in you?”

“Yes. Cum in me. Cum in me.”

“I’m gonna fill you with my cum. Get ready to take your brother’s cum. Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

“Mmmmmh, Jimmy cum in me, cum in your sister. Yes.” She said.

I growled in her ear again as I painted her pussy with spurt after spurt of my seed. I pushed in as deep as I could, making her cry out, as the last spurts of my cum filled her womb.

“OH!” My sister screamed when the tip pinbahis güvenilirmi of my cock hit her cervix, triggering another orgasm. “OH!”

“Lily, you OK?” My mom yelled from upstairs.

“Yeah mom! She just stubbed her toe!” I yelled back, Lilia’s body twitching and convulsing as her second orgasm ran through her.

“Oh no!! Is she OK?” Mom yelled.

“Yeah, she’s just walking it off.” I replied

“I’m fine Mom!” Lilia yelled, her voice sounding strained. “It’ll be better in a second!”

I smiled watching as Lilia curled up, twitching all over. I leaned over and kissed her, deeply.

“Yeah. We definitely need to stop.” She whispered to me. “I’ll get addicted to that really quickly.”


After that Lilia and I touched and flirted like high schoolers with crushes, spending as much time as possible together, sitting close together on the couch, casually making contact as we moved around the house, slipping double entendres into our conversation whenever possible. I was hard almost every waking moment now.

We were able to keep to our pledge a whole two days.

I had been taking a nap and dreamt of my sister and Melissa. They were in a 69 and I was thrusting into my sister’s ass. I pounded harder and faster as I felt my balls tighten. I woke up just before I came, my dick so hard it hurt. I stood up, panting, my mind still filled with the lurid image of my dream. I walked to the window and looked out, seeing the driveway empty.

I needed some water. And a cold shower to get rid of the iron bar in my boxers. I went downstairs and headed for the kitchen. As I walked in, I was greeted by the sight of my sister, bent over the kitchen counter, dressed only in a spaghetti strap top and a pair of white cotton panties so thin they might as well have been see through. She was eating an ice cream cone. She turned to look at me, her eyes full of lust, her gaze taking in my body, clad only in boxers, her stare stopping at my cock straining against the front of my boxers.

“Want some?” She asked, her voice honey, and took a lick of the ice cream.

I was on her in a flash, literally ripping off her panties and shoving my cock forcefully into her pussy.

“UHNH.” She grunted as I slammed my cock into her. I reached around and roughly grabbed her boobs, pinching her nipples, kissing and biting her neck.


I jackhammered into her, sweat starting to drip from my body onto her back. I pulled my hands from her tits, one grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling her head back sharply, the other shoving my thumb into her mouth.

“OH!!” She screamed, slamming her hips back in time to my thrusts.

“Get my thumb nice and wet for your asshole.” I growled into her ear.

“Mmmmmph” She sucked greedily on my thumb, lubing it with her saliva.

I pulled it out of her mouth and slammed my cock into her, hard, pinning her against the counter. I pushed her head down against the counter as I rubbed my slick thumb against her asshole a couple of times before shoving it in.


I pushed my thumb into her ass as deep as it would go then started working it in and out as I resumed pounding my dick into her pussy.


Feeling my thumb rubbing against my cock through the thin wall between my sister’s ass and pussy triggered my climax, the world turning to bright white as my cock erupted cum into my sister.


I kept pounding through our orgasms, my cock staying hard even as my cum dripped out of Lilia’s pussy, making a puddle on the floor.

Eventually, panting and sweaty, we slowed, then stopped. I leaned forward, resting my body on top of my sisters on the counter.

“Yeah, that should definitely be the last time.” I said.


I heard a small knock on my door, then a yelp when the thunder boomed again.

“Jimmy, are you awake?”

Lilia opened my door and peeked her head in, barely visible in the dark.

“Yeah. Thunder bothering you?”

“Yeah.” She said, embarrassed. Lilia had always been terrified of thunder.

It had been nearly three weeks since we had fucked in the kitchen and I thought we were really going to be able to stop this time. The intensity of that encounter had helped, but so had Melissa, who had been fucking us each silly since then. Lilia had told her about our decision to stop having sex and Melissa had said that since she couldn’t fuck us together, she would at least fuck us separately and fantasize.

“Can I lay in here with you for a bit?” Lilia asked.

“Yeah, come here.” She laid down on my bed, draping her body across mine and snuggling in close.

“Sorry, I was just freaking a little in my room.”

“It’s ok. It’s nice cuddling with you.”

We lay there silently listening to the storm pound away. I breathed deeply through my nose, relishing the sweet smell of my sister’s shampoo. She sighed against my chest and I felt her body relax. A few minutes passed and I thought she had fallen asleep. The room suddenly flashed bright as lightning struck, followed by a thunderclap as loud as a bomb.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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