What She Wants

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Alexis Fawx

She wanted to be touched like someone wanted to be touching her. She wanted someone to act like her body was a tempting and sexy and delicious. She wanted them to enjoy feeling her smooth skin and tangling their fingers in her soft hair and touching her in the places she normally kept hidden under lace panties.

She didn’t think there was anything wrong with wanting to be touched. But she didn’t want to simply be touched. She wanted someone to want to touch her. It wasn’t just running their fingertips over her skin, it was sensually feeling her and letting her know that making her feel sexy was what they both wanted.

And then, because he wanted to see her, because he wanted to appreciate her body, they would pull her shirt off and the corners of his mouth would turn up when they unclasped her bra.


He didn’t need to say it out loud. He could say it other ways. He could, because he wanted her body, hold her tight against him. Or rove his mouth down her neck and shoulders, teasing a breast tecavüz porno with his lips and pulling a nipple into his mouth. And when she was ready, he would remove the rest of her clothes, pulling down her lace panties and letting them slide down her legs.

From here, because he would want her to be moaning and squirming, he would prop himself down between her legs, her smooth inner thigh brushing against his ear and his mouth teasing her up and down. Because he wants to make sure she’s ready, he nips and blows at the inside of her knee, then works his way up her thigh until she’s craving what he’s been withholding.

Using his fingers to massage around her lips and work up her clit, he checks her face to make sure she still wants him. By now she’s biting her lip and trying to arch closer to him. Spreading her, his lips cover her as he sucks against her clit, pushing two fingers into her and pushing down against her muscles.

She’s biting on the knuckle of her pointer finger and travesti porno kneading her breast with her other hand. She arches against his mouth and rocks against him, his fingers pushing her to a level of need she didn’t know he could give her.

Now, because her sensuous body and the musky scent of her skin have him rock hard, she wants him. She’s moaning, saying his name and biting her finger, lost in her desire for him.

He leans over her body, running his lips along her neck. She gently pushes at his shoulder in silent communication and he rolls onto his back. Using her hands on his chest for balance, she positions herself over him. Holding him up with one hand, she slowly eases down, gasping when her ass cheeks meet his waist. She circles her hips in her pleasure at having taken in all of him and starts tilting her body up and down over him.

His fingertips glide over the curve of her waist and up over her breasts and she moves her hips faster and faster, working for the xhamster porno release her body is begging for. Leaning forward to be closer to him, she pitches her hips back and forth. He closes his arms around her, her hair tickling his nose and the sweet scent of her sex and her shampoo swirl in his head as her body, warm and slippery, closes around him.

Her moaning increases as if she is close to an orgasm so he lifts her waist up and thrusts into her. Reaching his hand down to tease her clit, she throbs against him as he pushes into her, in and out. Each time he thrusts up and fills her completely, she can feel her body warm and her skin tingle as her orgasm finally throbs and spreads to her entire body.

She clutches at his shoulders and her climax pushes him over the edge. Her warm body covers him and her hot, wet pussy envelopes him as her body naturally relaxes after her climax. He knew he had sated the desire he had built in her and the feeling of fulfilment tightened his muscles and tension built until it released, her warm body still around him.

She slid down and nestled into the curve under his shoulder, her hair still tickling his nose. Brushing it aside, he lightly raked his fingertips up and down her back as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his body against hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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