White Christmas

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Whoever thought it was a good idea to celebrate the holidays in a cabin on a mountain is an idiot. I keep telling my parents that, and every other person who decided to attend too. Sure enough I’m joking most of the time, but there’s a core of truth here: I really don’t want to freeze my ass off during Christmas. And as it so happens, I’m going to. The weather forecast promises nothing but snow, a white Christmas after all these years. The last time I saw such a thing is ten years ago, when I really didn’t care for it. Now, grown up, there’s little I’d look forward to as much as a white Christmas, but the cold in this badly isolated cabin really puts a damper on things.

It’s a day before Christmas when the final guests arrive. The complete company consists of me and my parents, along with two other couples (friends of my parents) and another family with a son. The guy is around my age, so naturally we will hang out a lot. So much, even, that we get to share a room for the rest of our stay. While the underlying thought of it is that there’s only a limited number of rooms available, but I like to think differently. We get along very well after all, despite not having seen each other for years. Neither of us really liked coming to the conventions our parents held, but we exchanged phone numbers the last time we saw each other.

When I decide to get up and head to the door after everyone else to greet the final arrivals, I seem to be too late already. The door, thank God, is already closed again, and the ones who arrived at last are already inside. I’m the last one they greet, so I smile and say hello to the father, the mother, and then Adam, their son. When his hand and mine meet, however, I shortly forget how to speak. In those years we hadn’t seen each other I had seen photos of him, sure, but seeing him here in person right now… I can imagine I feel the same a fan of a certain artist feels when they’re confronted by that very person. Adam is hot, and even if I were completely straight, that would be an objective observation. Bright green eyes, neatly styled brown hair, a set of white teeth to die for and a toned body to boot, visible even through his sweater.

All he does, though, is smile. “Hey Cam, long time no see,” he greets me. His voice I heard before, when we called about this Christmas party to determine if we should go or not. He managed to talk me into going, for which the regret just melted like snow before the sun. He somehow seems capable of that: showing up and instantly improving the mood of the room. Not that I’m such a thundercloud, of course. We’re equals in that field, I would say.

As soon as they all have taken off their thick winter coats and got settled, Adam and I hit it off right away. It’s the usual course, just the way we always do. But now that we finally see each other physically instead of text messages or phone calls, the conversation is about somewhat deeper things. Despite his looks he’s quite intelligent, something people usually underestimate when dealing with him.

“I guess I’m just looking for a little more depth, I guess,” he tells me after the story of when he had to break it off with another who was only after him for his looks. “You know, someone who stays up late at night discussing things bigger than my dick.”

I chuckle. “Are you sure that’s not asking too much? I mean, I don’t think I know of any subjects bigger than that.”

“I do,” he then retorts. When I cock my head to the side he begins laughing. “Your ego.”

I punch him on his shoulder, but seeing him cracking up so much I can’t help but bursting into laughter too.

“Real talk, though,” he says as we manage to recover, “she looked afraid when I mentioned anything regarding our contemporary culture.”

“She probably realised you were onto her scheme of using your looks to gain popularity online. I had the same happen to me once. I dumped her faster than she could count to potato.”

He grins, baring those brilliant white teeth of his again. “You really think she wanted to do that? She wasn’t the kind of girl who was plastered to her phone all the time.”

“In that case she may just have been a girl trying to use you to gain popularity in real life.”

He stares at me for a second or two. “You really need to try and see people as not wanting to take advantage of one another all the time,” he then says. “She was probably just scared to find out I can think further than my next visit to the gym.”

I shrug.

After only a short while dinner is ready, and I must admit, I’m hungry. Seeing all the dishes filled with delicious food makes my mouth water, and my stomach rumbles in celebration of this meal. There’s beef, turkey, chicken, salads, beef, and even more beef, so it seems my parents, who organised this get-together, listened to my preferences. And judging by the silence during dinner it seems I’m not nearly the only one thoroughly enjoying the food. Having two parents who are both master chefs certainly has its benefits.

During the meal, however, I notice Adam glancing my way constantly, almost as if he’s challenging Side Escort me. Seeing how much is on his plate, I’d say that guess is correct. He’s challenging me to a contest of who can eat the most, and I’m all up for that. The table is no longer a table, but a battlefield. The dishes are the weapons, and simultaneously, as though we’re mirror images of each other, we fill our plates up with whatever we can get our hands on. It’s on, and even those around us start to notice.

Each bite is almost immediately followed by the next, and seeing the speed with which Adam is gulping down his food there’s no way I can leave any time for excessive chewing anymore. I have to eat, no breaks, no respite. Our contest lasts longer than anyone else can take, so instead of filling their own plates, our family members start filling our plates instead. My parents cheer me on, his parents cheer him on, and the other couple is just sitting there, astounded by the amount of food we can manage to eat. As much as I want to laugh at their stupefied expression, though, Adam is relentless, meaning I need to be so too.

We’re quickly reaching the end of the banquet. My parents only prepared so much food, after all. I feel like my stomach is going to explode any moment now, but luckily that doesn’t happen. I’m certain I gained a few kilos, though. Maybe even more than just a few.

“Was that all?” Adam says once the food is finally all gone. I can hear in his voice that he can’t take any more either. “I could go for another snack.”

I give him the finger and sigh deeply. Somehow I’m glad it’s over. Except now the fun begins: processing it all. Everyone around us starts cleaning up, leaving us sitting at an empty table.

“It’s a miracle I’m not breaking this chair,” I say eventually. “Do you always eat this much? How are you not fat?”

He laughs. “Nah, this was just for fun. I’m really at my limit here.”

We stay seated for half an hour before we both agree we can move properly again. A visit to the toilet is more than necessary after that much, but since Adam is first to reach the one downstairs, I move upstairs for the bigger one. His loss.

With every step upwards I feel like a magnet being pulled from another magnetic object. It’s almost electric how I feel, moving away from Adam. I mean, it’s like there’s some sort of force-field around him that keeps pulling me back, like he’s a planet and I’m his moon. This evening, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than with Adam. In fact, where I am doesn’t even matter in this situation. His smile, his humour, but also his intelligence. Granted, starting an eating contest isn’t very intelligent, but overall he’s very mature. And that turns me on more than his body alone.

By the time I reach the bathroom I have a full hard-on, and the bulge is easily visible in my jeans. Releasing it behind a locked door feels better than anything up to that moment, and every touch sends fire up my spine. I’m not even thinking of using the toilet anymore, just the toilet paper. My sweater lands near the sink, the t-shirt I wore underneath near the toilet. With my pants slowly dropping with every step and my dick in my hand I stumble towards the shower. There it’s only a few shakes until the feeling magnifies a couple hundred times. All that remains afterwards is a gooey white liquid slowly rolling down the shower wall.

I lean against the wall beside me as I take a few deep breaths. The realisation of what just happened starts dawning upon me: I just jacked off to my best friend since years. Well, it wasn’t really jacking off as I pretty much almost came just thinking of him, but still. I came to the thought of my best friend. It wouldn’t be so bad if we were just normal friends, but the sight of my cum shooting against the wall while I pictured him will never leave my memory anymore. I’ll forever look him in the eyes and remember this moment.

A soft knock sounds on the bathroom door, shaking me from my thoughts.

“Cam? You okay in there?”

It’s Adam. Of course it’s Adam. At a time like this it’s always the person you want around least of all.

“Yeah, yeah,” I answer, “I’m okay. Just processing the overload of food.”

He chuckles, and I quickly go for the toilet paper to clean up the mess I made. After that I actually use the toilet and go out to meet him.

“Took you quite some time,” he says as I open the door of the bathroom. As I expected, images of what I did in there flash before my eyes as I look at him. I shrug, trying my best to keep my cool.

“I’m going for a walk,” he announces. I frown.

“It’s cold outside,” I tell him, as though he doesn’t know that already. He braved the low temperatures more recently than I did.

“I don’t really care. Want to join? Getting lost together is much better than alone.”

His smile convinces me in the end, so a couple minutes later we are outside. The snow still falls, slowly but steadily. A blanket of white has claimed the picnic table and chairs, the deck, the roof, the trees, everything. Even the path is difficult to Side Escort bayan see. That does hold one benefit, though. At least now we can walk wherever we want without having to stick to the standard pathways. I’m beginning to see the appeal of a walk more and more, and Adam isn’t even the core of those thoughts.

Still, just looking at him sends a small shock to my crotch. I do all I can not to think of it, but once I start I can’t stop. The winter coat I’m wearing masks the bulge, though, so for the time being I’m safe. As long as I don’t have it for too long I can even make it without unloading again.

“So, left or right?” Adam asks, breaking the silence. Several wooden poles mark the official path, which splits up between a left path, going down slightly, and a right path, going up slightly. I nod to the right.

“We can descend later on, when we’re already tired,” I reason, and he agrees with it. We take the right path.

The little stroll does me good. Despite the cold it’s actually pretty comfortable, and the conversations I have with Adam aren’t too dirty. I can only imagine how hard hearing him talk sex will make me, so I avoid anything regarding that subject. Instead we discuss politics, games, the usual stuff, and drift further and further from the cabin. The snow just keeps falling relentlessly, and soon enough we’re also part of the white world of winter. Neither of us really consciously notices it, as we’re too busy with our conversations, but when the wind starts picking up and the snow becomes more like a flurry, we take up shelter in a small rocky cave.

“This is actually pretty bad,” Adam states. “Should we go back yet?”

I arch an eyebrow. “You’re the one who wanted a stroll. You decide whether we go back yet or not.”

He sighs and just stares at the snowflakes fall. I lean against the cave wall, resting up and wiping the residual snow off my coat.

“If this weather is too bad for you,” I say, “we’re going to be stuck here for some time.”

He turns his head to me, an expression in his eyes I’m not used to. There’s some sort of twinkling in there, while I’m pretty sure there’s no light behind me. It’s not anything dangerous, however, as he hasn’t attacked me yet.

“Can I… Can I confess something?” he then asks, out of the blue. It catches me off guard and leaves me speechless for a little bit. Instead of an actual answer I just nod. He gets up and stands next to me, leaning against the wall too.

“I, uh… I don’t know how to say this.”

I quickly go over several options, including the one in which he has committed a murder and is now confessing about that to me. It’s not very likely, but it’s still an option worth consideration.

“Look, we’ve known each other for a couple years now,” he says, “and I don’t want this to ruin things between us or anything.”

I cock my head to the side, staring at him and silently urging him on. If he’s going to say what I think is most likely, well, things might even improve.

“Okay, fuck it, you turn me on.”

I give him a smile. “You know, I’ve been waiting for you to say that.”

Our frozen lips meet, and although the physical sense is slightly lagging, I can definitely feel the vigour with which he follows suit. I feel his hands appear on my back, then one on the back of my head, pulling me in even further. He zips open my coat and we turn, him pushing me against the rock wall instead of the other way around. He can feel my erection, I’m certain of that. When I zip open his coat I feel his heat flowing into me, but also his rock-hard bulge. Seems he isn’t lagging behind, just like during dinner.

Slowly his hips begin grinding against me, and his breathing becomes louder. It doesn’t take him long before he pulls off his gloves, despite the cold, and shoves one hand down my pants. I feel the electricity of letting him touch my dick, and I return the favour by throwing off my gloves too and sliding one hand under his clothes, letting my fingers run across every ridge of his abs before meeting with his underwear and belt. Nothing but smooth skin all the way down to his penis.

He continues grinding me against the rock wall, but we stand there for a little while, kissing and rubbing each other’s cock in the meantime. His tongue and mine meet plenty of times, and it remains playful until he comes close to the edge. I feel his grinding harder and harder, pushing me against the rock with more and more force each thrust. Along with his tongue, his teeth come into play too now, and he bites down hard on my lower lip, so hard I can taste the blood. Under his breath I can hear him softly moan, and I realise I’m doing the same.

When he comes he throws his head back in his neck and lets out a louder moan. Under my hand I feel the throbbing come to a climax, and that feeling sends me over the edge too, combined with his moan, his hand still grasping my cock and his final thrust forward. For the second time in half an hour I shoot my load, and with the same guy in mind too. This time feels a lot better, though, despite Escort Side my bleeding lip.

“Considering the circumstances,” I say, wiping the blood off my chin with the sleeve of my coat, “that was amazing.”

He smiles apologetically. “Sorry about your lip, I just…”

“Ah, don’t worry about it. It’s fine, really. I’ll just tell them you let a branch whip me in the face.”

He chuckles. “Yeah, sound believable. The weather seems to be clearing up, too.”

I arch an eyebrow at him and smile. “Well, what are we waiting for then? I’m dying for some warmth.”

“Can’t agree more with you there.”

The walk back is just as fun, if not more fun than before, and explaining my bloody lip is nothing special. They all believe it instantly, and even admit they think Adam is a bit clumsy at times. There’s little that’s more fun than watching him take those things while knowing the reason for them saying those things is a lie.

In any case, we spend the rest of the evening sitting on the ground in front of the fireplace, warming up again after the stroll. Only when the time comes everyone else is heading off to bed and we’re still sitting there. All it takes is the sound of the last door closing for Adam to jump at me. He pins my hands to the ground above my head and sits down on top of me.

“I guess this is our time, huh?” he says. “When the cat’s away…”

“…the mice take over the world?”

He pauses a moment, processing what I just said. “Yeah, that.”

I have no more time to respond with anything else, as he presses his lips to mine in an instant. I struggle a bit, considering the location he’s choosing for this.

“What the hell are you doing?” I say, half whispering to make sure no one hears me. “You’re not actually thinking of doing it here, are you?”

He grins. “Here, in front of a dying fire? No, not in this direct spot. Come on, let’s have a little fun, go wild. What’s the harm in living a little?”

I snicker. “Giving my parents an image that’ll be burned onto their retinas for the rest of their lives?”

He laughs and gives me a quick peck on the lips before releasing my arms to take off his sweater and shirt. As I suspected, he’s ripped. I wouldn’t expect any less of someone like him, as he takes great joy in making himself look like someone who has no real goal outside the gym. I quickly follow suit and unveil my toned body, definitely not any worse than his.

“It’s all fun, you know,” I say. “But the only thing that really wants to be free is my dick.”

He cocks his head to the side. “Really now? In that case, let’s set it free.”

He gets off me and begins unbuttoning my jeans. Each button released feel better, until they’re all opened and the bulge in my underwear is clearly visible. He tries to get back on top of me, but I throw him to the side and roll over, like we did in the cave. Now it’s me on top of him, and judging from the twinkle in his eyes he’s enjoying it more than enough.

I begin by kissing him on the lips, then I start going down, over his pecs, shortly bite one of his nipples, then move on to his well-defined abs, until I reach his clothes again. I almost tear his belt off, and I’m sure after my treatment the buttons of his jeans won’t take much more, but I manage to pull down his pants and reveal his bulge as well. In that aspect, he finally manages to lose to me. After his pants I pull down his underwear enough for his dick to spring out, already throbbing and ready to shoot. His moans begin again, softly at first, but when my tongue touches his cock he can’t help but getting louder.

I stand up again to pull my pants and underwear down and off, along with my socks. He does the same, and so we end up both naked, with me standing over him while he does everything in his power to not start jacking off immediately.

“Heh, looks like you really can go bigger than my dick,” he says, his eyes glued to my crotch.

“Wait till you feel what it’s like.”

I quickly kneel behind him. He already lifts his legs up for me, so slowly as the snow falls outside I ease my dick into him. Just the mere feeling of that elicits some groans from deep inside of him. And when I begin my thrusts, I notice his hands gripping the carpet below us tightly. Along with his moans come words too now, words to urge me on. He tells me to go faster, harder on him. But at one point I pull out. Seeing his disillusioned face is priceless.

“Put it back in,” he moans. “It feels so good.”

In truth I’m seconds away from my climax, and I’m only using this as a distraction to be able to keep going for longer.

“Yeah?” I say as I stand up. “You want more? Then you’re going to have to earn it.”

He scrambles up and practically dives at me, falling to his knees and taking my cock in his mouth. I grab the hair on the back of his head and push him further onto it until I feel his hands squeezing my ass harder than before. Then I pull him back far enough to have him let go of me completely. The speed of that throws him off balance, however, so he falls on his back. Watching this amuses me to no end, seeing the guy who dominated my mind up until about two hours ago now craving my dick like it’s his addiction. I’m no longer worried about anyone coming downstairs and seeing us. In this moment, everything is about Adam and my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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