Whitney’s Naughty Relatives Ch. 01

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Because her parents had won the grand prize in a sweepstakes, an all-expenses paid trip around the world, Whitney Summers was going to be on her own for an entire year. The youngest of three children at 18, she knew that she’d be fine living on her own for the year, but that wasn’t going to happen. Her mother simply wasn’t having any of that.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, Whitney,” Brittany told her daughter. “Well actually, yes – it’s precisely that. I think that if you’re left unsupervised, you’ll have parties and have boys over and neglect your studies. I think you’re going to need adult supervision, someone close by who can keep a careful eye on you.”

Whitney came very close to losing her temper with her mother. She looked over at her father, who just shrugged in resignation. It bothered Whitney to no end that her father was such a mouse, so easily cowed by her domineering mother. That was just the way things were in the Summers’ household. Dale Summers didn’t like to rock the boat and Whitney knew full well that she had no ally here.

She was fortunate enough to find one outside of the home. Later that same day, her mother’s brother called to congratulate Brittany and her husband on winning the prize. When James Comstock heard of Whitney’s predicament, he came up with an easy solution.

“Don’t worry about a thing sis, Whitney can come and live with us for the year,” James said, referring to himself and his wife Ophelia. In his early 30’s and 12 years younger than his sister, James Comstock was Whitney’s favorite relative. She only knew her aunt in passing. James had married the 7-years younger Ophelia about 18 months earlier, stunning the family who had believed he would be a life-long bachelor. When Whitney got a good look at her new aunt, she could easily see why her uncle had chosen to marry the woman. She was the most stunning creature that Whitney had ever seen. She moved around with a regal grace, introducing herself to her new family and charming everyone. Ophelia had been born in Tanzania to a black father and a Chinese-American mother. She was so eerily beautiful that she made Whitney uneasy, although that soon vanished after she spoke with the woman and found her so warm and friendly.

Whitney was thrilled that she would be staying with her uncle and his new wife. She hoped that maybe they’d give her a longer leash so that she could enjoy her life a bit more. Her mother still treated her like a child; it was one of the main reasons that Whitney hadn’t dated much over the past number of years. She didn’t want to subject anyone to Brittany’s intense grilling sessions. Hadn’t Whitney always been responsible, making good decisions about friends and maintaining good grades? Her tuition was almost totally paid for by the scholarship she had earned; shouldn’t that have stood for something? She was glad that she would be living only 30 minutes away from school and could continue seeing her friends and perhaps even find a part-time job to help pay some of her own way.

James picked his niece up on Sunday afternoon, a few days before his sister and brother-in-law were to leave on their trip. As his Corvette left the driveway, he could see the relief on his niece’s face. “Glad to have some time away from the wardens, huh kid?” He chuckled. “I have no idea why my sister turned into such a fucking stiff, our folks aren’t like that at all.”

“You have NO god-damned idea how much I need to get away from the both of them,” Whitney said, forgetting herself for a minute and apologizing for the language.

“Don’t sweat it, kiddo,” Her uncle laughed. “Ophelia’s always telling me to watch my language; it comes from working by myself all these years.” James Comstock was a very successful interior designer who earned a six figure salary annually. A few of Whitney’s friends had teased her about his profession when they were younger – until they got a good look at the 6’4″, dark-haired, broad-shouldered hunk that was her uncle.

Whitney told her uncle about some of her plans and he immediately nixed the idea of her working. “If your parents get to have fun for the next year, why shouldn’t you? I have so much fucking money – see, there I go – that I don’t know what to do with it all. Just keep your grades up and don’t sweat the other stuff, I can easily afford to feed another mouth.”

Whitney loved riding in her uncle’s car, feeling the wind blow through her blonde hair. Already her tensions were melting away and as she pulled up to James’s home, she gasped. The large, manor-style home he lived in never failed to impress her, although in some ways, it made no sense. Why did a single man or even a newlywed husband with a young wife need such a huge home? It really wasn’t important, he could easily afford it, but it seemed to be such an extravagance.

She grabbed her few bags from the trunk and went inside. Ophelia was just descending the stairs, once again entrancing her new niece. Even simply dressed in a white dress, her face nicely made up marsbahis güvenilirmi and hoop earrings dangling from her ears, she radiated gorgeousness. Ophelia had long, slender legs and the face of a fashion model, Whitney felt inadequate next to her, although she knew she herself was an attractive young woman. When she got to the bottom step, her high heels clicked on the marble floors as she walked to embrace Whitney.

“We’re so glad that you’re going to be with us this year,” Ophelia purred. “We’re going to have a lot of fun, I promise. Did you and James have a nice talk on the drive over?”

“Sure, I guess so,” Whitney answered, puzzled at what her aunt meant by that. Ophelia looked over at her husband with a quizzical look.

“You didn’ttell her?” She asked James.

“We didn’t have time, it isn’t that long a drive,” He answered. “After dinner baby, we’ll all talk. It’s going to work out, you’ll see.”

Whitney felt as if there was some secret she wasn’t privy to, but decided to let it rest for now. Uncle James gave his wife a big kiss and then told the two women to have a drink while he prepared dinner. “He loves to cook and take care of the house,” Ophelia explained to her niece. “My James, he loves to pamper me,” Ophelia said with a sigh. “I do so love being a spoiled rich bitch, I’m a lucky girl.” She giggled.

Whitney was already warming to her aunt, although she supposed it could have been the lovely Chablis that Ophelia had poured for her. “I’m sure having money is nice, I wouldn’t know – I’ve never had much,” She confessed.

“Don’t worry about it,” Ophelia smiled warmly. “James and I agreed, we intend to spoil you rotten while you’re here. If there’s something you want, let us know and we’ll see if we can’t make it happen.”

“Oh please, don’t go to any trouble on my account,” Whitney protested. “I don’t want to be a bother, I’m just so grateful you’re letting me stay here this year.”

“It’s no bother, it’ll be my pleasure,” Ophelia told her. “I happened to notice you didn’t bring very many suitcases.”

Whitney shook her head while Ophelia poured her a bit more wine. “No, I don’t have a lot of clothes and if I need something, I can always go back home and get it,” She told her aunt. “It isn’t that far away.”

“Don’t be silly, it’s far enough,” Ophelia argued. “We’re pretty girls, half the fun of being a pretty girl is going shopping and buying sexy, new clothes. While you’re staying with us, you’re going to live a little.”

Whitney smiled, it was going to be a blast staying here. Sometimes she forgot that Ophelia herself was only 6 or 7 years older than Whitney. She was so sexy, sophisticated and worldly, but she did seem to be giddy and fun and enjoy life. Right there and then, Whitney promised herself that she would try to follow Ophelia’s example and have some fun while she was living here. It was almost as if that is what Ophelia and James expected of her. Whitney was offered more wine, but declined – she didn’t want to be smashed before dinner and she was well on her way right now.

Dinner had been lovingly prepared by James and it was delicious. The weather was balmy and the stars were out, so they enjoyed the evening outdoors. “Would you like to go for a swim?” Ophelia asked the pretty blonde.

Whitney shook her head. “It’s a lovely night, but I didn’t bring a suit.”

“That’s not a problem, we usually don’t wear any,” Ophelia confessed. She turned to her husband. “Do you think perhaps thatnow is the time to tell her?”

“I think she’s opened the door, sweetheart,” James smiled, hugging his bride.

“Tell me what?” Whitney asked, confused. She was a bit apprehensive, but also knew that her uncle would never tell her anything bad or do something that would cause her pain.

“We’re very open about sex in this house, Whitney,” Ophelia told her niece, placing her dark hand on top of the girl’s. “We believe intotal sexual freedom, as do several of our friends. Sex is a wonderful, joyous experience and James and I don’t believe in limiting ourselves.”

“You’re swingers?” Whitney questioned.

“You could call us that, but we really don’t care for that term,” Ophelia smiled. “We prefer hedonists, we have very libertine attitudes about sex, we also love art, food, wine and the pleasures that life has to offer. I had given up hope of finding a man that thought the same way I did until I met James.”

“Oh, really?” Whitney asked, curious. “I’ve never heard how you two met.”

“It’s a funny story, really,” Ophelia smiled sweetly.

“She was screwing a girlfriend of mine and I walked in on them,” James laughed.

Whitney was flabbergasted. “You were fucking –a girl – and you caught them? You didn’t freak out, you weren’t angry at your girlfriend?”

“Hell, no!” James laughed again. “I took one look at Ophelia and even with that rubber cock jutting out from her body, she looked so sexy while she was giving it to Sherri. I just asked if I could join them. Ophelia marsbahis yeni giriş and I clicked so good in bed that even after Sherri fell asleep, we kept right on fucking.”

“We started dating, although I told him he could keep seeing Sherri,” Ophelia laughed. “After all, I sure as hell intended to keep seeing her – she’s a dynamite little redhead who is great in the sack. When we talked more in-depth, we realized that we had similar values. We believe in love, but fidelity the way most people see it doesn’t work for us. After we had been going out for a few months, I moved in here and we started having fun – I invited my friends over, he invited his friends over, some of them hooked up – it’s wild.”

“So, that’s why you have such a huge home – you hold orgies?” Whitney gasped.

“That’s an old term, but you’re essentially correct,” James nodded. “We didn’t want to hide anything from you sweetheart, because they’re going to continue while you’re living with us.”

“O-okay, it’s your home, so you can do whatever you like,” Whitney said nervously. “I can just make myself scarce.”

“No darling, you’re missing the point entirely,” Ophelia smiled, squeezing the girl’s hand. “Your uncle and I were hoping that you would like tojoin us.”

Now Whitney was totally stunned. “Wow – I’ve never – I mean, I’ve been with a woman, I’ve never eventhought about it. This is such a lot to take in – you like girls, is that right Ophelia?”

“I like men and women, yes,” Ophelia told her. “I’m bi-sexual Whitney. Have you ever had sex? You aren’t avirgin, are you?”

Whitney shook her head, still trying to put all the pieces together. “No – I’ve been fuh – I mean, I’ve had sex a few times.” Twice with her then-boyfriend and a few times with one of her professors, who happened to be a real dreamboat. She found out later that he was married, although he claimed to be separated. Her mind once again in the present, Whitney asked “Uncle James, don’t you get jealous watching her have sex with other people?”

James shook his head. “You can call me James around here, sugar. No, not at all – Ophelia’s almost like an artist when she has sex, she’s very erotic. I will confess to preferring to watch her with another woman though – that’s when she truly shines.”

“Which is where you come in, Whitney dear,” Ophelia said sweetly. “I’d like to have sex with you, make love with you,fuck you, while James watches us. I could show you things that you’d never even imagined were possible.”

“I think you two would be gorgeous together,” James continued. “I’d love to see that.”

“Oh God, I can’t believe all of this,” Whitney said, although not totally repulsed by the idea. “Uncle – I mean, James, what would you do?”

“Watch you at first and then join in later on,” James told her. Whitney’s eyes went wide.

“That’s incest!” She said in a scared tone.

James shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t care – it’s just another word, like lesbian or bi-sexual – a label. Around here, if we find someone sexy, we’re free to act on it.”

Whitney’s mind was buzzing, she could barely concentrate. On the one hand, she had been taught certain values and this went against those values. On the other hand, she herself believed that some of those values were absolute bullshit. If James had not been her uncle, she would have fucked him in a minute. Earlier, she had thought to herself how attractive Ophelia was and she was intrigued by the woman’s open sexuality. She was going to be here for another year, why shouldn’t she experience some new things while they were open to her?

“You really want me, the both of you want to have sex with me?” Whitney asked.

“Yes, we do,” Ophelia smiled, squeezing Whitney’s hand again.

“Desperately,” James told Whitney. “You’re a very beautiful young woman.”

“Me?” Whitney said in surprise. “You’re married to one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank you darling, but just because you appreciate the beauty of a sunrise does not mean you cannot enjoy the intrinsic beauty of a sunset,” Ophelia philosophized. “You are beautiful and blonde and sexy. I’ve thought so since we met at our wedding, I told James the first chance I got, I was going to ask you if you wanted to have sex. I think it is fate that brought you here to stay with us, why not just embrace our shared destiny and have some naughty fun at the same time?” She smiled sweetly.

Whitney nodded, she was enormously flattered by Ophelia’s attention, erotic though they might be. To think that this lovely woman found her desirable and had for some time was very pleasing. Whitney decided if the idea pleased her, so might the act itself and she made her decision.

“Okay,” She told her aunt and uncle. “I think – no, Iknow – that I’m willing to go along with this, to give it a try. Why don’t we have a swim and take things from there?” To their delight, James and Ophelia watched their niece peel off her clothes and jump into the pool. Ophelia marsbahis giriş followed, with James bringing up the rear. Ophelia swam over to where her niece was and wrapped her arms around the girl, pulling her close.

“Hmm, tan lines,” She smiled. “You won’t have those by this time next year,” She told the girl. She placed her lips on Whitney’s and then she forced her tongue between Whitney’s soft lips. At first, Whitney was a bit startled by the invasion, but after a minute, she began kissing back. She loved the new feelings that were surging through her body, kissing another woman felt absolutelyright to her! Their fingers entwined as their bodies pressed close and then Whitney felt the presence of another person. She turned to see her uncle pressed behind her, his virility unmistakable.

“We’re glad you decided to join in our games, sugar,” James told his niece, his hands on her shoulders.

“So – so am I James, but there’s a sudden chill in the air. Don’t you two have a nice warm bedroom where we can all stretch out and get cozy?” Whitney suggested.

Ophelia got out of the water first and let the water drip from her body while she went into the cabana to fetch towels. Whitney took her first opportunity to take in the dark woman’s incredible body from head to toe. To know she would soon be making love with this unique, desirable creature gave her a bigger chill than the night air. Ophelia wrapped the towel around her niece, kissed her sweetly once again and wandered into the house with a gentle sway of her hips. Whitney found it hard to take her eyes off the woman, she was truly irresistible.

Ophelia led the way upstairs to the bedroom. Whitney gasped when she saw it, the room was twice the size of a normal bedroom and each piece of furniture was perfect for the room. The bed looked as if it had been custom made and was huge. Ophelia stretched out on the bed like a sensuous jungle cat. “Join me baby,” Ophelia purred. “Although I won’t promise not to bite – you’re simply edible.”

Whitney dropped her towel and tried to get into the spirit of the game. “Here I am, darling,” She cooed back. “Why don’t youeat me then?” She looked to her left and saw James entering the room, to the right of her was a large, full-length mirror. She now could see what James had commented on earlier – she and Ophelia together looked very erotic. Before she had a chance to gather her wits, Ophelia wrapped herself around Whitney in a serpentine move and began to nuzzle her naked, tanned flesh. Whitney let out a breathy gasp at the new feelings surging through her. This was undeniably one of the most exciting moments of her life and having James witness all of it added a dash of spice.

The touch of another woman was unlike anything she had ever known. Whitney had expected Ophelia’s caresses to be tender and loving, and that they were. Her hands were still strong as well and while they manipulated Whitney’s eager body, she whimpered in delight. Ophelia took that as a good sign and began licking her. “Don’t be afraid to be vocal, my sweet love,” Ophelia urged her. “We encourage that around here, the noises of sex can be very arousing.”

“Oh yes, fuck, yougorgeous black bitch, eat my fucking pussy,” Whitney groaned as her aunt tasted her nectar. “Is that the kind of thing you like to hear, yousexy black slut?” Ophelia’s tongue stabbed deep, indicating to Whitney that was exactly the kind of thing she had wanted to hear.

“How is she, babe?” James asked his wife, his hand wrapped around his big hard-on. “Good?”

“Fucking delicious, what a yummy piece of cunt,” Ophelia groaned. “She’s like candy, wait until you taste her.”

“No rush,” James smiled. “We have lots of time, enjoy yourself baby. What about you Whitney – you like what my baby is doing to your pussy?”

Whitney looked at her uncle and then saw herself reflected in the mirror. Already she had a new look, wilder and sexier. “Don’t ask fucking stupid questions, James,” She hissed. “This bitch is doing amazing things to my pussy, can’t you hear me squealing like a little piggy?”

“That’s what you are, bitch,” Ophelia urged her. “Alittle lezzie piggy, loving my tongue in your box. Why don’t you swing around and we’ll do asixty-nine, you can eat my pussy while I’m feasting on yours,” She suggested.

“Oohhh yesss, that sounds hot, let’s do that!” Whitney yelped. It was accomplished in a few seconds and James thrilled to the sight of his lovely wife and newly bi-sexual niece gorging themselves on each other’s cunts. Ophelia was probing Whitney’s ass with one slender digit while she ate her, making the teen groan each time. Whitney was doing her best to keep up, although she lacked Ophelia’s expertise. Still, given time, she would soon be right in there with the best of them and practice made perfect. Ophelia and James intended to give her lots of chances to practice and for now, she got an ‘A’ for effort.

Whitney was surprised that she felt neither shame nor revulsion, only high sexual arousal. Having sex with a woman was a trip, her own sexy auntie was an amazing lover. As they broke apart, Whitney was panting. She had lost track of how many cums her gorgeous relative had provided for her, she hoped that Ophelia had at least enjoyed one from her lips and hands.

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