Wife Meets a Trannie Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of the “Wife Meets Trannie” story. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.


Since discovering my wife, Lynn’s fling with Jay and his TS wife, Tammy, I was constantly aching to know when they were going to invite me in. Lynn and I agreed that the right time would come for me to be let in on. I didn’t mind too much because I’d occupied myself with the anticipation, the thought of “getting there” kept a constant devilish smile on my face and hard-on in my pants.

After many moments of fantasizing, imagining, and playing what would happen in my mind; the day finally came. After about 3 months of playing coy, Jay and Tammy came over our house for dinner one Friday afternoon on our invitation. After the usual chitchat after the meal, we all cleaned up the table and dishes, then retired to our family room. Jay and I played video games with our kids in the den while Tammy and Lynn remained in the kitchen talking “girly” talk. Soon after, Lynn came by joined Jay and me in the den to play with the kids. Minutes later, Tammy called out to me to help her with something. I was perplexed initially but quickly caught on that this was a signal. I turned around and saw Tammy walked upstairs to our bedroom. With an impish smile, I answered, “I’ll be right there!” Jay and Lynn acted like they didn’t pay any mind to what was happening so not to attract attention from the kids to what was going to happen.

I got up and followed Tammy upstairs after what seems like eternity. I lightly knocked on our bedroom door, which were closed. Tammy invited me in. Hesitantly, I turned the knob and cracked open the door. I went in the room and found Tammy on our bed stretched out “Cleopatra” style, completely naked. She was on her left side diagonally spanning the bed. Her porcelain istanbul travesti skin glistening in the sunlight reflected through the window from the setting sun on each side of the head of the bed. Her right leg bent at the knee — her thigh slightly covering her pubic area. Her well rounded, natural-looking breasts were jutting out directly at me. Her pink erect nipples sparkled like succulent wet strawberries; they looked deliciously sweet and appetizing. She wore a seductive smile on her pretty face while she supported her head with her left arm. Her hand disappeared in the luster of her flowing hair behind her head. Her right hand was stroking and following the curve of her breasts, her hips, and her toned belly down to her velveteen thighs with her dainty fingers.

At this point I didn’t know if I was drooling with my jaw down to the floor, and I didn’t care. I was mesmerized by her beauty and femininity. I was still in a trance when I heard her say “take off your clothes and join me here, baby”. I immediately shed my clothes and took her hand that was extended to me, inviting me to sit on the right edge of the bed. The next thing I knew was I was stroking the flowing, smooth curves of her body. She slightly turned to her back exposing her semi-erect cock. Shivers went up and down my spine, I know I’m straight but I’ve never seen and appreciated another’s cock with lust like I felt then.

My mind was swirling in sexual confusion and didn’t know what to do. I found myself staring and holding her cock in my hand — caressing her completely waxed, hairless, and baby-smooth skin around her balls. I very gently and excitedly watched her cock come to full erection right in front of my eyes. Tammy started to pay attention to my raging cock with her left hand also — intermittently kadıköy travesti rubbing my chest and jaws with the other hand. Ever lightly touching my lips with the back of her fingers. Thoughts of arousal were flying by like hurricane in my mind when I found my mouth impaled with her sweet tasting, throbbing cock. I had no control of myself and allowed my sexual instincts to take over my actions. I sucked that cock with all my might at the same instant I felt her warm lips wrapped around the girth of the sex tool. She smelled like sweet, fresh rose petals with hints of jasmine. My eyes rolled up in my head while I exploded my cum deep in her mouth. I violently ejaculated when her lips clamped tightly around my cock. She sucked me until I was completely dried without spilling a drop.

I collapsed on the bed. In a moment she straddled me cowboy style. I felt her cock rubbing against mine, her hips gyrating and inducing me to another brutal erection. She lowered her breasts on my waiting mouth and I vigorously licked and sucked on her nipples. When I’ve had my fill, she got on all fours and motioned me to mount her doggy style. The only thing in mind was to insert my aching, unyielding cock somewhere! She reached behind her and applied lube on her ass. She said I could ride her bare back if I wanted to. Without a second loss, I guided my cock to the opening of her ass and slowly pressed in. I slid in without much difficulty. She was tight but genteel. Her moans were filling the room while I pumped in a constant primal beat. It didn’t take long before I unloaded all I’m worth deep in her ass.

I felt so totally exhausted and laid flat on my stomach. I was starting to relax after a few seconds when I felt her soft hand caressing my back down to my anadolu yakası travesti ass. She gently ran her fingers from the base of my head to my heels. She would slowly follow the crack of my derriere, which induced me to slightly open my legs wider apart. Her probing became deeper and deeper into the crevice between my cheeks that I started to arch my back to allow her better access to where the sun never shines. She would slowly reach around my anus and caress the base of my balls. Tingling sensations went down the back of my thighs and up around my knees, up to my groin when she applied a cool jelly-like lube on my anus. I lifted my ass up higher and angled my burning cock down pointing to my toes. Tammy immediately tugged on it — completely wrapping it with the cool lubricant in her hand. I was still trying to adjust to the sensation when I felt her finger inquisitively and teasingly probing, slowly up my anus.

I was melting and convulsing at the same time. My mind was screaming for her to ram her finger deep inside my ass. I didn’t realized how much moaning I was making until she curved her finger to what felt like my G spot! It didn’t take but a few stokes up and down my shaft before I ejaculated violently. I was complete putty in her hands. I’ve never felt anything like it before in my life!

The next thing I remember was I awaken in the middle of the night with a “got-to-pee” erection. Lynn was in bed in the nude with me. I got up and relieved myself. Lynn was awake when I returned from the bathroom we held each other in a tight embrace and then she slowly reached and grab hold of my pallid cock. She livened it up to full rigidity with her talented lips. We made love until we both collapsed and slept the rest of the night.

I got up ready for work the following day with another big smile on my face. I saw genuine joy in Lynn that morning. The thought of us being able to enjoy sex, again to the fullest is a privilege very few have, and were appreciative of it.

Now, what’s in my evil mind is the anticipation of finally being with all four of us in sexual interlock. Will you wait for the next story?

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