Wife Setup with Gay Hairdresser

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I walked into our hairdresser and she was immediately available to take my appointment. My wife, Shelly, and I had been clients of Catherine for 10 months. I loved her because she was trendy, butch-gay and open to talking about life. Catherine and Shelly had had the same kind of relationship as Catherine and I, chatty and warm.

Our conversation eventually came around to her long-distance relationship and how it was waning due to the stresses we have all had in those types of relationships.

“I don’t know if it is the right thing. She is so young and doesn’t understand. Sometimes I feel like going back to my old ways …”

No longer had I heard that and my throat began to dry. I had asked Catherine for a favor a while back and hoped to hear whether our plan had worked. But I was both nervous and excited. I knew what she meant when she said ‘old ways’.

Catherine could tell my excitement but sat me down like all regular clients and we talked about what she would do to my hair, told me of her summer, the shop etc. She knew I wasn’t interested in any of that. I could tell by the smirk that she knew what I wanted to hear. With a tap on my shoulder and a nod, we moved over for a hair-wash.

This was my favorite part of any haircut and particularly with Catherine. This area of shop is more private and we can talk openly. As I reclined into the formed lounge chair in front of the sink, I heard Catherine adjust the water to just the right temperature. When I say she gives great head, I actually mean her head massage. Her fingers are a spectacular mix of strength and caring. Despite my pent up anticipation, I couldn’t help but moan when she slipped her fingers firmly around my head and over my temples.

At that moment, Catherine leans down and whispers ” You sound like Shelly when she was over the other night.”

Immediately I got hard! I couldn’t wait to hear details that Shelly omitted when I asked how their visit went. As she crawled into bed the other night, she told me it went fine, but didn’t volunteer any details. She didn’t mention it in the morning except to reiterate that it went fine and that Catherine was such an interesting person. I am sure she didn’t have any idea I was an accomplice.

You see, about a month ago, I asked Catherine for a big favor. I knew that she had nurtured one night stands from curious friends in the past. She is kind, sensitive and aggressive enough to move the reluctance to acceptance with ease and compassion. She told me she had initiated several friends into an hour, or more often, into a night of Sapphic pleasure. Shelly has a body to die for and they were good friends already. Would she be willing to hit on Shelly? I asked her to test gently so as not to scare Shelly off. I didn’t want this to threaten a great friendship.

Catherine told me that she had such a crush on Shelly and would love to get her hands on that body. She admitted that although this would be great fun, she was actually kind of nervous.

Catherine went back to massaging my head, knowing this teasing was killing me! She talked about how she and Shelly have great talks while she is cutting her hair. The talks are different. They get into things like a close friends. Catherine feels she can discuss anything and Shelly, a psychologist, agrees. They talk about of girlfriend stuff and their respective relationships. Shelly tells me how each visit ends in a great, appreciative hug both for the service and for the talk.

Catherine and I on the other hand, have had this understanding that conversations are slow and detailed. They need to well up like a surf, each wave teasing the shoreline, closer and closer then receding for a set .

As she was massaging, she told me that the two of them had organized a glass of wine after work to discuss Catherine’s relationship turmoil. They met at a trendy restaurant. Catherine wore her white jeans with a frayed rip on her right knee, and a simple button-up blue shirt, undone to her bra-snap. Shelly showed up wearing a funky, colorful, open-back, summer dress knotted at the back of her neck. Each side of the tie formed one side of the ‘V’ that plunged from her neck to 3 inches above the waist. She loved going braless because her chest was younger than her 38 years. Her tits were still firm and the cotton dress top showed off the perfectly round shape of each breast. Both men and women often took a second look at Shelly when she dressed like this,

I know this restaurant and it is always busy on a Thurs night. As it turned out, only bar stools were available. Shelly suggested they start at the bar and move to a table if it became available.

Sitting at the bar is our regular ritual and inevitably we end up conversing and grazing through tapas or brazzers appetizers all night with a couple of glasses of wine.

They grabbed stools at the bar and as soon as two glasses of Chardonnay showed up, Shelly proposed a toast to friendships. Both grabbed their glasses, looked shyly into each others’ eyes and clinked glasses. At that moment Catherine saw something in Shelly that just needed some leadership to push to the next level.

The conversation flowed smoothly. They talked about relationships, the past, meeting me, fifteen years of steady life, etc. At one point Shelly joked about a moment when I didn’t understand her frustration about something. She awkwardly but not inadvertently touched Catherine’s knee.

Catherine reciprocated with a story of when her young lover didn’t understand a band reference in one of their conversations. Laughing at the similarity between the two scenarios, she reciprocated the touch to Shelly’s knee. The stories flowed one after another. It didn’t matter the topic; it was about the touch and the transitioning nature of this move becoming comfortable.

As the evening progressed, the conversation got more intimate. Catherine talked of her frustrations and Shelly talked about our relationship, and although it had its great moments, it was 15 years long. There was bound to be rough times and some ennui. Each tale from both relationships got more intimate as the trust built and the touches started to linger. As Shelly would talk she would fumble with threads in the rip in Catherine’s jeans.

Catherine felt somewhat at an advantage. She was touching flesh but Shelly was touching jeans. In a bold move, Catherine touched Shelly’s leg and purposely let it sit for 10 seconds. Shelly, instead of resisting, uncrossed her legs giving Catherine her first sign. Catherine took her wine glass up to her lips, had a long sensual sip, carefully placed the glass on the coaster and replaced her hand on Shelly’s leg gently moving her thumb wide and then together. She felt Shelly inhale on the caress and knew ‘it was on’.

Shelly and I have discussed her desires to be touched by a woman many times. She is reluctant due to the Catholic upbringing. I am a little more into exploring relationships. I would relish the thought of Shelly visiting a lover of the same sex from time to time. I would love for her to explore her fantasy with someone non-threatening to our relationship.

Shelly, not so much. She wants to put those fleeting desires aside. Her own angst about infidelity keeps her from exploring some of the riches of life.

At one point, Shelly got up to go to the washroom. Upon returning, she moved her stool ever-so-much closer as she sat down. She also never crossed her legs. More feedback and the opening Catherine was looking for.

Shelly never likes open public affection with me. She will hold my hand but I know not to caress her in butt in public or put my arm around her to snuggle. Apparently not so that night.

Shelly, obviously enjoying the game and the company, caught the bartender and ordered another glass of wine for each. As the wine returned, the music seemed to be a bit louder. Not annoyingly loud, but slightly louder, enough they both leaned forward to be heard. As she leaned in, Shelly’s dress top fell forward off her chest allowing Catherine a glimpse of more of the great tits that, up until this night, had been her fantasy but my sole property. Again a toast, although this time the shyness had gone from their eyes. They both stared mischievously as they drank to exciting moments in all relationships new and old. The glasses clinked and gently returned to the bar.

Catherine’s hand then returned to the top of Shelly’s knee. Shelly’s knees separated instinctively again. Catherine took the bait. Taking a deep breath of confidence, she slid her palm off the top and onto the tender inside of Shelly’s thigh, about 3 inches from the bottom seam of her dress. I know Shelly’s thighs are tender so this must have been near ticklish to her. Meeting no resistance, she advanced upward to the hem of Shelly’s cute, mid-thigh skirt that was riding high because of the stool. Shelly carried the conversation pretending not to notice but inhaling as Catherine’s exploring fingers inched forward.

Five minutes of this gentle but active caressing and Catherine abruptly changed the subject. Unnoticed by Shelly, this was a calculated move. Catherine always uses this to build the frustration and anticipation.

Catherine had bought a new loft. As she knew from the many conversations, Shelly’s two loves are people and design. As much as she had enjoyed the caressing, she was playing a bigger game. There was a change of energy and a new enthusiasm to the conversation. Catherine cuckold porno then asked Shelly to come and see her trendy little abode. She lived right around the corner.

After protesting about the to need to get home, Catherine took Shelly’s hand and said “only for a moment. Just come and see how I have decorated it.”

Agreeing, they chugged the last sips of wine, paid up the bill and left. Once outside, Catherine gently but firmly grabbed Shelly’s hand and jogged, insisting they should hurry if she was short on time.

Twenty seconds later they had arrived. They opened the main door to the old factory building and proceeded to the elevator, a vintage sliding-door type. They entered the elevator and Catherine turned to slide the door shut. Once the button was pushed, she stood shoulder to shoulder and slide her hand back to interlock Shelly’s fingers. She noticed Shelly had retreated back to her more tentative state, staring mostly at the old elevator doors. Had she gone too far too fast? Did she lose her completely or was she just going to have to be a bit more aggressive to get Shelly out of her head and back into the moment?

Leading her into the loft, Catherine watched Shelly’s head as it circled looking at the space, the mezzanine and the furniture. The place was gorgeous. Shelly stepped forward and inhaled. She loved the smell of these old brick-walled factory lofts and her face lit up like a kid watching fireworks. Catherine’s style was a comfortable cross between shiny stainless and industrial, almost steampunk. She wasn’t just great at styling hair, had a great eye for design.

Feeling the wine and the courage, Catherine’s arms encircled Shelly from behind and she nibbled a quick kiss on the nape of Shelly’s neck. For a second Shelly froze. Catherine softly kissed her neck and the base of her ear. Shelly’s head tilted acceptingly giving more access. She could tell Shelly was swimming with emotion, the ambiance, the wine, the guilt and the ecstasy of the kisses.

With a swallow and a nice, deep breath, Shelly answered by turning around and placing her hands on either of Catherine’s cheeks. She slowly moved in and met Catherine’s lips with a soft, erotic kiss. It was one of those moments, as Catherine describes it, like the first lick of a spoonful of a chocolate sundae. Catherine pulled her closer to feel those great tits meet her own. Although there was fabric between them, she knew that wouldn’t last long.

According to Catherine, this hug and kiss lingered for what seemed like five minutes but was probably 20 seconds. Her hands ran up and down Shelly’s back ribs and across her muscular, bare back. Catherine’s fingers deftly undid the knot on the dress at the back of Shelly’s neck and the fabric dropped between them only to get caught on her chest. Shelly backed off enough to let it drop to her waist giving Catherine full access to her firm, perfect B-cups. Catherine broke the hug long enough to slip off her own shirt and have Shelly release her bra. Holding Shelly by the waist at arms length, she looked with amazement at that perfect chest that until now, had only come up in her fantasies.

“You are fucking gorgeous.” Was all she could say. Shelly dropped her head in a self-conscious, shy blush. Catherine again slowly pulled Shelly close so their now naked breasts met. Feeling those firm nipples meet her own, was raw, sensual and fulfilling. The next kiss was not nearly as gentle as the first, driven by pure desire.

Their tongues danced and Catherine’s hands firmly caressed Shelly’s back and slid down to her firm butt. Shelly pushed her pelvis tightly into Catherine’s waist and her hands began caressing the base of Catherine’s hairline; a super-sensitive erogenous zone for this hairdresser.

Feeling pressed for time, and horny as hell, Catherine carefully walked Shelly backward to the sofa and laid her down without breaking the kiss. As she melted onto the couch, Shelly splayed her legs to accommodate the body pinning her.

Catherine’s right hand moved from Shelly’s ass to her waist, gently around to her front and up to her left breast. She massaged firmly and feeling Shelly’s arousal and quickness of breath, she gently pinched and twisted her nipple. Catherine’s hand started to roam freely back down to Shelly’s bare left leg, now propped up on the back of the couch. She moved the dress aside as she slid her hand all the way down to Shelly’s ankle then slowly up to the back of her knee then to the back of her thigh – Shelly’s other hot zone.

The more she caressed the more Shelly moaned and moved to accommodate. From the back of the thigh it was a simple slide to grab her ass cheek nice and firmly. Catherine’s finger tips could now feel czech porno the moisture of Shelly’s crotch.

Shelly’s breath was now quick and her embrace passionate. She always wears thongs. As Catherine’s hand slid between Shelly’s legs, her fingers slid along the thong. She could feel the warmth of Shelly’s swollen labia amidst the moisture. Catherine gently parted her cunt lips and slid a finger lightly over her clitoris. She could hear Shelly inhale. She could also feel the new excitement in her mouth as Shelly kissed her wildly.

After about two minutes of Catherine’s middle finger circling and brushing her clit, Shelly’s body tensed and her legs squeezed as she let out a guttural moan and exhale. Shelly’s nipples were rock hard and she came in gentle, thrashing convulsions for a full minute.

Making her muse come once was fine, but this fantasy had been months in the making. No way was Catherine stopping now. Her fingers pushed on to tease the rim of Shelly’s cunt. Three or four firm circles and bingo, right up to the middle knuckle. Gently but firmly she pumped, circled and stretched the entrance to the honeypot, then pushed on to the G-spot as Shelly writhed in pleasure.

Shelly inhaled and spread her legs even more. As she did this, Catherine started to nibble down from Shelly’s ear to her neck, down from her shoulder and across the front of her chest to her tip of her bare, left breast. Catherine inhaled the nipple with firmly pursed lips to cause both a pleasurable twist and a slightly painful tug. The feedback on her talent from years of experience, was the arching and writhing of this perfect specimen’s body. She knew Shelly was now totally euphoric.

From earlier conversations, I know Catherine is a tit person. Shelly loves to have hers caressed, licked and squeezed. She is so sensitive she can give herself tit-orgasms. I can only imagine her feeling of absolute joy having her nipple pinched by a forbidden lover’s tongue and her cunt explored by that lover’s expert fingers. In the frenzy, did she feel any guilt or was she able to stay in the moment?

Catherine’s mission was only half done. Shelly obviously wanted more as well.

Now as Catherine’s fingers were exploring Shelly’s cunt, Shelly’s fingers were burrowing trails through Catherine’s hair, not-so-tentatively encouraging her to continue. Not wanting to disappoint, Catherine’s own excitement was driving her down to taste Shelly’s musky crotch. She pulled her finger out and grabbed Shelly’s knees, pushing them firmly apart to allow open access. Shelly moaned and now forced Catherine’s head downward.

Catherine’s tongue covered Shelly’s sopping cunt, bisected by the thong. Deftly, she pushed the material aside and got free access to the pot-of-gold she had been thinking about for months and working on for the past couple of hours. In and out, in and out, moving from Shelly’s clit to her hole, all she could hear were the muffled moans. After another delicious minute, she felt Shelly’s body stiffen and her legs squeeze for the second time. Shelly let out a long groan and collapsed. All her muscles spontaneously and simultaneously relaxed completely as she sank into the couch. She then pulled Catherine up to her mouth where their tongues gently entwined and Shelly could taste herself mixed with her new lesbian lover’s saliva.

Catherine was aware of the passing time. She relished the fact that she had initiated another happy customer into the pleasures of being with a woman. She slid back down for one last nipple inhale, then back up for a warm smooch and a quick cuddle. As she rolled off Shelly, she threw out the suggestion that they should continue this another time.

Shelly got up, rearranged her dress, ruffled her ‘bed head’ and walked over to Catherine. Instead of the appreciative hug, this time Catherine got a warm kiss with that ever-so-gentle tongue. As the embrace broke, their eyes met and Shelly admitted she would love to come back. She said the whole evening was so different and fulfilling that she couldn’t wait to find out what else she had been missing.

Catherine picked up her own shirt and walked Shelly back to the street to put her in a cab. As she turned to go back to the elevator, she smirked to herself, suspecting this might be the start of something fun and ongoing.

Catherine loved to give. Tonight was a great success. However, she also liked to direct eager “students” into how best to please her. Her feeling was that Shelly would be back sooner than later. And this time it would be the teacher that was moaning.

I can’t remember moving to the chair, getting my haircut, paying the bill or saying goodbye to Catherine. I was so wound up and curious as to how I would get Shelly to tell me her side of the experience. I bought wine on the way home. I entered the house, popped the cork on the wine to let it breath and sat at the breakfast bar in anticipation of my wife, and our lover, coming in the door from work. This would be a fun evening. More to come…

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