Wife, Shy to Hottie

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Hello readers,

We are very keen readers of this website. Must have read 1000+ stories here. Thanks to all the authors on this website.

I am 40 and my wife 36. We both are very active in sex life. She looks gorgeous and is a big head turner wherever she goes. Most of my friends like to be with her to talk. I know, what they think secretly. LOL.

In our almost 20 years of married life, we have had very few kinky occasions. In this story, I am going to narrate about them. To start with, let me tell you, my wife was very reserved initially – in terms of sex.

It was a dream of mine to make her into a slutty model. To do so, I showed her porn clips, movies and read stories with her. This I must have done for 10-15 months and slowly she started getting naughty. Now, to test her, I asked her to accompany me to a mall without BRA. We went there and she was in a white shirt and jeans pant.

Now, at that time, she was 36-30-24 and thus, while she walked, her nice round boobs swinged, making anyone to see them. I checked on sales man at different stores becoming over friendly and helpful to us. This was really very exciting moment for both of us. Next we went to another mall, she was wearing a shirt with a zipper which was lowered to let sales man see 1 or 2 inches of cleavage. This was really bold of her.

All this was too simple for me. But, I could see the progress of how she turning from a shy housewife into a hot one and bold housewife.

While watching porn, which usually are always of multiple males and one female, I asked her to imagine few guys and her in the movie. This way, I could get a name of a friend of mine into her mind. Lets call him by the name Anand.

While I fucked by wife in various positions, Escort bayan I used to ask her to imagine Anand and she did that. That way, I was getting all positive responses. What I did next was to fix a meeting of me, wife and Anand.

I had also made Anand hot for my wife by sharing few pics of her. He too was very eager on having her. Me and my wife picked him for a long drive. We three were just doing normal chit-chat. And, I suggested that lets play a dare game, in which any one can ask the other person to perform some dare. They both agreed.

The game started. I asked my wife to give me a kiss (I was driving). She immediately came close to me and gave me a kiss. Next, my wife asked me to do the same. Ha ha. I did while I drove slowly. Now what!!! I asked my friend to shake hand with my wife. They both immediately did that. Than I only asked them. Next, i asked my wife to place her hand on his thighs. She looked at me.. and I smiled and gave her the signal. She placed her hand on his thighs while my friend was sitting cooly with both his legs parted, expecting much more. LOL.

Next I asked the same thing to my friend, to caress the thighs of my wife. He came a bit forward, placed his hand on my wife thighs and stared caressing it up and down. My wife was feeling very hot. She was breathing heavily parted her legs. I could see her boobs going up and down with every breathe.

This went on till 5 minutes. Than I asked my wife to remove her bra from inside the tshirt and give it to my friend. She unhooked it from inside, and removed and gave it to him. My friend was happy to hold bra given to him. I was enjoying all this and also experiencing a big turn on between my legs.

Next i thought of giving a bold dare. I asked Bayan escort my friend Anand to cup her boobs from behind without actually touching them. He came forward, adjusted himself and brought his two hands in front of her boobs as if he was cupping them. I saw my wife, she was too horny now and her eyes were begging for the touch. I was enjoying the whole scene. Than I ordered him to hold the boobs and enjoy the feel. He immediately placed his hands on both the boobs and said…. aaaah Soft…….. and pressed them, cupped them and enjoyed the boobs while my wife was sitting there with her legs pressed and eyes closed. This I let happen for 5 minutes. Her nipples were rock hard which my friend was enjoying with her finger and thumb.

Then I asked my wife to use her one hand and place it on his thighs. He had already come very forward. She placed her hand and caressed his thighs. I asked her to advance and check out his tool. She slowly inched closer between his legs and grabbed his rock hard penis from his pants. He was without underwear, I had already asked him to come without it.

This went on for quite sometime. He was enjoying her boobs from outside and my horny wife was playing with his dick from outside. Then I asked my friend to grab one boob from inside. He inserted his hand from top of her tshirt and grabbed her soft and white boob. He was in seventh heaven and my wife also as his dick become more hard and big.

Next I asked him to release her and lower down his pant. He did that, he unzipped his pant and lowered it down till his knee. I asked my wife to have a look at his dick. She without shyness or shame, looked back at his dick. Then I asked her to hold it. Again the same position, my wife was playing with Escort his dick while my friend was enjoying her boob. I stopped the car on a side and asked her to move on back seat.

She got down and went on back seat. I started driving and they started caressing each other. Anand kissed her while playing with her boobs and she was busy stroking his big erect and thick dick. She did tell me that it was bigger than mine. Ha ha.

After some time, I asked my wife to lower her jeans. She unzipped her jeans and lowered it along with her panty. I asked my friend to see her shaved pussy. He liked it and started caressing with his fingers. My wife was lying on the seat while he started fingering her with first one finger and slowly with 3 fingers. She was moaning like anything. While this was going on, I also caressed her thigh with my left hand and slowly inserted one finger in her pussy. She was in heaven now, as two two guys were fingering her. I took back to driving.

After some fingering, I asked my friend that whether would he like to lick it. He said, why not, it is best pussy he has ever seen. So he parted the legs of my wife and sat down between it. He started licking her pussy and did so for 15 minutes. In between, he used to insert his tongue deep inside her pussy and also caress her boobs.

While I was driving I could hear wild moans from my wife, while my friend was busy licking her. After quite a time, he again sat beside her and started playing with her boobs and my started stroking his dick. This went on for some time and he said, now I will come. I gave them tissue paper. My wife wildly stroked his dick while he came inside the tissue papers.

Than I dropped him and we went back home. She took bath and we had one of the best fucks of our life.

In my coming stories, I will be narrating about how Anand fucked her and how I arranged for a massage guy to massage her sexy hot body.

Till then…. I would love to hear from you guys and couples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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