wife’s revelation 4 and regressing

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(this parts alittle longer than the rest.)
The inevitable

Jack strolls out of the airport with his luggage in tow behind him heading to the car rental counters thinking about his trip and what his detective has for him. After some time he heads for the expressway towards town not knowing where he is actually going. He has not been able to reach his detective as to where he is although Jack did arrive a day sooner than expected. After some time passes he ends up settling in on hotel off the expressway then heads out for a drive around town.

He drives for some time finding out that the town is kinda boring with little going on. He’s about to turn around to head back to his hotel when he notices out of the corner of his eye flashing bar signs. He slowly approaches the bar and notices a large lot on the left almost filled to capacity. The marque reads “ Tonight only 7-11”. Jack thinks to himself that that must be a popular local band and figures why not stop in for a couple beers and catch the act. He parks and makes his way to the door. “ Hey bub, that”ll be 20 for the cover charge”. Jack thinks “that’s a-little high for a local act but I don’t have anything else to do so what the hell”. After paying the bouncer gives him a ticket. The ticket simply has a number on it 194. he pockets the ticket and tries to make his way through the bar to the bar.

After making his way to the bar and receiving a drink after a long wait he notices that the only music is the DJ in the corner. He also notices that the attention of the room seems to be focused to the other side of the bar. Jack now starts to try to pick up the chatter of the people around him. He hears broken conversations cause the music is loud. Words pop out to him. “whore,slut,skank, tramp, amongst others. He finally get the attention of what appeared to be a guy by himself “hey whats up, what’s going on over there?” the guy looks at him with a puzzling look “you don’t know?”. Jack shakes his head no “well you know that ticket they gave you at the door. That’s for your turn with 7-11”. the guy points to a lit up number counter like you would find at the meat market. “If you see your number that means its your turn to go over and get in the group”

Jack still puzzled asks “turn?” the guy smiles “wow your not to bright huh, your turn to join the current group that is fucking her”. Jack’s eyes nearly pop out of his head. “you mean every one in here is here to fuck one girl?”
the guy answers with a simple “yup”. Jack looks at the red sign again. 138. only thought that enters his head is “what the fuck. She has fucked 138 guys and looks there looks to be more coming in every minute. That’s unbelievable. What a fucking nasty pig. I bet she’s an ugly bitch that couldn’t get fucked any other way. I’m not fucking her no way”. Jack orders another beer, takes a couple of swigs and decides to leave. As he slowly makes his way through the jam packed people, curiosity gets the better of him “well I did pay 20 bucks, I should at least see what the whore looks like”.

It takes a while before Jack gets close enough to even see that there is indeed a group of guys surrounding a woman and she appears to be getting fucked. After some patience and the number clock going to 151 he gets to a spot where he can see the 8 or so guys that are fully nude. One guy fucking her from behind and one guy in her mouth. The others are standing in lines either behind or in-front of her jacking themselves. He notices that the woman has a real nice body and not at all a like he imagined. He can’t see her face from his angle but is turned on be what he is witnessing. He does notice something that kinda disturbs him a bit. The neither of the guys has a condom on. “well that’s stupid”. Just as that thought crosses his mind the guy fucking her grunts and cums deep inside the slut. He pumps a couple times in a jerking motion and slowly pussy his cock out.

The position that Jack is in gives him a great view of her pussy as the guy makes way for the next. Jack sees a wide gaping open pussy with cum dangling from her clit. Her hole is wide enough he can see lots of cum inside her. Her pussy is swollen red and her pussy lips look to be engorged. The woman flexes her bald pussy and a rush of cum runs out of her and on to the floor adding to the massive pool of cum on the floor. There is several layers of dried cum all over her thighs and ass. Her calves are especially thick with cum in varying states of dryness. Disgusted and excited Jack can’t help but notice the hard on in his pants as he watches the next guy inline simply walk behind her and starts pumping away. The guy at her head grunts and pulls out his cock obviously shooting his cum on her face to a roar of the crowd. He can’t see it but it is obvious what is happening. The same happens in front. One guy steps out and another steps in.

Jack watches as several more guys fuck and cum on the woman in front of him. All of the other guys fucking her wear condoms and pull out for the crowd to watch them cum.
The counter now sits at 164. amazed by this woman’s ability to be fucked in suck a fashion Jack decides he wants to see what she looks like to he backs away and tries to make his way around the crowd to her head. Just as he is about to get in tot he front of the line, a buzzer goes off. The crowd boo’s and begin to disperse. “hey whats going on” he asks the guy next to him “break time”. Jack turns to see the woman but she’s gone. He spots her as she heads to a room in the back. He only gets another look of the back of her head. “damn, I wanted to see what she looks like”. Figuring he’s had enough Jack heads back to his hotel room to get some sleep after a long day.

The next morning Jack sits in the breakfast room of the hotel when he notices the gentleman that he was talking to at the bar the night before. “hey how ya doing?”. The guy smiles as he moves towards Jack. “so, you picked a nice place to stay. This place is the nicest in town.” Jack smiles back to the guy “so how did the night end last night?”. The guy looks back and forth “well, when she went out for that break, that was the last time we saw her. She quit right after you left”. Jack shakes his head “well after that many guys I bet she won’t be walking for a month”. The guy talking to Jack which Jack finds out is names kirk smirks “ buddy, she used to do that all the time. Almost every weekend. I’ve seen that number climb as high as 300 before. As for her walking, she’ll be at a different place doing the same thing tonight. She has an amazing pussy”.

The guys chat for a bit before saying their good-bye’s and go about their day. Jack is finally able to get a hold of his detective and they agree to a meeting place near the hotel. An hour later after the general greetings the guys sit at a table away from prying ears. “Look Jack, I’ve been spying on people for as long as I can remember. I have never made any suggestions but this time I think it’s in order. Trust me when I tell you, you don’t want to know what your dealing with and you should run to your lawyer as soon as possible”.

Now Jack is truly convinced of his wife’s indiscretions. “I paid you for information not advice. I’ll decide what I’m going to do. Kirk hands him a journal that looks to be well written in. “Jack, I’m out of here but I have to tell you not to go further and just go. What you are gonna find is not good”. The guys shake and go their separate ways. Jack goes back to his room. Takes a seat on the bed and opens the journal.

Day 1: Its about 12:30 and I’m sitting just outside the terminal as though I was waiting for a passenger. Out of the corner of my left eye I notice Pam with her luggage in tow. She is looking very hot. She has white tennis on. Going up she is wearing an extremely tight pair of yoga shorts. They are so tight that they leave nothing to the imagination. The thin white material is almost translucent. It is easy to see that she has no panties on. The shorts form to every curve and crack on her body. Her pussy mound is clearly outlines. The tight shorts give her an incredible and very pronounced deep camel toe. Her top is a pink string top that is cut off just below her rib line showing off her flat stomach. Her tits struggle to stay covered as they bounce while she walk giving anyone looking a look at her bottom boob. Its kinda funny, all the guys are staring at your wife. Most of the woman are snickering at her. As she turns to grab the door of a cab her ass comes into view. What an ass as you already know. Those shorts cover her ass like skin. The center of the shorts are riding high in her crack. Pam hesitates before getting in the cab. She reaches in to move something on the seat. As she does it offers anyone looking a great vies of her ass as well as her outlined muff. Got to say good stuff you lucky bastard.

After a 20 minute cab ride to town she has the cab stop at this house that I got to say is a bit of a shit hole. She grabs her bag and heard towards the door. She knocks and moments later the door opens and she smiles big. Walks into the house and the door closed behind her. I am gonna have to sneak up to the house as I have not has a chance to place the audio bugs. I make my way to a side window of the house that lucky for me is surrounded by lots of big bushes. I can see that the window is half open. As I creep over to the window I can hear them. Not talking but noises. Its taken me less than 2 minutes to get to the window. I look in and am surprised beyond belief. Your wife is laying on her back across an ottoman in the living room. Her head is hanging backwards over the edge and this tall muscular looking guy is trying to shove a mammoth cock down your wife’s throat and succeeding. A couple of tries and his impressive cock is lodges firmly in her throat with his balls dangling on her nose.

Pam is fully clothed at this time. He must have grabbed her and has her lay down immediately after the door closed. Hello and let me fuck your throat I guess. Back to the action. He keeps his cock buried to the hilt in her throat for a long while. Not moving a bit just keeping his cock in her throat. She eventually starts to squirm trying to get some air. He laughs at her “hold on whore, you used to take this for a whole minute”. Obviously they’ve done this before. He quickly pulls out letting her lungs fill with much needed air. She lays there gasping for air as he strokes his cock above her face. “OK, you ready bitch? I’m gonna bring it”. Pam smiles and nods in approval. She re-adjusts her position on the Ottoman getting her head in a more comfortable spot. Tilts her head back as far as it will go and opens her gaziantep bayan escort ilanları mouth. The guy squats over her head and guides his big missile to her open mouth. The cock is shiny from her spit earlier and the guy drops a ball of spit on his cock to lube it up. The guy grabs his cock and inserts it in her throat as though he were about to fuck her pussy.

In one swift motion again, he is balls deep in her throat. This time he pulls back out and repeats this several times. Each time he pulls out a stream of spit from her throat drools off his cock onto her face. Also every time he pulls out there is a giant smile on your wife’s face. He looks down, “here it goes whore. Hope you like, I know I will”. He grabs the sides of her head, adjusts his cock to her mouth and jabs his cock in her throat. Her holds her head as he savagely begins to fuck your wife’s throat like it was her pussy and he was mad at her. His heave balls slap her eyes and nose with every thrust. Amazing how she can take something like that. The pounding of her face makes her whole body come off the Ottoman with almost every stroke. His balls hit her hard SLAP!SLAP! The whole time he is calling her a whore, slut, cum bucket to name a few.

The face fucking goes on for a good 10 impressive minutes. He pulls out his cock and slaps her in the face calling her a whore. He shifts up and puts his balls in her mouth making her suck on them while he takes her hand and places it on his cock so she can jerk him off while she sucks his big balls. After a couple minutes of this he tells her to keep jerking him and goes to re-adjust again. This time he places his ass in her face and tells her “lick my ass while you jack me off bitch”. Without hesitation she eagerly licks away at his asshole. Its easy to see the effort she is putting into eating his ass. Her tongue way up his ass and all. This goes on for a good 15 minutes before he pulls away. The guy aims his cock at Pam’s mouth which she has wide open and lets out a big groan. Several large ropes of cum shoot into her waiting mouth. The first one makes her gag a bit. The second one goes smoother as do the others as her mouth fills with cum. He orders her not to swallow yet and to show him. Pam closed her mouth and rolls over on her stomach looking up at the large guy in from of her. She smile and open her mouth to show him that all his cum is in your wife’s mouth. “I’d let you sit there for an hour with my cum in your mouth but we do have places to go so swallow my cum like a good whore does and lets get out of here”. Pam closes and swallows 3 times to finish all of his cum. She quickly goes to the bathroom. I take this opportunity to make my way back to my car so I could follow the two to their next location.

After a few minutes Pam exits the house with the guy in tow. Pam is wearing a different outfit. It is a black one piece club type dress. Very revealing. Definitely not wearing a bra. From the look of it she doesn’t seen to have any panties on either. I can make this out because her dress is just below her pussy lips. Every step and she flashes her pussy and ass. Got to tell you, she looks hot. Well more like a five dollar whore but damn hot.

A few more minutes more and we’re parked outside a tavern. Its a bar and grill type of place. The place has big windows so its east to see whats going on inside. The two are quickly seated and moments later they are having drinks. Once I see the food arrive that gives me my Que to leave and plant my devices.

I am about to head back to the bar n grill. I have planted about 30 nano microphones. These lil things will get me every whisper in the house. Here’s where the fun come in. the nanos are so small they have the appearance of dandruff flakes allowing me to place them anywhere on her clothing. They are barbed so once places the are not easily removed. I have one on every piece of clothing she brought. Also have them on her earrings and make up products. Shoes, panties you name it. There is no way that I wont be able to hear what is going on.

20 minutes later as I sit in front of the bar they walk out. This time they have company. Two more guys are with them and she appears to be a bit bubbly. They all hop in. the big guy driving and the other 3 in the back seat. The passenger seat is empty. As I follow, it is easy to see what they are doing to her. They are feeling her up every witch way they can. Pam seams to be enjoying herself hopping around in the back seat like a dog. Then she suddenly disappears. She is gone for a bit before she pops back up wiping her lips. Obvious what she was doing there.
The situation repeats as we drive down the road.

We arrive at a real peace of shit house. The whole area is slummy. Lots of vacant lots and buildings. Every property in need of major repair. They park next to a two flat with boarded windows on the bottom floor. Pam and the driver exit the vehicle and head into the building leaving the two guys in the car. I’m blocked from going to see what is going on. I wait for about 10 minutes when the driver comes out by himself. He gets in the car and drives off.

As soon as the guys are out of site I quickly make my way to the building. I hear people laughing on the second floor. No way for me to see what is going on so I decide to go to the building that is next to this one and go to the second floor careful not to be seen. This building I’m in is fucked up also. Not safe at all but it gives me a birds eye view of the apartment next door. I put on my binoculars and noticing they are leaving. I chase them down to some warehouses down the street. They pull around back. I decide to pull into the next lot to see whats going on in the back. As I walk around the building in see three guys walking with Pam towards a city garbage truck. The driver gets out and greets them all. Soon the guys are all touchy feely with your wife.

The truck driver pulls your wife close to him reaching under her almost non existent skirt, grabbing her ass with both hands as he gives her a deep kiss. He turns her around holding her close as he lifts her dress over her head throwing it over a hook on the side of the garbage truck. And yup, she’s naked. Great tits and nicely shaved pussy. Awesome abs and thighs. Your on lucky dude. So, after fingering her in front of the guys the garbage man spins your wife around. They are less than 6 inches apart as he grabs her hair from the back spouting names at her. “you are a filthy whore aren’t you? Bet you cant wait to fuck everyone.” the driver spits in her face and makes her get on her knees.

The garbage truck driver grabs her hair and makes her crawl on the hard concrete surface to the truck . He then gets down on one knee and directs her head just under the catch basket of the garbage truck. (wow what a great view I have of your wife’s ass and pussy. Very nice in-deed). The driver then activates the compactor. With the back closed up the compactor squeezes everything in the truck causing a lot of foul smelling fluid to leak from the seam where the basket and the compactor meet. Your wife’s head is directly in the stream of the fluid. It covers her head totally. The garbage truck driver tells her to rock her head from side to side making sure she is completely covered in the vile fluid.

The men stand laughing as the fluid continues to pour over your wife’s head. The fluid now streams over her torso dripping off her sides. The garbage dude applies and releases the compactor milking all the fluid he can from the garbage. The smell is horrible from where I stand. I cant imagine what your wife smells like. Once the fluid slows to a drip. The garbage man then has your wife roll out from under the truck making sure her whole beautiful body is covered in the foul liquid. Once again he grabs her hair and lifts her. I get my first look at her face during this whole ordeal and she is smiling from ear to ear. You have one nasty wife dude.

Your wife is lead to the back of the truck as the garbage man open the jaw on the back spilling the garbage in the truck into the catch basket. He taps the compactor which expels more trash into the basket filling the basket. The driver then grabs your wife, spins her around and bends her over the edge of the basket causing half her body to lay across the trash in the catch basket. With one hand the garbage truck driver applies pressure to the back of your wife’s head shoving it into the trash while he undoes his pants and lets them drop to the ground. He then yells at her to keep her head where it is. She complies.

The driver then reaches along the gutter of the basket and scoops up a slimy mix and begins to rub it all over her ass and pussy. He scoops 3 times before entering his slime covered fingers into her pussy. Two then three fingers. He plays like that for a but before scooping up a fourth glob of slime and slapping it on her ass before inserting 3 fingers in her ass. He is using the slime as lubricant. With 3 fingers in her ass he moves up and guides his cock into her pussy. Fucking her slime covered body while it is flipped in half laying in a garbage truck. He savagely pumps her against the truck. He removes his fingers from your wife’s ass only to grab the sides of the truck so he can thrust her harder.

His hard thrusts cause a loud slap! Every time he enters your wife. Suddenly he pauses, pulls out, then adjusts his cock and I’m assuming from his angle of entry is fucking your wife’s ass. Anal fucked while covered in trash slims laying in the back of a garbage truck. Wow your wife is something. The guy gives your wife’s ass no less treatment. It seems as though he is trying to fuck her thru the basket of the truck. Kinda grudge fucking her. A few minutes of ravaging your wife’s ass he tenses up and begins to jerk as he thrusts. That can only mean that that guy just came in your wife’s slime filled ass. After he calms down, the garbage man pulls her up by the hair and directs her to his cock. Your wife eagerly takes his cock right after its been in her ass. Once he is convinces his cock n balls are clean he throw her against the truck causing her to bend forward into the truck. Again.

The guys there then take turns repeating the same thing to your wife. Filling her with garbage slime and cum. Fucking your wife in a garbage truck and making her clean all their cocks clean. This goes on for about an hour before they pull her from the truck. Unbelievably, they all hug her as though they are best friends. The garbage guy leads her to the side of the truck where he hoses your wife down washing away the gaziantep bayan eskort cum and slime. They even had body soap and wash cloth. Talk about prepared. Your wife uses the hose to clean out her soiled pussy and ass too and before you know it, you would never have known what just took place. She looks perfect once more. They say good byes and get into their vehicles and drive off. Your wife is fucking crazy dude. What a whore.

After a short drive we enter an area that is well populated. The neighborhood is very poor. Gang members everywhere. As I follow they pulled into a seedy motel. I dare not follow as there are several rough looking guys standing in the driveway. Thinking no way I’m going in there, I pull around and park across the street. The spot offers me a good view of the facility although details will be hard to come by. I watch as the vehicle pulls out of the lot without Pam inside. They left her there. Scanning the area I finally see Pam. She is being led to a room on the second level. She enters the room with two guys. The odd part is they leave the door open. I don’t see anything happen from my view point. Roughly 10 minutes later I see the two guys leave the room laughing. The guys barely make it a few feet out of the room before a few more guys go in. then again roughly 10-15 minutes later those guys come out only to have 2 more guys go in.

This continues for 5 hours bringing us to the 1am time. During that time I counted 27 guys entering and leaving the room. I can say with good certainty that after what I have witnessed today I am sure she was pulling a big ass fuck train. Some of the guys hung around just outside of the room. Smoking weed and having beers. Right around 1:15 I see Pam at the door of the room. I immediately grab my binoculars and get a look at your wife. Shocking is the only thing I can say. I have seen stuff like this before but only in porn videos. Your wife’s hair is pressed down to her head and all matted up. Her face is covered in cum. Some dried,some still wet. Her neck,chest, even her dress is covered in cum. Her dress obviously wasn’t removed before the fuck fest so its all crusted in cum. Your wife makes a half ass attempt to straighten herself out but fails miserably. She is trashed. Looks like an old cum rag that has a years cum in it.

She gives the guys high 5’s as she makes her way to the stairs leading down. What I see next shocks me. Your wife is actually thanking the guys as she high 5’s them. I can see her mouthing thank you. Your wife just thanked a shit load of guys for using her like a cum rag. Wow. What a skank. She then enters a car with only one guy this time and here we go again. I wonder where now?

After a short ride we are back where we started. She simply climbs out of the car and makes her way into the house. I reach over and switch on one of the mics.

“hey there my favorite slut how did it go?”
Pam smiles as she peals out of her dress “as you can tell by the cum all over, it went pretty good. I pulled out 31 guys and 2 blow jobs. Not bad for a first night huh?”
the guy laughs.

“wow, better than I expected. You love being a whore don’t you?” Pam giggles “you know I do. I just thought I was done with this but I have to say, being used by all those guys is fucking awesome. I fukin love it. I love it like nothing else and I don’t know why. Here I am, married, cheating on a great husband with dozens of men and all I could feel is I could have done more. I want more. I want to be fucked till I pass out. While I’m passed out, wake up and fucked till I pass out again.

The guy laughs,don’t worry you will, probably a few times too.
Pam smiles, But for now I’m going to shower and go to sleep. See you in the morning”.

So the rest of the night goes off with no action. Normal chatter in the house and they go to sleep. We’ll pick up in the morning.

DAY 2: I find myself at the house earlier than I think I should be. I figure they will sleep in but no sooner that I put the car in park they come out of the house. Pam is in a bikini top that barely covered her aureola. Tits out for everyone to see. She had on very short, very tight cut off jean shorts and white gyms. Damn hot.

I follow them to the same run down area where we were a few hours ago. Only this time we pull into a high rise project area. Little was said in their car on the way so I have no idea what is going on. I watch them walk into the high rise. This is what I heard:

“Yo, I brought the ho with me”.

“good, Yo Pam how you been?”

Pam smiles. “I’ve been alright, you guys been staying out of trouble?”

The room is messed up. Holes in the walls,spray paint everywhere, cans and bags litter the room. Just sloppy.
There are 6 gangster looking guys in the room all staring at Pam

“so, we got her for the day right?”

“Wo, I said after 7. I have to get her somewhere else.”

“Dude, I don’t want her all sloppy when she comes over,
That’s our job.”

“So, 7-11, heard you was married n shit, whats up with dat?

“Yeah, I have a great husband too”.

“So what yo doin down here”.

“Ah, I’d rather not get into it. Its only for a short time”.

“OK, so why don’t you get over there and lets get to some fuckin”.

The guy points to a partially destroyed couch in the next room. As she walks into the room It smells of piss. The 6 guys follow her into the room. They quickly remove her clothes and toss them to the side.

“Yo bitch suck on my big black dick and don’t forget to lick my balls clean, I’ve been sweating all day”.

Quickly she begins sucking on the big black dick in front of her. She takes as much as she can into her mouth then he grabs her head and helps some more of his cock down her throat.

“there you go bitch, swallow my whole dick. Choke on it you fucking ho”.

Another of the guys gets behind her, lifts her to the couch and rams his uncovered cock in her pussy

“Yeah bitch, take this dick in your pussy. Feel how tight that feels now, wait till a couple hundred niggas get this mother fucker tonight, I got the whole hood coming over to tap this fine white ass n pussy. With that many mother fuckers we gonna give you a black baby for sure. You on the pill bitch”?

Pam releases off the dick in her mouth

“I ran out a couple months ago. I’m pretty sure I’m having a black baby after this week or some kind of baby.”

“Ho, it’ll be black, couple hundred niggas are gonna make sure of that”.

The guys pound in unison into Pam as they look to get off. Pam’s breathing gets heave as she approaches her first orgasm of the day.

“Bitch, tell me what you gonna have”.

“I’m gonna have a black baby, I want a black baby, I need a black baby. Give this whore a black baby”

“that’s right bitch, we’re gonna send you home to your husband with a black baby. Then when he asks who’s, you are gonna have to tell him that you have fucked thousands of niggas and you have no idea who is the daddy. Right bitch”?

Pam begins to cum to the sound of that

“Oh shit! That’s right, I’m gonna have to tell my husband that I fucked a thousand guys since he last saw me. That he is married to the biggest whore in the country. That I’ll fuck anyone anywhere,any time, no matter who as long as they have a cock”.

Than wham! Pam screams and cums violently. The guys never break as they switch off assaulting her pussy as though they were mad at her. They fuck Pam for two hours, dumping all their loads into her. They each get at least 2 dumps into her pussy. With nowhere to clean up all Pam can do is put on her clothes and wait till she can get some where to clean up.

“Man I forgot what fucking that ho is like. Make sure you bring her back on time. Take her to the ninth floor. 905. 7pm. Every minute your late she owes me a day.”

“I’ll bring her on-time. Just keep her safe.”

“man, I should kick your ass. You know damn well ain’t shit gonna happen to her other than get fucked like a blow up doll.”

After a couple hours I see Pam and the guy walk out of the building and into their car. I follow of course. We head to a barber shop about 30 minutes down the express way. Much better neighborhood. Suburban type. They enter the shop. I walk across the street and see the guy sit in the waiting chairs as one of the old man barbers takes Pam to the back.
The guy is probably in his 60’s. I don’t have any possible view but I do have audio.

“nice to see you again Pam I was truly excited when I found out that you we’re in town.”

there is some fumbling then the old man calls to Pam
“hey remember this?
Oh, I almost forgot. Don’t know how I can forget that monster”.

“well Pam let me reacquaint you with it. Lay on the couch with your head hanging over the arm rests. Get comfortable.”

some low rumbling noises then

“alright here we go. Open wide and relax”

the sounds next are of slurping and a little gagging. She is obviously sucking on his cock.

“oh yeah Pam Take my cock you whore. Ooh yeah, brace yourself, I’m going to slide the whole 10 in. here it goes. Yeah bitch. I can see it going down your throat. Take my white cock. Here let me pull out for a bit. Take a deep breath because your not going to be able to breath till I cum in your stomach.”

I hear Pam gasping for air as he obviously pulled out for a bit. She breaths heavy then sudden silence fowled be a little gurgle.

“ oh yeah in your throat in one push. I’ll try not to break your neck as I fuck your throat.”

light slaps can be heard with soft gurgles.

“oh fuck, I love watching my cock expand your throat as it goes in and out of your pipe. Oh yeah I’m gonna fuck your face fast and hard so brace your self.”

SLAP,SLAP,SLAP, as he fucks her throat.

“Oh you fucking pig. Yeah take that. I’m gonna fuck your face harder than I’ve ever fucked a pussy. Her it goes.”

Guff,guff,guff. Slap,slap,slap repeatedly. I’m starting to worry because it seems like Pam hasn’t taken a breath in a while. What I hear next affirms my suspicions.

“don’t pass out on me. I want you awake when I shoot my load in your whore throat. Put your hands on your throat and feel my cock tear apart your throat.”

slap,slap,slap is the ongoing sound

“oh ,oh,oh here it comes whore. Ahhhhhh that’s it. Take my load”.
Smack,smack smack.
“wake up while I’m cumming in your throat. Wake up and choke on my cock.”
Smack smack.
“there I did you a favor and pulled out my cock. You are allowed to breath”.
I gaziantep escort listen intently and no noise for about 10 seconds.
“wake up Pam, come on now wake up”.

Silence for a bit.

“welcome back, you had me a little worried there. I assume you haven’t had that in a while”.

Pam replies a groggy “nope”

“well Pam, no one takes a throat fucking like you. I don’t even fuck pussy that hard.”

Pam replies with “thanks I think?”

I hear more rumbling then see Pam and this old guy coming from the back room. She walks a little unsteady but looks fine. The old guy high fives all the guys there telling them how he fucked her throat till she passed out.
With little time wasted the leave the shop and naturally i follow. they go to 5 more businesses with pretty much the same result. no more suffocation but allot of throat fucking and fucking in general. i haven’t been able to see much but the audio paints the picture. mostly older guys one on one. one spot she fucked three guys. she did drink everyone’s cum. quite the cum slut you have there.

it’s about 6pm when we start heading in the direction of those projects. sure enough they stop. Pam is the only one who gets out this time and is quickly greeted by a large muscular black guy. some words are exchanged as the car pulls away. they head into the building and a sudden excitement fills the air as guys from every direction file into the building after her. i see a light come on in the basement apartment and maneuver around to find a place to hide and scope thinks out thru the window with my telescope. that proved harder to do then anticipated. Most of the buildings around here are burnt down,falling down or occupied but i did manage to get a spot in a building where no one should bother me.

As I get focused in I can see Pam with several guys huddled around a table. They repeatedly bow down obviously doing lines of cocaine. Looks as though Pam has about four lines before one of the guys gives her a drink. As they chat around the table, Pam is manhandled as she drinks. Soon her top is lifted off her and thrown to the side. Next her shorts are removed and tossed. Luckily she is still wearing your wedding ring with the nano microphone on it that way, I can still hear what’s going on.

With hands all over her Pam noticeably struggles to drink and gives up. Next thing I know, she is lifted onto the table and laid flat. One of the guys pours some coke on her stomach making lines with a plastic card of some sort. One by one the guys do lines of coke off her body. The process is repeated for a while, surprisingly. At least you don’t have to worry about those guys fucking her cause most guys cant fuck on coke. The guys wipe her clean but not before taking a little of the coke and rubbing it on her pussy. I guess good for her if she really is going to fuck that many guys.

Pam is then led to a beat up couch where she is made to go doggy on the couch with her hands resting on the seat back. The couch is off center in the room offering access from all around. What happen next is shocking. All the guys that were in the room suddenly left. Right after the last guy emptied the room. Guys then streamed into the room. All of them already naked and several of them already hard. If I had to guess I’d say there were around 30 guys in that room. The first in darted to Pam and immediately penetrated her pussy and shoved a cock in her mouth.

Hands swarmed your wife’s body as two guys had sex with her while dozens more wait for their turn, jerking themselves to stay ready. Soon they form lines. A line behind her waiting for their turn at your wife’s pussy. A line on the other side of the couch waiting for her mouth on their cocks. One after another they go in for a bit then, are immediately replaced by the next guy in line. From my view I can’t see much of Pam. Just whats going on. This action continues for roughly an hour then they sit her on the couch with her ass hanging off the couch a bit. With a guy on his knees, he pumps into your wife. From this new position I can see Pam much clearer. Your wife is loving every minute of this. She is smiling ear to ear thru a mask of dries and fresh cum that covers her face. Layers of cum. I couldn’t see the cum earlier as she was facing away from me.

The guy between Pam’s legs jerks then rises to let the next guy in. as the guy clears out of the way I get a clear shot of your wife’s pussy. One word for it. Destroyed. Her pussy is oozing a river of cum from it and is gaping wide. All around her gaping pussy it’s red from the abuse it has endured today and so far tonight with a long way to go. Guy after guy climbs in between her legs fucking, then cumming in her pussy. No condoms. Hope you want a black baby. I’d have her do a std panel. The d.n.a type if I were you.

So, no one had been in her mouth for a few minutes just some fucking when a guy jumps over her. Straddles her head and begins to lightly fuck her face. While he fucks her face the fucking her cums and leaves. This gives a nice shot of this guys balls bouncing off her chin. With all the cum on her face, a web of cum shows every time he strokes out. Then slams down and out. Cum everywhere between his balls,cock,and her chin. I then see cum spurting onto your wife’s tongue. Rope after rope of cum. This guy cums heavy too. He steps away and your wife’s already messy face is now wrecked. She’s given a breather sitting on the couch. Hair,face,neck,tits, cum dripping out of her cunt. She is covered in cum.

The audio doesn’t match the action. If I didn’t see it I would think they were just teasing her. Pretty calm considering whats going on. Yeah they called her dirty names like, ho, slut, bitch, skank,tramp, hood rat,cum dumpster but not much talking. They did say something that was surprising to me. They aren’t allowed to clean her up till she leaves. Everyone has to cum in her or on her with no clean up. Now I get the dash to be in early. She’s already really fucked up and its only been two hours. She should try out for a marathon with this kind of endurance. Its a good thing they keep rubbing coke on her pussy to numb it up. I would guess she would be in a lot of pain. She ends up doing more coke but not enough to worry about. Looks like their giving her enough to be awake and not pass out from the onslaught of cock she’s taking.. amazing.

Our after hour. Dozen after dozen. She keep fucking whoever shows up in the room without even a glance at who is in her pussy. She’s a total train wreck. Literally covered head to toe in multiple layers of cum. Her pussy never closes up. Its just a giant hole that’s easy to look right into. At one point they fuck her ass for an hour destroying that hole. That also gapes with no indication that it will close on it’s own. They fuck her ass merry go round style. A constant flow of guys circling from her ass to her mouth. Each guy taking a short shot at her ass before immediately shoving it in her mouth for cleaning. Its a fast crazy circle. About 10 guys participate till they either cum in her ass or her mouth.

4a.m I don’t think I can stay up much more. Your wife is amazing in the way she takes cock. I don’t understand how she could still be awake. I can barely keep my eyes open and I’m not fucking. She’s on eight continuous hours of being a fuck toy. As I type this I see the room clear out a bit. Guess they’ve had enough too. Oh wait never mind the room just filled completely. Has to be 30 more guys. She’s laying across the cushions of the couch at this point. A couple guys place her head on the armrest. Then begin to jerk off. The guys step back letting other guys come up. The 3 guys almost simultaneously unload huge loads of cum on your wife’s face. This time your wife keeps her mouth closed. Previously she’d been drinking the cum that landed near her mouth. This goes on till every guy in the room has dumped his cum on your wife’s pretty face. What I witness can only be describes as if they took a bucket of watery vanilla pudding and dumped it over her face. Her hair is completely flattened to her head. Her head rests in a pool of thick cum. Ripples of cum like still waves on her face. I cant even see her eyes as her eye sockets are completely filled with cum.
I’ve seen bukkake porn in my years and this is the messiest shit I’ve ever seen. Just as the last guy in the room squeezes the last of his cum out he exits and no one enters. Now I’m intrigued.

Time goes by and no one enters the room. I see nothing. No movement outside or in. then from the room I hear a snore. No way. Your wife is sleeping with all that cum on her? Wow she is a pig. 20 minutes more and nothing just her sleeping. Now its my turn.

I woke up around 10 a.m tired as hell. Grab the scope and sure as shit your wife is still sleeping. She is not going to be able to open her eyes.

Now 11.am I see two girls cleaning Pam’s eyes. It takes them quite a while. I hear one say

“Girl, you are fucking crazy. How many mother fuckers did you fuck last night. They’ve run trains on us but we never,ever got anywhere near this fucked up in cum. Didn’t think it was possible. You are definitely queen ho.”

the girls assist Pam getting to the warm bath in the upstairs apartment that one of the girls seem to live in. it takes an hour and a half plus three tubs of water before the cum is washed away. I wait some more till I see the girls bring Pam her clothes and escort her to the waiting car. She simply hops in the car and it speeds off and of course I follow. Not much later we arrive at the house where she has her things. There is a large guy waiting for her. Not fat just tall and big muscles. He lightly takes her hand and walks her into the house. Their conversation is boring and relatively boring except her retelling of the nights events.

lets see, its been 3 days since I last updated this log. Much of the same shit. You should be in town by now. You should know by now that your wife is a filthy fuck pig and is worth nothing. A cum drinking fuck doll that loves to be used by the hundreds. If I were you I wouldn’t bother with this any further. Just go home and call a lawyer and put this skank in your rear view. I’m done with this. You have more than anyone would need for a speedy divorce if that’s what you want…

if you are wanting to torture yourself, she’ll be at 512 west cullum lane. That’s where she’s staying. You can follow if you want, I’m done. Good luck and I’ll be expecting that deposit by next week.

Jack sits, staring at the journal in disbelief.

“this can’t be true, there is no way anyone could do this let alone my wife. An affair I could almost understand since I’m out of town a lot but nothing like this shit.”

Jack shakes his head wondering what his next move is going to be……………………………………

(if ya want you comment or anything else can get me at [email protected])

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